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Are you guys aware of this? Is it a legit supplier of yours?
I highly recommend Wildhorn Outfitters! Easy online ordering and their customer service is top notch!
So I have enjoyed wildhorn outfitters for a while, love their products, actually have the V2 full face mask and been waiting on the email wait list for notice of when the case for my mask is back in stock. The last couple weeks I've been getting emails saying that their excited to inform me that the case is back in stock and to click the links they provide in the email to order mine before their gone again. I literally click the link just minutes after receiving the email and it takes me to a page I'm very familiar with, a picture of the V2 case I so badly want, and huge "sold out" stamp over it. I have the option now to leave my email, to receive another email when their back in stock. Seems like a glitch right... So I click the option to speak to a customer service agent through messenger, and it actually says that I will likely revive answers and help immediately. Well I didn't. I kept reaching out, asking if I'm. Doin the wrong things, to please help me to figure this out. No response. Instead I keep getting more emails saying that the case is available again and to hurry and click the links provided to order my case before their gone. Please be advised, they don't respond back to inquires, and most likely a now available email is just an effort to get you back on their site to order something that really isn't available unless you want to leave an email address again and wait for a notice of availability again...
Bought one of the Terralite chairs from Wildhorn Outfitters and had a small problem with the chair part. Got a hold of their support team and they sent me an entire new chair. Solid product and a great support team. Thank you!!!
Thank you for making masks to help our community with Covid 19!
Your awesome!
where do you get your measurements for your pants and jackets?
I find your pants lacking in lower altitude...starting with med your inseam of 32" suggests 6'2"+, then your XXL goes to 35" a 6'7" man...pants for giants. Start a shorter inseam category, maybe you'll increase your a.
While we're at it...americans have hips, asians not so much. Fix your measurements on both men and women to fit us who are still doing the sport we love. We've grown!
Hope y'all are doing well in Utah.

If y'all have any old inventory, this might be a good way to use it. Might not even be practical, but worth looking into.
Decided to try out some Wildhorn gear in Park City Utah. Very pleased with everything!
Why don’t you ship to the U.K. 😢😢😢I’ve tried Amazon but they never have the sizes /colours I want. Really really want your full face mask V2.
I've missed the Cyber Monday sales ....the promo code went to the junk mail :( ... will there any Boxing day sales on he snorkels?
Hi there. I have been attempting to purchase your Seaview 180 V2 snorkel face mask. The site keeps telling me it cannot ship it to me. I want it in time for Christmas. Can you help me sort this out please?
Is there a code to enter for free shipping? Says free shipping over 50$ but I checkout with 80$ and shipping still showing up as a charge

We make and sell our own outdoor gear. We'd love to hear from you so drop us a line. Gear for discovery. For the good of humanity. We make outdoor products to help others explore and experience new places.

We give a portion of sales back to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.

Operating as usual


Finding the right snorkel mask for you can change how you experience the underwater world! Check out our blog post to decide what kind of snorkel mask would be a better fit for your next adventure! http://bit.ly/snorkelmasktips

Finding the right snorkel mask for you can change how you experience the underwater world! Check out our blog post to decide what kind of snorkel mask would be a better fit for your next adventure! http://bit.ly/snorkelmasktips



With pandemic restrictions slowly being lifted, will we see the cruise industry start to pick back up again? Find out in our recent blog post and decide whether or not a cruise is in the cards for you this year! 🛥️

CRUISE INDUSTRY OUTLOOK What Can You Expect From The 2021 Cruise Industry? If you’re like us, you love setting sail for a relaxing cruise. It’s a fantastic way to travel and see lots of different destinations — and with a focus on sustainability, cruising becomes more and more popular every year. In 2019 alone, cruis...


