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[06/14/21]   Monday 6.14 - All Complex games are cancelled.

[06/13/21]   all complex games for the day as well as games at Willamette Cub field are CANCELED

[05/31/21]   NEW WVBR STADIUM POLICIES--Starting June 1st, 2021

Oregon Governor Brown has stated that when the state is vaccinated for Covid-19 at 70% rates, face coverings and social distancing can be done away with but...We aren't there yet! Yes, covid rates are going down and because of that fact WVBR, starting on Tuesday, June 1st, will start to reopen our four field complex stadium for games to parents/fans, first on a limited basis, with one parent/fan allowed inside the complex, per player, allowing most teams 12 spectators inside the complex, per team, per game.
Face coverings and social distancing are still required for all adults entering and inside the complex, for these new, June 1st stadium rules. If these 6/1 complex rules are respected, as well as adhered to, and Covid rates remain low, then starting on Monday, June 7th, the WVBR complex will be open to all fans, with face coverings and social distancing still being required, enforced, and observed, by all adults.
As President of WVBR, in these difficult times, I realize that not all adult parents/fans/customers, will like or agree with these new policies and stadium rules. But with that said, as league President, I am also asking you to have some perspective. As a league we are trying to be on the safe side, while at the same time trying to offer a close to normal youth baseball season to all players, one including league playoffs, and a normal schedule, all done in a more limited time than ever before, and during a pandemic. At times this season things haven't went very smoothly or that well, for that matter. But, we are still on pace to accomplish our goal as well, to have as close to as normal of season as we can, without Covid-19 being a big distraction to our kids.
So, this is a compromise policy and if grown ups don't like it they can still have the option of watching games from the outside, as before, and while doing that they are free to go without face coverings. There will still be those inside the stadium that haven't been vaccinated. So these policies are to keep everyone safe, like them, or not.
Like the rest of you, we at WVBR want to get back to normal, but as President I also realize that isn't likely to happen during this present season, for this baseball league, during this complicated season, so I am personally asking all of our parents and fans to please make the best of unhappy and complicated situation. Please adhere to our new stadium rules so they don't become a distraction to our kids on the field. Thus far the kids have been great through all of this. They have been getting better and having fun! As adults, lets make sure it stays that way. Thank you, sincerely, Mike Nicholsen, WVBR League President.

[05/24/21]   5/24 Complex games are canceled for this evening

[05/21/21]   ALL STARS:

1202 1221
1203 1215
1204 1201
1227 1205
1208 1226
1210 1224
1211 1223
1216 1209
1217 1206
1218 1220
1219 1212
1213 1126


900 906
909 907
1001 908
1008 916
1010 1000
1011 1002
1012 1003
1014 1005
1016 1013
1017 1015
1019 1018
1022 1025




