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Venix Rising


Hello. Contacting you on behalf of Twinpanzee Brewing Co who is having a Holiday Market event on Dec 5th. If you're interested in selling your products, please send an email to [email protected] There is NO fee to vendors. More info available at:
Thanks for having us ❤️
Calling all hippies far and wide! I need a favor! I want to do something like this for my husband for our anniversary. If anyone would like to just write it out and snap a pic including your location that would be wonderful! His name is Frankie and I go by Becky. Just send me the pic via messenger or let me know if you want my email or phone number! Please please please! ❤❤❤ Love y'all!

Crystals, metaphysical supplies, esoteric tools, energy healing, and eclectic gifts. Find us at various pop-ups and markets across the country.

Full availability for readers, energy workers, and private shopping is available at Book a shopping appointment! We are available for private, in-person or video shopping outside of our posted hours. Send us a message to book your time.

Operating as usual

All sorts of love-infused gifts are available! Stop by @samskarayogahealing Friday - Sunday 2-6, check the website (I'm adding them as fast as I can!) Or just message and we can chat.

20% off rose quartz and rainbow fluorite #LoveIsLove

#BeYourOwnValentine #LoveCrystals

Cut & polished garden moss agate cabochons for jewelry, altars, or other special mementos. Garden moss agate is said to energize our plants and create bountiful harvests.

VX2114 at

#GardenWitch #EarthEnergy

Save 20% on rose quartz & rainbow fluorite all month long (or while supplies last!). 45-Minute Relationship Readings are only $66 all month long. Shop in-store Fri-Sun 2-6 PM, online 24/7 or book a private video/in-store shopping appointment throughout the week.

LOVE is LOVE 🌈💜😻

Shopping link:
Appointment link: (readings/services)

Previews of tomorrow's fun (when the light is better).

#CrystalHealing #GiftIdeas #Lupercalia

Amethyst is a master healer, engaging the higher senses so that we gain perspective and understanding. With amethyst, we can connect to energy that allows us to heal ourselves, and open those channels for others. Amethyst also provides support for those challenged by addiction, codependency, and/or who are seeking deeper psychic connection.

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown.

Zodiac: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo.

Mossy Quartz? How slow does moss grow? Not slow enough for quartz to grow around it but it's cool to research that fact just in case 👀

This is actually a natural chlorite quartz (those wacky bright green Medusa chlorite quartz pieces are lab-created). This one is spoken for but I'm always up for special requests on my buying trips.

#MedusaStone #HaHa #DivineFemine #EarthHealer

Reposted from @witchofthebritish 🖤Tuesday Blessings all🖤

February 14th is all about pairing up... tarot cards (of course!). Spend the evening online, bonding with your tarot deck and discovering soulmate connections between the cards. Some tarot experience is preferred (no oracle or wisdom decks, please).

Feb 14 @ 7PM EST - $25/person

Register at

Join us every 2nd Sunday for a new Tarot Workshop designed to enhance your readings and intuition development!

#TarotLovers #TarotReader #EnchantedYou

6 of Swords...

After harsh struggles of growth and letting go, this card indicates it is time to breathe, coast, and look toward the horizon. To feel a touch of freedom from what has been holding us back, to gather our thoughts, and intentionally put space between us and what we are letting go.

This card is the resolution to keep moving, despite the setbacks or the sh*t we do to ourselves. No hurry, no expectations, just a feeling of safety and empowerment as the dust settles... possibly sadness over what we had to leave behind.

#6ofSwords #TarotTuesday

Shungite is the world's oldest hydrocarbon-based rock (non-crystalline mineraloid). It may be best known for how it interrupts electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), due to one of its elements: fullerenes. Shungite keeps us feeling grounded and safe and is a wonderful addition to any workspace, office, or electronic device docking area.

#EMFProtection #ScreenFatigue

Ocean Jasper palm stones. Soothing energy. Use for meditation or self massage. Message to buy (these don't last long at all). Other palm stones are available, too!

#CatnipForPisces #BestFootMassageEver

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy and is a powerful stone for energy workers.. Calcite is a spiritual stone that facilitates the opening of higher consciousness and psychic abilities. It helps mind and body to remember soul experiences.

Green calcite stimulates the heart chakra with earth energy and healing. It also attracts abundance and inspires a feeling of safety and security.

