Parisfield Brussels Griffons, Dade City, FL Video November 5, 2018, 2:47am

Videos by Parisfield Brussels Griffons in Dade City. Parisfield Brussels Griffons are healthy, happy, adorable American Kennel Club registered Brussels Griffons. They earn championships in AKC competitions.

Captain Jack

Captain Jack bravely sails his vessel in the family swimming pool on Long Island. He is the brother of our Jack, Champion Dark Waters Make Me Smile.

Other Parisfield Brussels Griffons videos

Puppies excited to get up from their nap and go out to play. (Yes, there is a French Bulldog puppy in there! She likes to play, too.)

Bowser plays with tennis balls
Bowser plays with tennis balls, which is a bit unusual as most Griffs are not ball chasers. Edan & Marilyn say when you give him two tennis balls, he catches one in his mouth and kicks one with his feet!

Captain Jack
Captain Jack bravely sails his vessel in the family swimming pool on Long Island. He is the brother of our Jack, Champion Dark Waters Make Me Smile.

Honey learns her lessons
Honey learns her lessons

Higgins waits for breakfast
Black rough Brussels Griffon boy Higgins. We are teaching Higgins good manners. He comes from our one line of black roughs - his mom is Bonnie, his grandmom is Binkie, our two black rough girls. He has the best beard of any puppy his age! A wonderful full beard. He's proud of it!

Grooming our Brussels Griffons
This video shows a Griff in a fully "blown" or dead coat, and how we groom the head. This is maintenance grooming for around the farm, not show coat grooming, which is more intense.

Muddy Griffies
Rain, rain, rain makes for very muddy Griffons! My pack is wondering why they can't run wild through the house as usual. Look at the mud on them!

Little Poppy loves her new home. On her first night, she watched television for the first time and was obviously fascinated!

Learning to walk

Charlie puppies
Cute puppy alert -- These "charlie" puppies belong to my friend, Marilyn Tuesley. They are incredibly adorable! In the history of the Brussels Griffon, a ruby King Charles Spaniel was used in the breed. The ruby color is so beautiful. We got the black & tan color from them, too.

Today, our darling little teacup Angus went off to Alabama with his new mommy, Shannon. We spent a long time looking to find just the right person who would be a match for Angus. He is a tiny teacup and needs someone who will look out for him every day. When Shannon came in the house, he ran to her, climbed up her leg, and rested his head on her shoulder. So we knew he had decided the matter. It's always best when the puppies tell me who they want.

Afternoon naps
Afternoon naps. This is Billy telling mom Tassel to get up, he wants to play!

Swimming in your water dish
Gambit demonstrates what to do if your mother will not bring your baby wading pool into the kitchen.

Tiny Griffons Dine
We've been hand-raising these two tiny babies -- at 11 weeks old each weighs only 1.5 pounds while their siblings weigh over 3 pounds! Super tiny. They are true "teacup" puppies. I am so happy to see them eating eagerly on their own! I like a sturdy 10 pound Griff, but these two will probably never grow to more than 5 pounds. A reminder that until 1965, Brussels Griffon show classes were divided into Under 6 pounds and Over 6 pounds. We rarely see really tiny ones under 6 pounds at the shows anymore, but they are in the breed's genetic makeup! (They are actually eating from Nessie's dish. I feed them much more refined food for their tiny mouths.)

Nap time
Nap time at Parisfield Farm. Naps are better with friends.

Learning to travel in a pet carrier
We teach our Griff puppies to go into carriers and relax while being transported. Captain Cooper had this training at 8 weeks but not since. He is over a year old and going to a new home by plane soon. My assistant Jhayla reviewed his training which turned out not to be a problem! He remembered what to do. We're so proud of him. Also proud of my assistant Jhayla Blake who has become a good dog trainer.

Griffy Gang eats lunch
The gang eating lunch with Jhayla on a sunny afternoon.

Playing turtle
Elaine the Griff playing with turtle at her owner Nancy's home in Cozumel.

Baby Brussels Griffon whispering secrets to a Whippet
Baby Brussels Griffon whispering secrets to Whippet!

Ely in Perry, Georgia, with Parisfield Flannery.

Grumpy Claus
This is Grumpy Claus, also known as Billy, smooth Griff owned by Jeanelle Lee Arias of Los Angeles. Jeanelle got Billy from me 13 years ago and Blaine five years ago. She is one of the biggest fans of smooth Griffs, as I am! Jeanelle has a wonderful "Meet Up" group for Griff lovers in L.A.

Thanksgiving dinner for Griffies
Thanksgiving dinner for Griffs on the farm -- a big pan of turkey!

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