Friends of the Dallas Center Pool

Friends of the Dallas Center Pool


Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is full. Thanks for helping my fulfill my dreams for my children well now grandchildren!!
Wow, this week flew by! I knew yesterday was Friday, but it didn’t feel like Friday. Anyone else? This week’s Fun Fact Friday is Fun Fact Saturday. (Yay Saturday!)

Did you know that the Lena Moser pool opened 39 years ago in 1982? Ms. Moser made a generous donation to the youth and future of Dallas Center for the pool, which was built on land donated by the Brenton family.

Our city staff works diligently each year to maintain our pool, but it has outlived its life expectancy.

We will all see a bond issue on our ballots on November 2 for a new pool – I encourage you to learn about the bond and the pool in preparation for the vote. Scroll down to check out my post from October 25 with pool and bond facts. The Friends of the Dallas Center Pool, the rest of council, and I are always available to answer questions.

My fun fact:

I love water! I grew up sailing and working as a lifeguard. I also have been fascinated by water quality since the Flint water crisis (I grew up in Michigan, and that literally hits close to home for me) and having the opportunity to spend time with the Des Moines Water Works staff onsite and learn about the greater Des Moines water supply, I am passionate about the critical nature of water quality.

These photos were taken last spring on the public pool tour prior to its 2021 opening.
Look for our entry in this year's 2017 Dallas Center Fall Fest Parade! Doers and Donors Needed!
Just live up the street- often walk by working on my 10,000 steps.

Friends of the Dallas Center Community Pool fundraising committee We are the Friends of the Dallas Center Pool. We hope to raise funds to build a new Community Pool within Dallas Center.

Operating as usual


What a year this has been. The citizens of Dallas Center have spoken and we will be getting a new pool. The Friends of the Dallas Center Pool will continue to raise funds to lower the bond and provide assistance to the City of DC. We would like to thank those people who continue to use Amazon Smile and the citizens who have contacted us to make an End of Year Donation. You have been very generous. Thank you to everyone and we look forward to working with you in 2022. Happy New Pool Year.


On behalf of the Friends of the Dallas Center Pool (FDCP), thank you! To all of the voters, donors, volunteers, and well-wishers, give yourselves a round of applause. Thanks to the little girls who donated their birthday money (looking at you Cara Pion and Kate Busby), those who bought rubber ducks, paid to have flamingos removed from your yards, endured December buckets of ice water dumped on your heads, and a long list of other friend-raising and fundraising participants, please know that you all made this possible.

To all of the volunteers over the years who put their stamp on the future of our community swimming pool, thanks isn’t enough.

Amy Lawton
Dusty Rauschenberg
Lisa Howell
Shellie Flockhart
Heather Willrich
Kacy Webster
Amy Strutt
Sharol Williams
Wayne Haines
Merle Baer
Jacy Jensen
Ken Matteson
Beth Wright
Linda Licht
Kyle Stille

City Councils past and present and city staff who patiently bloodied their knuckles limping the pool along all these years. Everyone I neglected to mention who took part formally or informally…

…cheers to you!

As we celebrate this huge win for our town, I remind you that while your generosity certainly provided the backbone for this victory, there is still opportunity to make your contributions count. The FDCP is still at work seeking grants and collecting donations. Every dollar raised goes to offset the actual cost of building the new facility. Please consider this great cause when making your year end donations.

Thank you again Dallas Center!


We are so blessed to have such wonderful families in our community. This past weekend the Howell girls had a water themed birthday party and suggested a donation to the pool as a gift. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Davis Family, Dirks Family, Howell Family, McClure Family, Newel Family, Sayre Family and Strutt Family for a total deposit of $162.00. You all rock 🥳🤩

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 06/28/2021

Then and now photos of Cara!!!

This young ladies dreams are coming true!!! 6 years ago, she donated $245 to a pool project that was a long ways away!! She asked for these donations instead of birthday presents. Now her dreams are coming true. Let's build her that pool to work at now!!!

Who else wants to make a donation? Can you match Cara's donation??? Let us know... anything we fundraiser now is less we will have to borrow.


So exciting!!!🏊🏊‍♂️🏊🏻‍♀️





In light of recent announcements, the Friends of the Dallas Center Pool (FDCP) is excited to share our enthusiasm for the direction we are going.

The FDCP was originally formed as a volunteer committee working to explore the future of our aging community pool. We are proud of the fund-raising progress we have made and thankful for the broad-ranging support of our amazing community. We are incredibly excited to partner with the City. We will continue to operate as a 501c3 non-profit (as we have since 2013) as part of our fundraising and "friendraising" efforts. We look forward to sharing more information as it becomes available.


Hello Pool Friends: Just checking in to let you know that the Friends of the Dallas Center Pool are still working to build a new pool in our community. As a reminder, if you are purchasing items on Amazon either for your home or for school, please use and designate Friends of the Dallas Center Pool as the charity. These funds are small but mighty and we sincerely appreciate each one. Thank you and stay cool.

Friends of the Dallas Center Pool updated their business hours. 05/08/2020

Friends of the Dallas Center Pool updated their business hours.

Friends of the Dallas Center Pool updated their business hours.

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 03/28/2020

We can all do our part. Be kind, be pink and stay 6 feet apart.

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 03/28/2020

They're BACK....... The flamingo's are practicing social distancing by the pool and bike trail. Stop by and take a photo with them and post it on social media!!!

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 03/28/2020

Flamingos Doing Their Part to Social Distance!


Winter is gone! We hope! Spring update...During winter months we were able to gain on fundraising by receiving significant allocation of funds from Dallas Center City Council and we have hired a grant writer! See website for updated Fundraising Summary.


Happy New Year! Add supporting new pool to your 2019 resolutions!


