Over N Under Kids Rodeo

Over N Under Kids Rodeo


When will the Summer schedule be posted?
When will the summer series schedule be posted?
We left a red WJRA jacket there last night! Did anyone happen to pick it up? There was also a pink/purple whip laying on it. They were on the fence between arenas....
All Photos should be up this evening or tomorrow. If you have any questions please email me [email protected] hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Awards banquet date yet? Thanks :)
I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help last night at the rodeo. Everyone stepped up and helped with something and we were able to pull it off :)
Thank you all very much. Everything went pretty smooth. The kids all did great and had lots of fun !
I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help last night. Everyone jumped in and helped with something :) thank you all so much.
Anyone know start time tonight?
What time are you starting the rodeo tomorrow night?
What time will you start?

Over N Under Kids Rodeo 2016 Schedule-May 31st, June 28th & July 26th! Entries open 5 rodeo 6 PeeWee Start time 5 Pm.

Over N Under Kids rodeo will be held in the silver and yellow arenas this year at the Wyoming Sate Fairgrounds. Events
- Tiny Tots(0-5 assisted) Barrel racing,pole bending,goat tail untying,dummy roping
-Pee-Wee(5-8 unassisted) Barrel racing,pole bending,goat tail untying,flag race and dummy roping.
-Jr (9-12) Barrel racing,pole bending,goat tying, and flag race.
-Sr (13-18) Barrel racing,pole


Still needing Shelby Petersen and Jack Iserberger address's please!! Thanks


I need addresses for the following please!!
Clay Helmey
Clarissa Schench
Wyatt Rhamy
Shelby Petersen
Duncan O'Neal
Jack Isenberger
Shayla Moors

We have your $ from this summers rodeos
Please share


A big thank to all who helped us put on the kids rodeos!! You are greatly appreciated


Rodeo tomorrow!!!!


July 26th will be our next and final kids rodeo for the summer. Due to crazy schedules between producers,volunteers and fairgrounds it's just not possible to reschedule at this time. Hope to see you all in the 26th


Please share


Rodeo is CANCELLED due to severe weather !! Please pass along


Over N Under Kids Rodeo today!!!!


Wanted to give a BIG thank you to Luke and Melody Bergquist for their donation to the Over N Under Kids Rodeo!!!


Great job to everyone last night at our 1st Over N Under kids rodeo!!! Thank you to all the parents/family that stepped in to help where needed we appreciate you! See you June 28th


We are 1 week away from our 1st Over N Under kids rodeo!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!


Happy Monday all!!!
Here is the schedule for the kids rodeos this year!
May 31
June 28
July 26
Location-Silver arena Wyoming State Fairgrounds
Entries open 5:00
Rodeo start time 6:00
Fees- $5 event
Barrels,poles,goats, flags and dummy roping
Ages as of January 1, 2016
Hope to see you all there!!!
Please share!!


Does anyone know how to contact Lindsay Kissiki or her family? I have her awards,thanks!


There is no way to say thank you enough to all of our sponsors, parents and kids! You are all awesome. What a great season! Congratulations to all of our winners tonight! I will post results soon for all to see.

Rodeo families are the best, everyone was there all year to cheer on all the kids and help where they could. The kids all improved by leaps and bounds through the summer. I look forward to seeing all of you at many rodeos for years to come!


Rodeo is still on tonight, but please bring your rain gear and warm clothes. Awards will be inside the Pepsi center, but rodeo will be outside as usual . See you tonight start time 5pm


Last Over and Under Rodeo of the season tonight! Awards immediately following. We are hoping to get through everything quickly so we can all get our little ones in bed at a decent hour so we are really relying on all of you for help tonight.

Please don't forget to bring an appetizer to share and drinks for your family.

Thank you everyone for a great season!


Just a reminder Tuesday the 18th at 5pm is our last rodeo. Awards immediately following. Please bring your own drinks and an appetizer to share.

If you haven't been to any rodeos this year but still would like to participate you are more than welcome. Come on out!


Parents and cowkids our next rodeo is August 18th it is also our last for this year😪. We will be doing awards that night as well. We will start with the tiny tot and peewee awards during the breakaway so we can get done as early as possible. Please bring an appetizer to share and your own drinks. We will also need a lot of extra help during the rodeo to make sure things go smooth and we get done as early as possible so we don't have you all out late.