#EnergyHealer #ReikiRock

Larimar is a combination of fire and water elements and can balance those energies effortlessly. It creates a feeling of calm, rather than fear, anger, or other challenging emotions. It is powerful in meditation, connecting to the Divine Feminine, and strengthening us to speak fearlessly.

#FireAndIce #DivineFeminine

The protector stone, black tourmaline blocks negative energies and psychic attack. It is known to purify and block energetic toxicity and works to keep its bearer in a state of grounded awareness. Root chakra, Sign of Libra.

#EmpathProtection #BanishingRock #CordCutter


Carborundum naturally occurs in asteroids and is lab-created here on earth. It can help decode connections (it is used in computers) and increase awareness of supernatural and extraterrestrial energies. Carborundum connects to all chakras, purifies mind, body, and spirit, and helps ease anxiety. It encourages intuition and discernment, eye strain, and any computer-related injuries.

Sizes and luster will vary. Contact me for current inventory and pricing.

#SpaceRock #LabCreated #Starseeds

Malachite is a powerful stone that helps break through trauma blocks while clearing paths for unstoppable self love and acceptance.

Malachite brings touches of success and abundance to the bearer, by clearing out the emotional gunk that holds us back. This particular stone will also serve as a protector for the bearer, helping to conjure strong boundaries that block attempts from negative energies, forces, and those who seek to abuse.

Heart chakra, sign of Taurus.

#EmpathProtection #CrystalHealing

Midwinter Greetings & Love is Love all February Long

Spring is coming... eventually!

Some of us are covered in snow today but that can't stop the energy of rebirth, renewal, and loooooove that is stirring. While supplies last, save 20% on rose quartz and rainbow fluorite items and/or book a relationship reading to discover how you can be a better YOU all year long ($66/45 minutes)!

Happy February!

Venix Rising Hours at Samskara Yoga & Healing
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Venix Rising @ Local Markets
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Gift cards are available!

Get great gifts for you, for friends, family... anyone!

Reposted from @themoon_journal Happy Imbolc or Witches New Year nature celebration.

Fire, fertility and new beginnings are themes of Imbolc which is half way between Winter Soltice and Spring Equinox.

Ideas to celebrate:

•Cleanse and clean your kitchen, which is often the heart of the home, where traditional fires and stoves to cook on would be.

•Make fire outside or light candles to celebrate the Goddess of fire, inspiration, poetry and midwifery- St.Brigid.

•dress your altar space with items that are found in nature at this time.

• Talismans and good luck charms are sweet addition, such as traditional Brigids cross. You can make tiny brooms or natural dolls.

• Make a herb bath with lavender, rosemary or chamomile. Focus in the ritual of cleansing your body and soul for the new year.

•Prepare a beautiful seasonal meal from scratch and welcome in the muse of Spring.

Feel free to share

What are your plans?

Reposted from @inkedgoddesscreations I'll take 10, please. 🤣

But seriously, I need 10, please.

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Good morning 😂


Those small gray ones are fantastic (one is a record keeper 🔼). Message to reserve!

Amethyst is a master healer engaging the higher senses so that we gain perspective and understanding. With amethyst, we can connect to energy that allows us to heal ourselves, and open those channels for others. Amethyst also provides support for those challenged by addiction, Codependency, and/or who are seeking deeper psychic connection.

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown.
Zodiac: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo.

#Amethyst #CrystalHealing

Citrine is filled with energies of abundance, manifestation, and empowerment. Shining with solar energy, Citrine helps to protect our Aura energies and builds strong mental & physical vitality. Citrine is a great stone for working with animals and pets.

These citrine points are heat-treated.

Chakras: Crown, Throat, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakras.

Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio

2021 Dates: March 19-21 (Fall TBA – contact us to get on the info list!).

Time: Friday 5-9 PM, Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 2 PM + 10 hours of mentoring. EST Time Zone (recordings will be available).

Yoga teachers, are you struggling to find or retain yoga students because your classes aren’t focusing on THEIR needs?

Do you have trouble explaining ways to use yoga props or how to change a posture to fit someone who looks or moves differently than you?

Do you want to work with humans who NEED yoga but are intimidated by all of the “beautiful people” marketing that our practice is tied to?

Yoga is a practice for ALL humans, regardless of age, mobility challenges, gender identity, body size, or selfie proficiency. What most yoga teacher training programs leave out are ways we can adapt and change our teaching methods to meet the needs of everyone in our classrooms (virtual or in-person).

