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[01/02/21]   The Oregon Ducks look to wrap up a very strange season this afternoon in Glendale, AZ. The 2021 Fiesta Bowl kicks off in just under 30 minutes and the boys are on the field. The temperature inside State Farm Stadium is a cool 72 degrees and the track is fast. Anyone want to remind Iowa State what happened the last time we played here? Here’s a hint, call Kansas State. Anywho, this pandemic has brought all sort of weird moments, but maybe today we can just sit back and enjoy a good college football game. No weather issues despite playing a weather team (Iowa State Cyclones). Let’s cheer the boys on to victory and let’s start 2021 on a high note! GO DUCKS!

[12/18/20]   The Ducks are in the Pac-12 Championship today against USC. Oregon was sent to replace that team up north and arrived in LA yesterday. Temperatures for tonight’s contest in the Coliseum will be somewhat chilly by Southern California standards. Looking at 62 at kickoff and the temp sliding into the mid 50’s by the time the game is over. A light wind from the north won’t affect much in the bowl. There is no official color for tonight’s game so let’s duck ourselves out in whatever apparel you have! Cheer on the boys to victory and Go Ducks!

[12/05/20]   Happy Oregon Ducks Gameday! The team is on the field in Berkeley and the weather is perfect. High clouds across the bay and no rain in sight! Temperatures are in the upper 50's and shouldn't fall much as the game goes on today. Oregon is coming off a tough game in Corvallis and will look to get back to locking down that Pac-12 North title. A light wind off the San Francisco Bay won't cause any issues. For my money, this is one of the most beautiful locations for college football in the country. The bay backdrop to the west and strawberry canyon to the east, it really doesn't get much better. Ducks kickoff at 4pm on ESPN. Make sure to wear "Black" and once we take care of California, all attention turns to the team of purple and gold. Go Ducks!

[11/27/20]   Well I know we aren’t supposed to call this rivalry game by it’s former we will just say it’s Oregon vs the other state team. How’s that?

The Ducks are on the field in Corvallis and it’s cold. Foggy conditions won’t change during the game and even a light mist isn’t out of the question. Temperatures will stay pretty flat, hovering just around 40 degrees. Very little wind, if any at all won’t make for any extra fun.

While it is a rivalry game and the winner gets more time to brag, without fans, it will be pretty strange as this whole year has been. Make sure to wear “Yellow” and let’s cheer on the boys to victory. Go Ducks!

[11/21/20]   The Ducks took care of business last weekend in Pullman. Oregon however brought the cold air back to Autzen with them. The fog will struggle to burn off today resulting in temperatures in the upper 30’s, maybe creeping to 40. A very light wind will make it feel even more cold. It’s safe to say the sons of Westwood will be huddled around the portable heaters on that Autzen sideline. Let’s cheer on the boys to victory and make sure to wear “black” this Saturday afternoon. Go Ducks!

[11/14/20]   The Ducks head to “the edge of the earth” also known as Pullman for the first road trip of the 2020 season. Oregon arrives after an impressive showing against Stanford. WSU comes home after taking care of the Beavers in Corvallis last Saturday night. As for the weather, it’s going to be cold. Temperatures will stay just above freezing with precipitation slowly coming in from the west. There is a slight chance of snow showers as the game progresses. That west wind, while light, will make it feel a few degrees colder. Make sure to wear GREEN and let’s cheer on the guys just a little bit louder. Go Ducks!

[11/07/20]   Welcome back Oregon Football! It's been a very long off season and such a weird time since the Ducks were on the field in Pasadena! Since the Rose Bowl, the world has fallen into a pandemic and the way we've been used to living life has been flipped on its head. The Ducks will welcome in the Stanford Cardinal to Autzen Stadium with very little crowd fanfare. Despite the thunderous crowd noise and amazing atmosphere, the spirit of all fans will be present. Let's get to the weather for the first home game on the 2020 season. While it never rains at Autzen Stadium, some showers will dot the landscape before and during the game. Temperatures will be in the mid 40's at kickoff and will only fall off a few degrees as the game progresses. There will be a light breeze from the Northwest. It will make it feel a little bit colder than it actually is. Since there is no tailgating, we can't all meet in the parking lots around the stadium. Since we are all relegated to watching the game on TV, make sure we wear "Yellow" and cheer on the boys to victory. Go Ducks!

