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We are a veteran family owned gun store, selling guns and ammo. We are a certified gun smith also specializing in duracoat and cerekote We sell top brand

We offer a wide range of services come on down and see what we can do for you to help your next hunting trip or day at the range work better for you. We also have gift cards available for that special someone or a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays. We now offer a full machine shop to do any work that you will need to start that custom build you been wanting to do or just to fix that old fa


I first want to thank everyone who has supported our store over the 5 yrs we have been in Citrus county. In that time we have meet a lot of people in this county some of which we have become very good friends over the years. You know who you are and will be missed very much. Yes this is the end of our store we have built from nothing but the beginning of a new journey in our life. Once again I want to say THANK YOU too everyone who has helped us throughout the years and the one's who continue to help us along the way with the move.


EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! Starting today and tomorrow then the week of the 11th - the 15 we are getting rid of EVERYTHING cabinets, equipment, tools, gun supplies, ammo, whatever is in the store. EVERYTHING is being sold in our shop please spread the word and thank you guys for being amazing customers and supporting us for the past 5 yrs!! We have a new adventure ahead of us and excited!!! Please share this post!!


Come join us for our next Concealed Weapons Class on June 23 @ 0900.
Just give us a call so we can sign you up 352-564-1022


Congratulations to our winner Robyn Hollins our raffle winner!! Thanks all who participated and coming and seeing us today!!


Hey Everyone!!! I want to say when you are out shopping for a gun ALWAYS price them out!! We may not always be able to beat others, but I really hate seeing people OVER pay!! I would rather price a gun for you then see you spend more than you need!!


First come First serve next week we will have the Brand New Glock19x!!


Hey Everyone!! Thanks for your patients as we have been going through some bumps. I had a wonderful conversation with a customer yesterday talking about customers. It has been the little man or the average Joe that walks in our doors that has kept us going. Thank you for your support!!


Day 1 of shotshow 2018 in the books. Alot of new and exciting products fixing too hit the streets. 01/21/2018

Application of the Definition of Machinegun to “Bump Fire” Stocks and Other Similar Devices The Department of Justice anticipates issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that would interpret the statutory definition of ``machinegun'' in the National Fi****ms Act of 1934 and Gun Control Act of 1968 to clarify whether certain devices, commonly known as ``bump fire'' stocks, fall...


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and be careful starting out the New Year. Thanks for all your patience with us while our Gunsmith pulls two jobs and getting through the holidays so he can enjoy time with his family too!!


I want to thank all our amazing Customers for keeping our doors open. We may not always get to offer the lowest prices, but you keep with us through the end and we thank you!! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to each and everyone of you!!


Hey why not start the new year with getting your Concealed weapon permit!!! We will be holding a class January 6th!!! Call and reserve a seat while you can!!!!


Interested in a Bushmaster Rifle AR?? Now is the time to buy!!! $150.00 dollar rebate on them right now. Has to be marked be 12-15-2017 10/12/2017

Do not pass H.R.3999 | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government We must not allow the 2nd amendment to be infringed based on a bill that has been proposed to do exactly that. This bill would not specifically include the infamous "bump stock" used in the Las Vegas shooting. 1. The language in question can be misconstrued to include many parts of a semi-auto firea...


Next concealed weapons class is this Saturday October 14 @ 0900 call and sign up thos week


Our next Concealed Weapons Class is this Saturday the 23 @ 0900! Call in sign up today we still have seats available 352-564-1022


Next concealed Weapons class will be held September 9th if you would like to attend!! Thanks for everyone's love and support!!!


Sorry I have not updated y'all since our amazing class we had. I said before it was AMAZING!! If you have never had the opportunity to be in one of these classes....DO IT!! I learned so much and thankful I had the chance to go. A big shout out and thanks to U.S. Law Shield for a wonderful job!!!


Last Day to jump in on the class for tomorrow if you want. As of yesterday there were a few seats left, but it will be first come first serve!! Hope to see you all there!!!


