Northern Michigan Speedway, Elmira, MI Video August 29, 2021, 11:49am

Videos by Northern Michigan Speedway in Elmira. Racing Schedule: August 14th Full show August 28th Full show plus Enduro Race September 4th Season Championship plus trailer racing Time Trials start at 5:00pm Racing begins at 7:00pm Check our website for this year's schedule.

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Interview with Kart driver #11 Charlie Bertram
Driver describing Kart engine specs and more*Video courtesy of TURN 4 FANS PhotographyΒ©

Trotter Derby : Joe MF Bose
Something new for Northern Michigan Speedway.. check out these guys ..let us know what you think about these slick littl...

4-cylinder feature 7-11-2020 last lap
We stand behind our flag man's call. He has the best view of the track in perspective to what is happening out there. So...

July 4th race weekend!
🏁 4th of July race πŸŽ† $500 to win pro stock, factory stock and 4 cylinders.**Pay base per 10 cars per class minimumAlso t...

Bad ass sound
Just got muffler's done

Mike's new 350
She sounds good , don't she 😁

Checkered Flag 🏁🏁 winners at Northern Michigan Speedway Saturday.

Congratulations to the Checkered flag 🏁🏁 and Trophy πŸ† winners tonight at Northern Michigan Speedway . What a great night...

Thank You TURN 4 FANS for the checkered flag winners pictures Saturday 7/1/17

Thank you TURN 4 FANS for the checkered flag pictures from Saturday 7/1/17

Check out last weekend's checkered flag winners video slide show by TURN 4 FANS🏁🏁 Will you be in the next video?? Come ...

**New Look** from TURN 4 FANS 🏁🏁 Checkered Flag Winners 🏁🏁 from June 17, 2017.

Tait getting ready

Tait getting ready

Practice........... Interesting looking 4-cyl