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To learn more about Gino’s Gym, please call (505) 753-5748, e-mail us at [email protected]

Since 1982, the Atlas Fitness Center/Gino’s Gym has been the premium exercise and fitness facility for the citizens of Española. The 7,000 square foot facility overlooking the Rio Grande Valley and the Sangre de Cristo mountains is an ideal place to gain strength, tone up, burn body fat, improve self-esteem, make friends and have fun in a positive and friendly environment. Current schedule: Zumba w/ Heather, Mon/Wed/Fri at 5:30pm Zumba With Carmella Tues/Thur at 5:45pm Email [email protected] for more information. SilverSneakers, group senior fitness exercise classes w/ Gino, Mon. & Thurs. at 10 am) Call for prices/info. Think Before Starting Fitness Program By Gino T. Brazil, certified AFAA Personal Trainer Prior to starting a fitness or wellness program, one may want to reflect on some, or all, of these variables: motivation, goal(s), age, current level of health and conditioning, active/inactive status (how long has it been since embarking on a fitness regimen), availability of time/schedule, level of commitment to the program, and injuries and risk factors (if applicable). For now, let’s focus on goal setting. The majority of folks who start a fitness program usually want to accomplish one of two things: lose weight (translates into shedding excess fat) or gain weight (associated with increase in strength, size, lean muscle tissue, etc.). Other reasons include physician’s recommendations (lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol readings, improve bone density, etc.), rehabilitate an injury, improve basic fitness and feel better. In the initial stages of a fitness program (and that could be several months to a year) it’s important to have specific goals in mind before joining a health club or beginning a self-designed exercise program. A hazy goal is an invitation to early failure. A “fuzzy goal” could be: “I need to lose some weight” or “I want to tone up.” A well-thought out, specific goal would be: “I plan to lose 10 pounds in three months” or “My goal is to reduce my body fat percentage from 25% to 20% in four months.” Several tools and assessments are available to help you set goals. One of the easiest to perform is a circumference measurement. Using a flexible tape measure, the girth measurements of determined anatomical sites are recorded. Common sites measured include: chest, waist, thighs, calf and arm. The idea is to record the measurements on a start date with a follow up measurement in three to six months. In this case, a specific goal would be: “Reduce (or gain) the measurement in the thigh from x amount to x amount in a three month period.” Another simple assessment is body weight, although, at times body weight can be deceiving. A skinfold (body fat) test using calipers can be a powerful assessment for use in goal setting. A personal trainer or fitness specialist applies calipers at determined anatomical sites (back of arm, abdominal, thigh) and measures the skinfold. Using the measurements, the trainer then provides the subject an approximate body fat percentage. (Recommendations for ideal or healthy body fat are: 12-17% for men and 18-22% for women.) Once your trainer has provided you with your approximate body fat percentage, you can create your own goal: “reduce my body fat percentage from 25% to 20% in four months.” Finding a reputable personal trainer or fitness consultant is recommended for assessments. Once a specific goal has been identified (“lose 10 pounds in 3 months”), the next step would be educated implementation of the training regimen. Through either your own studies/research or the help of a personal trainer, it is important to consider the frequency, intensity, duration and mode of the intended training regimen. This means knowing how many days a week to train, types of exercises, length of training sessions, correct equipment and use of equipment, and how hard to train. Ignoring these guidelines could lead to injury, overtraining and burnout. Individuals who start a program have a greater success rate if they can remain compliant with their program for at least three months. Once again, it boils down to going into an exercise program with a concrete goal and training intelligently. If you see and feel progress you will most likely enjoy and experience a sense of excitement and elation as days and workouts progress. If it feels like work and drudgery, something is wrong. As time progresses, your goals can become a bit more general: make it to the gym at least three times a week, run in a road race this summer, don’t gain back the weight I lost, set a new record in my bench press. Keeping a fitness journal can provide you invaluable help as you start your exercise program and identify your goals. In your journal you can post your workouts, highlight new records and accomplishments, write down body measurements and other assessments, chronicle your ups and downs and analyze the nutritional component of your program. Having mentioned nutrition, this is perhaps the most critical, yet often overlooked facet of a training regimen. Without sound nutritional habits, the efforts and time of exercise could be stalemated. It is worth your time to learn about the role nutrition can play in helping you reach your goals, keeping you healthy and fit and energizing you for grueling two hour workouts or brief 20 minute walks. In summary, before starting an exercise program: have specific goals in mind about what you seek to achieve; if possible get a physical assessment; be educated about your program’s frequency, intensity, duration and mode; recognize that the ability to stay with your program for at least three months usually results in extended compliance; keep a fitness journal; and understand the role that nutrition plays in your overall health. Consult your physician prior to starting a fitness program if you: have had recent coronary or metabolic problems, surgery, are a smoker or are 40 and over and have been sedentary for more than a year.