Wildhorn Pipeline Goggles

The full lineup of Pipeline goggles is here! Get a taste of our new re-brand fully rolling out later this year. Style and performance for days!

localfreshies.com 12/22/2020

Wildhorn Ski Goggles Review Of The Roca & Pipeline

“Wow. I have to say for the price range, these goggles were like Rocky Balboa against Apollo Creed. They fight above their price and kick ass. Even with a face mask on inside or outside, there was almost no fogging issues. Heck, they worked even better than my Oakley’s in that department.” 🏂🏂🏂

localfreshies.com Read why the Wildhorn Ski Goggles are the Rocky Balboa of goggles and who is Wildhorn Outfitters and why you should support them.


Enjoying the fresh snow along with a fresh set of goggles! Click the link below to snag a pair of the new Pipeline Snow Goggles.


Blaze down the mountain in our new cylindrical performance Pipeline snow goggles


People are RAVING about the new Wildhorn Pipeline ski goggles. Click the link below to get an inside look at why these are flying off the shelves.

forbes.com 12/07/2020

Why You Should Try Snowshoeing, This Winter’s Hottest Pandemic Sport

Stoked to be featured in Forbes! Snowshoeing is sure to be one of this year's most popular activities. Stock will be limited industry-wide so make sure you grab a pair now while they are available!

forbes.com If you like hiking and walking you will love snowshoeing - a sport that is going to be very big this winter, with models already selling out of stock.


Our new Pipeline Goggles are AVAILABLE NOW! Be the first to own a pair of our limited-release performance ski goggles before they're gone!


Be the first to get a pair of our Pipeline Premier Ski Goggles - Showcasing an updated fit, lens changing system, and NEW Wildhorn branding!

[07/10/20]   Hey everyone, we experienced some technical difficulties in the past week with Facebook. Basically, our messenger system wasn't sending our replies out. We tried to go through and respond to every message but if you are not seeing a reply please reach back out or send us an email at [email protected]! Thanks for all your support!



We can’t send you to Thailand or the Caribbean this year, but we CAN (and will) shower you with uber-cool gifts. Enter the sweepstakes to win 1 of 3 solid staycation prize packs. Each prize pack includes:
- A funky inflatable Shwaggins Lounger from Chillbo
- A pair of charming Chillos Slides from Chaco
- A cool n’ comfy camping chairs from CLIQ
- Wildhorn Outfitters Beach Gear
- A Gregory Mountain Products pack for your next adventure

If that all sounds like something you’d be into winning, tap this link and enter now: https://swee.ps/KIsDIHzFE
Share the love and tag friends so they can enter to!


Great for all adventures in the sun, our Terralite chair will be the perfect addition to your beach accessories this summer.


Quit trying to haul around your old bulking camp chair. At only 2.55 lbs our Terralite camping chair is light and able to go anywhere you are!


Wildhorn Outfitters's cover photo

businessinsider.com 05/12/2020

The best hammocks

Don't make us blush Business Insider! Our outpost is rated their best overall hammock. Here's why:

- 11' of length so you can lay flat
- 400 lbs rating but tested at 1000 lbs
- Light enough for overland treks

Don't forget about our awesome litespeed strap system. No loops or knots! Just a slick cinch buckle system that uses the strongest anchor rope in the industry.

In stock and ready to go: https://www.wildhornoutfitters.com/collections/wildhorn-outfitters-trail-gear/products/outpost-2-nylon-camping-hammock

Price ranges from $39-$49 depending on single vs double

businessinsider.com There's nothing quite like kicking back and relaxing in a hammock, be it while camping or just in your backyard. Here are our favorite hammocks.

braveskimom.com 03/05/2020

Introducing Wildhorn Outfitters (Women's Ski Clothing) | The Brave Ski Mom

Just a quick FYI that Brave Ski Mom is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Check it out. 🏂❄️😎

braveskimom.com Winter isn't over yet! Celebrating March with a bonus giveaway featuring a Wildhorn Outfitters Frontera Jacket and Kessler Snow Pants from Wildhorn Outfitters.


