Nicholas Spohn

Nicholas Spohn


well despite the live not working I still got my interview with author, spiritual coach and PSYCHIC, Kim O'neill today!
Highly recommend Nicholas as a life coach! His coaching has helped me quickly change my state, refocus my energy and reach some deep breakthroughs through his highly effective techniques! I'm grateful for his coaching and even more so for his friendship - I know he truly cares and that makes the world of a difference! Thank you Nicholas!! #spohntrained
Love your cover photo Nicholas!
Looking for flooring for's gotta last 25 years like what we're replacing...any suggestions?

As a hypnotist, Reiki Master, coach, entrepreneur and speaker Nicholas is here to flip your limiting programming on its head!

Last nights #sunset was literally one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. #wisconsin

Don’t miss my latest interview on how I analyzed, negotiated and bought my latest Airbnb property! #elkaderjailhouseinn #airbnb #vacationrentals #shorttermrentalsecrets

How to Coach the ELITE with Elliot Roe

#Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast : How to Coach the ELITE with Elliot Roe Join Elliot Roe and I as we discuss the tools, techniques and protocols Elliot uses to coach the best of the best in any field. Elliot reveals his philosophy, hypnosis techniques and principles that get him results with high level CEO's, professional and olympic athletes and poker stars.

Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thanks for being a great role model, supporter and fishing partner.

NLP Rapid Fire Sales Trainings

#Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast : NLP Rapid Fire Sales Trainings The 3 steps of hypnotic influence, embedded commands, my proprietary "parts close" and instant rapport building are all covered in this short sales training! Its jam packed with nuggets, grab a notebook and take notes, you don't want to miss these insights.

Getting some hiking in with #twinsie. #colorado

The one trait that Charles Darwin says will help you THRIVE!

#Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast : The one trait that Charles Darwin says will help you THRIVE! There are two meta skills that underlie all learning, evolution, survival and thriving! The first skill is pattern recognition. Our survival is based on recognizing patterns in nature, patterns in emotions and patterns in success to name a few. This podcast episode is all about the second skill! Buc...

My new #focus cheat sheet. What are you focused on? I’ll add this to my members area today!!! #nlp #hypnosis #thoughtsarethings #spohntrained

#adversity #worthyopponent #spohntrained

Keep going. #2020 #personaldevelopment #spohntrained

Satan an Autobiography author @yehudaberg joins me on my latest podcast to discuss his brilliant book “the power of Kabbalah” and “Satan an autobiography” my all time favorite book. #podcast #spohntrained #ego #kabbalah #spirituality

Satan An Autobiography with Yehuda Berg

#Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast : Satan An Autobiography with Yehuda Berg World renown expert and teacher on Kabbalah, Yehuda Berg joins me to dive into the spiritual concepts in his book "Satan an Autobiography". The Satan, or adversary, is an opponent that often lurks under our conscious awareness. Do you know how to spot him? Do you know how to bypass the invisible ene...

Offer accepted on this 150 year old jailhouse! Latest real estate investment and soon to be Airbnb! How cool is this? Would you stay here if you there were ghosts? #elkaderiowa #airbnb #realestate @ Elkader Jailhouse Inn

So stoked to be interviewing @yehudaberg this week! SATAN an Autobiography is in my top 3 must read books. Would you tune into this live? Game changing perspective on spirituality. #satan #spirituality #hypnosis #nlp #spohntrained

Elevate Your Soul Podcast

I got featured sharing my top 3 tips to get through uncertain times! Tune in at 9:40!

77: Expert Advice on How to Thrive During a Lockdown from 7 Leaders in Their Field

I ask 7 Top Leaders in their field their top three suggestions on How to Thrive during a Lockdown and this Unprecedented time. Including business coach, speaker, investor, and philanthropist Chris Harder, high performance lifestyle coach and luxury brand business coach Melanie Ann Layer, Musician, Performer and Visual Artist Nick Broadhurst, Relationship Coach and Host of the "True Sex and Wild Love Podcast" Whitney Miller, Men's Work and Breathwork Facilitator, and Love and Relationship Coach Stefanos Sifandos, Trauma Healer and Coach Kevin Crenshaw, and Hypnotist, Coach and Speaker Nicholas Spohn. (And myself!) Check out the video online on Youtube: - or Instagram (IGTV): @arellehug

I just filmed my 20 minute pranic clearing protocal based on principles of pranic healing, nlp, hypnosis and the proprioceptive nervous system. My clients have told me I HAVE to make a video. I feel euphoric after shooting this video. This process is an emotional and energetic game changer. Leave me a comment if you want the link!

