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This is such a GREAT read - and came to me at the perfect time. I'm preparing for a half IRONMAN this weekend and I'm trying to go into this race from a place of gratitude. The day will come when I won't be able to do the things I do now. My body will fall apart and my mind might go too. So, I'm embracing where I am now. "Do I have my griefs and losses, my regrets and disappointments? Of course I do. But I’ve found that being grateful, though this is something of a cliché, offers great comfort to me, and could for you too. For cultivating gratitude for the good stuff in our lives, being aware of and even counting our blessings, brightens our view of who we are and where we are in the world—and can make us happier."
Hey ladies! My friend is wondering what the Brand name was on the mascara you were talking about at the beauty brunch!
So... You know how we ask you to love yourself, challenge yourself and believe in yourself. It's easier said than done. I'm going to try to do something tomorrow that I've never done before - a 100 mile gravel bike race. I've been doubting myself all week - all month really. But dammit, I've decided I'm going to get on my bike tomorrow and TRY. Those voices in my head, telling me a can't, better shut the F%#$ UP!
I love this group so much!!! 💜💜💜
I love this blog post by our friend and partner, Courtney Conlin. Most of us have lived in fear and denial at some point. Taking steps to live authentically can change your world! Give this a read, and then ask yourself, are YOU living in denial? What can YOU do to live more authentically?
This was in my inbox this morning. "Lose 97lbs in 2 weeks." Really?! In my opinion, this is part of what's wrong with the health/diet/wellness industry - lots of "experts" out there making lots of "promises." Most of us know this "guarantee" of losing 97 pounds in 2 weeks is no guarantee at all. It's a big scam. However, other scams are a lot more subtle. Don't fall for this kind of stuff. Look for trusted, licensed and certified fitness and nutrition experts. Ask for their credentials. And of course, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. End of rant - Have a FABULOUS day!
This was, in essence, what I mediated on during Yoga at Power Life Des Moines Monday (thank you for the message Yogi, Caryn Lee Meeks). I lost perspective yesterday. Today, I'm back to working on my goal of positive thinking and kindness.
I want to share this upcoming Chrysalis Foundation event. The guest speaker is Tiffany Schlain and ticket sales help support Chrysalis and other great organizations in our community.
I got the message below from Julie McGinnis. She says 18 months ago, she was 75 pounds heavier and wouldn't have even CONSIDERED doing a triathlon. Look at her now! She's living the One Brain Wellness motto: Life is short. Love yourself, challenge yourself, believe in yourself. Congrats, Julie! I did my first sprint tri at almost 46 years old. I kind of did it on a whim. I hadn't swam in over two years and on July 4th decided, I want to swim again and train for a Tri. I'd already did a half marathon this year and Dam to Dam. I bike so what the heck. After a couple swims, and my first open water swim ever, I decided to sign up for the Iowa Games. Amazingly I earned bronze in my division. I'm a bigger girl so I was in the Athena division but hey a medal is a medal. I've already signed up for two more. One in Aug. and one in Sept. Keep inspiring people!!!!
I just returned from a week in the Black Hills It reminded me that spending time in the great outdoors is a great way to recharge and refocus your energy. I hope you can take some time this week to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.
I sooooo love this video. I used to be scared to death of box jumps - until a personal trainer (Doug VanWyk) insisted I COULD do them. You know what, I did. I still think of that moment every time I do a box jump. Thanks, Doug! What are you afraid of and what's stopping you from at least TRYING?!

Our motto is simple: Life is short. Love yourself, challenge yourself, believe in yourself. For too many years we thought "healthy" meant versions of ourselves that were anything but.

That's why we're encouraging and empowering people to live their best lives through a holistic approach to physical fitness, proper nutrition and a positive mental attitude.

Operating as usual

Sonya Heitshusen

Happy, happy birthday to one of the coolest women I know - even cooler than Joan Jett (and that's a lot of cool)! Love you, Erin Kiernan Love you too, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts ❤🥂🍾🎂

I’ve been MIA on here for awhile.

The reasons are varied, but not particularly interesting and in some ways rather stupid.


Here are some moves for a “Try This Tuesday”.

Three with toys (BOSU, kettlebell, weighted ball) and three without.



Diet Fiction Documentary Trailer 4k

Wow! This is exactly what we've been talking about. The three pillars of wellness: Physical activity, nutrition and mental health. It also debunks a lot of the claims surrounding fad diets and scrutinizes the roles of government, big pharma, big business and the medical industry in our overall health. Highly recommend.

This film exposes the most popular diets on the planet as well as several misconceptions about weight loss and nutrition. The film follows the audacious film...

Mark your calendars everyone. This is a great event for a great cause!

Don't postpone joy. Get off your butts and do something you love. Race toward your goals. Feel the passion under your wings - and just go for it! I constantly tell myself, "You have just one life - live, love and push yourself like today is your last.l

Erin Kiernan

We all have days that feel....ugh.

