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Helping ex athlete middle aged vegan men lose 15+ lbs for good and feel like athletes again

Fighting 4 Fitness offers personal training and self defense classes in multiple studio locations throughout Dallas, Texas. Founded by Steve Hess, students reap the benefits of building strength, endurance, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Nutritional counseling is also available to students who want to kick start their journey to improved physical Fitness by optimizing their diet. If you’re serious about making significant changes to your lifestyle and physique, our friendly and experienced team of personal trainers, instructors, and studio support members work to help you achieve your goals. We believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard. Our motivational group classes and private training sessions are ideal for working towards your fitness and health goals. Regardless of whether you want to lose a few pounds, you want to build muscle, or you want to learn self-defense skills that be applied in real-world situations, Fighting For Fitness offers the training you need to succeed.Not sure if our fitness studio is right for you? We always offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Get in touch with one of our fitness specialists today! During this free session, we’ll discuss your goals and fitness objectives. With this information, we can strategize a realistic plan to help get to your goal.

What are you fighting for? To lose weight? To fit into those old jeans? To set an example for your kids? Or how about to just feel better? No matter your motivation, a simple fact remains: Getting in shape and living a healthy life is not easy in our modern world. It’s a fight, and it’s time you got in it. Fighting 4 Fitness is dedicated to improving and maintaining physical fitness and health for individuals of all backgrounds and athletic skill levels. Whether you work at a desk from 9 to 5 or you are a seasoned athlete training for an upcoming event, Fighting 4 Fitness has what you need to achieve your personal physical and health goals.

💥Today's run

9 x .07 mile sprints uphill

1.5 mile jog

My garmin watch tracks alot of useful data like time spent in heart rate zones, cadence, and if your in an aerobic or anerobic state to name a few

If you want to progress and track your results you obviously need data to look at

I see alot of guys who get frustrated because they don't see results they want😡

Many times when I drill in on the issue they haven't been diligent about tracking their training and diet regimens

You can't expect to correct something if you don't know what or where to correct

Journaling and tracking your workouts also helps you adhere to them🥋💪🥗

DM me for a FREE 5 vegan weight loss hacks guide

Stay healthy

Today's grocery list 💪🥑🍎🥗

Trying to work on my non existent posing with friends like these

Low carb dinner

Kale tofu salad🥗

Yellow Onion
Skillet seared high protein tofu
Olive oil, Bragg's apple cider, salt, red pepper and garlic for dressing

✅Protein 27g
✅Fat 12g
✅Carbs 11g

The most common issue with vegan men is consuming the wrong diet. 😖🤦‍♂️

Many guys switch to being vegan for health reasons because of the belief that if you have a vegan diet, it is healthy.

This is not the case as many vegan men eat too many carbs, which leads to weight gain and excess belly fat.

A vegan diet can also include processed foods such as, white flour, sugar, and other sources of processed carbohydrates. 🍪🥯

Not eating enough variety of foods is also another common problem with vegan men.

This can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can contribute to a wide range of issues like trouble sleeping and lowered testosterone levels.

This can affect your energy, mood, libido, and drive.🏋️‍♂️

All of the problems above can also lead to the dreaded state of protein deficiency.

Not eating enough protein leads to muscle loss, fatigue, fat gain, to name a few.

If you want to have muscle definition, more energy, libido, and drive as a vegan, you have to consume the right foods. 🚀

You also need to consume them in the right amounts according to your weight and activity level.

Don't let your diet leave you with excess belly fat, feeling unmotivated and low energy throughout the day.

If you want some help or an idea of what a balanced vegan meal plan looks like, DM me for a free 5-day vegan meal plan.🥑🥬🍎

If I look back at all the things I accomplished with my hands in the last 22 years, there are a couple of consistent traits.

I attained my black belt after training 12 consecutive years, three instructors, later.

I continue to train the art after 16 years.

I have been strength training and conditioning for 22 years.

