Dewey Bulldoggers 14Majors Baseball 2014

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Competitors…When you hear people use the word “can't” when it comes to work, it almost always means “I don’t want to”
What do they really mean when they say “I can't eat healthy food or I can't practice shooting because I don't have someone drive me to the gym or I can't do another push-up because my arms are tired???” What they are really saying is… “I DON’T WANT TO eat healthy, practice shooting or get stronger.” Garbage! Now drop “can’t” and get to work.


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"There are seven ways a baseball player can legally reach first base in a game without getting a hit. Taking a base-on-balls is one way. Name the other six." (actually there are 8..... name them!)

DBAT Rings Opening Day Tournament 03/12/2014

Opening Day Tournament at the Plex in Oklahoma City


Championship Rings!!! The Bulldoggers capture the Championship of the DBAT Rings Opening Day Tournament at the Plex in Oklahoma City on Sunday after Beating the Oklahoma Legacy Sluggers 11-6 in the finals.


The Bulldoggers braved the cold weather today finishing up pool play with one win and a tie in the the DBat Rings tournament in Oklahoma City. Excited for the promise of warmer weather the Doggers take the #2 seed into bracket play tomorrow @ 2:15 needing three wins to capture the Championship.


Another 500lbs of topsoil on the practice field this morning and it's just about ready. Bring on Spring Baseball! And a special thanks to everyone who helped out yesterday at field cleanup day!


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Happy Birthday Bobby!! From the Dewey Bulldoggers 14 Majors Baseball

Happy Birthday to Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Bobby Bundy! 'Like' and 'Share' to pass along your best wishes to Bobby!


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Timeline Photos


Proactive Coaching

Kids who are allowed to be selfish, lazy, soft, uncoachable, uncommitted, unaccountable or mentally weak in a sport usually turn out to be that way in all aspects of their life… Don’t hire one, don’t marry one and be thankful for people who don’t stand for it
Parents and Coaches working together to raise strong kids


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Dewey Bulldoggers 14Majors Baseball 2014's cover photo


Doggers are heading to Arizona today for the Winter Nationals Tournament. Safe traveles to all the Dogger families as they head out west to show em how these Oklahoma Boys play ball!!! 12/08/2013

LaRue to transform from a Bulldogger to a Cowboy As he plunged into this year’s Thanksgiving eats, Carson LaRue had something extra for which to be grateful — a college dream come true.


Proactive Coaching

Adolescent Athletes… Real Life… When you get older, your friendships will not be based on who is “popular”. They will be based on trust. Part of trusting someone is personal integrity – your yes means yes, your no means no, your handshake seals the deal, you are who you say you are in every aspect of your life. Start building a legacy of integrity by making the daily small and big decisions in your life based on what is the right thing to do. Real Life…No need to wait


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Happy Thanksgiving!! The Bulldoggers are thankful that it's less than 30 Days untill we are playing ball in warm & sunny Arizona!


Happy Veterans Day from the Bulldoggers!


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Doggers win both pool play games in the 14open Fall State tournament in Bixby. The boys move into bracket play today taking on the Spartans at 12:30.


Mental toughness is doing what's right for the TEAM when it's not what's best for you. - Bill Belichick



Give yourself a chance, give your team a chance.

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Timeline Photos 10/21/2013

Welcome to Top Choice Baseball - USSSA

Who's ready for some Christmas Baseball!?!
Looks like the Dewey Bulldoggers 14Majors Baseball 2014 will be taking their game on the road for the Winter Nationals in Phoenix to test our skills against the best out west!! Arizona's Number One Resource for Youth Baseball Tournaments - Top Choice Baseball is the number one host for USSSA youth baseball tournaments throughout the state of Arizona


This should ring true with the boys on our team! Lol


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State Championship Ring


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


New Baseball Gloves!! Purchased the remaining inventory of brand new gloves from a dealer who is no longer in business. These gloves are high end and retail from $100-$500. Message me and I will make you a good deal.


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When something bad happens, you have three choices: You can let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you.



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