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As a hypnotist, Reiki Master, coach, entrepreneur and speaker Nicholas is here to flip your limiting programming on its head!

Hypno bowling with the WORLDS GREATEST #hypnotists and the people who taught me to do things I didn’t even know were possible. So grateful for this group. @integrativelifeworksinc @freddyjacquin79 @mikemandelhypnosis #spohntrained #hypnosis #nlp #personaldevelopment #mentors @ Las Vegas, Nevada

Do you have dreams and specific goals in life? Circumstances and social influences may affect the outcome of any plans, but do you believe in the power of your thoughts? 💬

Thoughts have deeper influence on your daily life. What you think, you become! And your thoughts may become your reality. 🤔

Increase the probability of achieving your desired outcome. Visualize it and motivate yourself to make it happen. Discover new horizons and don't be afraid to dream!

Share your thoughts on this by writing your comments below! 👇

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ELizabeth Webb_1

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, I have on master breakthrough coach Elizabeth Webb!
Have you ever felt as though something was going to happen and then it did? Have you ever wanted to understand and enhance that inner-knowing? Well, Elizabeth gives us some insight into how to harness and access intuition. Now, what is intuition? Webb describes it as “A voice that is from your inner self.” In this episode we expound on the basis of our relationship to ourselves and our commitment to the practice of non-attachment to outcomes and answers.

This highly trained intuitive coach works with CEOs and CFOs, to well-known business leaders, decision-makers, and other remarkable professionals. Webb highlights the importance of walking the walk when it comes to coaching and being congruent with the work that is being shared to others. She underlines the significance of authenticity and the fact that coaches, their students, and everybody does not have to be perfect in order to be listened to.

In this episode on maturing our intuition and positive psychology, Elizabeth informs us on the power of our inner voice and how we can all learn to listen to it so that we may “flourish and thrive” in our human experience. As we grow and become more connected to our intuition, we will be able to use it as a compass in order to guide and direct us along our paths.
You can check out her website,, where you can sign up for these amazing two minute videos that come out about once every two weeks!

Additionally, here’s a link to my free course 30 days of influential language hacks and more videos at

“I believe that we are all intuitive beings, every single one of us.”

“For me intuition is internal and I think about it like this big shining ball of light that’s my own inner guru.”

“I don’t believe it goes shed that attachment and then hear your intuition. I think it’s shed your attachment around what you want this voice to tell you.”

🤯 by David Synder! Holy cow. New levels with every training. I didn’t even some of this stuff was possible! Vibrational influence, Chinese face reading, kinesthetic #rapport, moving energy, vibrational state drills... yes it was as great as it sounds. I LOVE learning! Can’t wait to apply this stuff! #m1tribe #hypnosis #nlp #hypnothoughtslive2019 @ Las Vegas, Nevada

That time @freddyjacquin79 hypnotized my cousin @mrsruthiestrop into arm catalepsy and she got stuck in her chair! #hypnothoughtslive #arrowtechnique #hypnosis #mindcontrol #subconsciousmind

Sunday afternoon speaking to the National Guild of #Hypnotists was a blast! We covered my model of the two types of #selfsabotage and the structure of #subconscious programs. Thanks @integrativelifeworksinc and @thefathypnotist @zachpincince and @nicolelynnhanson for the support at the event! #hypnosis #nlp #personaldevelopment

@8664_toni and I geeking out on influence, charisma and energy. #hypnothoughts #htlive #hypnosis #nlp #lasvegas #orleanscasino

Beatrice Chestnut_1

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, I interview Beatrice Chestnut, Enneagram fanatic and author of The Complete Enneagram. In this episode we dive into the world of Enneagrams, a personality typology of nine types. Why use the Enneagram and what does it do? Not only does this personality test go back thousands of years, but it allows you to discover parts of yourself you had not yet uncovered. Throughout the interview we touch on how the enneagram can help you understand more of your subconscious programs, how it can shed light on some of your blindspots, as well as improving the areas you now have the opportunity to narrow in on with the new insights!

