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Specializing in weightloss. 1 on 1, Group Training, Bodybuilding posing coach, Nutritional Coaching, Come down and meet the rest of the crew at Vero Fitness!

Perform And Surpass Personal Training has been a dream of mine for quite some time and allows for me to continue changing lives through fitness. Fitness has been a love of mine for over 12 years and this endeavor will allow for me to expand and help people without any boundaries. This is a dream come true and I'm glad to be able to finally share it with you!


Its awesome how well these lined up! On the left is 505x1 and the right is 515x1 which is a new pr! Things felt really good today! Strength was there and weight up slightly around 190 lbs. I was really pleased with form and though it can always be better, it felt right today! Definitely adding in fast carb into my pre workout has been awesome! Off season is still trucking! If you are looking to bust past some plateaus or change things up a bit, contact mw and lets get started!

Timeline photos 02/17/2017

This stack right here has been resulting in some awesome workouts! My back days and leg days have been spot on, got 505x1 on deadlifts yesterday! ( will do video next time, so busy i didn't want to film) and weight is slowing climbing which is idle and adding the maltodextrin from has my pumps and endurance out of this world! If you have any questions over supplements or just looking to get some online or 1 on 1 help, be sure to let me know and we can schedule a session!

Timeline photos 02/03/2017

Long post, sorry in advance. This was taken just moments before i went on stage in October for my last show of the season. To be honest things were a little tough lately. I'd been looking back on my last year and in one instance found myself super proud of my improvements and perseverance through a tough year but disappointed on how i did as a whole.
I took a lot of L's last year ( lost tax return, lost my grandmother to name a few) and this last one just knocked the wind out of my sails a little bit. I felt i neglected so much and thought if i focused hard enough i would be able to redeem those things, sort of make the pain mean something but i came up short. It wasn't until i looked back at this photo though that i was able to remind myself, why i am where i am.... i love what i do! Every morning feels like christmas to me! A new opportunity to change and improve. A new chance to help and guide someone to their own goals and dreams! A chance to take control over one of the few things we truly can. So much is determined for most of us: location, opportunities and even our religion. Yes, these things can change but to deny their impact would just be incorrect. My super long winded point is, remember why you started. Remember what drives you. Lastly, remember what makes you happy! Until next time folks, keep killin it!


Thursday and it was time for some more legs! To be honest, wasn't really feeling it in bed, i wanted to go but i was so tired and forced myself up! Weird thing about me, i like to workout first thing before i even eat! I don't recommend it but i personally love it and it hasn't had any ill effects in my training (been doing this for years) but i did have my preworkout (onslaught) and I'm drinking my post (genetiplex) and the strength and recovery has been very consistent. Another weird thing i like to do is pre exhaust before big lifts. It personally keeps me in tune with my body and what I'm trying to target. For instance this video of 405x1 was my last set of the entire workout. I literally put my pants on and went to work! My point is, don't be afraid to try something different and see what works for you. Keep an open mind and stay safe but always stay hungry!

Workout was as follows:
Seated leg curls 4x20 1x 7 times drop set with a minimum of 10 reps per
Single leg curls: 4x20 1x 3times drop set amrap
Superset with
Reverse hack: 5x15 (good morning style and light)
Squats: 135x5 225x5 275x5 315x1 335x1 355x1 375x1 405x1

P.s. my calves suck, so we cab skip that part and sorry for the angle but.... glutes for the slutes! Haha


I know its been a minute but don't worry, I'm still hard at work trying to keep climbing that ladder! The video and bottom pic are from today and the top is from my awesome back workout yesterday! My pre and post supps (onslaught and genetiplex) have totally been helping! This is the first time I've gotten 90s for overhead press and this is after a few dropsets on a machined press! Goal is to get these delts up (they are so subpar) and bring the best physique in 2018! Remember folks, stay focused, keep striving and never quit!

P.s. i still have spots available for new clients interested in weight loss/management, athletic training and nutrional guidance all at great prices! Shoot me a message and lets get started!

Timeline photos 01/07/2017

Happy Saturday folks! I tell you what..... the pump my Onslaught gave me was real today! If you haven't checked it out yet, go to and mention my name to receive 20% off your entire purchase!

