The Chuck Kimbrough Memorial

The Kimbrough 4:00 This is a racing event for 1/10th scale electric r/c oval cars. The event will be held at the Encino Velodrome on Labor Day Weekends

Operating as usual

[10/07/17]   After several years of wanting to do a Memorial Race for the Late CHUCK KIMBROUGH (Kimbrough Racing Products) -- I'm really glad I was finally able to do it in Sept. of 2017.

Jay Kimbrough posted THIS on his Facebook account today (Oct. 6, 2017)


Dear Friends, last week I sold Kimbrough Products to two long time associates. It is time for me to make a change and try to enjoy life a little more. I am really not a facebook type of person so this will be the last post on this site. I will be closing this account in 14 days. It has nothing to do with how much I love everyone in the R/C car world. And if anyone wants to get a hold of me please wait a couple of weeks. This was a hard thing for me to do. And I need some time. This does not mean I am done racing r/c cars. You just won't be able to be mad at Kimbrough Products if I take you out in a racing incident. From the bottom of my heart. My late Father Chuck Kimbrough and I thank you for your support and buying our products the last 37 years. If you need anything from Kimbrough Products please contact Jim Velez and I am sure he will help you. I can't express how much fun and enjoyment I have had racing with all of you over the years. After 3 months I will be looking for a new opportunity to do something else hopefully that I can enjoy with out the pressures of ownership. As my Dad used to always end his letters. Good Luck racing but more important have fun.


I want to wish Jay the best of everything. He's been a great friend, provided a great product and has been fun to race with for decades.

I look forward to still getting to hang with him at the r/c races!

Winners of the 1st EVER Chuck Kimbrough Memorial R/C Race - 2017

All and All not a terrible weekend at the Velodrome (The CHUCK KIMBROUGH MEMORIAL) if I don't count the RACING I did - LOL

Tore the heck out of my toy on Saturday in practice -- got the crud torn out of the borrowed TRUCK I ran today --- my car owner (BRAD) also got both his CAR and TRUCK pretty much destroyed.

We dodged the RAIN that much of Central and Southern CA got today -- we got ours for just a few minutes around 7 pm (but we were dont, torn down and loading up at the time)
Entries were a bit light, but I pretty well expected we'd be down 6-8 racers, think we actually ended up down 10 from our average.

A Couple INCREDIBLE Finishes --- Congrats to the 2017 "Inagural CHUCK KIMBROUGH MEMORIAL" Race Winners.

OVAL SPEC "Winner" -- Chris Stevens (Just barely beating his father, kinda. Chris got the extra lap at the END, where Kevin missed it by .01s, so Chris actually has a full lap)

GT Spec "R" "Winner" -- Mike Wright

NASTRUCK 21.5 2c "Winner" -- Scot Petitclerc

Sportsman 17.5 2c (Stock Car) "Winner" -- Nick Sava

Expert 17.5 2c (Stock Car) "Winner" -- Jason Hastings (beating Kevin Stevens by .01 sec. at the finishline (maybe 3 inches, side by side, door to door)

Several years ago when I held a Kimbrough 400 race at the concrete track in Bakersfield I talked to Jay Kimbrough about changing things up and having a "Chuck Kimbrough Memorial" race. Well, things happened, I stopped putting on r/c races for a few years, the KIMBROUGH 400 race got picked up by the guys at the track in KING, North Carolina and time went on.

In 2016 I got back in to holding races when we got the opportunity to return to the high banked bicycle velodrome used for the Original R/C THUNDERDROME races that were held in the late 1980s.

Now it's time to honor my wish to Jay by holding the Inaugural CHUCK KIMBROUGH MEMORIAL race in honor to his father on Labor Day Weekend 2017 at the Encino Velodrome.

Chuck Kimbrough, founder of KIMBROUGH RACING PRODUCTS along with Jay have been a great part of the R/C community since the very beginning in the 1970s. The Kimbrough gears, servo savers and more have been on 1000's of cars, and in 1000's of parts boxes for several decades.

