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San Francisco rolls out RVs for homeless amid coronavirus concerns

In the midst of a lot of alarm and negative news surrounding corona virus, here is an interesting, positive piece of news. RVs are so flexible and cool! The city of San Francisco preemptively rolled out 30 recreational vehicles on Tuesday (March 19) it said would be used to house individuals who do not have their own home and have tested positive f…

Many of the best RV destinations are in isolated parts of the country. If you’re looking to get away from your home in a large city where you are more likely to contract COVID-19, consider preparing for a “self-quarantine” in your motor home, somewhere new and beautiful.

Must-buys for your RV with a concern about corona virus: tissues, hand soap, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and bleach will help keep your hands, clothes and RV free of the virus.

If you have a job that has allowed you to work remotely during the corona virus scare, it may be an opportunity to take an RV roadtrip. Rather than sitting at home, self-quarantined, you can travel to a remote location and set up shop in your motor home. You can still minimize interaction with crowds by planning and preparing properly, and “ride out the storm” in a beautiful, natural locale.

If you decide to take advantage of cheaper travel, smaller crowds and lighter traffic this month, be sure that you spend some time preparing before you leave home. Know where the nearest hospitals are to your destination, and keep appraised of the CDC’s updates about the corona virus so that you don’t head into a bad situation.

While there are many advantages to taking an RV vacation during the corona scare, you should probably be considering destinations that don’t draw large crowds. Rather than a popular landmark or city, consider a trip to a more natural spot, like one of our beautiful national parks.

With many people staying at home this month, traffic is lighter. This is a huge positive for an RV owner, because who likes navigating crowded roads in their motor home?

Avoiding interaction with crowds is advisable to protect yourself from contracting the corona virus. This means that restaurants and grocery stores probably aren’t the best places to regularly visit. If you’re taking an RV trip, stock up on groceries and fill your fridge and pantry ahead of time, then make cooking in your motor home kitchen a priority.

One of the most important and common tips about keeping yourself safe from corona virus is this: wash your hands! There are many yucky surfaces that an RVer has to touch, from gas pumps to campsite hookups. Whenever you interact with these, keep a box of gloves handy, or wash your hands ASAP afterwards. Again, an RV owner has a leg up on other travelers in this regard: you won’t have to use a public restroom to wash up. You can use your own, which you can be sure is clean!

Many people have become concerned about travel with the news about COVID-19. Airlines have been cutting prices, hotels have been issuing cancellations, and would-be travelers are considering staying at home. RV owners are at an advantage, though: traveling in an RV gives you flexibility and security. Rather than interacting with masses of strangers in airports and hotels, a motor home traveler can keep interaction to a minimum and “self-quarantine” in the comfort of their own home-on-wheels, even while traveling. This may be a time to take a road trip you’ve been putting off, although we recommend that you consult CDC updates as you plan your trip.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As RV owners, we think that every day is our lucky day. Our lives are awesome!

With news about the spread of COVID-19 continuing to break, we wanted to take some time this month to look at the issue from an RVer’s perspective. Please check back on our page throughout the rest of the month to receive some tips we thought of to help you continue to enjoy your motor home during this uncertain time.

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Action star Vin Diesel has driven a lot of flashy vehicles in his “The Fast and the Furious” series, but this one takes the cake. Check out Diesel’s 2-story, 1,100-square-foot motor home that’s practically a mansion on wheels in this quick HGTV tour. Welcome to our site. We've made loads of changes and may have misplaced a few things. We've been cleaning up, so try searching for what you are looking for.

Academy Award-winner Matthew McConaughey owns an International Ocean Breeze Airstream trailer called “the Canoe,” and he can’t help but admit his love for it: “It’s one of my favorite places. I’ve got a house, but even when I pull into my house, sometimes I sleep in that thing in my driveway. It’s really comfortable.” Now that’s a committed RVer!

Jeff Daniels, in addition to starring alongside Robin Williams in the film “RV”, owns a HUGE Gulf Stream Tour Master that he affectionately calls “The Bus.” Daniels said, “I don’t think you can call yourself a true American until you’ve been behind the wheel of an RV.” Do you agree?

The 92nd Academy Awards were earlier this month on February 9th. In the spirit of celebrating the art of film, we wanted to share with you some movie stars who are also avid RVers. Some of these guys have crazy-awesome rigs, so be sure to come back to our page and check them all out!

One of the hardest things about travel is that, in a lot of cases, we must leave our furry friends behind at home. RVers don’t often have this problem, though, since your pets will feel right at home in your RV and many motor home parks allow animals. No more puppy dog eyes in the rearview mirror! That’s what we love about owning an RV.

Once you’ve spent some time traveling in your RV, it becomes a second home. It’s not like leaving home when you go off on a roadtrip: you take home with you. All of the comforts, all of the warm feelings. They aren’t left behind. They are still present, even as you explore the world. That’s something we love about owning an RV.

Have you ever come back from the road and been so excited to tell someone about the experience you just had? We have! On RV roadtrips, we find wonderful stories to tell friends and family, reliving awesome memories over and over again as they share the experience with you. That’s something we love about owning an RV.

