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Welcome to Fiver Rivers Lodge, Your Fishing Paradise

Five Rivers Lodge is in an ideal location in maximum proximity to all the rivers our area has to offer.

On a hill, the Lodge takes advantage of spectacular mountain views, incredible sunsets, and a sky which stretches forever. On the Lewis and Clark Trail, our Lodge was designed to offer comfortable elegance with panoramic views of Southwest Montanaâ€s majestic mountains. As our name implies, Five Rivers Lodge is indeed located in the midst of five outstanding blue ribbon trout rivers: the Beaverhea

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Five Rivers Lodge, Dillon, MT 59725 10/25/2021

Five Rivers Lodge, Dillon, MT 59725

Five Rivers Lodge, Dillon, MT 59725 Five Rivers Lodge rests near Beaverhead Rock, also known as Point of Rocks, strategically located halfway between Dillon and Twin Bridges MT on HWY 41. Five Rivers Lodge is a short drive to five of Montana's best known trout streams; The Beaverhead, Madison, Jefferson, Big Hole, and Ruby rivers for....

Float Fishing for Beginners – 10 Tips for Fly Fishing from a Raft or Drift Boat - Flylords Mag % % 04/14/2021

Float Fishing for Beginners – 10 Tips for Fly Fishing from a Raft or Drift Boat - Flylords Mag % %

Time to make plans for your next float or your first float in southwest Montana...

Float Fishing for Beginners – 10 Tips for Fly Fishing from a Raft or Drift Boat - Flylords Mag % % Here are some fundamental tips that every angler should look to abide by out on the river when your fly fishing from a raft or drift boat.


Future fly-fishing guides... 08/20/2020

Eleven Awesome Owls From Around The World

Know to be formidable fisherbirds too (rhymes with who!) Whoooo knew owls could be so awesome?


Fly fishing: What is it, and why is it so popular?

Fly fishing, one of the most enduring and enchanting pursuits in the world, is finding legions of new followers during the coronavirus pandemic. Jeff Glor looks at the birthplace of American fly fishing, and spends time with a writer who has been at it for over 50 years, and the Queen of American fl...


This is the fly-fishing lodge that you've been looking for...

Fiver Rivers Lodge is the benchmark experience for anglers in southwest Montana. My wife learned to fly fish here and loved it. I've made memories, seen more fish that people here, and been treated like family. This is an ideal location for recreation, family reunions, guys trips, or corporate meetings.

Alexis Surovov


Consider a 14 day quarantine with us here in Dillion, MT Call Jay with inquiries


Happy Birthday Five Rivers Lodge!!!


10 Ways to cure the winter fly fishing blues
Brought to you by Five Rivers Lodge

For many fly fishers, this winter has been especially long and hard and for others it always seems to be a long time before the start of the summer fishing season. Here are 10 ideas to help shake off those winter blues and start looking forward to summer.

1. Reward yourself with an early trip. Winter may be the off-season, but that doesn't mean you can't catch fish. Chasing steelhead on a winter stream can be an unforgettable experience and many fishing operations offer discounted rates during the colder months. Take a saltwater fly fishing trip or it's a great time during the shoulder season to take a trip, when you have the water almost all to yourself.

2. Attend a local fly fishing show. Winter and spring are great times to attend fly fishing shows and events, where you chat with fishing authors, find out about new fishing techniques, attend seminars, browse and learn about the new fishing gear. Talk to travel companies, shops, and lodges regarding possible trips to take or just talk about those trips that are on your bucket list. It's fun to dream and dreams can come true.

3. Relive your past adventures. It is a great time to flip through your old photographs and remember what it felt like to catch those great fish of years past. Organizing those photographs should also help in forgetting winter and thinking about the season ahead.

4. Fuel your imagination on the web. The Internet is a great tool for exploring new fishing destinations and finding new streams to fish. It's not a substitute for the real thing, but a little time online can get you thinking about planning a fishing trip, learning about the latest techniques, and seeing new equipment and products. Just looking at all the beautiful photography is fun and exciting.

5. Keep your arm in shape. Even the best can get a little rusty over the winter. Do a little practice casting. Use a yarn rod or tie a piece of yarn to the tip of a rod and practice your casting motion indoors, so it becomes second nature. If possible, try laying hula hoops out on your lawn and use them for target practice. Once your cast is hitting the hoops with ease, switch them with dinner plates for a real challenge. Try practicing different types of casts to use in the varied situations that you might encounter while fishing.

6. Organize your gear. Digging out your fishing vest and equipment is like meeting up with an old friend. Getting your flies and fishing gear organized is a great feeling and it's also a good time to start thinking about repairs and items that may need to be replaced before the start of the summer season.

7. Start tying flies. Catching a fish on a fly you have tied yourself is a feeling like no other. If you've always wanted to tie your own flies but don't know how, take a fly fishing course during the winter and spring time. Most fly shops and local fly fishing clubs have fly tying classes. For those who already tie flies, these are great places to learn new patterns to use and to talk with others about fly fishing.

