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Do you find yourself starting over at the gym every few months? Or do you frequently change your training style / location / group fitness class setting because “it’s not working”?

These situations are more common than you think - and the answer is quite simple.

In order to see progress in the gym, you need to STICK WITH IT!

Changing your body composition takes time, patience and consistently showing up for weeks / months / years on end.

Don’t worry, we have the tools to help you.

Click the link our bio, book a free consult with one of our coaches and stop starting over.

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🏋️‍♀️ Join Our Team! 🏋️‍♂️

Are you a certified Personal Trainer with a passion for fitness? We’re looking for an established freelance trainer to join our private personal training gym!

🔹 Create personalized workouts
🔹 Run your own business
🔹 Help clients crush their goals
🔹 24hr Access to a fully-equipped gym
🔹 Pay per session use (no monthly fees)
🔹 Growth & education opportunities

If you’re ready to inspire and make a difference, email your resume with a brief bio to:

[email protected]


Oi Legends! Sunday mornings are a bit rough and a little quieter through the colder months SO we will now be opening @ 9am Sunday mornings starting tomorrow🤙🏻

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Drop your fav back exercises in the comments!

Want to get stronger? Click the link in our bio and schedule a commitment free session with one of our trainers.

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🚨Online booking now available🚨Click the link in our bio to: Schedule a consult, book a commitment free trial session or pick up a drop in session with your AFHQ coaches.

What are you waiting for? Let’s GROW 💪🏻

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I’m looking for 2-3 legends to join a group lifting session on Thursday nights. Beginner to advanced levels welcome!

Spaces are limited so DM to secure your spot 🤝

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You can do whatever you bloody like BUT weight training is what creates the best body composition results.

Focus on lifting, eating the right macros and calories suited to you and maybe walk a little bit. YOU WILL KILL IT 🙏

- and for gods sake put those stupid battle ropes down 😂

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Now it’s your turn 🤝

Dm us to start getting after those fitness goals and book a tour today!


✨we’re taking a day off to let the weights rest✨🫡

Have fun, stay safe and c u next Tuesday 😉

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Our challenge weekly Yoga for weightlifters is the perfect compliment to your training routine. Held every Sunday of the challenge @ 9.30am.

It is a movement-based recovery class addressing common muscular imbalances.

It reinforces useful movement skills like lumbopelvic integration, posterior chain engagement, the hip hinge and trains the deep core engagement needed for safe heavy lifting.

Classes target the components of solid overhead function: rotator cuff engagement, adequate range of motion at the glenohumeral joint, and good thoracic mobility.

Areas of excess tension will be released helping to minimize mobility limitations.

There are 3 days left to sign up so click the link in our bio or miss out!

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You should probably train with us ✌️

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Our 6 week End of Summer challenge is turning it up a notch this year with our leader board & group chat features.

Accountability leaderboard 📊: Based off your consistency with training we will be offering spot prizes along the way. Training at HQ or away? Check in and let us know you’re getting after it.

AFHQ Group Chat 💬: A group chat to communicate with coaches, ask nutrition questions, share recipes and find out when the next team lift is!

This is your last week to sign up, so get going and click the link in our bio!

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End of Summer 6 Week Challenge details!

Kick off is September 1st and includes:

-6weeks AFHQ unlimited membership
-Weekly yoga
-Custom macros per client -Accountability leader board and text thread with coaches -Exclusive programming
-Team lifts with coaches

Sign up now via the link in our bio - Only $34 per week for non members and $17 per week for current personal training and programming members.

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Legends! We’ll be closing early tomorrow because… we’ll it’s gunna be hot AF.

Swipe for actual footage of me >

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We make it easy 🙏

- Pick your trainer.
- We help you set achievable goals and options suited to your budget.
- Set a training time that suits your busy schedule.
- Show up and get after it.

Well, what are you waiting for? DM us.

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My name is Jessy, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, and student Physical Therapist Assistant.