It’s not just the adventures we have that make life amazing; it’s the people we share them with. Whether it’s you and your special someone on an anniversary celebration or taking the kids to see Yellowstone, there’s nothing like a family RV trip. In a motor home, memories are made. That’s something we love about owning an RV.

There’s no doubt about it: we live in a beautiful country. From sea to shining sea, the U.S. has a huge variety of gorgeous landscapes just waiting to be explored. Canada is pretty awesome, too! The beauty of nature is yours to find, and your RV is the magical vessel that gets you there. That’s something we love about owning an RV.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is on everyone’s mind this time of year. What do you love most about being an RV owner? Comment below to let us know!

Whether you’ve come down with a case of the wanderlust or just want to visit your aunt in the Midwest, owning an RV gives you unparalleled freedom to travel. Gone are the days of booking flights, hotels, and rental cars. Getting all of the dates straight. Checking week after week to see if it’s become any cheaper. As an RV owner, you can hit the road whenever you feel like it. That’s what we love about owning an RV.

Are there any other trends in RVing that you’ve noticed while traveling? Let us know what cool new ideas or features you’ve seen emerging!

Looking at RV trends in 2020 brings one thing to mind: it’s all about the features. The perfect RV is one that meets all your needs, big and small, and manufacturers know this. They also know what we know: that every buyer is different, with different habits, preferences, and priorities. That’s why they are putting so much effort into providing variety in design, and that’s why we put so much detail into our web inventory and into helping you find the RV that fits you like a glove.

We’ve talked before about going offroad in your RV. Boondocking is becoming more and more attractive to RVers looking for adventure and a connection to nature, and RV manufacturers have started including offroad features like rugged tires, raised axles, and greater tank capacity as factory options on new models, as well as quality of life features like easy-access outside storage. Get ready to go off the grid in 2020!

Did you know that more than half of RVers travel with their pets? The motor home manufacturers certainly do, because a big trend in the industry these days is building RVs with pets in mind. Unique features like leash latches on the exterior; low, hidden drawers for pet dishes; and dedicated bed & kennel space have been popping up in new motor homes in 2020. Keep an eye out for these if you have fur babies you just can’t leave at home!

RVs will get even more tech-forward in 2020! You’ll often find us touting exciting features like iPad controls in our inventory descriptions, and you can expect even more of those in the coming years. RV manufacturers and aftermarket developers are creating systems that connect to smartphone and tablet apps for easy, portable control. Tweak the A/C, dim the lights, monitor tank levels, or even, someday, start the engine, all from your phone. We can’t wait to see where this technology goes!

Newmar is one of the most popular brands in our inventory, and they’ve got a new model that you should check out. The company has revitalized its Kountry Star model, which has been out of production for many years, as an entry-level, 34-foot diesel motor home. It boasts a lot of features normally reserved for high-end, luxury models like a digital dashboard. We can’t wait to get our own tour of one!

More and more RVs are coming off the lot with features that make hauling your toys easier than ever. With motor home ownership trending younger than ever before, RVers are getting more active, and that means that towing ATVs, jet skis, Jeeps and similar is a higher priority than it used to be. Some new models even have a “garage” space included in the construction!

Another exciting trend in RV interior design is a focus on varying surface materials. This prevents the interior of the RV from seeming dull and monotonous over time, while also making it feel more like a home. “After all, in your home, your countertop is probably not the same surface as your dining table, side tables, and nightstands. This is especially great for anyone who spends months on end at a destination escaping the snowy months back home,” says Camping World in regards to this innovation.

We are used to seeing browns and tans in RV interior design, but in 2020, motor homes will be getting brighter! Camping World describes this trend: “Manufacturers are replacing tired brown wallpaper with white walls. Backsplashes in the kitchen are running all the way up rather than strangely stopping just a quarter of the way up. Grays are joining in as a neutral, rather than just the tan. Kitchen cabinetry is brightener with lighter wood options...All around the interior of RVs is getting more aesthetically appealing and more home-like.” If you like this design philosophy, visit our inventory! We have a few models available that were early adopters of this trend.


Our last post mentioned lithium ion as an emerging alternative power source that’s become one of the hottest trends in the RV industry over the past year. As with anything new, you probably have a few questions, so check out this excellent video from the YouTube channel Drivin n’ Vibin.

RV Lithium Batteries are all the rage for RV Living! Today we're talking to Sean from Battle Born Batteries to answer 10 common questions on Lithium Batterie...

The hottest topic in RV circles lately has been lithium power sources, which provide a TON more power for the same space & weight investment. Camping World explains: “Traditionally, RVers have only been able to use 50% of their battery capacity. How can RVers use 100%, or nearly 100%, of their battery capacity? Lithium is the answer. Up until now, lithium batteries were nearly exclusively an after-market option. However, as the price of lithium power technology has come down, RV manufacturers can include it as an option or even standard. Lithium provides clean, quiet, on-demand power––perfect for visiting national parks, which often don’t have power hookups and enforce generator restrictions.”

New year, new decade, and new trends in the motor home industry! This month, we’ll be taking some time to cover a few of these trends. We’ll cover topics like…

-- New tech
– Interior design
– Hauling toys
– Storage upgrades

And more! If you haven’t already, LIKE and follow our page, and let us know what trends you’re planning on hopping on this year!

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