[09/15/20]   Just sitting here monitoring the air quality and waiting for the conference to allow us to start football. How is everyone doing?


Take me back to this amazing moment in Pasadena!

[01/01/20]   The Oregon Ducks will kick off 2020 playing in the 106th Rose Bowl against Wisconsin. The Ducks have been in LA for a couple days and are ready to take on the Big 10 team from Madison Wisconsin. Oregon is coming off the impressive win over Utah in the Pac-12 Title Game. The difference between that game and this is starkly evident. The Grand Daddy of Them All is the team goal each and every year. If the Ducks play in Pasadena, it means they have met their goal. Weatherwise, weather will be the last concern of both teams. It will be a perfect day for football at The Rose Bowl. The temperature at kickoff will be 63 degrees under mostly sunny skies. A very light wind will come off the surrounding hills. It will allow for a fast track on the turf. If you watching the game or lucky enough to attend, make sure to wear YELLOW. Cheer on the boys one more win. GO DUCKS!!!!

[12/06/19]   The Ducks landed in the Bay Area for the Pac-12 Championship against Utah earlier today. The team arrives after taking care of Oregon State and will look to get back their offensive mojo. Utah is no slouch and will be a very good opponent for Oregon. Onto the weather which will be the storyline outside of the game. The National Weather Service in San Francisco has issued a Wind Advisory for most of the Bay Area including Santa Clara. The Advisory states sustained winds 15-30mph with gusts 45-50mph out of the SSW. The orientation of Levi Stadium is key here as the winds will be blowing directly into the SW corner which is semi exposed and will cause the winds to swirl inside the stadium. It will be hard to have long passes and the kicking game will be highly impacted. On top of the winds, the rain should start right about kickoff. It will be initially light, but we could see some heavier showers pass during the game. Temperatures will hold in the upper 50's. With the wind advisory posted, I looked into the location a little bit more and the operational forecast for Levi Stadium is saying winds will be gusty but not into the 50mph range. Winds will top out 25-35mph. If you are going to tailgating in the surrounding lots, it should be mostly dry before the game, but it will be windy. Duck fans, we will be wearing "YELLOW" as we cheer the boys onto a Pac-12 Title and a trip to Pasadena! Go Ducks!

[11/30/19]   The Oregon Ducks return home for one last time in 2019. We will say goodbye to some seniors whom have rebuilt the program and we will forever be thankful for them. It's also Civil War and the Beavers will be coming in to spoil our party. Weatherwise, it's going to be cold. Mostly cloudy at kickoff with a temperature around 40 degrees. There isn't any rain in this DuckCast, but if you're coming from the North Willamette Valley, make sure to read the special message at the end. A light North wind will make it feel just a bit colder. If you're heading to the game, make sure to layer up and wear "YELLOW." Lets send the seniors off on the right foot, retain our right to live in Oregon as a Duck state and prepare for the Pac-12 title game! Go Ducks!

* If you are traveling to Eugene from Portland or Salem, please pay attention to the weather coming back north. The forecast is calling for light snow tomorrow evening. Amounts will be light, but just want to make sure that everyone gets home safely!

[11/23/19]   It's a gorgeous day in the valley of the sun and its perfect for the final regular season Pac-12 road game of the season for the Oregon Ducks. Temperatures are peaking around 70 and will hold at that at kickoff. Expect temperatures to slowly fall into the upper 60's as the game goes along. Clear skies will be the call for the game at Sun Devil Stadium. For my money, this stadium and atmosphere is just awesome for college football this time of year. It's not too hot and it can't be beat. If you're in Tempe or watching on TV, make sure to wear "WHITE" and cheer on the boys to another victory. Next week it's all about the right to live in the state of Oregon. GO DUCKS!