In the words of KIMBROUGH RACING PRODUCTS -- "We Gear the World"

The Chuck Kimbrough Memorial's cover photo

2012 Kimbrough 400 - Sportsman Mod Main (Sunday)

Here's ANOTHER Video from the 2012 Kimbrough 400 at Papa Lou's.

This is the SPORTSMAN MODIFIED A MAIN from day 2 - Sunday Afternoon.

Bryan Myers - TJ Kendall - Tom Kendall - Brad Muther - Toshihiro Naito - Steve Jacquez - Don Natale - Tiger - Dave Werner - (and missing from the action ... yours truly Joe Myers ... someone had to announce it!!)

Day 2 of the 2012 Kimbrough 400

2012 Kimbrough 400 - Pro Mod Main (1 cell / 10.5 )

The PRO MOD (10.5 / 1c) Main event from the 2012 Kimbrough 400 has been posted on YouTube

Pro Mod / 10.5 1cell A Main

Kimbrough 400 - 2012

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

Kimbrough 400 - 2012

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

[09/08/12]   Should have another Video up from the 2012 Kimbrough 400 shortly - then it's OFF to Montery for the Grand Am Races at Laguna Seca tomorrow and Sunday

Kimbrough 400 - 2012

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

[09/05/12]   Here's a link to the Kimbrough 400 Results

Saturday Nights Results -

Sunday Afternoon Results -

[09/04/12]   Ok - I gotta say it was a Very Nice Weekend in Bakersfield for the KIMBROUGH 400 -

Most of the racers just ran Friday Practice and Saturday's Qualifying and Mains, (I set both Sat and Sun as complete events), which allows guys to run ONE day or BOTH Days.

The ProMod 10.5/1c class - Chad Lantz was the ROCKET on Friday, but when race time rolled around, it was JASON HASTINGS who had the Yellow Streak FLYING! Hastings set the TQ, and won the Main Event. In the RED vs BLUE battle - RED won this time!

In the Sportsman Mod 21.5/2c class - Scott Petitclerc (Team STRYKER) just edged Bryan Myers (SWTour) for the TQ on Saturday, but it was Myers won took the Main WIN. Petitclerc was absent on Sunday, but we still had a full 10 car field, and it was MYERS taking the TQ Sunday almost a full lap faster than Saturdays time. Bryan also went on to win Sundays MAIN EVENT giving him the TWO DAY Championship - and KIMBROUGH 400 "Sportsman Mod" Championship.

Kimbrough 400 - 2012

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

2012 Kimbrough 400 -

One more pic - "Two if by Tea" that will be door prizes next week

[08/26/12]   Very "Un-Official" head count for next weekends Kimbrough 400

Sportsman Nastruck - 17.5/1c non ESC Timing^^

Art Hernandez
Keith Brown
Carlton Duty
Matt Artin
TJ Kendall
Tom Kendall
Randy Smith
Lou Maldonado
Katsuki Nagata
Brad Muther
Steve Jacquez
Mits Yamahata
Paul Cathey
John Miles
Dennis Brown

Pro-Stock (13.5/1c "Blinky")

Joe Myers
Brad Muther
Steve Jacquez

Pro-Mod (10.5/1c "Open Timing)

Gary Hamilton
Ken Collins
Jason Hastings
Chad Lantz

Sportsman Modified - 21.5 w/ 2cell**

Dave Werner
Don Natale
TJ Kendall
Tony Gammel
Tom Kendall
Brad Muther
Steve Jacquez
Bryan Myers
Scot Petitclerc
Joe Myers
Keith Brown
John Miles
Jay Kimbrough

Vintage "Trans - Am" type 4wd Touring##

Mits Yamahata
Brad Muther
Tom Kendall
Michael Jennings
Michael Sheehan
Bryan Myers

T-Shirt for the Kimbrough 400 - by Chris at Fastoyz Racing

Huge THANK YOU to TwoifbyTea for a great donation of an awesome variety of their Iced Teas - Bryan worked hard to get this - and he was really excited when they said "YES"!