Carve your favorite runs while listening to your favorite tunes with our Alta Bluetooth ski helmet speakers. Compatible with all smartphones you won't ever want to ride without them.


Wildhorn Outfitters's cover photo

[12/04/19]   Check out our brand new Cristo ski goggles. You won't believe the features you get for the price. We are a proud supplier of the US Ski Team! Buy now https://www.amazon.com/Wildhorn-Cristo-Ski-Goggles/dp/B07WFX9JLV/


Ski first chair to last with the men’s Bowman ski pants. Our insulated waterproof snow pants are built to handle the mountain the way you do.


🔥🔥🔥The Frontera Women's Ski Jacket🔥🔥🔥
Designed to move with you down the mountain. Look fresher than newly fallen powder. Available now.



It's a Thanksgiving Day tradition in my family to take a small snowshoe hike before stuffing our faces with turkey and apple pie. This year get your family in on the tradition with our Premium Adjustable Sawtooth Snowshoes. https://www.amazon.com/WildHorn-Outfitters-Snowshoes-Adjustable-Lightweight/dp/B076VXXSV9


The Kessler Women's Pant. Look 💯 Feel 🔥 Shred the ❄️ peace, love, and powder 🏂


amazon.com 10/29/2019

Wildhorn Dover Performance Snow & Ski Jacket for Men - Durable Waterproof Winter Jacket

The Dover Mens Jacket. Look 🔥🔥🔥 in the ❄️❄️❄️ Now available. Bring on the pow!



Wildhorn Sage Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow - Compact Foam Pillow for Travel

Camping season isn't over yet and we've got you're go-to travel memory foam camp pillow. You'll never sleep outside the same again ⛺️🌙


amazon.com Wildhorn Sage Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow - Compact Foam Pillow for Travel

amazon.com 10/25/2019

Wildhorn Tolcat Snow Mittens - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Hydro-Tex Water Resistant Genuine Leather Ski Mittens

❄️❄️❄️Oh so you're a mitten person? We got you covered. Next new product on deck: Tolcat Snow Mittens. Leather palms, Hydro-Tex liner, 3m Thinsulate insulation. No frills, no chills. Happy hands. Get'em while their hot (pun intended)

amazon.com Wildhorn Tolcat Snow Mittens - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Hydro-Tex Water Resistant Genuine Leather Ski Mittens

amazon.com 10/23/2019

Wildhorn Tolcat Ski Gloves - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Hydro-Tex Water Resistant Genuine Leather Snow Gloves

🏂🏂🏂It's Snow time!! We're super stoked about the white stuff and ready to shred. We're launching lots of winter goodies this year. First up: Tolcat Snow Gloves. No frills, no chills, just good ol' fashioned warmth. Leather palm, hydrotex liner, thinsulate insulation. Everything you need, nothing you don't. Priced just right. Available now. ❄️❄️❄️

amazon.com Wildhorn Tolcat Ski Gloves - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Hydro-Tex Water Resistant Genuine Leather Snow Gloves


We are having a garage sale!! Everything must go to make room for some new product launches. Some of our most popular items are more than 50% off. We have new, open box, and lightly used items available. Check it out, stuff won't last long!



Wildhorn Outfitters


Wildhorn Outfitters's cover photo


Winter activity of choice? 🤔 Let us know below! 🤙🏼


National Geographic Travel


Many have not heard of these sites—we think that makes them all the more worth seeing.

From Oceans to Mountains

Our story began in 2015 when brothers Mark and Scott quit their jobs to set off on their own adventure. Born and raised along the Wasatch, they grew up hiking and skiing in the mountains. Ironically the first products that were launched happened to be snorkeling and beach travel before eventually ending up closer to home in the mountains. Now Wildhorn is one of the fastest growing brands in the Outdoors encompassing snorkeling, beach travel, hiking/camping, and snow sports. We to #sharethewild with our friends and family and hope you’ll come along too.

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