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The Texas Electric On-Road Series (Texas EOS) aims to promote electric radio controlled on road auto racing in the state of Texas through a several race series at different venues throughout the state

Operating as usual


Hey guys, I know this is embarrassingly late but its better late than never. Below are the points for the classes that raced at all 3 events.

Also I want to announce that we will not be bringing back the EOS next year unless we can add a viable track that has its own club racing. Right now its a two track series and the turnout as the year went on dwindled to a point that we can tell its not worth doing. Maybe in the future (2023) we can look at starting it up again. Until another track emerges, please keep supporting your local tracks to make them as good as they can be.

Stock Top 3
Aiden Ferrel 399
Andrew Doherty 397
Cristian Tabush 393

USGT Top 3
Aiden Ferrel 400
Mitch Gilkey 393
Billy Land 392

Modified TC top 3
Chris Adams 400
Toastie 396
Andrew Doherty 392

Photos from Texas EOS's post 08/22/2021

Round 3 is in the books! Congratulations to all the winners!


EOS this weekend! See everyone there!


Hey guys! Race weekend at N-Control is coming up! Hope to see everyone there!

Schedule for Sunday
Morning practice
11:15 drivers meeting
11:30 Start Q1
Lunch after Q1
Mains following qualifiers


Two weeks away from the finale!


Hey guys! 3 weeks away from the Series Finale at N-Control RC Racing Circuit!


Hey guys, Cristian is dealing with a family issue so I (chris) will be taking back over for the near future.

We at the EOS were trying to be as patient as possible and let SA crew get their track together.

With that being said, we are going to go ahead and move forward and finish this season at NControl as there is still no time line for SA. The last round of EOS will be August 21/22 with the official event taking place on the 22nd. We hope to see everyone there.

A few things about EOS at ncontrol.

Spec tire will be Volante v8 again. Same schedule as round 1.

Thank you to Paul Gaertner for letting us come back for round 3 on such a short notice.

Photos from Texas EOS's post 07/07/2021

Points after Event 2 (4 rounds) Are Below!

Photos from Texas EOS's post 06/29/2021

What an awesome race weekend! Thanks to Chris and RCCA for providing such an awesome venue for round 2!

Great, clean and close racing all day long. The 21.5 TC class was intense! 1-5 in qualifying were separated by 1.2 secs. The mains were pretty close too!

Congrats to the winners! You can find the results on Live RC. Points will be updated hopefully by tonight. For now, pictures.


EOS weekend! See everyone in the morning at RCCA!


EOS round 2 this Sunday RCCA! Almost time to go racing!!!


2.5 weeks away from Round 2 at RCCA on June 27th. We aren't going to do a sign up sheet this time around. Usually they don't do much and we will have plenty of pits/ time to get the whole program in.

Classes for Round 2

21.5 Stock TC
Mod TC
17.5 12th scale

Schedule for Round 2

8am open
3pm Club race starts
Track will remain open for 1 hour after the club race ends

8am open
11:15 drivers meeting
11:30 Race start

A couple reminders for round 2

1. VTA will use Protoform VTA tires.
2. Stock is open roar approved 21.5 motors
3. We will start handing out marked tires on Saturday as there is no huge performance advantage after 2 break in runs
4. You will have to get a set of marked hand out tc/usgt tires for the event. You can get as many as you like.
5. Remember, each EOS race has 2 main events and doubles up as two events so qualifying will be very important. There will be no bump ups but each main will run twice.

Thanks and fee free to message Chris Adams with any more questions regarding RCCA.


Rd. 2 of the EOS is coming up on us fast! Signups will go up late tonight.

Please reach out to RCCA if you have any questions about location, accommodations or anything else you may need to know.


Round number 2 at RCCA is just a little over a month away! Plenty of opportunity to get some track time in before the event.


Good Morning! Have been watching the weather closely this week with no improvement in the forecast. Unfortunately the outlook is not good so we have collectively made the decision to postpone the race until a later date. We are looking at mid July at the moment, and will have more information on a decision early to mid next week.

In the meantime, RCCA’s race schedule has not changed, so get your carpet set ups ready!


Good Morning! As we ready ourselves for rd.2 this weekend, we’d like to lay down a fee announcements.

1. We will be having a GTP class. Same rules as NControl. Likely this will turn into a series class, but entry fee will only go to the host club this year.
2. Schedule: Club is setting up in the parking lot of the mall starting at approximately 9am on Saturday. Please come out and help the club if you can. Practice should run all day starting at around 11:30-12:00. Practice will be $10 for the day and we will not have a club race. It’s important that you pay for practice so the club gets a little cash that is being foregone for no club race. You all will get more track time this way. For Sunday, depending on entries, we’ll look to a 11a-12p start time.

Please note there is a threat of rain. If this is the case, we will reschedule the race. More details once we make the call. We will announce when to make the call in a day or two.


