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Monday mornings aren’t always manic... sometimes we integrate a little friendly competition. 😉😁 Thank you, Angela, for the vid!

Work out with us. Burn calories, increase cardio endurance, build strength and have FUN!


One week to Christmas!! 🎄😳 Struggling with what to get someone or is your loved one asking what you’d like? The answer is here! Give the gift of fitness!

You may also want to consider a personal or partner trading session(s).

Message us for more info! 😊

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Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

“We don’t stop moving because we get old; we get old when we stop moving.”

If you have Disney+, consider watching this documentary (6 episodes) on how to live better for longer. It’s fascinating! It provides great insight on how our bodies can slow the aging process when we lower stress, subject it to extreme cold/heat, doing cardio/strength training — using our muscles, engaging in activities that force us to unplug and use our brains, and more! 😊


Give the 🎁 of Fitness! 🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼
Now’s the perfect time to see what our DFQ community is all about. Try a class for free and get a great deal on a 10-class pass! Text/call 860-227-2274 for more information.

New members only; offer ends 12/31/22.

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Blessed to have the BEST and most BADASS members. 🙏 They work hard and challenge themselves every time they walk in the door. 💪🏼 From our tribe to yours…Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🥧🍁🍽


When your squad is in the holiday spirit already…

Love our DFQ community!! ❤️


Reminder! Come try a workout on Saturday morning. Yeah...I know...it's going to be rainy and windy. 🫣 But look at it this way...the kids won't have sports in the morning so what else are you going to do?! 😁 Lemme know.


Who wants to workout?! 👇👇👇👇👇


We’re so excited that our little gym is growing. 🤩 Want to get your fitness on in a small, supportive and fun environment? Then, [wall] walk your way into our gym. 😁 Actually, you can just DM us for more info. 😉

Study Reveals A Major Benefit To Lifting Weights During Your Workouts 10/18/2022

Study Reveals A Major Benefit To Lifting Weights During Your Workouts

Cardio + Weightlifting = Perfect combination for longevity.

“Weightlifting is now linked to as much as a 47% decrease in early death, according to a new study.”

We can’t avoid getting older but we can take measures to stave off ‘growing old’ so we can live longer, healthier.

It’s never too late to start your fitness journey! I know…I didn’t start until I was 50. Now at 58…I’m still going strong!

Study Reveals A Major Benefit To Lifting Weights During Your Workouts Weight training along with aerobic exercise may be the ideal combination for your fitness routine, according to new research.

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Introducing Trainer Maggie!! 👏👏 Maggie just completed her NASM "Gymternship" at DFQ. She's been doing an amazing job. As part of her training, she worked one-on-one with three of our members and she has been giving all our members a great workout on Tuesday's! So I'm happy to announce that Maggie will continue to be a trainer at DFQ on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. She will also be available for personal training. Welcome to our fitness community, Maggie!!

I'm so thrilled to have a great group of DFQ trainers...Tina, Wendell and now Maggie. Each one brings their own workout style to their classes. We're building a nice little hybrid crossing training gym that offers something for everyone...cardio-based WODs, CrossFit-style strength training WODs, circuit strength training and personal training. 🏋️‍♀️💪

If you want to try a class for free, let us know!


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Fun Fact: We have an A-mazing group of DFQ’rs. 💪🏼 And they showed me today that they, in fact, didn’t f*n quit! Three of our runners placed in top 3 for their AG. 😱 For some, this was their 1st 5k. Some said they weren’t sure they could do it. But…they showed up and they did it! I’m INCREDIBLY proud of all our members. 😍🤗 They pushed themselves and even though they say they can’t…oh, they CAN! Remember: What’s the last four letters of American?! “I Can”!! Proof that cross-training not only builds strength but endurance. Step outside your comfort zone.

P.S. And we know how to have fun!! 😉

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Shout out to our Coach Maggie for having our members do the 9/11 Tribute WOD; then, a 343m row or 343 jump rope cashout, which was in memory of the 343 FDNY members who gave the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th, 2001. Our members pushed themselves through a tough workout in remembrance of ALL those who lost their lives that day. Awesome work, DFQ’rs! 💪🏼🙌

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Run Around the Block 15k (9/10/2022)
A beautiful day to ferry out to BI and run the island. ⛴ 🏃‍♀️☀️



DFQ is now on Instagram! 🤩 Be sure to follow us: xtraindfq


"Labor Day is an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers. The holiday is rooted in the late nineteenth century, when labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being."