As Beatrice began working with the nine different types of patterns our personalities can take, she began applying the enneagram to her business and personal consulting company. Now she has started the new enneagram school, “Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy”.
I asked her what the best online enneagram test was and she suggested the one test she uses for best results is called the IEQ9 and it’s available from Integrative Enneagram Solutions. I took this test and in this episode Beatrice was able to give me a more in depth description on what it means to be a Type 7.

Out of the 9 different personality types, which one are you?

“The enneagram especially helps you see what you may not be seeing in the patterned way you do things every day.”

“By highlighting these patterns and showing how each type sees 360° of reality through a narrow slice based on a perceptual lens that’s associated with that coping strategy.”

“Know Thyself”... “Know Thyselves”
Here is a link to my free course 30 days of influential language hacks- and more videos at

I hope you enjoy this eye-opening and enlightening conversation with Beatrice Chestnut!

At the National Guild of Hypbotists banquet last night with these two rockstars! Amazing how far we’ve all come as hypnotists and influencers in the last year and a half! @zachpincince #hypnosis #psychology

Mold yourself first to be a person of good character then good reputation will follow. A genuinely good person is consistent in character even if it is not seen or appreciated by others.

Is your character the same when in front of people and when they are not around? Do you believe that character is more important than reputation? Share your thoughts and comment it below! 👇
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Layman Pang is a humble, celebrated Buddhist who thinks that an enlightened person must not think of himself as someone special or rare but ordinary. And must do ordinary things like chopping wood or drawing water extraordinarily.

Even if we are aiming for something great, such as being enlightened or reaching for our goal, STAY HUMBLE. And in everything, be MINDFUL, seeing every task with equal importance.

Do you always give your best in doing your job? Does Layman Pang's insights inspire you? Please write your comments below! 👇_______________________________________________
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Freddy Jacquin_1

Today on the #Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast, I am joined by Freddy Jacquin. Freddy is helping millions of people through hypnotism. He is the inventor of The Arrow Technique and has changed the lives of many. Whether it’s pain, fear or a smoking addiction that you are facing, Freddy and his methods can help.

Freddy is incredibly passionate about sharing his techniques with the world. His main mission is to help as many people and change as many lives as he can. During this episode, we dive into Freddy’s work, the power of hypnosis, the different ways in which our brains work so we can better understand ourselves, our thoughts and our emotions to ultimately make changes and mental shifts. Another major topic is imagination and the important role it plays in our lives. Learn more about Freddy and his incredible work during this episode of the #Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast.

It is easy to see God and feel his presence in the beauty of nature. But we find it hard to see God in our fellow human beings. Because of sins, flaws, shortcomings, we fail to see that humans are God's masterpiece.

Try to see others as valuable creation of God and see the goodness in them! Then we can treat others with love, compassion, and respect and be much more forgiving, understanding and selfless.

Do you try to look for God in other people, and appreciate their positive qualities? Do you treat others as God's most prized possession? Share your thoughts on this and comment it below! 👇
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Criticizing is bullying and punishing yourself for your mistakes and flaws. If you keep hating yourself, it will eventually become part of your identity; doubt and low self-esteem will only hinder your success.

No one is perfect! Forgive and love yourself. You are cut out for something great!

In what ways do you practice self-love? Please share your comments below! 👇

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Patra Frese_1

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, Nick is interviewing a body language expert, Petra Frese.

Petra was born and raised in Germany and then spent more than a decade in Switzerland. Now she’s based out of Allentown, PA. Her background is actually in engineering - she’s a scientist. She has made it her mission in life to help shift people using hypnosis and body language.

Nick and Petra unpack how to use body language to help read a situation and build rapport with all your communications. This is helpful in situations from parenting to sales, and everything in between. When you know how to read people, you are always one step ahead.

Did you know that words are only seven percent of our communication? Body language is over 50 percent, so if you want to be effective and you want people to like you, you have to master this aspect of your life.