[08/18/12]   Kimbrough 400 Raffle Prizes so far

5 - 50% off CASTLE products coupons
5 - 30% off CASTLE products coupons
$50.00 Gift Cert for Boca Bearings plus Boca Swag
McAllister Racing Bodies
ASA Camaro
ASA Mustang
Vintage T/A Mustang
Tekin Swag - Hats and T's
Misc. products from LEFTHANDER R/C

If you are planning to race at this years Kimbrough 400 at Papa Lou's A-Main Raceway - I'd like to see some entries start coming in.

You can get your flyer/entry form here -

Flyer for the 2k12 KIMBROUGH 400 at Papa Lou's A Main Raceway
Aug 31st - Sept 2, 2012 "Labor Day Weekend"

Boca Bearing Company

Thank you Boca Bearing for joining in for the Kimbrough 400 - make sure to visit Boca Bearing here on Facebook -

The Boca Bearing Company specializes in precision ceramic bearings for industrial, recreational, and hobby applications.

[05/30/12]   Add Team Associated to the list!! Thank You Team Associated!!

[05/29/12]   Hays @ Lefthander R/C on the door prize list for the Kimbrough 400 - Thank You Lefthander!!

[05/25/12]   I sent this in an email to a select random group that might/might not be interested in a 13.5 "Non-Timing" class @ the Kimbrough 400 on Labor Day Weekend.

I know the non-timing 13.5 class seemed to get fairly popular on the rug, but that's with the COT Bodies and Spoilers, and I just don't think that body combo would work too well @ Lou's concrete track.

So, what would be a good, or the best option to that?

COT Body w/ No back Ends in and a WING?

Open Oval Body Rule w/ Wings - just "Non-Timing" 13.5?

Would anyone even consider running this?

The Kimbrough will be 2 full days of racing - so I'm mainly looking for classes for those who are interested in running more than one class to fill your weekend - and I'd like it put together early enough to try to help promote it to others.

ALSO: I would like to run a STOCK CAR Bodied 17.5/1c class, also w/ NO TIMING ESCs. I believe the 3 @ Lou's last weekend were w/ timing, but I'm not sure. John may have had his timing turned off by his lap times.



[05/03/12]   So far this is who have said they plan to run at the Kimbrough 400

Art Hernandez - Sportsman Truck
Keith Brown - Sportsman Truck, Sportsman Mod + More
Carlton Duty - Sportsman Truck
Matt Artin - TBD
Bryan Myers - Sportsman Mod
Joe Myers - Sportsman Mod
TJ Kendall - Sportsman Truck, Sportsman Mod
Tom Kendall - Sportsman Mod - SPortsman Truck +
Lou Maldonado - Sportsman Truck
Brad Muther - Sportsman Truck, Sportsman Mod
Steve Jacquez - Sportsman Truck, Sportsman Mod, +
RCMits - Sportsman Truck, VTA

and coming all the way from Japan

Katsuki Nagata - Sportsman Truck
Toshihiro Naito - 13.5 COT or Sportsman Mod.

The 2012 Kimbrough 400 at Papa Lou's A MAIN RACEWAY in Bakersfield CA is coming up Labor Day Weekend (Aug 31 - Sep 2)

I am looking forward to this race again, and with help from the racers this is going to be a good one!

We're already working on a "Who's planning to attend" List on the South-West Tour Message board

A good warm up for the Kimbrough 400 will be the SWT Series race "Under the Lights" on May 19th.

Kimbrough 400

Couple of Videos are up on YouTube from last weekends Kimbrough 4:00 -

R/C Oval Race, 17.5/1c "Stock" A Main

Kimbrough 4:00

Kimbrough 4:00

[09/04/11]   We're having a GREAT WEEKEND at Papa Lou's for the KIMBROUGH 400 - we'll total just over 50 entries - so not a huge crowd but a GOOD ONE~! Thanks guys for helping bring back a KIMBROUGH 400 event @ an AWESOME track facility.

After 3 rounds of qualifying , here's the standings -

[08/03/11]   NOTICE: Pre-Entry must be received by Aug 6th to take advantage of the lower "pre-entry" prices.

[08/03/11]   3 Drivers from AZ have signed up - 3 classes each - thanks guys, I hope we have a decent showing and can show you guys a fun weekend of racing.

btw - Electric Pan Can CLASS RULES Have been added to the website.

Timeline Photos

July 18, 2011

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