[01/15/20]   The flu, and it's a nasty one, has been spreading to all regions of NM. Take the health of others, and yours, into consideration before venturing out to the gym with a bad cold, cough or worse. General flu season precautions at any gym include: look for antibacterial wipes or towels to clean equipment; floor mats should be wiped down before use; wash hands often; cover mouth when coughing and sneeze into crook of the arm if you can't get to a tissue. Mostly, be considerate of others!

Gino's Gym

Check out this Gino's Gym short commercial produced, edited, and directed by Stephanie Martinez at Dreamcatcherz Video and Photography LLC. A big shout out to Stephanie and the many gym members who participated in the filming of the ad.

Gino's Gym, serving Espanola Valley since 1982, 38 years.

Happy and Healthy 2020 to gym members and Gino's Gym Friends!

Gino's Gym, After Midnight!

Gino's Gym evening class update: Longtime fitness instructor Heather Velasquez (pictured) is leading a Women & Weights class on Mon and Wed nights at 5:30. Mon. focusing on quads, triceps, chest, shoulder & abs. Wed. glutes, hamstrings, biceps, back, shoulder and abs. 1st class free, only $5 a class and get a free tshirt with a 10 punch pass. All ages & fitness levels welcome! On Tues and Thurs evenings at 5:30 Tracey leads Zumba class. 1st class free.

May your days be filled with Good Health, Ambitious Goals and Many Achievements! Make it Happen with Good Old Fashioned Hard Work! Gino B
click to see video!

Some of the beautiful women who work out at Gino's Gym & Trainer Don Chuey. Hermosas mujeres de Gino's Gym con entrenador Don Chuey.

Luke Villareal busts out a 565 pound deadlift at Gino's Gym on 8-7-18. Best all time deadlift at Gino's Gym. Congratulations out to Big Luke!

[06/24/18]   Update on group fitness exercise classes at Gino's Gym: Fast paced Zumba Class w/ Maria on Mon. at 5:30 pm; Tracey teaches Zumba Tues & Thurs at 5:30 pm. Heather leads a Body Circuit class incorporating light weights & interval training on Wed at 5:30 pm. Gino teaches an intermediate level group exercise class on Mon and Thurs at 10 am. Tues am at 10 Gloria leads a strength/cardio circuit class.

rock n reps andres maestas

Andres Maestas shoots for (and gets) 430 lb. bench at the April 28 Rock n Reps fundraising event for Rio Arriba Adult Literacy Program at Gino's Gym.

Gena (l) and Kris (r), Rock n Reps female bench press winners! Kris Maruska performed a jaw dropping posing routine, closing out the morning's activities on April 28 at Gino's Gym.

lat/triceps unit

New at Gino's Gym, Pull Up/Triceps assisted unit!

Gino's Gym laterall elliptical

Just arrived at Gino's Gym, new Octane Lateral Elliptical! Awesome workout for glutes, thighs, core area! If not already a member of one of northern New Mexico's best known - and longest running gyms, join Gino's Gym today! 3 months for only $99! No contracts no initiation fees!

Kristin Maruska Bikini Competition Prep Coach; Personal Trainer/Meal Plans; Bikini Posing Coach
Contact Info: Kristin Maruska; [email protected]
575-644-7365 Facebook: Kris Marushka
Facebook Athlete Page: Kristin “Get Fit Stay Fit” Marushka
Instagram: Kristin "Get Fit Stay Fit" Marushka
Top Title: NPC Masters Bikini NM State/Mid USA 🇺🇸
1st Place 2015 & 2016

Inspiring fitness photo of Gino's Gym member, Kassandra!

[11/27/17]   Gino's Gym now celebrating 35 years in business! (1982-2017) One of the longest running gyms (by a single owner) in state of NM and the southwest! Thanks to all members who have supported Gino's Gym through the years, whether a 1-day workout visit, a month, or continued membership. So many, many outstanding people have walked through the doors of Gino's Gym. Wishing all friends and gym members the best of health and encourage all to continue - or restart - their exercise regimens! Gino

Wide assortment of Gino's Gym apparel available, including tank tops (pictured), Hoodies and sweatshirts for the fall and winter, and t shirts! Mail out orders available. Respond here if more apparel info needed.

