Zumba with Kandie B

Zumba with Kandie B


Well after we talked at your party a couple of weeks ago I decided to keep looking for a Zumba class that starts late enough for me to attend with my work schedule and.... Voila!! I found one less than 5 miles away from my home starts at 8:15p and very reasonable too... Hope she's 1/2 as good a teacher as you are.... Thanks for the intro if I hadn't taken your class ( and enjoyed it so much) I might not have kept looking.... peace and blessings!!
Wish I could take your class but I guess Zumba at NYSF gym will have to do! Miss you, Kandie!
Can i get the slow down version just asking i still support my peoples regardless lol
Hey Kandie! I like it :). Keep up the great work! I'll see you next year!
Kandie, we will continue to support your page. You are a great Zumba instructor....keep doing what you do !!!!

Get to it..... and Zumba® with Kandie B. LA Fitness in Frisco, TX:
Tues. and Thurs. - 5:45pm to 6:45pm

LA Fitness in McKinney, TX:
Wednesday - 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Choice Training in Carrollton, TX:
Saturday - 10:00am to 11:00am (Zumba Toning every other Saturday)

Classes offered are Zumba® Fitness and Zumba® Toning with Kandie B.

Operating as usual


Zumba with Kandie B

[08/20/16]   Thank you for your dedication and supporting my classes😘. Here is my schedule for tomorrow and the rest of the upcoming week. Of course any class could be subject to change, BUT I will let you know as soon as I know. With that being said, this is the schedule to follow for class as of now:
( LAF = LA Fitness)
SATURDAY 8/20/16 subbing:
8:30am - Keller LAF (LA Fitness)
12noon - Euless LAF

SUNDAY 8/21/6 subbing:
9:45am - Frisco on Main Street LAF
12noon - Denton LAF

MONDAY 8/22/16 subbing:
7pm -->🚫Dallas Uptown LAF
CANCELLED for me and changed to:
7pm LAF Altamesa

TUESDAY 8/23/16:
9:45am - Ft Worth/Ridgmar LAF subbing
7pm - Hurst LAF

WEDNESDAY 8/24/16:
8pm - Keller LAF

THURSDAY 8/25/16:
8:30am - Keller LAF
5:45pm - Keller LAF subbing

FRIDAY 8/26/16 subbing:
9:45am - Hurst LAF
5:45pm - Carrollton LAF

Saturday 8/27/16 subbing:
12noon - Euless LAF


[04/25/14]   Let's get your weekend started off with a bang.....come and Zumba with me this evening. I will be subbing in Los Colinas LA Fitness at 5:45pm. If this evening does not work for you there is always tomorrow😀. I will be subbing in Lewisville LA Fitness (Saturday) at 12noon. Hope you can join in on a class. No excuses you can make it happen👌. Only you make those changes your body is needing😉. Zumba on!!!

[04/24/14]   Come out and Zumba with me this evening at Frisco LA Fitness 5:45pm. The party does not stop...... and at 8pm in Lewisville LA Fitness. No excuses. Make it happen. Zumba on!!


Augie's Quest - LA Fitness


Special shouts are in order for all of you that attended the benefit Zumba Class for Augie's Quest. We were moving, shaking, sweating and grooving to help donate for a cure. We were honored by your presence. We appreciate you!! If by chance you did not donate and wish to:

Text Text 50555 and type AUGIE to donate.

- OR -

www.augiesquest.org www.augiesquest.org/lafitness