Hope everyone is have a relaxing and safe day. 🇺🇸

Home - XTrainDFQ LLC 09/01/2022

Home - XTrainDFQ LLC

We have a website!! Finally.👇Check it out and reach out for a free intro session. 🏋🏼‍♀️ Kids will be back to school so now it’s time for YOU! 😉

Home - XTrainDFQ LLC BECOME A BETTER YOU. With consistency and accountability, we help youbuild confidence and good habits to reach your goals. Schedule My Free Intro! HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?Whether you are brand new or a seasoned athlete, we will guide you in the right direction. I'M BRAND NEWThe hardest part is taking th...


When two of your members take the 260# Tank Sled (resistance level 2) for a 1-mile “walk”, or should we say for a push/pull. It was hot n humid but they got it done! 💪🏼🙌

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Challenge yourself. Then, go back and crush your own time. I don’t consider myself an athlete. I don’t come from a family of athletic types. How I got here…I have no idea. 🤷‍♀️ I just do my thing — train consistently so I can do the best I can outside the gym. I love racing (running, OCR and fitness events). If I place, if I PR…I’m happy. If I don’t…it’s all good. It’s about doing your best and having fun doing it. At 57 (only 7 short years since I’ve been into fitness), I’m stilling grinding. Solid proof that ANYONE can do it. ANYONE.

Today…Spartan DEKA Strong for time:
30 reverse/alternating lunges w/33# Ram (knee must touch ground)
500m Row
20 box step overs (24” box)
25 sit-ups with 14# medicine ball (ball must touch behind head and in front)
500m Skierg
100m farmers carry w/2 40# dumbbells
25cal Assault bike
20 dead ball over shoulder with 40# slam ball
10m x5 tank sled push/pull
20 burpees w/22# Ram (bar must touch chest)

Today (in the hi heat 🔥🥵), I pushed myself…putting a little extra ‘umph’ into it to PR my time by 28 sec for a time of 18:54. 💪🏼

All the moves above are things we do in the gym everyday — in some form or fashion. It all helps to make it easier to train for these events. Again…anyone can do it...and anyone can modify if necessary. 🙌 I encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone; become a better version of themselves.

Check us out! 😊


PSA of the Day: It's HOT!! Like...hell hot. (I'm still not complaining...I like warm weather vs cold.) If you're outside in this heat, be sure to HYDRATE!! 💦 And consume an electrolyte too. It's even more important to stay hydrated if you are also physically active while outside. If you experience any symptoms of dehydration, stop what you're doing...drink up and rest up. Be safe everyone and enjoy your Summer weekend. 🏖

Did you know that at DFQ, we have A/C, a water cooler and an ice machine? When it's this hot, we want everyone to workout comfortably. Your sweat should be from working hard 💪; not because it's 1000 degrees with 300% humidity. 🥵😳 Well, that may be an exaggeration. 😁 You get the point.




Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸💥 Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. It was perfect for Chester’s 4 on the 4th. 🏃‍♀️ Have fun and be safe.


Wishing all the Dad’s out there a happy Father’s Day filled with lots of rest and relaxation!


Now that the rig is up…it was time to re-org equipment. It’s a little more ‘feng shui’ now. 😆Come check us out! 💪🏼 DM is for more information.

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It’s always fun to get something new in the gym. 🤩 We’re so excited to finally have a rig with 4 squat stations and a Tank Sled that operates on resistance but also has the option of just adding weight. That’s some good ‘ole fashioned fun right there. 😁 Interested in joining our DFQ community? Please DM us. It’s never too late to start your fitness journey. 💪🏼🙌


Hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday. It’s beautiful today! Enjoy the ☀️ and fun, but also remember… 🇺🇸


Happy Mother’s Day! 💐🍾🏋️‍♂️🙌 We have some pretty strong Mamas in our DFQ tribe! So blessed. 🙏 It’s lots of fun to get in a good workout and then celebrate with mimosas after. Wishing all the Mamas out there a fantabulous day!! Enjoy!


At DFQ, we not only train in the gym, but we also do fun (challenging) things outside the gym. Today we had 2 teams of 3 run at the Rocky Neck Relay. Each person had to run a 3-mile road course and a 3-mile trail course. So much fun!! Nice work runDFQ and runDFQ Too. 🙌 We had a great time and would definitely do this again. 🏃‍♀️🏅


Hope everyone gets outside to enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday. Happy Easter! 🐣🐰 💐

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Find your comfort zone. Then, leave it.