Keep in mind that we are doing 21.5 for stock in SA. See everyone next weekend!

Texas EOS 2021 Rd. 2 05/03/2021

Sorry for the delay, I have been waiting on tire confimation. Sign Ups for Rd. 2 Here:

Tires are going to be the same as Rd.1 at N Control. I am still awaiting shipping confirmation for them. But they have been on order since the moment the race was moved to SATX.

Texas EOS 2021 Rd. 2 Online R/C Track Directory and Race Registration


Update for rd. 2

Still waiting on confirmation for tires. Once we have this done, we will open up sign ups.

Thanks for the patience!


Rd. 2 is a Go at Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, TX.

Dates hold the same. Thanks to Jose Isales and the Alamo City Club as well as RCHQ for getting us a place to run on short Notice. Special thanks to Ron Atomic and Billy Land for working behind the scenes to make this happen.

Practice and club race will be hosted on the 15th.

This will be an outdoors event, old school parking lot style. So bring a tent, table and your own power. You’ll need it to be able to race.

Stock will be 21.5 again since the track is going to be similar in size to N-Control.

Tires will be handled by the series this time around. We will make an announcement on tires within the next day or so.

USGT tires, same rule as Rd.1. You must use new kicks the day of the event!

See you in San Antonio!


No need to worry about the Mike’s news today. We are working on a replacement track for round 2. As of now, the race date will not change. Should have an update by the end of the weekend!

2021 Texas EOS #1 Mod TC A1 04/12/2021

Brian Fong was nice enough to video the A mains this weekend. We will post them as they get put up!

Mod A1
Mod A2
Usgt A1
Usgt A2
Vta A1
Stock TC A1

2021 Texas EOS #1 Mod TC A1 2021 Texas EOS #1 Mod TC A1N-Control RC Racing Circuit, Dale, Texashttps://www.facebook.com/TexasEoshttps://www.facebook.com/ncontrolrc


Looking like we are going to have great weather this weekend!

Schedule for Sunday
Morning practice
11:15 drivers meeting
11:30 Start Q1
Lunch after Q1
Mains following qualifiers

Keep in mind that we are running double mains for everyone so please try and be ready for each race.

R1 V21-S will not be legal for this race. It has been submitted for Roar approval, but has not been passed yet.


Just got a question regarding USGT Tires.

So as to keep the playing field level only tires that are new in Bag before Practice on Sunday (or after practice Saturday) will pass inspection.

Why are we doing this? The whole purpose of the rule is to have a level playing field. If someone runs their tires to death on Saturday, that would give a considerable performance advantage for the Sunday race.

So in other words, practice with an older set if you are practicing on Saturday, or buy a set for each day, it’s up to the racer to decide. However, when you check in on Sunday morning, before tou hit the track, come get your tires stickered up to pass tech. I will get you in and out quickly.


Two weeks out for the first race of the series! Lets goooooo!!!!


EOS 2021

Hi Folks! We are getting ready for the 2021 season as it is just around the corner.

Rd. 1 will be at N Control in Dale, TX

The Series classes this year will be:

3.Stock TC
4.Modified TC

(With a tentative super GT class like last year, if we can draw up the interest. Ideally, we’d like 6 entries at each event to make it happen).

Each club will have the option of hosting up to 2 non-series classes locally as well.

NControl has stated they wish to have a GT12 and a Trophy truck class as their local classes for the event. Get with Paul Gaertner to find out the specifics of each class.

For rules, we have not made many changes. Just small tweaks.

For VTA:

On the outdoor races, we will be allowing USGT tires as this is how N control runs it. Tires are less expensive and also easier to cone by.


Like last year, Gravity RC USGT motor required.
On the tires, we tweaked the rule so as to give tracks the sales of such. The new rule is you must purchase a set of tires for each event. Tires will be available the day of the race for purchase and provided by the host track.

For Stock TC

Each track will have their own motor rule.
1.NControl will use blinky 21.5 motor rules.
2.Porter will use blinky 17.5 motor rules
3.RCCA will use blinky 21.5 motor rules

Modified remains unchanged.

I believe the weights will now be 1320 for stock TC and Mod TC, with USGT being 1350 and VTA 1400.

Looking forward to a reboot. Thanks to Paul at NControl, for coming back on board. It goes without saying thanks for our sponsors, to whom we will honor their sponsorship for this year’s events and to Chris Adams and RCCA as well as Jeremy Cupps over at Mike’s Hobbytown in Porter for hosting us once again.

We will open sign ups 30 days before each event.




A little over a month and half away from round 1! Time to start getting ready! Cristian is finalizing the classes and will be posting the information this week. Hoping we can make this one of the best series we've ever had!


Time to start up the EOS again for 2021! We are going to just start over again with the new year since no one wants to remember 2020.

