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As a dealer for Whitetail Institute we wanted to have a separate page dedicated to food plots and hu

Operating as usual


Its antler growing season! Lots of seed and minerals in stock.


Last years weapons. Now is the time for mineral supplements to rebuild the weapons bigger and better.


Chris Wengert caught this heavy buck slipping into some Imperial Clover after a long night of chasing on November 22. Also pictured is his son Rhett who helps with much of the food plot work.


Jeremy Hoag intercepted this 11 point trying to sneak into a WINA Wintergreens plot during bow season. Congrats Jeremy!


With deer season officially over in NY, we would like to hear how your season went.


It appears that we'll have some food to help the deer get through the up coming winter in our WINA Beets and Greens plots


This small WINA Bowstand plot was a deer 🧲 last night. Seven bucks, three of which were 8 points, fed in the plot during the sit.


Good luck to all the hunters afield tomorrow as we kick off the 2021 (Southern zone) deer season. This is where all the hard work in the past months comes in to play. Be sure to share your pictures with us and stay safe!!


Labor day weekend means its time to plant oats!

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 09/03/2021

The first picture was taken 5 days ago of a WINA Beets and Greens plot right before we spread 46-0-0 fertilizer on it at a rate of 90 pounds per acre. The 2nd picture was taken tonight, just 5 days later, and its doubled in size! Its amazing what a little bit of nitrogen will do for these brassica plots, and it takes very little. The most important thing to remember when doing this is to apply when the leaves are dry to prevent burning the plants. This food plot was planted on July 25th.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 08/01/2021

Planted our north country food plot today with WINA Ravish Radishes. I disked the WINA Whitetail Oats, that I planted this spring, about 10 days ago and let them die off. I spread a little more fertilizer and lime and disked it again today and then seeded it. Should be a late season deer magnet!!

Photos from Whitetail Institute of North America's post 07/25/2021

Easy to grow, and deer love um! We've got WINA Ravish Radish in 1/4 acre bags for $19.99. Either mix with another seed or plant on it's own.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 07/24/2021

Its go time today!

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 07/15/2021

Prepping the small kill plots. We have some mixes designed for small plots that get no more than 4 hours of broken sunlight and require minimum ground preparation.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 07/06/2021

It's go time! From now till the middle of August is the time to be getting your brassica plots in. We've got lots of seed in stock as well soil test kits. Hard work now really pays off in the fall.


Mama and baby are enjoying the WINA Imperial Oats at our north country food plot. We'll be tilling them under soon in order to plant our late season plot around mid July.


This WINA Imperial Cover is no joke!

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 05/30/2021

The turkeys were on fire this spring here at the farm. Comment some pictures below to show us how your season treated you.


Let us never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 05/24/2021

All the hard work of planting and hunting a food plot can easily be voided if you can't slip in and out of a stand undetected. A product that Whitetail Institute offers to help with that is Conceal. This grows 5 to 8 feet tall and can be used to help shield your ways in and out of a stand. Today we planted some Conceal in a spot to extend a hedgerow between 2 plots and create a wall to hide our way into a tower blind. This same seed can be planted along field edges to help promote bedding closer to food sources. The time to plant WINA Conceal in the Northeast is now until mid June. The lush green field in the pictures is a WINA Fusion plot that was planted last year.


Great blinds at a reasonable price at Wil-Wen Brook Farm.
We will have one on display at the fish farm as well if interested.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 05/06/2021

Update on our north country food plot that we planted a couple weeks ago. The soil test came back and all the work we put in last year is paying off. The PH is up to 5.5, a significant increase from 3.7 last year. The oats are coming up and we're getting deer and turkey pics already.


Good Luck to all the youth turkey hunters this weekend!!

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 04/18/2021

We planted a couple small, remote food plots at our camp in the Southern Adirondacks today. The soil is not very good so we planted some Imperial Whitetail Oats Plus early. We will let this grow and then till it under in a few months before replanting for the fall to help build up the soil. We also spread several hundred pounds of lime to raise the PH.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 03/25/2021

Now that the snow's off, nows the time to get your frost seeding done. Turn last years brassica plot into a luscious clover or chicory field that will last for a few years. This can be achieved with no equipment, just a hand seeder. WINA Imperial Clover, Chicmagnet, and Fusion can all be frost seeded. We have some of each in stock if needed.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 02/14/2021

With winter not seeming to let up, even with all our food plots, this a tough time for the deer herd. Now is great time to get out and trim crab apple trees as well as creating deer bedding and browse by hinge cutting. Not only is it recommended now because the trees are dormant, but every tree and limb you lay on the ground provides an instant food plot for the deer to browse on during these tough conditions. The third picture is of a hemlock top in a woods we logged about a month ago. This is on the edge of 7 acres of turnips, yet the deer still devoured this and many other tops in the woods. The logging job was done in a large tract of hemlock woods that had no growth on the ground and the open floor did not provide great cover. We generously logged the woods both for the timber as well as greatly opening up the canopy for new growth in the coming years.

Photos from Bucks and Beards's post 02/14/2021

Photos from Bucks and Beards's post


Here's a chance to have some of your food plot and land management work done for you here in CNY. Very knowledgeable guy!

From now till January 5th I am running a holiday special save 10 percent on your food plots if you book before the 5th. This can make a great Christmas gift for your outdoor enthusiast. If you have already booked for spring 2021 this deal has been given to you as well. 


Ron Hickling put a perfect shot on a nice big doe tonight with his Re*****on 308. She was feeding on WINA Tall Tine Tubers and Ravish Radishes.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 11/23/2020

The wives sure made their husbands proud this weekend here on the farm. Jen Hoag (left) with a beautiful 6.5 year old 8 point and Samantha Wengert (right) with a 5.5 year old 11 point. These two bucks were both harvested on food plots that were only a few hundred yards away from each other. Great job girls!!


Corey, a member of the Hickling family, was able to grunt this 10 point off of a WINA Tall Tine Tuber plot into bow range on November 17th. Congrats Corey!


Good to everyone heading out tomorrow for opening day of southern zone bow season!


Troy Slentz, a member of the Hickling family, got his first black bear this past weekend at our camp in Forestport. Not food plot related but oh well...

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 09/08/2020

Lots of tonnage of food for the winter in the WINA Beets and Greens. Pictured is a radish and a Tall Tine Tuber turnip, part of the mix as well as Wintergreens and sugar beets. The second picture is a bulb out of one of our Tall Tine Tuber plots. Both plots were planted in the middle of July.

Photos from Food Plots with Hickling's Fish Farm Inc's post 08/25/2020

The Whitetail Institute Ravish Radish is coming in REAL nice!

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