Progress so far for the year, reached a high of 187 and abs are completely gone but I'm ok with that my belt still fits ans strength has been climbing rather steadily and even my pokemon are getting huge! My machoke is straight flexing on! Be sure to keep pushing and keep site of your goals, be consistent and stay hungry!

Timeline photos 01/02/2017

Well folks....2017 is upon us and this question should be your only question! Instead of thinking about this year.....think about this day, this hour, this minute and this second! Let's take a second to focus on what we can control and change our environments by changing ourselves!

Come see me over at Vero Fitness in Ellisville, great intro prices and you have the option for online help as well for sports performance, general health and wellness, weight loss and advice about supplements. Let's work together in getting you to your goals!

Have a partner? Small groups and couples can also sign up together to save some time and money!

Message/email/or call for any questions at all and I look forward to training you soon!


Squats felt awesome today! This was 1 of 5 sets with 315. Form felt good and from this it appears my depth was good, my body feels it so thats good enough!

Ladies, since booties are in now (finally! Haha) squating works! Heavy, controlled and often. And fellas, women don't like small legs, so stop curling in the rack and ego lifting! You wouldn't build a cathedral on sand, so why have a stacked upper body with no legs? Have some fun out there!

Timeline photos 11/27/2016

Hey hey! Today is the LAST DAY to take advantage of this great sale! 25% off of 1 on 1 training as well as just great deals for online workout and nutrition advice! To lock in your rate you just NEED to contact me before tonight is through! Message, email, text or post by 11:59 pm tonight! Lastly, i will be posting the winner of my giveaway this evening as well!

Timeline photos 11/26/2016

Still have time folks to take advantage of this awesome personal training sale going on! Get up to 25% off when you purchase training this weekend! This is an amazing deal and a great way to kick start any program! Shoot me a message, email or text and lets get you started! Tell your friends..... people who refer get rewarded ss well!


Happy thanksgiving and happy holidays folks! No better way to kick off T day thab with an epic leg session! I was able to get 3 sets of back squats 315 for 5,4,3 reps and i got 475x1 on deadlifts! Not my max but my form has totally improved!

Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean we lose track of our goals....dont get me wrong, I'm going to smash food today but why not show yourself how thankful you are for something you can't buy.... your health!

I hope everyone gets to spend time doing what they love and being with whom they love! If you don't have a place to go, let me know and i can bring you some left overs or some of this ham I'm carrying around! Dem legs cray! Haha!

Timeline photos 10/13/2016

So this was my day yesterday and essentially how most of my year has been going. While I wassl at work, someone hit my car and left me this note. The right is our convo afterward. I feel it is important to practice forgiveness and patience no matter how bad things may be going. I believe people have the capacity for good, they just need the opportunity to do so. Don't get me wrong, i didn't want another problem on my plate, however i do feel it's important to look for the silver lining and opportunities to teach good even during hard times. Be the change you wish to see.

Timeline photos 10/10/2016

Hey folks! Here are just a few of the highlights from the show Saturday...... top left: me placing in the top 3 and apparently stealing a child. Top right: me with long time friend and supporter amanda going back about 8 years or so! Bottom right: my awesome 3rd place medal that is wider than my actual waist! Haha! Middle: Ifbb pro Steve Kuclo and myself (kept the jacket on as to not look stupid) and lastly a back shot that I really liked because i felt i looked really good in it! Again thanks to any and all that came out or showed support through text and social media and big shout out to my friend Daniel Shields! He has been doing all my music for me and without him i wouldn't be able to display my physique as I've wanted to so thanks again daniel!

Timeline photos 10/06/2016

Talk about a and

Seeing my progress over the years has been insane!

My story is one of humble origins as a standard Earth larva (far left) no legs, bright eyed and bushy tailed and oh so eager to becoming the raw force of destruction on the right! Tunnel vision and single minded with the mission of turning all my enemies into chocolate! Haha!