We have a few open seats left for this weekends Concealed Weapons Class if you are interested!!! 08/01/2017

U.S. Law Shield ⋮ Fi****ms Legal Defense Program

Come join us August 19, 10:00 at River Life Church located at
2872 West Dunnellon Road Dunnellon, Florida 34433

Sign up now @ to reserve your seat use code FLORIDA for free admission U.S. Law Shield Fi****ms Legal Defense Program for self defense. 07/19/2017

2ndVote GunCam - Do Guns Kill People?

Its about time!!! Love this genius who came up with this!! Do Guns Kill People? Watch this LIVE video feed for yourself...


We will be hosting a U.S. Law Shield class next month, which is a Fi****ms Legal Defense Program. Never hurts to educate yourself on the laws, your rights, and how to protect yourself. More details will follow including the dates. I'm sorry your did not have a post sooner. My business facebook account didn't work, but personal did. Weird if you ask me!!


Thank you for all the support while the Gunsmith went through surgery. He is slowly recovering and will start making appearance's this week if you have any questions. Thank you or being such awesome caring customers!!


New inventory showed up today!! Also we will be closed Thursday through the rest of week while boss man undergoes surgery. Thanks for keeping our doors open!


Next Concealed class will be held May 27th. Get a seat while you can. Starting mid June the Gunsmith will be here five days a week for about a month or so if you want to catch him and get stuff done will be the time!!


Make sure if you are in our shop and if you make any purchase you will be entered into a monthly drawing!! Have plenty of .22 long, mag, and shot shell. We also have some new inventory come check us out!!!


I have to admit starting your own business and keeping it successful can be exhausting and overwhelming. There are days when I want to throw in the towel....BUT than you remember the awesome customers like y'all that keep us going, the doors open, and helping us grow by spreading the word!! Feeling extremely appreciated today for each one of you. Love when customers come and tell me, oh I was having a beer here and was told to come in, love when another gun store sends a gentleman that needs trigger work and that shop sends them here. Thank you guys so much for keeping us going and spreading the word!!! It will be nice when the Boss man will be here full time and not working two jobs and because of y'all that will happen one day!! Thanks again from American Tactical Fi****ms!!!


Hey just a bug in your ear. If you are seeking to use Medical ma*****na make sure you know your rights. I was doing some reading tonight on the web and apparently you are not allowed to buy fi****ms even if it's for medical purpose's only!! There is always a catch to something.


We have only two spots left in our Class this Saturday so if you are wanting to jump in give us a call!! Thank you guys for your support!


Hey Everyone!! First off just a heads up CCW Class is being held next Saturday the 22nd. I only have a couple seats left if you are wanting to jump in on this class so get your spot while you can. We also got the new Century Arms TP9 FS in. Come check it out. Thanks again for standing behind us and sending customers our way. We would not be here if not for y'all!!!


Dont forget to vote for us for citrus county Best of the Best awards.


Next Concealed Class will be held April 22. Sign up, first come first serve and class is filling up fast!!


Our next Concealed class will be March 18th sign up if you want to reserve a seat. Also we have R***r LCP 2's!!! Come by and check us out!!


Congratulations goes out to Brandon of Sodium for this Months Drawing winner!! He will get free range tickets to RD Tactical!! Don't forget every time you make a purchase you will be put in a monthly drawing!!


We have the new R***r LCP 2's in, can't say they will stay on the shelf very long. Also have all kind of 22's, and all new guns period!! Come check out and don't forget with every purchase you get a ticket for our once a month drawing!!


Sign up now for our next CCW class on March 11 @ 0900


Next Concealed Carry Class will be March 4th!!!! Sign up before hand if you are interested!!


If you need your Concealed its not to late to sign up for this weekend. February 4th we will be holding a CCW Class. We have all new inventory come check it out and if you don't find what you need we can always order it for you!!! Thank you!! 01/31/2017

Repeal the NFA | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Help repeal the NFA ACT Sign the petition now. We the People wish to see the National Fi****ms Act of 1934 repealed in order to remove regulations on our 2nd amendment rights, increase national economic strength, and provide protection against threats to our national security.