Yesterday, Kim Swanson Just and I participated in the Spartan DEKA Strong event in Wallingford. The event is comprised of 10 functional fitness moves you must do straight thru for time:

30 Reverse Lunges (33# Ram)
500m Row
20 Box Step Overs (24” box)
25 Medicine Ball Sit-ups (14# ball)
500m Ski
100m Farmer’s Carry (40# Dumbbells)
25cal Air Bike
20 Dead Ball Over Shoulder (40# medicine ball)
10m Push/Pull Tank Sled (resistance level 3) 5x
20 Weighted Burpees (22# Ram)

It’s not easy but…we basically do these types of moves in our workouts at the gym so I knew Kim could rock this! Awesome work, Kim! Be proud of your accomplishment. I, along with all your fellow DFQ’rs, are super proud!! DFQ!!! 💪🏼👊🏼🏅 Can’t wait to do this again with more of our members! 🤩 I know they’re ready.

At DFQ, you build strength and endurance. You do this primarily to improve yourself. But every now and again it’s good to ‘test’ your strength and endurance by doing something outside the gym (whether it’s DEKA, a 5k race or an OCR, etc.) to put all that training to work.

DM me if you want to start something new and see where your fitness journey takes you. Did I mention we have an awesome, supportive group of DFQ’rs?!! 😍


Happy April Fool’s Day! While this day may bring pranks and jokes among family, friends and colleagues, your health is no joke. Be sure to make time for yourself…healthy eating, self care and fitness. 🥗 🧘‍♀️ 🏋🏼‍♀️ Get started on your health journey with DFQ. Yes, it’s true. We have a pretty great DFQ community. 🤗 We have a lot of laughs 😂 and fun 🥳…but we also like to challenge ourselves in every workout. 💪🏼 Members can also modify as necessary. All fitness levels welcome. Message us for more information.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our DFQ tribe! We literally have the best DFQ’rs! They all ROCK! Everyone works hard 💪🏼 and knows how to bring the fun! 🍀🍻 Don’t be shy…join our squad. 🏋🏼‍♀️ 🚴 🚣‍♀️ 🧘‍♀️


Spring is in the air! Well, after today it’ll seem like spring is in the air! ☀️🌷 Now’s a good time to make that step forward to becoming stronger, leaner and healthier. Let’s do this…one step at a time! 💪🏼🙌 Join our DFQ Community.


Progress! Our expanded space is taking looking fab!! Thank you to our amazing community of members for helping to turn this 'raw' space into an incredible cross training facility.

DM us to learn more and come check it out! Everyone starts somewhere...why not here?! 🙂


Behold! The sled. Mild days in February means it’s time to break out the beast. 💪🏼 How will you get after it today?! Enjoy this beautiful day ☀️ for tomorrow could be a different kind of sledding day! ❄️ Want to join our fun? 😁 DM us. (Photo courtesy of Tina Keeler Mackenzie)


It's February, y'all! 💘 Have you still been contemplating 'getting started'? Waiting for the 'right time'? Guess what? There will never be a 'right time'; it's about making the time...for YOU! The hardest 'step' in starting any fitness journey is stepping into a gym. (I know...I was one of those people. 😬) Once you're there, the rest is, well, quasi-easy. 😁 At DFQ, it doesn't matter what fitness level you are. We will help you from the moment you step in the door -- building strength and endurance to get you to a whole new fitness level. We have an immensely supportive and amazing group of DFQ'rs. Before you know...you'll look back and say 'why didn't I do this sooner?'. What are you waiting for? DM for details. Let's do this! 💪🙌

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Happy New Year! 🎆 There’s no time like the present to hit the gym. 🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼 Eating healthy (nutrient rich foods) and being active is your best defense against any 🦠. We have officially moved into our new, bigger space. It’s still a work in progress…but we’ll get there one day at a time. Join our community and start your new year right!! 🙌 DM me for details. 😊


May your day be merry and bright! Merry Christmas!🎄

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At DFQ, we have the BEST members. We work hard 🚲 🛶 🏋🏼‍♀️ and have fun 🥂🍺! Our DFQ Community wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. Enjoy! 🎄🎅🏻

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Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸💥 Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. It was perfect for Chester’s 4 on the 4th. 🏃‍♀️ Hav...
Now that the rig is up…it was time to re-org equipment. It’s a little more ‘feng shui’ now. 😆Come check us out! 💪🏼 DM is...



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