Sorry folks, i feel great and I'm getting myself through cardio! Super excited though 2 days out from an amazing show NPC Pink Muscle Fest! October is breast cancer awareness month and then show donates proceeds to cancer research and not only that some huge names and local stars will be there! Steve and Amanda Kuclo and two awesome local pros, Kevin Jordan and Mitchell Staats, both of which i know and they are some of the coolest dudes and have always been down to Earth! So come on out saturday and support a great'll be an awesome show!

Timeline photos 10/01/2016

Alright! All dolled up and ready for the ball! Thanks so much for all the texts and messages! Means the world and i thoroughly appreciate it! Sorry for this type of pic so early in the morning but this is what I'll be presenting and i can't wait! "Time forgets the man who doesn't slay giants and conquer his demons!" -me (i think...i apologize if i stole this!)

I'm super excited to share the stage with such high level of competition! Let's being this house down!

P.s. my chin game is on lockdown! Haha

Timeline photos 09/24/2016

Better late than never

Nothing like being vascular and finally have what appears to be delts! Sporting my awesome team machoke shirt from my other brotha, Alex Moranz! Though i missed the last show, super excited to step on stage again in Minnesota for the 2nd annual this show is so epic and i can't wait to display what I've been working on since last year! Let the fun and games begin......7 more days!

Timeline photos 09/20/2016

It's the everyday 9 lbs of deliciousness on the left abd my everyday goal on the right! Its not always about the lifting and posing but the things people can't see. The time spent cooking,measuring, resting and eating are all crucial to one's success!

Notice the bottle on the right.....delish nutrish with the redhead chipotle sauce is awesome! Been a fan for years and now its at and i highly recommend it! If you like mustard based things then this is for you and its locally made by an awesome competitor and friend, diana pitts-beckham!

P.s. thanks jamie burks for the sweet gift!


Hey folks! Here is a cut down version of my client and I stretching after training legs.

Stretching is something that is very important to overall quality of life not just with mobility but also aids in recovery, longevity and for my bodybuilders can help with the stretching of the fascia which can help lead to more muscular development!

Will be trying to post new and different things all week and will start posting more regularly after this week!

Again, if you have questions shoot me a message or email abd thanks again for the likes and shares!

Timeline photos 09/08/2016

That's right folks! Now until we are having a flash sale on training for new clients (class members can also partake) Buy 5 sessions at regular price, get 3 more for $99! An awesome deal that ends on Saturday, so if you are looking to get started or have fallen off and trying to get back at it....nows the time!

If i were you, I'd take a page from this little girl and not delay! Contact me or any of the Vero staff for further details!

Timeline photos 09/05/2016

You know what time and day it is! # folks and I'm here to give you a sneak peek at their newest super hero..... The iconoclast has arrived! Haha! I'm looking for a one movie cameo in the "Infinity War part 2" maybe going toe to toe with Thanos for a little bit and then I can be the new Blade when they finally revisit that!

But seriously folks it may be labor day but the goals and dreams don't stop and if you don't have a gym, the last i checked, gravity is still in full effect so get out there and work.....I'll be right there with you!

Timeline photos 09/02/2016

Alright folks! Holiday weekend but the gains never stop! Who is gonna be able to make it to class this saturday @11 and monday ?! Give us a head count and let us know in the vero fitness home page!

Timeline photos 08/31/2016

Hey farris is this good enough?! 495 deadlift @165 lbs just a little over 2 wks out from my next show in my original bear shirt and wrist straps! Alright alex and adam.... your turn!

Timeline photos 08/26/2016

What else do we do on ? Though I'm not flexing, the pump was real on this and the back was lookin like a turtleshell!

Remember, just because it's the weekend, doesn't mean that the dreams stop. Gotta keep pushing,chasing,grinding and improving! and

P.s. stl people...class tomorrow at vero fitnesd at 11am! Be there!

Timeline photos 08/19/2016

It's friday, so you know we gotta flex! To quote my man Lupe Fiasco "....mayhem for your all state, no ham fo ya all steak..." but i plan on bring the steak and all the ham! Haha! As of late, I've been getting more and more compliments on my legs which have long since been a weakness (they still need work) but they are better than they were so i had to show the wheels a little bit! Judges need them in better better condition i shall bring, with grooves deeper than vignettes and twice as many lines....I'm so clever! 😊😆😉💪👀

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