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Newmar is one of the most popular brands in our inventory, and they’ve got a new model that you should check out. The company has revitalized its Kountry Star model, which has been out of production for many years, as an entry-level, 34-foot diesel motor home. It boasts a lot of features normally reserved for high-end, luxury models like a digital dashboard. We can’t wait to get our own tour of one!

More and more RVs are coming off the lot with features that make hauling your toys easier than ever. With motor home ownership trending younger than ever before, RVers are getting more active, and that means that towing ATVs, jet skis, Jeeps and similar is a higher priority than it used to be. Some new models even have a “garage” space included in the construction!

Another exciting trend in RV interior design is a focus on varying surface materials. This prevents the interior of the RV from seeming dull and monotonous over time, while also making it feel more like a home. “After all, in your home, your countertop is probably not the same surface as your dining table, side tables, and nightstands. This is especially great for anyone who spends months on end at a destination escaping the snowy months back home,” says Camping World in regards to this innovation.

We are used to seeing browns and tans in RV interior design, but in 2020, motor homes will be getting brighter! Camping World describes this trend: “Manufacturers are replacing tired brown wallpaper with white walls. Backsplashes in the kitchen are running all the way up rather than strangely stopping just a quarter of the way up. Grays are joining in as a neutral, rather than just the tan. Kitchen cabinetry is brightener with lighter wood options...All around the interior of RVs is getting more aesthetically appealing and more home-like.” If you like this design philosophy, visit our inventory! We have a few models available that were early adopters of this trend.


Our last post mentioned lithium ion as an emerging alternative power source that’s become one of the hottest trends in the RV industry over the past year. As with anything new, you probably have a few questions, so check out this excellent video from the YouTube channel Drivin n’ Vibin.

RV Lithium Batteries are all the rage for RV Living! Today we're talking to Sean from Battle Born Batteries to answer 10 common questions on Lithium Batterie...

The hottest topic in RV circles lately has been lithium power sources, which provide a TON more power for the same space & weight investment. Camping World explains: “Traditionally, RVers have only been able to use 50% of their battery capacity. How can RVers use 100%, or nearly 100%, of their battery capacity? Lithium is the answer. Up until now, lithium batteries were nearly exclusively an after-market option. However, as the price of lithium power technology has come down, RV manufacturers can include it as an option or even standard. Lithium provides clean, quiet, on-demand power––perfect for visiting national parks, which often don’t have power hookups and enforce generator restrictions.”

New year, new decade, and new trends in the motor home industry! This month, we’ll be taking some time to cover a few of these trends. We’ll cover topics like…

-- New tech
– Interior design
– Hauling toys
– Storage upgrades

And more! If you haven’t already, LIKE and follow our page, and let us know what trends you’re planning on hopping on this year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We can’t believe it’s already 2020, and we can’t wait to see what adventures this new year brings!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our fans! No matter how you’re celebrating this season, we hope you get to experience all of the love and cheer the season can offer, spending precious time with friends and family. Thanks for following our page!

This natural air purifier is compact and convenient, requiring no power to operate. It contains natural coals that suck up the nastiness in an RV’s air and ensures that its occupants breathe easy the whole trip. Clean air in a motor home is something that’s often overlooked, but this gift will definitely be appreciated once they experience the difference.

Every RVer who loves to cook has a common struggle: keeping an organized cupboard during the bumpiness and regular turns of a roadtrip. This spice rack hangs on the inside of a cabinet door and keeps your spice arsenal organized and steady. Get one for the motor home chef in your life to make theirs just a bit easier!

The Tandem Tire-Changing Ramp is a gift that might just save the day on a future roadtrip. This cool tool eliminates the need to crank a jack to change a tire. Park the good side up on the ramp and the blown tire will be elevated enough to easily remove. If you buy this for an RVer, we can guarantee you’ll get an enthusiastic “Thank you!” call someday.

It’s no secret that National Parks are among the most popular RV destinations, filled with beautiful nature and breathtaking sights. A nice pair of binoculars can make these experiences even more enjoyable, and it’s not a gift that most people would think to buy for themselves.

