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Timeline photos 05/08/2019

Missing being with that sky above sand below and peace within 🙏🏻

Everyday i remind myself “think positive be positive” but that also comes with reminding myself that thinking that and being doesn’t mean if your not happy you cant be positive if your day is hard be positive if the day is good be positive.. and thats not only when the change comes but the SHIFT and thats the goal ✨

Timeline photos 05/02/2019

Just got this photo from my amazing trip to .yoga and their amazing team for a transformative week lead by and and it put a big fat smile on my face to see us all together in this photo all my sisters.. my tribe.. my yoga girls 🙏🏻 every trip this tribe grows bigger and bigger the support and love i have and am honored to give to my sisters all over the world that iv been honored to know and hear their stories and share mine... know at this moment my heart is thinking of you and I’m wishing you love ❤️ thank you thank you thank you... just remember small acts multiplied by millions of people thats what can transform the world 🙏🏻

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 04/23/2019

No hurries, No worries ☀️ @ Oranjestad, Aruba

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 04/23/2019

Sometimes happiness it is a feeling and sometimes happiness it is a decision.. not a decision of oh I’m just gunna be happy and boom.. but to choose to do things, be with people, surround yourself with things that illuminate that “happy” place inside. Because being happy it IS a decision AND a feeling and you can not do it without the other.. you cant decide to be happy without feeling it first and you can not feel happiness without deciding to allow it in your life... so today i CHOOSE to consciously be in charge of me and today i DECIDE to be with good people, good food, yoga, love, laughter and with that i FEEL happiness .... 🙏🏻✨ @ Oranjestad, Aruba

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 03/12/2019

I was 15 when i first heard this word “yoga”... i did not know all these 6 years later how much a word would drastically shape my life..through this time yoga has been my constant teacher and mirror to show up for MYSELF. Even though i found yoga for the first time at 15 it was a long time before i realized how much more this was than a “workout”.. when i originally found this practice it was just something i did at a gym and overtime it formed into something that kept me in this world..It kept me from forgetting I AM FU***NG AMAZING. I AM STRONG. I HAVE A PURPOSE. It was there when i was in heartbreak when i was harming my body and mind it was always there.. sometimes my practice would slow or evolve from less of an asana based to more of a self reflection but no matter what it was always where i went back to when s**t was and is hard and also when things were and are amazing its a constant reminder that no matter what i always have my self and my mat and that is something to be grateful for... in 2015 i officially did my original YTT and it rocked my whole world.. little did i know that i would be honored to become a mother whose life i could bring this practice in from before birth..

Which brings me to .. my son is only 2 and the ways this has already shaped him are things that blow me away.. it makes me wonder what would life have been if i had found this concept this knowledge even earlier than i did.. is working to bring that curriculum to kids through 5 min videos that they can do in the classroom and they already have started! Help spread the word and post a photo of the age you started or first heard this “yoga” word. Help message so we can help our kids have a world filled with MORE YOGA 🙏🏻✨



I have grown a beautiful collection and knowledge of herbal medicine and i really want to host a workshop to show other people for fun or maybe if your interested in learning how to use it daily/weekly ect. !

It would be one hour and i will be bringing my BIG collection of oils from a medicinal grade essential oil company from Sedona and lots of herbs and you will have the chance to try all of them while learning about their purpose and process!!

It would be $15 a person and if you like and enjoy them i am able to place an order for you as the company does not make their product just available anywhere it can only be purchased in person or by people who have a relationship with them!! ❤️❤️

It really is super cool to learn about its well worth the money these are going to be your well known oils like lavender and that you will not just find anywhere! ✨

Comment or message me directly if your interested!! Wanting atleast 5 people to make this workshop happen! 🙏🏻

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 03/05/2019

Safe to say i am IN LOVE with my new tattoo at Guru Tattoo Studio — miss lady lavender she is serenity, she is calm.. she shows calmness and devotion.. 🙏🏻 in different forms a lavenders essence can help with things as simple as sleep and burns and bug bites to meditation and neurological disorders.. ✨ and of course she is purple so she is connected to our 7th crown chakra 🕉 i especially love this as a tattoo because lavender in latin “lavare” which is “to wash” because it can be a very purifying and cleansing herb representing a clean and pure soul which is why many people and monks use it to meditate 📿 scroll for more pics 🦋 NAMASTE @ Imperial Beach Pier

Timeline photos 03/05/2019

“Where there is tea, there is hope.” 🍵 heres some tea for thought.. i usually like starting my day with a smoothie but i discovered this weekend that starting off your day with something COLD vs. HOT/WARM is actually not the better option! Its best to start your day with something warm or hot like tea or oatmeal before cold because it helps say hello to your body and awaken it.. and you know those people who say “you don’t wanna talk to me before iv had my coffee” theres actually studies done that prove having something warm to start your day DOES make you ‘friendlier’ and that it could even be as simple as holding something warm can make the person warmer to be around 🤷🏼‍♀️ but forreal how cute is 🧜🏻‍♀️

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 03/03/2019

We are all so powerful so full of ways to feel and to be. You can do BIG things for yourself and when you allow that for yourself you can then make room to do it for others and that is when the magic can happen.. don’t let anyone shrink your excellence 🌈 @ Imperial Beach Pier

Timeline photos 03/03/2019

Everything we do in life is scary.... theres that good scary and the not so good kind of scary... sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we cant tell if its good or not so good scary and it can well.. then make it scarier 🤷🏼‍♀️ what you will know though and only you can know this is how it or who or what makes you feel and we have to trust that what we are doing or choosing or going through is with our BEST intention and then we can embrace that fear because being scared is OK. because you know what.. growth is scary, change is scary, but nothing is as scary as staying and feeling completely stuck somewhere you don’t belong... i was reminded of this today when i got a affirmation card this morning from when i first arrived and it said “YOU are stronger than fear” so this is what iv gotten from that and meditated on today i hope this helps someone out there the way its helped me today 🙏🏻 thank you for showing me how to become an Ariel goddess today!!🧿