[11/16/19]   The Oregon Ducks return home this weekend to host the Wildcats of Arizona. Oregon is coming off their second bye week of the season and following that impressive win over USC two weeks ago in Los Angeles, the Ducks will look to continue to dominate the conference. Weatherwise, it will be a great night for a football game. The fog from this morning will be long gone when kickoff arrives just after 7:30pm. Temperature at kick will be around 50 degrees and will slowly fall as the night progresses. A light wind won't make it feel any colder than it already is. If you're going to the game or just watching on TV, make sure to wear "Green" and cheer the boys onto another Pac-12 win! Go Ducks!!!

[11/02/19]   The Oregon Ducks have hit the road once again to play in a marquee matchup! Oregon arrived in Los Angeles yesterday and immediately knew they weren't in the Pacific Northwest. Warm temperatures and haze filled the sky. California has been ravaged by wildfires over the last several weeks and its been a concern to many people as the fires have forced thousands to evacuate including alumni and friends. Today as the Ducks get set to take on USC, weather conditions have not improved dramatically and red flag warnings are still out for most of southern California. Our thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with fire issues and we can only hope todays game can bring a respite from what they've been dealing with. For the game, temperatures will top out just around 80 at kickoff and will fall into the mid 60's as the game progresses. A very light wind will make for a pleasant evening. Some showers moved through the area earlier today, but those have moved on and it's sunshine the rest of the day. If you're making the trip or just watching the game, make sure to wear "WHITE". Cheer on the boys as they continue the charge in the Pac-12 Conference. Go Ducks!

[10/26/19]   The Oregon Ducks return home to Autzen Stadium to welcome in the Washington State Cougars. Oregon, coming off a very impressive win in Seattle last weekend, look to keep the firm grasp they have in the Pac-12 North. It's been well documented that battles Oregon and WSU have had in the past. What usually turns into an offensive showdown will likely be kept in check by Oregon's stellar defense. One thing that no one will have to worry about is the weather. If the DuckCast could pick a day to showcase the Willamette Valley, Saturday would be it. Clear skies during the day will hold into the evening as kickoff approaches. Temperatures for tailgating will top out in the upper 50's and we will start to cool down into the upper 40's as the game progresses. It will be windy before kickoff with gusts in the lower to mid 20 mph range. That will make it feel a lot colder than it actually is. The wind will die down quickly after sunset. If you are heading to the game, make sure to dress warmly and wear "YELLOW." Cheer on the guys to another win and let's book our ticket to the Pac-12 Title Game. Go Ducks!

[10/19/19]   The Oregon Ducks have arrived into Seattle and have brought an icy feeling to Lake Washington. If you haven't seen the uniforms for the game, you need to check them out. The weather won't be quite icy, but it will be wet and could even be a bit electric. The forecast is a bit tricky overall, but the general consensus is as follows. Rain showers will be call as the game kicks off and will continue for the duration of the game. There is a slight chance of thunderstorms so if lightning is detected, there will be a delay. The fine folks at UW have plenty of practice this season already. All eyes on the sky leading up to kickoff and during the game. If you are going to the game, enjoy one of the more pretty settings for a game in the conference. Make sure to wear GREEN and cheer on the boys to another important conference win! Go Ducks!!!


DuckCast's cover photo

[10/11/19]   Oh it's gonna get wild at Autzen Friday night as Pac-12 After Dark invades the best stadium in the conference! The Ducks welcome in the Buffalo of Colorado for an important showdown. The Ducks are coming off a big Pac-12 North Division win over Cal and have had a short week to get ready for a high powered offense. To borrow at quote from the boys of Supwitchugirl…"Autzen jumbotron gonna need a third digit!" and it's quiet possible that will happen. Weather wise, it will be a perfect fall night for football. Temperatures will be into the mid 50's at kickoff and will fall into the mid 40's by the time it ends. A light NW wind will make feel just a tad more brisk than it actually is. If you are headed to the game, watching on FS1, or listening to Oregon Radio...make sure to wear YELLOW!. Cheer on the boys and let's keep this streak going! GO DUCKS!