Petra is obviously so amazing at her craft - she really breaks everything down step-by-step so you know how to use body language and why it’s so important that you master it.

Grab your notebook, you are definitely going to want it for this one!

When we achieve enlightenment, wisdom, or even when we reach our goal, it does not mean that we should not do what we used to do.

Change your perspective towards activities and do every task with willingness and perseverance, no matter how tedious or hard they may seem. Treat every task equally, always giving your best in everything! It is the way to move forward and upward!

Do you find some tasks as a burden or unimportant? Have you tried to change the way you see things? What did you do to improve your mindset? Share your thoughts and comment it below! 👇

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Rock Thomas_1

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast is really special to Nick because he is interviewing non other than THE Rock Thomas. Rock is one of Nick’s friends and mentors and one of the inspirations for the lifestyle he’s decided to live. Rock is an author, speaker, and Co-founder of GoBundance and March to a Million, which is the mastermind group Nick takes part in.

Rock goes dives in deep today and shares how he was able to come from nothing and now be a multi-millionaire - he even paid off his parents debt! He believes your mess becomes your message, and your pain is the birth of passion. So the struggles he has had throughout his life have fueled him and made him into the person he is today.

Have you ever wondered if enough is enough with personal development? Rock shares how he has spent over $1 million dollars on personal development over the years and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon. It is so ingrained into his life!

Rock’s energy is so apparent it jumps at you through the audio. You won’t believe some of the golden nuggets he has to share today.

Don’t forget to subscribe and review our channel! These reviews are what give us podcasters life in this space - we can’t wait to hear what you think and what touched you the most!

Whatever we have or experience is only a portion of the abundance that the Supreme Being, our God, has given us. Be it resources, skills, love, wealth opportunities, etc., we are abundant in everything.

So when we see limitations, it is only the reflection of what we think is true or capable of. Limitations are make-believe realities that are imposed by our mind. So if we can only just see that it is only our mind that hinders us, we can be whatever we want to be, we can reach whatever we aim. 👊

New possibilities will arise, new opportunities will be open, our world will get bigger and better...if we only believe!

How do you break your self-imposed limitations? Please share your comments below! 👇
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#Kodiakisland, #alaska didn’t disappoint! @a_spohn12 #fishing #yelloweyerockfish

So excited to be a speaker again at the annual @m1tribe event in Montreal led by none other than my mentor @rockthomas. Can’t wait to see my people and share what I’ve been learning the last few years! If you are interested in going send me DM. #m1tribe #mastermind #spohntrained #rockthomas #tonyrobbins #hypnosis #nlp #reiki #persuasion

Even the most famous or successful in their given career/field doubted themselves at some point in their career/lives. It is natural to doubt. But complaining about our worries, fears and our doubts, will only extinguish our hope and eventually kill our dream.

Keeping your doubts to yourself means deciding to have a positive outlook over the situation, having a calm disposition and having a fighting spirit even in the midst of fear. Keeping your doubts to yourself means not letting your doubts to control you but you take control of your fears! 💪

Learn to overcome your doubts and fear but in doing so, don't stop. Keep moving forward!

What are your ways to overcome doubts? Please share your comments below! 👇

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Pat Miletich

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, Nick is interviewing none other than Pat Miletich. Nick and Pat met back in 2009 when Nick checked into the Miletich Fighting System in Bettendorf Iowa. There, he met Pat, the man and the legend, former UFC champion, Hall of Famer, and probably the greatest mixed martial arts coach of all time.

Pat takes us through several stories of how he became so mentally tough. He starts with the story from his childhood when his mom had her second heart attack he had to quit school. He was not excited about this at the time and ended up working 3 jobs to make a living for him and his mom. This is where he drew the line in the sand and decided this is NOT how I want to live his life. Pat teaches us the mindset changes he had to have in order to make this shift.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a world champion fighter? Pat then takes us through the mental capacity and it took to become a world champion and train others to do the same.

Pat is so wise and exciting to listen to. Get ready for your world to be rocked!

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