I fought as a professional MMA fighter throughout the southwest.🥋🥊

I have cracked my ribs three times, countless sprains, one staph infection, a hairline fracture on my femur, a herniated disc in c3 and c4, vertebra not to mention numerous stitches.

You have to understand, I went to hell and back during this process.

I've experienced the self-doubt, that bottom of the world feeling when you lose a fight.

I know what it's like to work your ass off for something where you put your soul into only to, at the end of all this effort, get no reward except defeat and doubt.

I was able to keep going because I knew I had to keep training to get better.💪

Despite the number of setbacks some big some not, most of the big ones are where the dream killer lies if you let it, it gives you the chance to test your character.

So ask your self this. When you experience defeat or no reward despite an enormous amount of effort, what do you do?

Throw in the towel and accept it as "a loss."

No, Bull sh*t, you keep going.

It only becomes a loss if you don't learn from it.

My biggest growing pains were from my losses but I kept going.

I knew what I WANTED and let nothing stand in my way.

Only you know what makes YOU keep going.

It's your burning want.🔥

When you think about what you want, ask yourself "how bad do you want it?"

If you can figure that out and pair it up with what goal you're trying to accomplish, then you have gold.

This is part of what I do. I help my clients figure out what they want and how to best achieve it.

What makes you tick and why are you doing it🤔

When you know what this is and how to apply it, then the magic happens

Your will to reach your goal will be so strong the setbacks become stepping stones to your desired destination.

💥DM me for a FREE 30 min deep dive on how I can help you find your WANT

✅Here's another single-leg challenge at home.

Single leg Romanian deadlifts or RDL's are a tremendous single-leg exercise that can be challenging with little weight.

These are great for balance, coordination, and will also improve your athletic ability.🤸‍♂️

Make sure you control throughout the movement, and you are hinging at the hip.

You need to be able to control it at the bottom, not just flop your body in the position and come back up.

These will add more stability to your leg routine and will show up in your strength on leg day when you go heavy.💪

💥This exercise should be apart of your routine gym or no gym.

I'm personally finding these outdoor workouts to be kind of peaceful, especially when the weather is beautiful.🏝

I will be lifting heavy when the gym opens back up, but I believe these outdoor workouts will continue to be a part of my routine

Stay safe and healthy

Southwestern Vegan Dish

Tofu sauted in spicy taco mix
Brown rice with garlic and tumeric 🧄
Black beans
Yellow onions 🧅
Avocado 🥑

Fat 17g
Protein 42g✅
Carbs 51

I always preach cross training with various activities because it gives you different modalities with your fitness.🏋️‍♂️🥊🥋🚵‍♂️

You don't want to just lift weights and not have any cardio capacity.

The opposite is having great cardio but no strength.

One of my favorite cardio activities is biking.

I really don't look at biking as execise because I enjoy it that much. 🙂

One of the reasons I enjoy biking is because I'm a history buff.

Today's trip went to the historic Sante Fe Trestle where the Trinity Forrest starts.

The Sante Fe railroad right of way was constructed in the late 1800's.

The trestle going over the river was rebuilt about 5 times from the various floods Dallas has had since its inception.

The picture with the wooden trestle is what is left of the old Sante Fe right of way or ROW. 🛤

The steel trestle going over the river is a protected land mark.

The other picture is of the Houston street viaduct bridge.

This was actually the largest reinforced concrete viaduct highway in the world when was constructed in early 1930's.

I saw these landmarks, burned 869 calories, and maintained my anaerobic and aerobic capacity.

Didn't feel like a workout which is my point.

Exercising doesn't have to be boring.

Do activities that you like to do and will keep you moving.

Incorporate interests with your fitness activities where you can.