I am happy to say that N-Control RC Racing Circuit has agreed to host an event along with SA Club and RCCA. We are going to keep it simple this year with three events and pretty standard classes with each track offering 2 additional local classes.

April 11th - N-Control
May 16th - San Antonio
June 27th - RCCA

Format will remain unchanged from last year. Saturday will be a club event/practice and the EOS will occur on the Sunday.

Events will consist of Double Mains which will each be considered its own EOS event adding up to 6 total events. 2 events will be allowed to be dropped for the overall.

The Series classes this year will be:

Class Rules:
1400 grams
8.40 battery voltage
25.5 Motor
Gravity RC USGT tires for outdoor races and Protoform VTA Tires for indoors
VTA approved bodies

Class Rules:
1350 grams
8.40 battery voltage
Gravity RC USGT Motor and tires (tires must be purchased day of event)
USGT approved bodies

3.Stock TC
Class Rules:
1320 grams
8.40 battery voltage
Efra Legal body
Spec tire dependent on track
21.5 motor for N-Control
21.5 motor for SA
21.5 motor for RCCA

4.Modified TC
1320 grams
Efra Legal body
Spec tire dependent on track

Each Track will have a maximum of two local classes.


Hi Folks! I don't even know how to start this post...

After some discussion with Chris Adams we have decided to (once again) postpone Round 2 of the series.

We are very sorry, but the current Covid 19 situation has led to a very low expected out of town participation. Due to the complicated implications, we feel that is not fair to the host track, the local racers and the out of town travelers to hold the event this weekend. In response, we agreed that it was worth pushing back the race to the current Rd. 3 date.

We will re-visit the remaining rounds after a couple of weeks just so we can wait and see how everything develops.

All of you that have payed for the event registration ahead of time are welcome to reach out to me (Cristian Tabush) for a refund. If you do not reach out I will assume you just want to keep your balance for the rescheduled event.

Thanks again! I hope to see you at the track soon.


Alright folks! Good news. We have made some moves to accommodate rd.2

We have swapped races with San Antonio and Fort Worth. Rd. 2 will be a RCCA on July 12. San Antonio we are hoping will be open by September, so we will make the finals at Rodriguez Park.

For Rd. 3 We have something lined up. I am hoping to announce what we are doing mid next week.

Thanks for all your understanding. The uncertainty has been really crappy, but we now have a location, time and place for Rd 2, so let’s get back to racing.

Remember, RCCA handles their own Sedan tires and they will have a club race on Saturday night before the race.

USGT tire rules still stand as currently structured. You must be racing on a Series Spec Set, they will be available for purchase 2 weeks before the event through the Reflex Racing Website or the weekend of the event.


Good evening folks!

We will hear back from the park in the AM tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is what we can add:

Rd.2 is set for July 12. Location is TBD, but option 1 is to have it at Rodriguez Park in San Antonio. If the city announces that parks will remain closed through then, we will be forced to move facilities, however, the race will occur on July 12, regardless of location.

Thanks for your understanding.


Hi Folks!

In our last post we noted we may delay the race a week, not realizing that it would put the race on Father’s day weekend. With that in mind, we have decided that the best plan of action is to hold off on announcing date for Rd.2 at least until we hear from the park on Tuesday.

We hate that we have to be in a holding pattern and we are grateful for your understanding. Chances are we are going to have to potentially move Rd2 to a date that will be less than ideal for some due to heat or perhaps that are conflicting with other events. For that, we are sorry. Please don’t hold it against us. For one, I just want to race 😈

Please also remember, we all get 1 round to drop. So if one of our races does not fit your schedule, it will not ruin your chance at a good series finish.
I hope you are all staying safe and that you are itching to get back to racing as much as I am. Thanks for your support!


Hi Folks! We have some bad news for next weekend. Rodriguez park has still not been opened for us to use, but Park staff is meeting with the Mayor of San Antonio next Tuesday to find out when they will be able to open to the public again.

Due to the circumstances, we are forced to postpone the race for the time being. Our goal is to hopefully only push it back 1 week.

We will give you an update as soon as we know more.

On a good note, we have secured our spec tires for rd.2 and rd.3. We have opted to go with Volante V7T tires on 7 spoke wheels for sedan and super GT.

Maniac-RC 05/31/2020

We’d like to Welcome Maniac RC on board to the Texas EOS. Maniac is a new webshop that specializes in Tamiya kits and other entry to mid level hobby grade RC.

Maniac comes on board as a class sponsor for the VTA class. Maniac has also offered to provide lunch for us during Rd. 2 as well as provide trackside support with a small mobile hobby shop selling essential racing items like traction compound. To top it all off they will offer up a kit at the end of the season for out raffle!!!

Make sure you thank these guys, visit their site and support them in return!


Maniac-RC maniac-rc

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