[10/05/19]   It's a gorgeous day for football in the Willamette Valley! The Oregon Ducks welcome in the Golden Bears of California this afternoon to Autzen. The weather history between these teams are something a book should be written about. We've seen biblical floods in Berkeley and one of the most epic sideways rains Eugene has ever seen. The best news about this back and forth weather story is that we won't be adding to this weekend. Sunny skies is the story as the teams take to the field. Temperatures are quickly approaching 65 and will stay right about there until kickoff. The temps will fall into the mid 50's by the time the game gets done. A light breeze from the North will make it feel just a little chilly once the sun sets. If you are going to the game or just cheering on the team, make sure to wear "GREEN." Let's continue our march into the Pac-12 season. GO DUCKS!

[09/21/19]   The Oregon Ducks are in the Bay Area and ready to storm Stanford. No it's not Area 51 and no we aren't going to find any aliens on the campus (well maybe...) but its going to be a good matchup of two Pac-12 North power teams. The Ducks are coming off a win in which they were able to take care of Montana. Weatherwise, it's going to be just about perfect for as a day can get. Temperatures at kickoff will be in the mid 80's and will slowly fall into the lower 70's by the time the game is over. A slight wind will come out of the Northwest and won't be a concern at all. If you are lucky enough to be on the farm to witness the game in person, make sure to wear GREEN and cheer on the boys to victory! Go Ducks!

[09/14/19]   The Oregon Ducks remain at home and welcome in the Grizzlies of Montana. The weather will be anything but grizzly like. Sunny skies and mostly clear conditions will be the call for the game that kicks off at 7:45pm. Temperatures at kickoff will be in the upper 60's and will fall slowly during the game. A west wind of 8-10mph will make it feel a little bit chilly. Heads up to tailgaters before the game, the wind is forecast to be gusty between 5 and 8pm, gusting to around 20mph. That's enough to cause a headache for anything not really tied down. Wear GREEN and cheer on the boys to victory! Go Ducks!

[09/07/19]   The Oregon Ducks kick off the home schedule of the 2019 campaign by welcoming in the Wolfpack of Nevada to Autzen Stadium. The Ducks will love getting back to that home field advantage that has made Autzen such a special place, no matter what the crazy coach from Nevada says. The weather on game day will be very Oregon like. Mostly Cloudy skies will be the call for the start of the game. Temperatures will top out around 70 and slowly fall into the upper 60s as the game progresses. Winds will be blowing from the West between 7 and 10mph. There is a very slight chance of some drizzle, but as we know..."It never rains at Autzen Stadium!" If you are headed to the game, make sure to wear "YELLOW." Cheer on the boys and lets make Autzen truly special!

[08/31/19]   Welcome to the 2019 Oregon Ducks football season! The DuckCast is proud to return as your gameday forecast authority! The DuckCast is celebrating our 10th season and we couldn't be more excited! Without any further delay, let's get right to the forecast!

The Ducks arrived into Texas and were immediately greeted with lots of Texas heat. Thankfully none of that will matter as the game is being played indoors at AT&T Stadium where it will be a cool and comfortable 72 degrees. There will be no wind to worry about and the track will be fast!

Since we are a forecasting service, lets talk about the weather outside the stadium. Temperatures will be peaking in the upper 90's. The heat index will be near triple digits. A very light wind won't help beat the heat. A stray thundershower can't be ruled out either.

If you are going to the game or just watching it on TV, make sure to wear GREEN. Cheer on the boys as we start what should be a pretty awesome season! Go Ducks!!!




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