It won't feel like exercise. 👍

[04/08/20]   I recieved a new toy for home workouts🤟

This beast will humble you

This is the type of training I like to do

Functional multi circuit whole body exercises

These are the types of workouts you can do virtually everyday

By training in this manner you aren't tearing down one or two muscle groups per session

This means your muscles aren't going to be as fatigued or need as much recovery time

You can easily do these types of workouts at home

You don't need fancy equipment 🏋️‍♂️

You'd be surprised what you can do with basic household things like a towel for example😯

Take care of your immune system by keeping active

Be safe all✊

[04/07/20]   💥Home Style Whole Body Circuit

✅Kettlebell Side lunges AMRAP
✅Front Squats 15 reps
✅Banded dips then unbranded AMRAP
✅Kettlebell tricep ext 15 reps
✅1 leg reverse pushup 7 reps each leg then AMRAP both legs
✅Kettlebell hammer press till failure then supine curl press till failure

You can still maintain and make gains in many areas despite no gym access

If your worried about losing your gains while at home then don't 😪

I created at 90 day at home do it yourself program specifically for these unprecedented times

If you want to keep your gains and get cut for the summer 💪 with this program DM me for details

PS. I am offering this program at a discount due to Covid 19

Stay safe and healthy fellas✊

Got the stay at home blues 😪

Some of my strength goals are on hold for now

You can still make gains in other areas🚀

Use this time to improve your cardio

If you can't work on one thing then simply make the adjustment to work on something else

There are many aspects of your fitness that you can improve👍

Whatever makes you move do it

It's important especially now to keep your exercise routines and keep moving

For your immune system to be strong and for your mind to be healthy 🏋️‍♂️

Stay safe and well guys ✊

My version of a vegan club sandwich 🥪

Sorry no bacon substitute today☹

Silver Hills bakery bread🍞
High protein tofu
Vegan mozzarella 🧀
Sweet potato fries🍟

Carbs 46g
Fat 21g
Protein 37g💪

Steve Hess - Fighting 4 Fitness

Steve Hess - Fighting 4 Fitness's cover photo

Post workout lunch🏋️‍♂️

Extra firm high protein tofu
Red bell pepper
Zucchini 🥒
Brown rice

45g carbs
35g protein
15g fat

I've got a cool job🤙

Here is one of my in person clients Vitaly Potapenko who is an assistant coach for the Memphis Grizzlies.

He comes in town every year when the Grizzlies pay the Mavericks.

Vitaly also played 12 seasons in the NBA. 🏀He likes to box as a hobby

His reach sucks to say the least he's 6'10" and he has about 80-100 lbs on me 🙂

This is one of those scenarios where it pays off to have good "wind" or cardio.

I am the embodiment of my training and nutrition program because I walk the path daily. 🥊

[01/30/20]   1 hour session condensed in a minute. Just 3 compound movements during this session with a focus on the stiff legs Romanian style. 🏋️‍♂️

Neutral grip curl presses superset with various grip pull ups. I deducted a finger each set on the pull ups to work my grip. ✊

Throwback to Dec 2015 when I recieved my black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 🥋 Most black belt ceremonies are full of friends and family and they should be, it's a significant accomplishment. It took me 12 years of consistent training and blood sweat and tears to get here. This instructor was my 4th one, and I hit many roadblocks along the way. I never had a timeline when I would attain my black belt during those 12 years.

At some point during this time, I realized it's not the destination but the journey that forces you to be a better practitioner and person. I didn't invite many people because in my mind it was simply a mile marker, and the journey didn't stop here.

Consistency and time is the only difference between those who attain and those who fail. Oss 🥋✊

Shout out to one of my in person clients JP. He set a goal of a full split on two chairs and here he is. 👌
JP has 10% body fat and is able to get these results at 52 years old. 💪🏋️‍♂️

👉Training tip of the day. Assymetrical or 1 sided exercises are a favorite of mine. You can do them with many exercises such as a bent over row, dumbell press, hammer curl press as in this video, and a deadlift to name a few examples. These are great to work your core as it causes the opposite side of your body to stabilize from the uneven load. They are also good for muscle imbalances where your stronger side won't take over.