RVing is all about adventures and the treasured memories that come with them. Keeping a journal let’s an RVer track of all of their roadtrip experiences. This is a thoughtful, affordable gift for any frequent traveler you know.

While on the road, it can be hard to keep your toothbrush clean and secure. The Pop-a-Toothbrush is a little box that hangs on the wall and makes sure two toothbrushes are protected from germs and not going anywhere until you need them. This is something that can be easily overlooked, even by the most seasoned RVers, so it’s a very thoughtful gift.

Every RV owner should own a headlamp. It makes so many regular maintenance activities easier, and might just help in an emergency. This gift is sheer practicality.

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give an RV owner is a personalized sign to help them make their RV or campsite feel more “theirs.” Make it yourself, order one, or commission an artsy friend to help you out. We’re sure this will be a treasured gift!

Fresh air rocks, and spending time outside of your RV when camped is one of the best parts of the lifestyle. Having a convenient place to dispose of trash is essential, especially if you’re doing some outside cooking, which makes the Hang N Out trash bag holder a great gift for the outdoorsy RVer.

Many travelers find it relaxing to kick back in a lawn chair and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening, but lawn chairs aren’t very accommodating to wine glasses. This nifty little device, called a wine hook, attaches to any kind of chair and holds your stemmed glass for you. A great gift for the camping wine lovers in your life!

Do you have any RV owners on your shopping list this Christmas? Get them something they can really use! This month on our page, we’ll be bringing you gift ideas for the RVers in your life. Comment on these posts with your own suggestions and wishlist items, too!

Have you considered taking a Christmas-themed trip? There are tons of cities across the country that go all-out for the holiday season: fantastic light shows, giant trees, fun festivals, and winter wonderlands. Get planning now so you can hit the road! (Pictured: Houston, TX)

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for the buyers and sellers who have been a part of our success over the years!

Be thankful for the little features your RV possesses that make your travel that much easier. Simple things like GPS, satellite TV, heated tile, and back-up cameras make your experience more rewarding and, in some cases, safer. What is one little thing about your RV that you really appreciate?

Country music star Dierks Bentley has a song that goes, “Every mile, a memory,” and for RVers, that line couldn’t ring more true. We’ve all made countless memories over our time on the road, whether of the places we visited, the people we’ve met, or just time spent together. Let’s be thankful for the experiences that make us smile!

Our country is “America the Beautiful” (sorry, Canadians!) and no one knows it better than RVers. Owning an RV gives us the freedom to see the land like no one else. Let’s be thankful for the beauty and history all around us as we travel this season!

Everywhere we travel, we meet new people. Sometimes they become friends that stay with us for years. The RV lifestyle gives us common ground with some great people, and that’s something to be thankful for!

What are you thankful for? While family, friends and freedom are undoubtedly at the top of any list, RVers have many blessings that are unique to our lifestyle. Let us know in the comments why you’re grateful for owning an RV!

With November’s pleasant weather, it’s a perfect time for a journey to see the monolithic trees in California’s Sequoia National Park. With hiking, cave exploring, and much, much more to do, this might be the perfect trip for you this fall. There is no shortage of RV parks nearby for you to camp in.

It’s the perfect time to travel! The weather is cooler and the leaves are changing. What are you waiting for?

We can’t think of anything more beautiful than a Vermont fall. Take a trip this month to see the leaves change! Vermont’s tourism website has a list of more than 20 planned drives, from a 30-mile long romp to a whopping 200-mile tour around the state. These are sure to be memorable travels for you and your family!

A lot of people try to avoid the snow, but there’s one good reason to seek it out this month: early skiing! Many of the slopes out west open soon, and with the right timing you can go before they get too crowded. Pictured here: beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks! If you’re making plans to visit loved ones for the holidays, consider making the trip in an RV. There is no better way to travel since you can carry all of the comforts of home with you!

Happy Halloween, fans! We can’t disguise how we feel: It’s a treat to have you all supporting our business, and that’s no trick. We hope your families have a fun and safe holiday, however you celebrate!