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos from Gino's Gym!

Ashley Vigil demos her posing routine at Gino's Gym. Ashley and powerlifter Luke Villareal gave short fitness presentations at the gym on 7-29.

Thanks to Luke Villareal and Ashley Vigil for sharing their fitness knowledge and passion with members and guests at Gino's Gym on 7-29. Luke demonstrated form and technique in the power lifts and Ashley talked about her experience in training as she prepared for MuscleMania event in ABQ this past spring. Great job from these two shining stars!

Congratulations goes out to Gino's Gym member Ashley Vigil for her 4th place finish in the recent Muscle Mania Ms. Bikini Universe competition held in Albuquerque! Great job Ashley, first time competitor in a very tough fitness event!

Andres Maestas benches 430 pounds at the 4-29-17 Rock n Reps event at Gino's Gym. Andres defended his title from last year's event, and surpassed his bench press mark. The event was held as a fundraiser for the Rio Arriba Adult Literacy Program at Gino's Gym in Espanola.

Rock n' Reps for Reading Event 20107

Rock n' Reps for Reading Event 20107

Andres Maestas​ benching 415lbs. in 2016 event

Gino's Gym will be hosting Rock N' Reps for Reading Bench Press Contest & 1 Mile Walk/Run
on April 29, 2017
1 Mile Walk/Run starts at 9 a.m.
Bench Press Contest starts at 10 a.m.
Txt (505)423-2941 or Email: [email protected] for info

Perla Ochoa​ benching 105 lbs. in last years event

Some Gino's Gym late evening members! Send me your Gino's Gym pics and I'll post, send to ginosgym at yahoo dot com

Perla, entrenando en Gino's Gym USA! Perla at Gino's Gym.

Some really great women work out at Gino's Gym! Crystal, Maria, Naomi, Kris, Meg. Gino in the middle.

Crystal at Gino's Gym!

[12/03/16]   Friend me and see more gym info at my personal FB site, search for: Gino Brazil Española NM USA

The Galvan Brothers at Gino's Gym: Miguel, Francisco, Walter and Edgar.

This fall, Gino's Gym will celebrate its 34th YEAR in business. One of the longest running gyms in New Mexico! Throughout the winter I'll feature a number of "blast from the past" photos and gym history. Thanks to all members, past and present. This photo features Kurt from Chamita and was taken around 1987. At the time the gym was located on Oñate St. next to the mortuary. Gino

Olivia, Miribel, Carolina y Yesenia en Gino's Gym!

Atlas Fitness Center Health and Nutrition

To read Gino Brazil's most recent article on
High Intensity Interval Training click on photo below Note: This section of the Atlas Fitness Center/Gino’s Gym web page will be devoted to providing sound information about Health, Fitness and Nutrition. A wide variety of topics (ranging from Benefits of Strength Training to What Causes Muscle Cramps to Nutritional Tips) will be posted on this page. H...

Perla! Gino's Gym photo of the week

Gino's Gym "Cool Photo of the Week" - Heather and students RIPPED class at Gino's.

Perla Ochoa Bench Press 105 lbs.

Perla Ochoa Bench Pressing 105 lbs.
1st Place Winner of the Women's Division
Rock N Reps for Reading Bench Press Event 2016

Andres Maestas Bench Press 415lbs

Andres Maestas Bench Pressing 415 lbs.
New Gino's Gym/Atlas Record Holder
1st Place Winner Rock n Reps for Reading Event 2016

[03/10/16]   Check out the photo album of Rock n Reps event! photos by Richard Rieckenberg.

Rock N Reps Bench Press Contest 2016

Great shot of the participants in the recent Rock n Reps Bench Press Contest fundraiser for Rio Arriba Adult Literacy Program. Photo by Richard R.

Andres Maestas going for a 415 bench at the Rock n Reps event. He was successful!! Top lift of the day!

We all know exercise makes you live longer. But this will actually get you off the couch. “Even at higher age, when you’re at increased risk of dying, exercise is able to add time to your life,” one expert says.

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Gino's Gym
rock n reps andres maestas
lat/triceps unit
Gino's Gym laterall elliptical
Perla Ochoa Bench Press 105 lbs.
Andres Maestas Bench Press 415lbs




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