♦️For example in a barbell bench press where you use both arms your dominant side can often carry more of the load. Adding assymetrical movements can help even your muscle strength and imbalances.

What are some of your favorite exercises?🏋️‍♂️
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Long scenic Saturday ride. Being active is a lifestyle. I don't look at biking as exercise simply because it is fun and therapeutic to me. I encourage my clients to engage in different activities other than strength training or being in the gym. Having different activities helps break up the monotony and can be used for days when you aren't feeling the gym. 😉

👉What are some physical activities you enjoy that don't involve the gym🤔

[12/15/19]   What is the most challenging aspect of weight loss? Your thoughts please.

Here is an excellent resource for plant-based protein options.🔥 Tofu, peanut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and oats are staples of my diet. People who want to include a more plant-based diet or new vegans struggle with finding the right foods to eat that will reach their goals. It isn't rocket science, but it does take a little know-how in regards to being educated about food. Knowledge gives you power to make your own decisions about what to eat and why your eating it.✊

Monday night wrestling practice.🥋🤼‍♂️

Never thoughf I'd get excited about a bender and it hasn't disappointment me. 🤘 I'll be making my own nut and soy milks, no dairy queso cheese, smoothies, nut butters, hummus etc. The best part snagged for under $300 on black Friday.👌

My last amateur fight 2010.

️Today's run stats. Sprint intervals with a partner. Was a medium effort and the scale in the middle indicates this with a slight increase in anaerobic power. Can anybody tell how many intervals I ran by looking at this pic?🤔

🔥Warning🔥 Me talking for 12+ minutes about all the diets out there and how you should have a long term mindset with your diet. I say it repeatedly in video and I'm going to put it here as well. If you are eating refined carbohydrates like white flour you are basically eating sugar.

"I'm looking for 5 guys who want a personalized weight-loss program to follow for the next 60 days. If that's you comment "60" below and I will send you a DM."

Middle finger pull ups to work on my grip strength. 🖕

I love helping people. This is a typical response from one of my online clients.🏋️‍♂️🥦🙂

I want to shout out to Flo for his weight loss journey. Flo is a wrestler who competed in the last two Olympics in Chine and Rio. He wrestled as a heavyweight and wanted to drop down to the 96kg weight class for future competitions. A custom diet plan was needed that would allow him to drop the weight yet still give him the energy to train 2-3 hours day. He had been watching his diet before but wasn't seeing the results that he wanted. A simple low or no-carb diet didn't apply here as he is an athlete and needs to perform. After our initial consultation and going over his current foods, I was able to provide him a custom meal plan that worked with his goals of wanting to drop weight while still having the energy to train.

After a couple of weeks, Flo started to understand the why behind the diet. You can give someone a plan, and they can follow it, but if you teach them, you are empowering them to make their own choices because they now know to make the right choices. Flo was able to drop about 25 lbs in 6 weeks. Since he has been on his new diet that is free of sugar and processed foods, his complexion looks better, he feels better and has noticed an increase in his performance on the mat.

Congrats Flo and to his family as well; they are all on the plan. These results are pretty typical of my online training program.

What's for dinner. Took 10 min. Go vegan 🥦👍🥦

Steve Hess - Fighting 4 Fitness's cover photo

The Vegan Warrior

Steve Hess is a vegan martial artist who helps other vegan martial artist men that are middle aged lose 15+ lbs and build muscle with a 90 day program called the Vegan Warrior. This program is strictly geared towards vegan men who practice martial arts and were ex athletes when they were younger. The Vegan Warrior program gets these men feeling like they did when they were athletes in their 20’s. The program makes them look, feel and move better physically which makes them better martial arts practitioners. Not to mention they look the part with defined abs and toned muscles. The Vegan Warrior program teaches these men how to eat a vegan diet that will shed excess body fat and build muscle with a strength training regimen.

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