Spend a weekend learning the theory and practice behind accessible/inclusive yoga, tips for teaching, and ways to connect with students beyond a “killer peak pose.” Then work directly with a mentor to put those lessons to work for you and your students.

This 300-Hour/Level 2 YTT workshop + mentoring program will deliver tools for your teaching success. Read full description at (teacher training menu).

Time: Fri 5-9 PM , Sat 10 AM – 2 PM, Sun 10 AM – 2 PM + 10 hours of mentoring. EST Time Zone (recordings will be available).

Cost: $250 Earlybird/$300 on Mar 1, 2021 plus book. Scholarships & payment plans available.

Register at (workshops link).

#YogaYourWay #InclusiveYoga #YogaTeacher #AccessibleYoga

When I do a #CrystalHealing consultation, I work with the crystal-chakra connection, your natal astrology chart, and a few other fun tricks. Sessions are held online or in-person at @samskarayogahealing.

#CrystalShop #EnergyHealer


No markets today or tomorrow. The @samskarayogahealing shelves will be open 2-6 (@pawsitiveangels will be watching the shop this weekend). I'll be in and out delivering, cataloging, and other stuff. It is a GREAT weekend for a reading , to order a custom bracelet, pendulum, or necklace, and to shop online, and pick up after the big snow that's coming 😀

Lots more treasures to unveil, too!

#CrystalHealing #ShopLocal

Graphic, geometric pattern laser engraved trivet perfect for crystal arranging and alter decor. Featuring interlocking circles to create the seed of life pattern with additional radial lines and triangle shapes.

Laser engraved wood is unfinished and sanded for a smooth feel with a fresh cut wood smell.

#CrystalMagic #IntentionWork #ManifestYourBest

Tektites are earth rocks that were "reformed" after being smashed/heated by meteorites and sent into space to be cooled. These black tektites bring a sense of calm and peace with energy to protect the aura and connect with astral beings. Black tektites are not moldavite, but #moldavite is a tektite.

#Starseed #Tektite #SpaceRock

Seer stones are gemstones polished in river beds or other water sources that are then cut to reveal an interior "scrying" picture. Holding and carrying a seer stone can amplify its natural properties (amethyst, rose quartz, etc.). Using the stone as a divination tool can help create understanding in life based on the images and other types of messages received while looking deeply into the stone's heart.

Amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz varieties.

#Divination #SpiritualAwakening

Carry some love with you, wherever you roam. 1" gemstone hearts make great gifts or reminders of our power words and mantras.

More on the site ( VX2109

Obsidian gives us the ability to slow down and find our inner peace again. It is a stone of grounding, protection, and empowerment that can be used for divination/scrying, shadow work & deep soul healing. Obsidian has a connection to the deep mysteries of the earth as well as the water elements.

Root chakra.
Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn, Sagittarius.

VX917 on the website!

Elephant Face #4 is beautiful and may be staying with me #FightMe #DailyElephant

Should you get back with your ex?

We sre heading into February, Valentine's Day, and #MercuryRetrograde.

You're already itchin' to message them, aren't you? 😂

#TarotTip - don't do it 😶

#LoveYourSelf #TheyreAnExForAReason

Join me tonight as we summon the power of Stevie Nicks to make it through the next 3 weeks.

#FullMoonTarotTalk starts in about an hour on - subscribe to the channel and tag a friend to be entered into a drawing for a fabulous piece of jewelry from @ganglionq_jewelry and a 30-minute tarot reading from me!

Go howl at the #LeoFullMoon, grab your #MercuryRetrograde foil hat and meet me in an hour for some tarotastic fun.

P.S. @yooenough won't be with us tonight 😭😭

Some standouts from the #citrine batch...

"Alabama" is a stand-up kinda rock, filled with Leo energy because they're so pretty 🤣 Beautiful color... chapstick for size reference 👀

#Empowerment #LeoFullMoon #Rawr

VX917-18 at - message to reserve!

Some standouts from the #citrine batch...

"Trey," the tray 🤔

He likes to hold things. Smaller crystals. Hopes and dreams. He's all about #abundance and #seva (selfless service). Great piece for an altar.

VX917-11 on the site. Message directly to reserve this particular piece.

Metaphysics, magic, & mindfulness.

Located inside Samskara Yoga & Healing.

Looking for metaphysical supplies or esoteric gifts? Shop local in Loudoun County & Northern Virginia for crystals, gifts, jewelry, and more.

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