A “Thanks” to all of our Pool Supporting Santa’s in 2018! 2019 is going to be great!


A great show of support last night from
community members along with Dallas Center Mayor and City Council. Council committing to estimated $700k for new pool! Thanks to All!


Keep the wave of support going! Please attend monthly council meetings and say thanks to the Mayor, Council and Staff for supporting the pool. All attendees can vocalize support during public comments. The Dallas Center City Council meets at the Dallas Center City Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, with other meetings as needed. Public hearings are generally held prior to the City Council meetings, and the meeting dates for both appear in the City Events Calendar.


GOOD NEWS: New pool gets a show of support that will be a big splash once approved. During the City Council budget strategy meeting last night, the following was proposed for the new pool:
1. Earmark $400,000 of the roughly $600,000 currently in the Burnett Trust Fund Park & Rec account
2. Earmark 100% of the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) for the current fiscal year that are not in the 25% taken off the top for direct property tax relief. This is estimated to be about $195,000.
3. Do the same thing again in FY 19/20 with the LOST funds; that will add roughly $200,000
4. Add these to the current balance of $68,290 that sits in the Pool Depreciation fund.

This adds up to an estimated $863,290 to boost the fundraising efforts of the Friends of the Dallas Center Pool.
Watch for further developments at the December and January council meetings, as no formal action could be taken tonight.

Thanks for the show of support Council and Mayor!


With a number of new families in Dallas Center, do you know why our community pool is named after Lena Moser? At almost 38 years to the day, we are working hard to continue her legacy and provide Dallas Center with a new community pool (not an aquatic center or water park). On this Giving Tuesday, would you become a part of such an awesome community landmark?

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 06/13/2018

The Lena Moser Pool has some great events planned for this year. Support the pool and attend these great events. Way to go staff for coming up with great ways to entertain the community.


Friends of the Dallas Center Pool are looking for fundraising ideas and people willing to help implement those ideas. We want ideas that involve kids and adults. This is a community asset that all community members should be a part of. Fundraising is fun to do, so let us know if you have an idea and we would love to be a part of your event. Leave a message here or contact a member.


Good News! With your the Fabulous Flamingo’s flew away they made one last stop at Raccoon Valley Bank to deposit all of your hosting donations totaling $4,200!


Thank you to our great supporters and friends!

Good News! With your the Fabulous Flamingo’s flew away they made one last stop at Raccoon Valley Bank to deposit all of your hosting donations totaling $4,200!


Good News! With your the Fabulous Flamingo’s flew away they made one last stop at Raccoon Valley Bank to deposit all of your hosting donations totaling $4,200!


Thanks for everyone’s wintering of the Flamingo Flock, total raised will be posted soon. They made their last stop before heading out in Mrs Lawton’s classroom to see her and her great students. The Flamingos said they will be back next year and Dallas Center and Grimes were great towns to live In. Be on the lookout more ways to get involved coming up!


On a flight through Dallas Center from the McClure’s to the Harrington’s the Flamingos stopped and looked with optimism because they knew they are helping to see new pool come our way!

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 02/18/2018

The Flamingos went to the country this evening! Venessa Crouch Uhl Amy Perdue


Oh those flamingos continue to hope for that warmer weather!! Landing NE of Dallas Center in a development called Woodland Hills they have been hanging out there for awhile. They visited betsy and Matt Platt first. Then they moved over to Myron And Janelle Stine's. The Needem's received them next, the day before state wrestling. They then crossed the street to Toby and Amy Perdues. We thank you all for your support.

The flamingos especially want to thank Toby's Lawn Service for their generous donation....they may want to stay there and help get started this spring with all the lawn care. If you are looking for lawn care, give them a call.

Right now the flamingos are taking a rest as they get some much needed repairs for everything they have been through. Wind, rain, snow, and an accidental run over!!!

They will soon land on someone else's lawn....who might it be?

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 02/12/2018

They have been on the move for sure.....they flew south to Glen & Marilyn Perkins. They kept them in the family sending them on to their daughter, Cindy & Roger Fry. Keeping them in the family, she sent them off to her brothers in Grimes and spent Friday night at Jeff & Cathie Perkin's. Saturday they went across town to Kent & Mony Peterson's. And then to Pat & Kris Rose's. They are headed back west tonight. Where will they land?

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 02/08/2018

Sun is setting on these majestic birds that were called crows today.....but most importantly, they have their flight plan scheduled and know where they are headed next. Thanks Tess & Dennis Diddy...your ransom is appreciated. 02/07/2018

Flamingos on the move....stopped by Pam & Dave Perkin's hoping to take a swim. Weather didn't cooperate, so the ransom was paid and they have moved yet again....Are they at your house?

Photos from Friends of the Dallas Center Pool's post 02/06/2018

From Sunday to Monday....the flamingos seem to be wondering what this white stuff is and think they need to move south. Thank you for you generous ransom Charlie and Judith Rhinehart.... Rhinehart Excavating and telling them to move southbound. far south will they go?


The flamingos landed in a yard late last night on 13th Street. Kelly and Pete Frett hosted our friends on Saturday then paid the ransom for us to put them in the yard of a longtime resident of Dallas Center. If you have lived in town for a long time and watched our first pool get built, you may find them in your yard tonight...they were on the move.

About Us

The Friends of the Dallas Center Pool (FDCP) is an organization born out of necessity and comprised of future-focused, action-oriented members of the community. As a 501c3 organization following the Iowa principles and practices for charitable nonprofit excellence guidelines, the FDCP shares a common vision and goals centered on building and sustaining a new community pool for the residents of Dallas Center and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

To lead and provide oversight for the efforts of generating awareness, gaining support and managing contributor’s funds to build a new community swimming pool in Dallas Center.

Our Values

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