Thank you so much for all of your support and participation. This has been a great summer season. Watching the kids all improve and have fun has been exciting to watch! You are all raising awesome young ladies and gentlemen 😊


Next rodeo Tuesday August 4th. Hard to believe we only have 2 more rodeos. Thank you everyone that has helped us! We will still need help to finish up the season and we will post awards ceremony date soon too. We are also needing a few more buckle sponsors. Thank you to everyone who has already been so generous!

Again if there are any questions do not hesitate to call Kyra Coffman 359-2873 or Kelle Thar 351-4387 or you can message us on this page.

Great Job Cowboys and Cowgirls you guys have brightened our summer :-)


Hope everyone is ready for the kids rodeo tomorrow night, 5 pm July 28th!! See you then ;)


Don't forget rodeo tomorrow night July 7th at 5pm! See you all there!


Next rodeo Tuesday July 7th at 5pm. As far as we know we will have cattle. Great job everyone at the last rodeo! Again we will need timers, flaggers, and gate help. Thank you everyone who has volunteered already :-)

We are still looking for buckle sponsors you can contact Kyra Coffman or Kelle Thar for more information.

Have an awesome 4th of July weekend see you next week!


Hello everyone! Rodeo tomorrow night 5pm silver and yellow arenas at the fair grounds. I have checks from last time. We will also have breakaway for the Juniors and seniors. We will be using steers. Can't wait to see everyone there!


Rodeo rescheduled for June 23rd 5pm! See you all there :-)


Hello everyone. I was just down at the fairgrounds looking at the arenas they are under quite a bit of water with rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow. We are going to tentatively reschedule for next Tuesday the 23rd. I will let you all know as soon as possible for sure

So no rodeo tomorrow the 16th. I will update ASAP! Have an awesome week!

Mobile uploads 06/12/2015

Some great photos of our last rodeo!


One week from today is another rodeo mark your calendars! I have a bunch of checks for kids that placed last week. See you all there!


Rodeo tonight! 5pm silver arena at the fair grounds. See you all there!!!!


Just another reminder that our first rodeo is next Tuesday the 2nd at 5pm. Also we are still looking for buckle sponsors or any other kind of sponsorship. Do not feel like you have to sponsor to participate we want to see a bunch of bright smiling faces this year and hope to see lots of new kids! Remember to be there early for season information and for sponsorship information contact Kyra Coffman or Kelle Thar.


Two weeks from today is our first rodeo!!! Don't forget to be there a little before 5 to get all the info and a Run down of the season. We are so excited to get started! We have had some awesome sponsors and are ready for a fun summer with everyone. So dust off your spurs and get those horses in shape it's coming fast!


Over N Under Kids Rodeo 2015 Schedule is June 2,16, July 7,28th and August 4th,18th.
Our goal is to give kids a fun,safe and affordable place to learn and practice our great sport of rodeo!
Over N Under Kids rodeo will be held in the silver and yellow arenas this year at the Wyoming Sate Fairgrounds. Start time 5 Pm.
- Tiny Tots(0-5 assisted) Barrel racing,pole bending,goat tail untying,dummy roping
-Pee-Wee(5-8 unassisted) Barrel racing,pole bending,goat tail untying,flag race and dummy roping.
-Jr (9-12) Barrel racing,pole bending,goat tying, and flag race.
-Sr (13-18) Barrel racing,pole bending, goat tying and flag race. If we have enough interest and help we will offer breakaway/steer stopping for the Jr and Sr kids


Hey there everyone its that time of year again...are you ready to RODEO??? We have been working hard getting ready for the season. This seasons new schedule is posted on our page info along with some new events info! We are really excited that it looks like we will be able to use two arenas this year to help make things move fast and efficient. We will be starting our rodeos at 5pm. We would like to have a quick meeting at our first rodeo so please try to be there before 5 so we can get information out quickly and get right to our events.

We are also still looking for donations for our year end prizes and costs. If you are interested in being a sponsor please contact Kelle Thar or Kyra Coffman.

We are so excited to see our little cowboys and cowgirls compete this summer!


Don't forget the awards banquet is tomorrow night at 6:00 at the moose lodge make sure your kids eat before hand because this year we are doing a ice cream Sunday bar let me know if u have any question see u tomorrow!!:-)





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