Zumba with Kandie B

Zumba with Kandie B


Well after we talked at your party a couple of weeks ago I decided to keep looking for a Zumba class that starts late enough for me to attend with my work schedule and.... Voila!! I found one less than 5 miles away from my home starts at 8:15p and very reasonable too... Hope she's 1/2 as good a teacher as you are.... Thanks for the intro if I hadn't taken your class ( and enjoyed it so much) I might not have kept looking.... peace and blessings!!
Wish I could take your class but I guess Zumba at NYSF gym will have to do! Miss you, Kandie!
Can i get the slow down version just asking i still support my peoples regardless lol
Hey Kandie! I like it :). Keep up the great work! I'll see you next year!
Kandie, we will continue to support your page. You are a great Zumba instructor....keep doing what you do !!!!

Get to it..... and Zumba® with Kandie B. LA Fitness in Frisco, TX:
Tues. and Thurs. - 5:45pm to 6:45pm

LA Fitness in McKinney, TX:
Wednesday - 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Choice Training in Carrollton, TX:
Saturday - 10:00am to 11:00am (Zumba Toning every other Saturday)

Classes offered are Zumba® Fitness and Zumba® Toning with Kandie B.

Hand held weights are provided. Please see website for more details. Move to it. Shake to it. Sweat to it. Groove to it.

Operating as usual


Zumba with Kandie B

[08/20/16]   Thank you for your dedication and supporting my classes😘. Here is my schedule for tomorrow and the rest of the upcoming week. Of course any class could be subject to change, BUT I will let you know as soon as I know. With that being said, this is the schedule to follow for class as of now:
( LAF = LA Fitness)
SATURDAY 8/20/16 subbing:
8:30am - Keller LAF (LA Fitness)
12noon - Euless LAF

SUNDAY 8/21/6 subbing:
9:45am - Frisco on Main Street LAF
12noon - Denton LAF

MONDAY 8/22/16 subbing:
7pm -->🚫Dallas Uptown LAF
CANCELLED for me and changed to:
7pm LAF Altamesa

TUESDAY 8/23/16:
9:45am - Ft Worth/Ridgmar LAF subbing
7pm - Hurst LAF

WEDNESDAY 8/24/16:
8pm - Keller LAF

THURSDAY 8/25/16:
8:30am - Keller LAF
5:45pm - Keller LAF subbing

FRIDAY 8/26/16 subbing:
9:45am - Hurst LAF
5:45pm - Carrollton LAF

Saturday 8/27/16 subbing:
12noon - Euless LAF


[04/25/14]   Let's get your weekend started off with a bang.....come and Zumba with me this evening. I will be subbing in Los Colinas LA Fitness at 5:45pm. If this evening does not work for you there is always tomorrow😀. I will be subbing in Lewisville LA Fitness (Saturday) at 12noon. Hope you can join in on a class. No excuses you can make it happen👌. Only you make those changes your body is needing😉. Zumba on!!!

[04/24/14]   Come out and Zumba with me this evening at Frisco LA Fitness 5:45pm. The party does not stop...... and at 8pm in Lewisville LA Fitness. No excuses. Make it happen. Zumba on!!


Augie's Quest - LA Fitness


Special shouts are in order for all of you that attended the benefit Zumba Class for Augie's Quest. We were moving, shaking, sweating and grooving to help donate for a cure. We were honored by your presence. We appreciate you!! If by chance you did not donate and wish to:

Text Text 50555 and type AUGIE to donate.

- OR -

www.augiesquest.org www.augiesquest.org/lafitness