Two months in lockdown with @chrisjcrawford and we learned a lot about ourselves, mindset, influence, human nature, language patterns, and surfing (illegally) in Panama. Watching the world “burn” we were thriving. Lots of new plans and insights coming into my new and awesome normal. #spohntrained #eyesopenwideawake

[05/10/20]   Signs you've been PROGRAMMED vol 4

If you use the term "social distancing" you have undoubtedly been programmed. This is long but bare with me this might be my most important post yet.

There should be nothing "social" about our distancing. It should be purely physical distancing. As humans we need social (and physical) interaction and proximity. Using the term "social distancing" implies that our distancing doesn't stop in the physical realm but carries over into our social interactions, limiting our ability to share ideas, connection, bonds and support. It may seem silly but if you've studied language one word changes the way your nervous system relates to meaning of the phrase.

The media is often, intentionally or not, creating cultural divisions. Women vs. Men, Black vs Whites, Republicans vs. Democrats, #StayHome vs. #OpenTheEconomy. This is the real social distancing they create by creating animosity towards someone who is different than us. Here is the real kicker...

We are wired for survival reasons to put pressure on our fellow tribe members to see the world from our perspective and to fall in line. We have an emotional response (from our solar plexus chakra) because if Dave didn't follow hunting protocols he could 1. injure himself and the tribe would lose a provider 2. Injure someone else 3. scare off game. So 10,000 years ago we wouldn't just look at Dave and say "oh boy his crazy antics!" We would feel a strong and deep emotional pull to make him see the world from our perspective for our own survival. This is why everyone is so opinionated right now, and so compelled to share their perspective. Everyone is really looking out for the human tribe, though it doesn't always seem like it.

And most importantly everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. The values, experiences, beliefs, emotional patterns create our emotional response and our desire to convince others.

Moral of the story, have compassion for those who disagree with you. Some of us want everyone to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus while the rest of us want to open the economy so people can provide for their families and get their freedoms back. No one is wrong, we all live in a different reality based on our perceptual filters. So lets keep the distancing to purely physical and love and support each other through all of this.

But seriously... Open the economy :)

Nicholas Spohn

Life’s most fertile opportunities come from sh*tty situations. #manure #lifeisrelentless #growth

Life’s most fertile opportunities come from sh*tty situations. #manure #lifeisrelentless #growth

#openmind #jfk

Tune in tomorrow night! @snowpants1204 @the_airbnbguy @nedmahic bringing some wisdom! #hypnosis #nlp

Are you making your life a work of art? #visionary #masterpiece #art #nietzsche

One of the most powerful questions to elicit values... #sales #nlp #values

Use mirror neurons to get people to like you by doing this...

All personal development is just mental masterbation unless you do this one thing...

059 Blair Halver_HIGHLIGHT_1

#spohntrained podcast Highlight: Modeling Success and Overcoming Fear to Build the Business You Deserve

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058 Congruence_HIGHLIGHT_1

Highlight: Congruence: How Mastering This Concept Will Catapult Your Life! #spohntrained podcast

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Clarity: Crack the Code to Healing the Mind Body and Emotions From the Inside Out

Clarity: Crack the Code to Healing the Mind Body and Emotions From the Inside Out Nikki Engels is a Personal Health, Clarity, and Fitness Coach for women. Nikki has dedicated her career to helping women stay active and healthy through teaching fitness classes and kickboxing. She took this dedication further by getting certified in Viniyoga and writing her book, . By writing about...

Its not the strongest or the smartest that survive...

Tune in to hear how this skill is the most important, yet least talked about factor for your success in anything.

061 Allison Larsen_HIGHLIGHT_1

#spohntrained podcast highlight: Using Your Intuition to Impact the World with Allison Hildebrandt Larsen

Listen to the full episode here:

Message me for the link!!! Join my mentors and I as we tackle this “situation” and find out why we’re excited! Totally free! @rockthomas @rockthomas @m1tribe @nedmahic @iamdavidosborn @allisonh.larsen @sherryshabanfitness #corona

The empowering question of today is... #opportunity #ishavedmyhead #panic

The Emotional Power of Anchors

The Emotional Power of Anchors Life is full of emotions. The quality of our lives lies in the quality of our emotions. To create the life we truly want, we need to stop relying on chance and intentionally condition our emotions. We must understand perhaps the most important factor that significantly impacts our emotional life: an...

Dr. David Frederick_HIGHLIGHT_2_NEW

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Podcast, learn the secrets of manifesting with ancient Hawaiian mysticism with Dr. David Frederick.

Listen to the full episode here:

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Its not the strongest or the smartest that survive...
Dr. David Frederick_HIGHLIGHT_2_NEW
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