Sometimes it’s a struggle!
Today was HARD for me. 😩
I followed my prescribed lifting workout but it felt....ugh.
Since I was already feeling defeated I decided to jump on the rower (which is also really hard for me). 🥵
After that I still felt...ugh.
But it’s OK! some days, weeks, months (even years) are a struggle...whether it’s our health & fitness routine, our personal life, our professional world...
It’s okay.
Like my Grandma Susan used to say, “No time is forever.”
Happy Friday!!!! ❤️🎉

Sonya Heitshusen

THANK you, Linsey B., @PowerLifeYoga for a great Power 2 Class, followed by meditation. I love the reminder that transformation can come quickly, slowly or even without awareness. ❤🧘‍♀️

I’m calling this workout “Death by Zoom”.


We did two rounds.

The time spent at each station was determined by how long it took the person on the rower to complete 500 meters.

No pics of participants because we were dead.

Like I said.



Zoom Performance Matt Zepeda’ll be happy to know I got in my pull-up work Annie Brees, Personal Trainer!


The struggle is real. This was the final move of an hour long strength training session with my coach, Matt Zepeda @zoomperformance. It's not perfect, which is ok. It motivates me to perfect my form and get stronger!

The Spa at West Glen

Hey there peeps... About a year ago, I noticed extreme fatigue and frankly, extreme bitchiness at times. I went to the The Spa at West Glen and talked to Dr. Heidi Koch about options on hormones. I trust her, because she's an MD.

This has been a life changer for me. There's a lot of bad information out there about hormone replacement for women AND men. Talk to Dr. Heidi - You won't regret it!

Interested in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy? Check out how easy (and painless!) the process really is! #spawestglen #drheidishearerkoch #westglentowncenter #biote #hormonereplacementtherapy #health #wellness

Sonya Heitshusen

The IRONMAN swim scares a lot of people. I get it - I panicked during the swim on my first IRONMAN Boulder. But swimming with hoards of people has made me stronger mentally than any other aspect of the sport. There is something about being in the water, which is typically dark, listening to your own breath and battling your own, inner demons, that forces you to find the inner strength you might not have known you had.

Look at the men next to me in this photo - much bigger and stronger. Did that stop me - no! Don't let ANYONE stop you from achieving your full potential.

You might have to stop and wade for a bit, but follow your heart, and you'll eventually reach your finish line. ❤️

Too hilarious not to share.

Eat the damn pizza!


This was a hard fought personal record on the IRONMAN 70.3 in Madison, WI. But I truly went into this race from a place of gratitude. I'm so thankful to be able to do what I love. Find your passion, live it and love it! What are you doing right now to love and live your life to the fullest?

Jamming to 70's on 7 on my way to IRONMAN 70.3 Wisconsin. As my cousin would say, "Don't delay joy."

Used lots of toys today during Full Body Fit!


Walnut Creek YMCA

Pop up class!

Friday 5/31


Colby Park


Kids welcome, but they’re you’re responsibility. 😉


One Brain Wellness is proud to support the Des Moines Area Religious Council food pantries. We hope you'll make a donation too. Religious communities working together to meet basic human needs for the greater Des Moines community.

Rain, rain go away!!!!

It will...eventually...and then you might need this list!


Thanks Something Moore + Decor for sharing.

Put on your suit!


A reminder about how to “get ready” for swimsuit season:

1) get a suit

2) put it on

Here’s my post from July 2016:


Happy 4th of July!

During the last holiday weekend I posted a link to a wonderful essay called, "Put On Your Damn Swimsuit".

The next day I felt like the biggest hypocrite.

I have a drawer full of swimsuits. I tried on all of them. None of them fit. I had a meltdown. Even after my husband made a Target run and came back with a bag full of cute suits I felt frustrated and ashamed and angry about the way I looked. Then I felt frustrated and ashamed and angry for feeling those feelings.

It's why I'm posting this picture. It's not me now. It's me two years ago. It's what I call "Average Erin". It's me when I'm working out on a regular basis but not killing myself. It's me when I'm eating healthy but not denying myself the occasional cheeseburger or glass of wine. It's just plain old me.

The thing is - when I first saw this picture I was horrified. My inner dialogue went like this ... "Cellulite! Huge thighs! Stretch marks! Blech!"
Two years and several pounds and stretch marks later I'm wondering why I've felt this way about myself for so many years.
Why do so many of us feel this way about ourselves?

The weekend I posted the "Put On Your Damn Swimsuit" essay a friend pulled me aside to thank me for it. She went on and on and on about how she's struggled with negative body image for years and said she always declines invitations to the lake or the pool because of it, but this year she was going to have fun, dammit! I was looking at her thinking, "Are you kidding me?!?!?" She's blonde and funny and thin and perfect.


Every day in the dressing room at work I hear, "Oh my GAWD - my thighs! hair! Ew - look at this gut! Geesh, these wrinkles!" These comments are coming out of the mouths of some of the smartest, strongest, most talented and beautiful women I know.


I know high school and college girls who have "DIET" in big bold letters on their massive "To Do" lists. They're young and brilliant and gorgeous and they have their whole lives in front of them.

Why are they worried about dieting?

One of my relatives recently spent a ridiculous amount of time talking to me about her "mom bod" and how fat and out of shape she is. She did this in front of her pre-teen daughter and it made me so sad because she's an incredible mom and she's funny and she's beautiful.