12U, Monday/Tuesday, May [email protected] High School, 5:30-8:00

11U, Monday/Tuesday, May [email protected] Middle School, 5:30-8:00

*9/10U, Monday/Tuesday, May [email protected]'s Bradley Field, 5:30-8:00


Until June 1st, WVBR will not be allowing spectators inside the complex facility. Your local Area Directors have the answers to any questions regarding this new and temporary policy, while the league better prepares the stadium for the return of spectators, planned for June 1st, with our limited work crew.
In the leagues long history this is it's most difficult season, without question. Because of Covid-19 and the ever changing state protocols that it creates, sometimes on a weekly basis, as well as the politics of it all it seems, this is a season where the league is simply doing the best it can to provide recreation, and some kind of normalcy, to the lives of our local youth.
In these difficult times, WVBR is asking all parents, fans and spectators to please respect our temporary stadium policy, as we are taking out more slats from our outfield fences so that fans can watch temporarily from outside the stadium, our vendor is still open for walk in (and out) refreshments, and we are preparing for the return of spectators as soon as possible, if they can comply to these temporary stadium policies, which we are doing our best to make go as smooth as possible.
As league President, I apologize for the inconvenience that this new, temporary, policy may create for our league parents and spectators, while at the same time, reminding all adults that for the last year our local youth have had little or no normalcy in their lives, and our league Directors, as well as myself, have been told many times over the last year that they would, "Do whatever it takes to get our kids back on the field!" So this is the time to show that!
WVBR is a volunteer based organization and league. It doesn't have an office with a secretary manning the phone lines. Most doing the work, including the league Directors and President, are doing it on their own time, without pay, and especially in 2021, without much thanks. And that is okay. But with that being said I just want to remind everyone what this is supposed to be all about--our kids. So please respect and model good behavior in front of them by complying with these new complex policies, and the new ones, which will include spectators by June 1st, as our kids our watching us. There is nobody, including myself, or the WVBR Executive Board, that likes any of these 2021 protocols, while at the same time trying to comply, with a volunteer staff, to everchanging state guidelines, with some consistency, so that our local youth have something positive to do this spring, and early summer. That is the goal of the WVBR volunteer staff for the remainder of this season. Please help us all to achieve that goal. It's on all of us, and remember that our kids our watching. Thank you, sincerely, Mike Nicholsen, WVBR League President.

[04/29/21]   "ATTENTION: Starting on Friday, April 30th, WVBR will be taking a one week pause to reconfigure our season at the Cal Ripken levels. Please be patient as the season will be getting restarted again, early in the morning on Saturday, May 8th, 2021. More information will be announced by your local Area Directors, as it becomes available. Thank You."

Ted Norman Babe Ruth Complex updated their business hours. 02/05/2021

Ted Norman Babe Ruth Complex updated their business hours.

Ted Norman Babe Ruth Complex updated their business hours.

[01/20/21]   2021 WVBR BASEBALL IS HERE!!!

Yes, the 2021 WVBR baseball season is upon us and unless Covid-19 gets considerably worse locally, 2021 registration is now open in most areas, and evaluation dates & sites, listed below, have been announced! Take a look below to see where and when your child will evaluate for the 2021 baseball season.
With that said, this will be a different kind of season. One, in human, layman, terms, that will be played with all players, coaches, umpires, and limited fans, wearing facemasks, or face coverings, and with participants staying apart, where possible. State guidelines allow WVBR to have up to 50 participants, including coaches, umpires and fans, per field, and if you are planning on signing your child up this season you will not only be agreeing to the field requirements, but also signing a waiver of liability for Covid-19, good sportsmanship agreements and the agreement that for 2021, WVBR is a manditory mask league, and that all involved will adhere to those items. If the Governor's guidance changes, then we may/might, but not necessarily, however, we are prepared to play the entire season, with masks and face coverings being required. If those rules are not for you, then please sit out this season with WVBR, as non- adherence to these outlined rules could end the season almost immediately. Respect, good sportsmanship and following the rules will be more important than ever in 2021, if we are to have a successful season. I am confident however, that with respect for baseball, each other, and our kids, that we will have a fun and successful youth baseball season ahead of us. And, we all here at WVBR are doing are best at planning the 2021 season, that will be here soon. Games for the Cal Ripken division's start on April 26th. Please check back weekly here, and at your area web sites, for more information--"Let's Play Ball!" Sincerely, Mike Nicholsen, WVBR League President.