8. Learn to tie new knots. A different or an improved knot can be the saving grace when a big fish takes your fly and runs with it like a rocket. Also, learning something new is always a great way to get you excited and thinking about the upcoming season. Having a hard time with tying a Nail Knot or want to learn a new knot like the Bimini Twist? Buy, rent or borrow a book and/or DVD on tying knots. There's no better time to learn than now!

9. Talk shop. A trip to your local fly shop is a great way to get excited about the summer fishing season. Chat with the owner or one of the staff, check out new gear, meet up with some old friends, swap fish stories, talk about new places to fish and get yourself excited about fishing this summer.

10. Put together a summer fishing plan. A new fishing season offers endless possibilities,and a little planning will help you get the most out of it. There's still time before the season starts to think about where you want to go this year and to plan for the time to do it. That may mean preparing to book a trip to a far-flung destination or just setting your plans ahead of time for fishing the local streams.

Waiting for winter to end can be a real challenge, but the summer fishing season is on the horizon. These ideas are not only a great way to cure the winter blues, but will help you start preparing for some great fishing. With a little luck, you'll feel that old familiar hard tug on your line soon.

Tight Lines,

Jay Burgin and Mary Jacques, Owners


Five Rivers Lodge 03/07/2018

MidCurrent & Five Rivers Lodge Trip Giveaway | MidCurrent

Register to WIN today! Register to Win a 3-Day, 4-Night Stay at This Premier Montana Lodge Five Rivers Lodge is located between the small university town of Dillon, MT and Twin Bridges, MT in the Beaverhead Valley. This mountainous section of Southwest Montana is a haven for an abundance of birds, waterfowl, wildlife, and...


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Best Of AmericanTowns

We made the list!

These top 9 best fly fishing areas will lure you in to taking a trip!


This pretty much explains it:


Silver Tiger Taimen

Incredible footage.

Sea-run taimen live in the Russian Far East, where Amur tigers live. We tried to catch one on a fly. Teaser for The Drake magazine article. Spring 2014 issue.… 04/07/2014

First-Ever Fly Fishing S*x Survey | MidCurrent

Some interesting observations from the good people at MidCurrent. There's no fooling us anglers. William Master, dry fly expert? Virginia Johnson, sw***er? Washington University Libraries photo In the first study of its kind, the Federal Institute o 03/28/2014

Shawn Brillon on How Flies End Up in the Orvis Catalog

Really fascinating article for all you fly junkies. POST any photos of your homemade flies, or even any tips or techniques you want to share! Shawn Brillon explains why it takes more than just a pretty pattern for a fly to make it into the Orvis catalog. 03/28/2014

Stop the NY DEC From Slashing Water Quality Testing

Uh, oh east coast. Maybe it's time to go west? I'm reposting an email from Lee Willbanks, the executive director of Save The River, which advocates for the St. Lawrence: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has slas... 03/28/2014

EPA to Propose Clearer Protection of Headwaters and Seasonal Water Flows | MidCurrent

Good news for all! In a news conference today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corp of engineers jointly proposed a rule change that should help clarify


Move over ice; liquid water is coming.


Here's one reason why we are better suited for large groups and corporate meetings--check it out!

This pretty much sums it up when it comes to your choice of fishing lodges in Montana & Southwest Montana


Get over to the new today to enter to win a 4-day, 5-night guided fishing trip at your favorite fly fishing destination: Five Rivers Lodge. The entry takes just a few seconds and you can increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest with your friends and family. What are you waiting for?! 03/19/2014

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Must watch

Only the River Knows is a brand new, 80-minute fly fishing film shot in New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Sweden. //DVD//BLURAY// available here: //ONLINE…



Fly Fish Funk!

Hit play and add a little funk to your humpday grind. Fly fishing renaissance man Paul Puckett grooves to redfish wakes on glassy water.


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Morning all! We're very proud and excited to launch our new website at and to give our Facebook friends the first look around.

It's a big year for us - our 30th anniversary - and we want to include you in the celebrations :)

Check out all the great photography, exciting info on our lodge and waters, and enter to win a dream fly fishing trip for two this summer, a summer which promises to be one of our best yet.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think!



Fish On! Liz Salsedo Five Rivers Lodge 03/12/2014

Twitter / Earth_Pics: Lake McDonald, Montana. Photo ...

Lake McDonald, Montana. Photo by Jason Savage. Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.


A few more examples of the breathtaking photography coming to the new Five Rivers Lodge website. We'll be launching this coming week!

Check out more photos at:


Conceived at Five Rivers Lodge.


Fly Casting, Simple Curve Casts

school is in session.

Fly Casting, Simple Curve Casts More at "At times you'll want to be able to throw a line around a corner -- usually to get aro... 03/05/2014

The Dynamic Roll Cast | MidCurrent

Ever wondered what a dynamic roll cast is? MidCurrent has you covered. Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected]. Question: I know what a roll cast is (I think), but what’s a dynamic roll cast? 03/05/2014

Fly Fishing is a Joke

You'll want to hear the punchline to this one.

A fascinating short film (10 mins) on the wonders of fly fishing (Made in Montana!) This is as much about the insurmountable distance between the camera and the subject as it is about the indefinable draw of fly fishing. Made for my thesis for…




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