Senate Bill 0254 (2017)

Check out Senate Bill 0254
Let's take our part and stand up and let them know we aren't ok!!! Gun Safety; Prohibiting the sale or transfer of an assault weapon or large capacity ammunition magazine; prohibiting possession of an assault weapon or large-capacity magazine; requiring certificates of possession for assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines lawfully possessed before a...


February 4th 9:00am we will be holding our next CCW class!!! Also starting February we will have monthly drawings. If you purchase something in our shop you'll be allowed to enter into our drawing. Each month we will announce what our prize will be. Alright enjoy the last big weekend y'all!!!


Thank you guys so much for keeping us going strong!! I can't believe this year will be four years since the doors opened! If it wasn't for y'all there would be no us can't say it enough!! Don't forget we are here to help you parts, guns, consignment, trades, and what we are most known for......our Awesome Gunsmith!!! Thank you guys!!


We will now be holding CCW Class Monthly. Our first class will be held on January 21st. Want more info or interested in the class gives us a shout!! Thanks for keeping us going and helping our business grow!!!!


January 21st we will be holding a Concealed Weapons Course!!!


Time to get on my soap box y'all!!! It is time for WE the people to stand up and take back our nation. United unfortunately we don't stand, and if we all don't start standing up soon we are well on our way to dictatorship and a country that is ruled by those you want your family and children not to be exposed to. It was brought to my attention now Kellogg's brand is pulling their adds during a show just because the guy is conservative. When did America become you either have to believe what a group is saying or you automatically hate someone. The great thing that used to be in this country and EVERY single person that made this country up is DIFFERENT, different views, opinions, taste, dislikes, etc. Look how different each member of your family is. Just because they like something you don't doesn't cause you to disown them does it?? If so than seriously get some help. Tell me why is it so horrible if you stand for your own opinion. All of sudden people are going to hate you because who you voted for, what you stand for, etc. Seriously America we are becoming to the point if you have an opinion and its not what these crazy groups of people believe you are a hater and they want to destroy you, your family, business, etc. We talk about wanting equal opportunity and peace....BULL wake up and see the lies!! If you want peace and equal opportunity and I want to go to church that's my right. My freedom!! If i want to stand up for something I don't agree with that is my RIGHT!! Men have DIED for our rights and we are becoming a country that is a laughing stock to others. You have a right as long as its the way the world tells you to believe. If I want to say Merry Christmas, singing carols, standing up for my Vets than go find another Country to live in. This is MY America too and I'm pretty sure the blood that was shed to get here was standing up for OUR rights. As long as you believe in what these groups believe in your fine, but heaven sake if you don't. Seriously the officer who is being crapped on for shooting a man that was stabbing people is being hated on for doing his job and protecting the people all of sudden is wrong. What if that was your wife, husband, child. Wake up and start standing up for you RIGHT not what people are telling you and pressuring you to be like. If we don't make a stand now letting these companies know there is more than these groups out there and standing up against them it is our own fault for this Country crumbling. WE CAN BE UNITED AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I mean the adorable Fixer Upper couple is being bashed upon because they don't believe in something. Who care's that is there right and freedom, you don't see them out bashing or hating on someone because of there belief. The people in this Country are starting to act like a bunch of spoiled rotten toddlers and I'm SICK OF IT!!! Theses groups run around causing strife on everyone when we have Men and Woman who have gave all and can't get the help they need. You don't see them out running around throwing a tantrum. Kellogg's stick with cereal and what you do as individuals if you vote left or right that's your bizz and I don't care, but don't make it if you don't believe this way than all of a sudden your a criminal. I guarantee they have people that are conservative's and liberals that work for their company. They going to fire them for their belief's?!?! Wake up PLEASE and let companies like this know where the MAJORITY stand!! Alright I'm done now, peace out y'all I got a letter to write to Kellogg's!!






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