Churchill 2/27-28 @ Bradley Field

Cottage Grove 2/13-2/20 @ Riverside Baptist Church

Creswell 2/27-28 @ Creswell Middle School

Elmira 3/13-14 @ Elmira Elementary School

Junction City 3/6-7 @ Junction City High School

North Eugene 3/6-7 & 3/13-14 @ Madison Middle School Turf Fields

Pleasant Hill 3/6-7 @ Pleasant Hill High School

Sheldon 2/27 @ Sheldon Babe Ruth Fields

South Eugene 2/27 & 3/6 @ Willamette Leadership Academy

Springfield 3/6-7 @ Hamlin Middle School Turf Fields

Thurston 3/6-7 @ Thurston Middle School

Willamette 2/27-28 @ Meadowview Turf Field



Regretfully, after two special WVBR League Executive Board meetings, the WVBR Board decided, in our current world of uncertainty, to cancel the 2020 spring and summer league baseball seasons. Several plans to play baseball this season, were done and ready, but unfortunately the uncertainty of the Corona-19 virus, the uncertainty of when certain "stages" would be allowed to happen in our state, and the addition of many of our baseball families wanting to have much of the month of August for their own family plans, made a quality baseball season, with a majority of our families involved, not possible.
Based on this recent decision, the league is asking that all families have patience in and with their areas regarding refunds, or preferably possible roll overs for next baseball season. Before local areas can consider refunds, WVBR will need to be refunded by Babe Ruth National, before local area refunds can be made available. Every area in WVBR stands on it's own, so many areas will need to be refunded by WVBR, which needs to be refunded first by Babe Ruth National, before many areas are in a position to write refund checks. Patience is needed here by all, as just like our customers and families, WVBR and their local entities have never had to face a situation like this before, nor has Babe Ruth National, so time will be needed to address this situation. We, as a league, will be attentive to your personal needs and will be working with Babe Ruth National soon, to address the current situation. Thank you for you patience throughout this current situation. WVBR looks forward to serving your baseball needs once again in the 2021!

With regards, sincerely,
Mike Nicholsen,
WVBR League President

[03/18/20]   UPDATED MESSAGE – MARCH 18

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, on Tuesday evening, canceled school for all Oregon children through April 28th, 2020. The Covid-19 virus will be affecting us all, no matter what any of our thoughts and feelings about it might be, and as a society we should all do what we are being asked to do by our local governments, so that we can all hasten the return to some normalcy again. The sooner that we can do what we are all being asked, the sooner life will start back up again.

With that message aside, WE WILL PLAY BASEBALL IN 2020. WVBR has NOT canceled our season. Instead, we have many plans for different, flexible season start dates. WVBR now plans to resume baseball practices starting on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020, with Season Opening games beginning on Saturday, May 16th, 2020. So–No Panic! Baseball will happen! Until then WVBR is wishing everyone the best in these current hard times. Play some baseball with your kids in these difficult times, and let’s all have HOPE that this crisis will end, sooner than later. WVBR will keep you all updated in a timely manner, about all adjustments and changes being made to our schedule to assure you, our baseball people, that baseball will happen in 2020. Be safe and follow what we are being asked to do in regards to the Covid-19 virus! Thank you,

Mike Nicholsen, WVBR President


Attention WVBR Families,
Due to the present situation regarding the Covid 19 virus, and the fact that the Governor has closed schools throughout the state of Oregon until April 1st, 2020, the WVBR League has no choice than to follow the state lead, and cancel ALL Baseball practices starting on Monday, March 16, 2020, through Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. For most of you that means that you are getting and extra week of Spring Break and several more days at the end of that where your kids will be at home.
This Saturday's manditory coaches meeting also has been canceled and will be rescheduled for Saturday, April 4th at the Complex. Times for Prep coaches, Majors coaches and Major/Minor coaches, on that Saturday for the meeting will be, 10:00, while AA and AAA coaches will meet at 11:30.
WVBR does have more than one plan to PLAY BASEBALL THIS SEASON. As of right now the plan will be to resume practices starting on April 1st and begin a limited schedule of games starting on Wednesday April 8th, taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that week off for the Easter Sunday holiday, and then resuming the WVBR baseball season once again, on Monday, April 13th. That is the current plan for our WVBR league. If the Governor keeps schools closed throughout the state after April 1st, we will probably follow that same lead, but there are several other plans in place to play baseball, at some point this Spring and Summer, unless we are all going to be confined to our homes for the entire Summer and Fall. So WVBR is thinking far ahead, hoping that at some point this year, we will get our lives back and get some normality back into them again. Until then, please follow what experts are saying in regards to this dangerous Covid 19 virus, taking care of your kid's, yourselves and families!

Mike Nicholsen, WVBR President

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