Why does she talk about herself this way?

Of course I blame airbrushing and mass media and the internet and fitspo and all sorts of modern day things for this sickness, but it's been going on for a lot longer than many of these things have existed.

It's not just women. One of the people I love the most feels this way because his dad constantly called him names; insulting everything from his looks to his intelligence.This man is one of the most clever, attractive people I know.

Why did his dad say these things to him?

By contrast, most of my family members were my biggest cheerleaders. But there was definitely a premium placed on appearance. I remember watching my mom stand on the scale, shaking her head. She also made a lot of disparaging comments about her looks. She's skinny. And she's beautiful. More importantly, she's super smart and funny and generous.

Why did she say these things about herself?

When I was in junior high a new girl moved to town and it didn't take long for me to be "on the outs" with my friends of many years. After a pool party the new girl and my former friends started calling me "stretch". I didn't get it. Someone had to explain to me that I had stretch marks and that they were a bad thing and that I was being made fun of for having them. She also pointed out to everyone how ugly my nose was. I've obsessed about these things about myself ever since then.

Why did she say those things about me?

One of those childhood friends also explained to me how awful it is to have rolls on your belly when we were at the pool one day. She also schooled me in what ideal legs look like (only touching at the very top of the thighs, the knees and the ankles. Who knew?!?).

Who taught her these things? I know the answer to this one - her mom.

I don't know how to combat all of these influences. It's so hard. My instinct when I look in the mirror is to start criticizing. My instinct when I hear others saying negative things about themselves is to chime in with negative comments about myself. My instinct is to always feel like I could be better.

Here's what I'm gong to do...I'm going to try to monitor both my inner dialogue and what I say out loud in an effort to eradicate this sort of negativity. Not just for for myself - but for my son. I want him to be surrounded by people who value others for their hearts and minds, not their appearance. And that includes his parents and how they view and talk about themselves.

To steal a quote from a teacher whose yoga class I took recently, "It doesn't matter how it looks, what matters it how it feels."

Feel good, friends. And put on your damn swimsuit.

We had a great time sweating and shopping Athleta Dsm today.

Thanks for being there, ladies!




This is what happens when your husband is afraid his personal trainer is going to break up with him so he sends you in his place to keep a session on the books when he can’t make it.


Matt Zoom Performance kicked my a$$ this morning and it was awesome.


You can hear how wildly impressed Audrey is by my efforts.


What do you have to do to win a gift card?


Athleta Dsm

So... the MADCO100 100 mile gravel bike race did not go exactly as planned. But I did love myself, I challenged myself and I believed in myself until about mile 60. That's when I took a spill on what seemed like gravel the size of boulders.

I wasn't as worried about the blood and loss of flesh as I was my shoulder. So, I called it at mile 62. Thank you to the two gents who rode with me to the next checkpoint, one of them a doctor who gave me Advil, the other who helped with a makeshift tourniquet.

A HUGE thank you to Marcie Morrison for coming to get me and always supporting me on these adventures. You're the BEST!

A big thank you to the nurse and doctor who treated me at Mercy Urgent Care in West Des Moines too - You were GREAT!

And finally, thank you to all of YOU for your encouragement! Like life, races don't always go as planned, but we can always learn from the wipeouts.


Cara won her division!!!

Women's Barbell Classic



So proud of everyone who competed at the Women's Barbell Classic yesterday! Erin Kiernan and Addie Palmer ROCKED it!

Strong women in every sense! 🏋️‍♀️💪❤


I'm posting this, not to show my strengths, but my weaknesses - my weakness in believing in myself.

I finished today's @drakeroadrace half marathon 8 minutes faster than in 2014. The difference: Great physical and yes, mental coaching from Matt Zepeda, but also an overhaul in my OWN thoughts, perspectives and outlooks.

I used to think "I can't do that,"... "I'm too fat,"... "I'm too old,"... blah, blah, blah...

No more! You're dreams and goals are within your reach! Go get it! ❤

"Why does she have to choose": Mom's photos show girls they can love sports — and be girly

This is awesome!



After another mother suggested this photographer's daughter couldn't be both athletic and girly — she took action to show girls can be whatever they want

Here's the lipstick Melissa Ramsey was talking about. It's on sale now at Walgreens😃💄💋

If you missed the Beauty Brunch, you missed the incredibly talented Melissa Ramsey explaining the ins and outs of under-eye concealer.

Thank you, Melissa!

One Brain Wellness Virtual Drive | DMARC


More than 28,000 Central Iowans are hungry.

Half of them are children.

Won’t you please help us make a difference by using the link below to make a donation?

Even a small amount can have a tremendous impact.

🙏 One Brain Wellness Virtual Drive Please note, all Virtual Food Drive donations will be designated for food, but not necessarily the specific items below. This is just meant to provide a visual representation of our how we can purchase more than the average consumer.

These are our people!

April 2019

Photos from One Brain Wellness's post

Beauty Brunch is blowing our minds!

Courtney Conlin - Personal Style Consultant Paige Peterson Photography (3P studio) Salon Spa W Melissa Ramsey Artistry Compass Financial Services St. Kilda DSM

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