Kurt Thomas Gymnastics

Kurt Thomas Gymnastics


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Two more sleeps!
Thank you SO Much to The Kurt Thomas Gymnastics Foundation! ⭐️
We had a blast performing at your annual gala last night!

For info on how to have Emerald City perform at your next event check the link in our bio!

Join Emerald City and The Kurt Thomas Gymnastics Foundation for their Annual Black Tie Gala!

Meet Decorated Olympians, Participate in a Silent Auction with Fabulous Prizes and Rock out with America's Favorite Band: Emerald City!

Check www.kurtthomasfoundation.com for tickets and more information!
A painting I did for my mother, now that she has passed I was wondering if any of his wife or any of his family members would like to have it.
Two KT Besties! Way to go girls!
She loves her Gym, all she was thinking about is gymnastics and KT!
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Jan Chester
Day 15 (12/15/21) Gymnastics meet.🤸🏻‍♀️SWIPE for closer views of each event. (And yes, she’s doing a wolf turn on beam 🤣)
Kurt Thomas Gymnastics
How was this only two years ago ?!? They all look so little !
Congratulations to Kurt Thomas Gymnastics for winning Frisco STYLE Magazine’s Best of Business 2021 award in the Giving Back category. We wish you continued success!

In the October issue of Frisco STYLE, learn how Kurt Thomas Gymnastics recently established a program for athletes with special needs.

A big thanks to BirdieBox for its assistance in awarding this year’s winners.

We are not going to say Goodbye, but we will say, “THANK YOU COACH RICK!” Thank you for being exactly what you needed to be AND where you needed to be! You were there to catch the girls (LITERALLY) when they fall AND make them believe in themselves. We promise Rea will make you proud!! We ❤️❤️❤️ you and are happy that you are following your dream!!!
I have found THE CUTEST Olympics USA Gymnastics fans EVER!!!! ❤️🤍💙
Check out these adorable girls from
Kurt Thomas Gymnastics Level 2 watching (and screaming) as Simone Biles and the other gymnasts are named to TEAM USA ❤️🤍💙
Host mom Ricka and 7 year old Zaila say it was a blast watching the competition all together and the girls will be cheering for the team the whole time! So Exciting!!!

GO USA!! ❤️🤍💙
After dedicating 4 years to a gym, Anaya made an important decision to ask me if I would move her to Kurt Thomas. She made her decision based on her research and evaluation time with coach Laura.

I would like to thank the Kurt Thomas Gymnastics and the girls she has been practicing with her first week at Kurt Thomas for being extremely welcoming and making Anaya feel part of the team. The girls have been super nice and amazing. Anaya has fit right in😀

Thank you
🥇🍃 BEAM is so fun with you Kurt Thomas Gymnastics !!!

Training Preschool through Elite level gymnastics in Frisco, Texas!

Operating as usual

Photos from Inside Gymnastics's post 10/20/2023

Go Katin!


The hardest part of coaching is the girls leaving for college. The best part is them coming home to say “hi!” Luv u Katoni!


Level 5!


Level 5 District Champions!
Level 4 District Champions!

Photos from Kurt Thomas Gymnastics's post 10/14/2023

Go Dawn!


The littles!!!!

Photos from USA Gymnastics's post 10/12/2023
Click here to show your support to McKenna Kelley's story *MaryLouRettonsFight 10/10/2023


Click here to show your support to McKenna Kelley's story *MaryLouRettonsFight Hey everyone! On behalf of my sisters and I, we need y’all’s help.My amazing mom, Mary Lou, has a very rare form of pneumonia and is fighting for her life. She is not able to breathe on her own. She’s been in the ICU for over a week now. Out of respect for her and her privacy, I will not discl...

Photos from Kurt Thomas Gymnastics's post 10/09/2023

We have one of our gymnasts take home the winning banner after every meet, and bring it back to the gym, the following Monday. This photo shows how much those decisions mean to the girls!


Happy Birthday Coach Cheryl!!!


See you in Paris! 🇫🇷

With their second place finish in Worlds Qualifying, the US Men have secured a team spot at the 2024 Olympic Games!

Paris 2024 | NBC Olympics & Paralympics | Team USA


171.395 🤯

The Team USA Women finish their qualifying subdivision sitting on top of the leaderboard at the World Championships!

Individual Event Standings ⤵️
AA ➡️ 1) Biles, 2) Jones
VT ➡️ 1) Biles, 2) Roberson
UB ➡️ 1) Jones, 2) Biles
BB ➡️ 1) Biles, 2) Jones
FX ➡️ 1) Biles, 2) Jones

Photos from Kurt Thomas Gymnastics's post 09/24/2023

Level 2 - 1st Place Team
Level 4A - 1st Place Team
Level 4P - 1st Place Team
Level 5 - 1st Place Team


Level 5 - 1st Place Team!


Your 2023 World Championship team for Team USA! 🇺🇸

⭐️Simone Biles
⭐️Shilese Jones
⭐️Joscelyn Roberson
⭐️Leanne Wong
⭐️Skye Blakely
⭐️Kayla DiCello (Alternate)

Photos from Kurt Thomas Gymnastics's post 09/17/2023

Level 2 - 1st Place Team!
Level 3 - 2nd Place Team!
Level 4P - 1st Place Team!
Level 5 - 1st Place Team!

Photos from Kurt Thomas Gymnastics's post 09/17/2023

Level 2 - 1st Place Team!!!