My training emphasizes straight forward tools and lifestyle changes, so you can reach your fitness and health goals effectively.

I train a wide variety of people, but I have a special place in my heart for strength and muscle building because of my personal background.

I have a strong passion for helping people feel their best, move their best, and perform their best!

Welcome to the AFHQ team 🎉


Team AFHQ 2023 📸


I’ve always been a big fan of banter in the gym and here’s why.

The heavy work you guys do here can be hard as hell. In summer it’s sweaty and humid, in winter the 6am sessions are frosty and dark - sometimes it’s just not fun. UNTIL! you show up and your mates are here, talking some trash or just straight up having a silly goose time then it’s just that little bit bearable…maybe even enjoyable 😂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m dead serious about your goals but there’s no reason this s**t can’t be fun eh?

All of our coaches have availability so come get after it with us 🤙🏻

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Pre orders for our new merch line dropped yesterday, what do ya think?

To get your hands in the limited stock click the link in our bio 🤙🏻


Is our second birthday coming up? Yup. Are we throwing a party? Yup. Did I pay a graphic designer too much for this design? 🫢

Anyways, come hang out at the gym Noon til 3pm on Sunday the 2nd of July. We’ll have some drinks, snacks n laffs.

Bring a mate (furry ones expected) and let’s celebrate 2 years of doin the damn thing 🤙🏻

**Coaches not to scale**

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Whoopsies…This is my personal opinion and experiences with group fitness franchises and I am definitely NOT talking about any one chain, colour / fruit or type of training modality in particular 😅

By all means, have at it in the comments section 😇

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- Work hands on with a coach in a private session.

- Train from our state of the art programmed workouts in our staffed gym (Certified coach available for assistance at all times)

- Utilise a combination of both to super charge your results.

We have an option for everyone, so what are you waiting for?

Train AFHQ.


The weights needed a day off so we’re closed on Monday!


Un-fun Pupdate from us!

It sucks I have to say this but…Unfortunately If your pup marks its territory or regularly has accidents at the gym we must ask them to stay home.

We firmly believe there are no bad dogs, and accidents happen, but for hygiene sake we can’t let it happen.

Your dogs are still definitely welcome if this doesn’t apply to you, but please remember we aren’t a dog park so please be responsible.

If you’re unsure or have any questions please feel free to contact me here or in person.

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“I really want to start training and get healthy…when things calm down”

What if they’re never calm Susan?!? Do they every reallllly calm down? *tries to remember the last time things were calm😅*

Life is busy, we get it and we’re here to help!

If your schedule can’t let you set a regular appointment with a trainer? Give our programming membership a shot! We’re on-site to guide you through your workouts either way 🙏

Remember, you have the exact same hours in the day as Beyoncé.

Make some time to be a better you.

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Mate! There’s a reason why I greet each of y’all with this when you walk in to our gym.

Mateship is an Australian cultural expression that embodies equality, loyalty and friendship.

From the second you walk in that door you’re one of us.

Members, coaches and visitors - all mates with the common goal of becoming our best selves and getting after it!

Photos from AussieFit HQ's post 05/03/2023

“I think that’s my greatest takeaway from this challenge: there are more wins than just the looks! My mental state is healthier, I love to eat real meals, andddd I’m stronger!” - Madi.

started lifting with 5-10lbs weights, fast forward to now throwing barbells (45lbs+) around the gym 🤯 look at the pay off 👏🏻

We don’t *just* do fat loss, we help you become the strongest YOU.

Send us a DM and come TRAIN.

Photos from AussieFit HQ's post 05/02/2023

You know where to find us 🤝

Snap shots from our shoot with 🥹 the bloke nailed it.

Photos from AussieFit HQ's post 04/27/2023

Oh we gon’ make some folks mad 😬

Self-care at its core is to do what’s best for YOU and YOUR BODY.

Sometimes that means a mani pedi n face scrub day…but most of the time it actually means: Get your ass up, eat your meal prep, crush some weights and drink a s**t tonne of water.