Have you ever been scared out of your wits in your RV journey? Let us know what had you shaking in your boots, and how you got past it and back on the road!

Costly RV repairs can be scarier than any horror movie. Avoid encountering these monstrous break-downs by keeping up with regular maintenance. Follow a schedule or checklist to avoid a horrific experience at the mechanic’s shop.

RV Emergency Preparedness

Here’s a scary thought: how ready are you for an emergency or disaster? Take some time now to make a plan. This article will help you make the considerations necessary to create such a plan. Every year, Oregon finds itself fighting a number of natural disasters, not the least of which are forest fires that can wipe out chunks of the lan...

Driver's Confidence Course - Backing Into a Campsite

One of the scariest things for new RV owners can be backing a motor home into a campground spot. With vehicles as large as 45 feet, the task can be a real white-knuckler. Luckily, there are a few best practices that can help you become spooky-good reverse parking, and this video does a good job of explaining them!

7 Clever RV Storage Solutions: Things I've Done To Make The Most Of Limited RV Storage Space | The RVing Guide

Okay, it’s not as scary as blind spot crashes or getting stuck on back roads, but trying to fit all of your belongings in limited space is still a concern for new RV owners. With careful planning and organization, you can make sure that you can take everything you need with you on the road. 7 things that I've done myself to make the most of limited storage space in an RV. How to create an extra closet, store more food, and access things quickly

When you travel on unfamiliar roads, there’s the potential to encounter narrow lanes, dramatic hills, and sharp turns. Finding yourself stuck on a treacherous route is any RV driver’s worst nightmare. To face this fear, consider using a GPS system designed for large vehicles, which will help you plan a route that’s easy-peasy.

FMCA Site Map

What’s scarier than a blind spot? Driving a large vehicle like an RV makes changing lanes high-octane nightmare fuel, because your blind spots can cover a lot of space. Never fear: this article will arm you with the mirror-orientation skills you need to make frightening blind spots a thing of the past.

The Ultimate Guide For Finding the BEST Spots to Park Your RV | Never Idle Journal

A lot of people, when traveling somewhere new, may be afraid that they will have trouble finding a parking spot for their motor home. Luckily, there are resources out there that will help you find a good spot to park, whether in a campground, RV park, or free spot. This article is a great place to start! You’ve purchased or rented an RV and have chosen a route, but now what? You’ll need to plan ahead for where you’ll park your RV during your travels. If you’ve never gone RVing before, this can feel a little overwhelming. Sure, you can Google “RV parks in [add location]”, but do you want ...

Scare Yourself with 13 Spooky Movies Perfect to Watch While Camping Out! - RV Lifestyle News, Tips, Tricks and More from RVUSA!

Halloween is right around the corner, which means that it’s the perfect time to watch horror movies! Here’s a short list of camping horror movies that will definitely give you goosebumps the next time you go camping. Click if you dare! So you’ve decided to spend Friday the 13th weekend at a beautiful, remote campsite, huh? Well after the sun sets, be sure to download, stream, or bring along your well-loved DVD of these horror movies set deep in the woods or at a camp (you know, a place that looks just like where you are …

The two most frightening words for an RVer: “low clearance.” Be aware of the height of your RV. Take some time to measure and write it down on your dash. Doing your due diligence here can save you from disaster.

Scary Places to Go in Your RV

Boo! 👻👻👻 It’s almost Halloween, and scares are on people’s minds. The theme for this month will be the scary parts of owning an RV—like the scary RV situations addressed in this article. Many issues that you may worry about have easy solutions, so no need for fright! RV vacations can teeter between pure delight and total disaster. Sometimes a getaway can be a bit too relaxing -- without paying attention to weather and road conditions your family holiday could land you a

Our final tip of the month seems like a weird one, but it definitely should be a staple of your post-storm checklist because it might save you a nasty injury. Use a long-handled broom or mop to poke around the bottom of your RV after the weather clears to check for snakes or other dangerous creatures that might have taken refuge in the undercarriage. Strange but true!

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