🌟 C H A S I N G G O L D 🌟

Tune in to NBC at 2:00pm ET to see the return of Simone Biles & all the action from !


More history for the 🐐!

Simone Biles becomes the first gymnast - man or woman - to win 8 All-Around Titles at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships!


Hezly Rivera is the 2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Junior Women's Champion!

Her two-day score of 27.400 on Balance Beam also topped the podium at !

Exercise.com Learn: Your Fitness Business Resource 08/28/2023


Elite athletes exhibit unique traits and strong, admirable characteristics that help them succeed in their sport. While largely innate, athletes do develop these traits from various experiences and opportunities, such as from their parents or in school to sports or even attending youth athletic training programs (https://www.imgacademy.com/sport-camps).
As an antithesis to Alan Stein’s 16 Lessons from a De-Motivational Speaker (https://alansteinjr.com/16-lessons-from-a-de-motivational-speaker/), take a look at the top 12 traits that successful athletes demonstrate:
1. Self-Confidence: The best athletes are innately self-confident, and they truly believe that they will win. They also have the confidence to deal with any unexpected situations that may arise and to speak up for themselves or their teammates when appropriate.
2. Motivation: High-performing athletes are motivated by the desire to be better than their opponent and even better than their personal best. They will be patient and persevere when working on their skills and focusing on their goals.
3. Self-Discipline: Elite athletes know that success doesn’t happen overnight. They have the self-discipline to put in early morning training sessions, to sacrifice social activities in exchange for more practice, and to power through sore muscles and exhaustion. They also practice self-discipline when it comes to their diets, making sure they only fuel their bodies with beneficial nutrients.
4. Optimism: An athlete who lacks an optimistic attitude isn’t likely to fully excel because they don’t expect to win. A successful athlete must believe that they will win and remain positive even when facing adversity.
5. Acceptance of Criticism: How can one improve if they aren’t willing to accept constructive criticism? Successful athletes understand that it’s important to remain coachable while accepting and learning from their mistakes. They will also be open to advice or tips from teammates and accepting of calls made by officials.
6. Poise under Stress: Athletes deal with countless sources of stress on a routine basis. From the pressure to perform well during competition or training to the stress caused by losing a game, getting injured, or struggling to master a skill, stress is an everyday part of an athlete’s life. A high level athlete can perform and even thrive under stress and pressure to still come out victorious.
7. Focus: A strong athlete must be able to focus on their goals and the big picture, which helps them stay dedicated to their training. They must also be able to focus on the moment while competing and tune out anything that is happening in the stands with spectators or that might be occurring in their personal lives outside of their sport.
8. Resiliency: Losses are just a reality of being an athlete. Setbacks will occur, and an athlete can’t be successful if they aren’t resilient. Even after a loss, successful athletes stay positive and use the experience as an opportunity to learn and move forward.
Client Solutions Executive for Exercise.com (https://www.exercise.com/learn/) and former professional soccer player Jackie Simpson, who suffered an injury three days before being called up to play with the Orlando Pride, said, “In my experience, professional sports are not for the faint of heart. Athletes need to be committed, competitive, and determined to persevere through adversity.”
While she missed her opportunity to be part of the full roster with the Orlando Pride, after dedicating two months to recovery and rehab, she earned the opportunity to play with one of the most well known women's leagues in Europe, LaLiga Iberdrola!
9. Competitive Spirit: Successful athletes enjoy winning, and it is likely that they will be competitive even in areas outside of their sport.
10. Natural Leadership: Even athletes who don’t take on roles as captains or co-captains will usually have some leadership traits. Quick decisions often need to be made in the heat of competition, and an athlete with leadership skills will be better prepared to take the initiative to make them.
Isabella Vidaña, a leadership coach with IMG Academy, adds, "Of course having talent is impressive, but coaches are looking for student-athletes who show pride in their team, are supportive, and put others before themselves. Those athletes who are seen as leaders are the ones that know how to control their emotions, learn from their mistakes, and give it their all even when things are not going their way. These types of athletes understand the importance of their character and how it will go beyond their sport and into everyday life."
11. Humility: Great athletes stay humble. When they make a mistake, they acknowledge and accept it rather than trying to make excuses. Alternately, when a humble athlete’s team is successful, they do not take all of the credit. Exceptional athletes credit their teammates and coaching staff when they are successful.
12. Passion: An athlete who is passionate about their sport is more likely to be successful. They will eat, sleep, and breathe their sport, and, therefore, they will be excited to excel.
“I believe the number-one quality an athlete can have is heart,” says Houston Rockets cheerleader Anissa Ybarra. “You have to want it with every fiber in your body.”
Great athletes display countless traits that, together, make them successful. While many of these traits are innate, they can also be nurtured through lessons learned from their parents, while in school, while competing, and in programs such as youth athletic training programs. IMG Academy’s boarding school and sport camps
help athletes focus not only on growing physically, but on nurturing these traits to become successful collegiate and professional athletes.

Exercise.com Learn: Your Fitness Business Resource Everything you need to manage and grow your fitness business all in one place. Learn more today.


Something exciting is happening all the way from Paris…

Tune in to the Today Show tomorrow morning to see this historic trio take over the City of Lights!

Photos from Kurt Thomas Gymnastics's post 06/05/2023


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Dance Party!
Team Kurt!
Busy busy busy! 💪🏼




Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 3pm - 8pm
Tuesday 3pm - 8pm
Wednesday 3pm - 8pm
Thursday 3pm - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm

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