Need some help? DM us and let us help you get it right.

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Baby’s got back 🤯 When it comes to training your back you want to think about ANGLES and ELBOWS.

From lats & traps to rear delts & rhomboids the angles that you choose can dictate the target group.

Want to learn more? Come train with us!


- Coming in with that awesome transformation. Make some noise for the kid 👏🏻

Wrapping up 10 days early due to vacation, Andrew trained following our programming 4 days a week, 1 day personal training and 90 days on our nutrition plan. We added over 100lbs to his squat and took INCHES off his waist. Very excited to see what the rest of the year holds for this bloke!

Keep it dialled in for the last 10 days folks, you’re almost there!

Each of our coaches have spaces to help you with your transformation- so if you want to make a change, send us a DM and we can start you on your way 🤝

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Trainers / Training 💪 Each with our own style AFHQ has a Coach to suit anyone’s fitness goals.

DM us to get started 🤝


🚨 Announcement! 🚨 End of Challenge Wrap Party is confirmed for Sunday April 30th. Kick off at Noon with tasty treats from & .usa

RSVP via DM or with your coach!


I was once interviewed for a local paper back home in Melbourne re: my opinion on wearable tech.

Back then fitbits had been doing the rounds for a while and Apple Watches had recently appeared on the scene.

My opinion was this - wearable tech CAN be a great tool, the more quantifiable data we can have the better… BUT my main concern was people leaning towards "earning" their food or consuming more than needed during a fat-loss phase due to said data. Resulting in an adverse effect.

My opinion has remained unchanged 8 years later - Don't focus on the calories burned, emphasise weightlifting to change your shape and your calories consumed to reveal it. Its sustainable and keeps our relationship with food & exercise healthy 🙏

Want to learn more about weight training, body composition and nutrition? Dm us and get started with one of our certified trainers.



🚨Legends, meet Bri joining our team of personal trainers.

“Hi guys! My name is Briannah and I’m a NASM CPT. As someone who has spent most of her life in athletics, I’ve always had a love for fitness. This only grew in college when I competed on the powerlifting team and tried as many exercise classes as I could. Flash forward a few years and I’ve decided to pursue fitness as my full time passion. With a focus on functional training and making fitness sustainable, I’m excited to guide each of my clients to find their personal approach to fitness. Please feel free to reach out with any questions! I’m looking forward to helping you tackle your goals.”


Coach hitting em with the reverse before and after - vacay edition.

Honestly legends, this is the reality we’re facing when it comes to our hot summer transformations.

Bloat and water retention kicks in pretty quickly when you come off your meal plan and into 6-9 beers a day / breakfast buffets / eating out for most meals. There’s 7 days between pic one and two.

Realistically I haven’t “put on” much body fat, but I do be feelin jiggly-er.

The great news is, it ain’t permanent! As soon as I get back to my NORMAL diet & training routine I’ll snap back within a week or two.

Guess what? You will too.

It’s the training circle of life, accept it’s going to happen and move on back into your routine when it does 🤙🏻


Oh hey 👋 welcome to April 😅

Heads up we’re gunna be closed Easter Sunday next weekend!

Photos from AussieFit HQ's post 03/30/2023

It’s nearly here legends! 😎 We can taste those beach & pool days on the horizon. The question is, will you be ready?

DM us now to secure your spot for the warmer months and let us help you get ready for summer 🤙🏻

Photos from AussieFit HQ's post 03/29/2023

Oh Rusty 🥲 Truth be told, this was me for a brief period of my life.

Please know it’s NEVER too late to change the little habits that lead you to unravel. I got into fitness a little later in life than most and managed to turn it all around.

Come train with us and we will help you dial in. Let’s make that transformation and run the clock back a little 🤙🏻

Photos from AussieFit HQ's post 03/28/2023

Work directly with a coach or train on a program solo with assistance from our coaches as needed in our fully equipped private gym.

Send us a DM to schedule a tour of our gym and see what we’re about!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in East Providence?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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