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 03/02/2019

Just discovered a new word :: PLUVIOPHILE :: (n) a lover of rain;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days ... today im a PLUVIOPHILE🌧 @ Imperial Beach, California


You better believe i am out here in this rain meditating this morning 🌧 the thing is you’d think id b soaking wet..uncomfortable.. cold.. sand everywhere sticking to me.. well i was.. but the thing is i didn’t SEE it that way, once i embraced the rain and welcomed it rather than shy away letting it affect my morning it was one of the best meditations iv had in a while... i wasn’t soaking wet, i was refreshed.. and i wasn’t mad i had sand on me i don’t live near this so i welcomed it while i was right under my toes.. and once fear and annoyance went away i was actually pretty warm, that surprised me most.. and this morning with my rain filled meditation all these things that might usually bother me.. they made me feel ALIVE🙏🏻

Day One of San Diego Yoga Festival we wont let this rain bring us yogis down!!!!


First day back in imperial beach and im reflecting on my times here before and how thankful i am to be back as such a warming and beautiful place... its my second year at San Diego Yoga Festival hosted by the beautiful Yoga With Shawna cant wait to see what i will learn and experience this year 🧿

Timeline photos 03/01/2019

The Buddha said, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ... our path is our gift. We love it and we hate it but a path is lifelong from the day we are first alive to the day we die. From that first to the last second we are experiencing things, learning, changing. And it is up to how we see this path we have that perspective you choose to live with day to day is what makes your path “good or bad”, “regretful or enlightening”, filled with “hate or compassion” ✨


It is said finding real and true love is something some people spend decades searching for and i am lucky to have just celebrated having not just one but two of this love.. one in friendship and one in partner 🌱 and thats not to say that both of these relationships have been perfect over the years because nothing ever is or will be in anything in life but within those slight moments of “imperfections” we fought for eachother for this speacial bond i have with each of these beautiful human beings Brendan & and i love hard for people who love me hard back to both of you i say you have put a smile on my face so many times, and i hope i have given you atleast one in return as we celebrated both of your big days because both of you just had to be born on the same day huh!? Your sweet, beautiful, kind and so many other things and being able to be apart of your guys lives is everything (and brendan if me and courtney were sitting with you right now wed be all on that secret smile your hiding reading this because you know this post is cute 🙄) ( and courtney you welcome for embarrassing you with this post and im sure you’d tell me right now how extra i am with it haha) I love you both and i hope you had a Happy Birthday 🎉 #212121

Timeline photos 01/23/2019

Here i am.

My soul searching for its truest self.

Loving. Laughing. LIVING ✨

Timeline photos 01/17/2019

LAUNCH ALERT ** my beautiful self made brand will be teaming up with the beautiful for a exclusive hand made line of art for my product launch coming soon along with all my new hand made works of love 🔥 COMING SOON ⭐️


Practice on my new fun handstand toy ✨ i think brant likes it just as much as me.. he gets up there and looks to me for my excitement that good job.. you can see how proud he is when he gets up there.. he may just be 2 but that feeling i see is something even as adults we all are waiting for, looking for, craving.. we want that moment where we know we did it. We feel good.. we ACHIEVED something difficult.. but without the practice the hard work behind that achievement that feeling we all want to feel doesn’t happen at all.. the real achievement isn’t the end result it the hard the happy and the road before it that makes the rush become real 🙏🏻🙌🏻

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 12/01/2018

7 billion smiles and yours is my favorite my little buddha baby ✨ Jack Dytrych Photography 📸 @ Los Angeles, California

Timeline photos 12/01/2018

You were my cup of tea, but i drink champagne now 🥂


This is a video of something iv been doing an extra lot this week... breathing! More specifically BELLY breathing :: and as a lot of my students know or people who practice with me its one if my most favorite breathing exercises 💨 iv been doing it a lot though in this last week because my body was sick and i did end up in the hospital for it and my organs were suffering.. this breathe is very healing for the organs it will massage them and give them love as my body called out and told me last week i obviously need ✨ besides this the belly breathing also does wonders for our bodies stress response its very very calming.. as you can see since i couldn’t tell brantley was literally dumping water all over the floor 😂 give it everyone needs to breathe! And just like everything else in the body the breath too needs to stay heathy and strong 💪🏻

Photos from Buddha Bri's post 11/11/2018

To be continued 🎥✨🔥

Timeline photos 11/09/2018

We will survive this journey of life because the fire inside us will burn brighter than the fire around us 🔥

So Smile through trouble 😊 Gather strength from distress 💪🏻 and grow brave by reflection ✨ ......

Timeline photos 11/01/2018

Just me and Emilie Elizabeth doing some wall stands ✨ hope everyone had a great Halloween 👻


A beautiful journey will begin once you truly decide to be yourself and dont worry beautiful things have dents and scratches and stains too its in each of those stains and scratches and dents that have their own story of how they got there that makes it the beautiful thing that it is ✨ poor bubba is sick the day before halloween so doing my flow in the living room today catch brant trying to do a headstand with mommy 🍂🙏🏻😊

withlovebuddha 10/26/2018

Wanna take a class!? Rsvp on www.withlovebuddha.com under the tab ‘classes’ to get your spot its free to sign up and you dont have to pay till you get to class!! SIGN UP WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ✨😊🤟🏼

withlovebuddha HOME


check out my class schedule on my website withlovebuddha.com under the classes tab!!

Timeline photos 08/11/2018

We cant become what we want by remaining the way we are... will it be easy? Hell no.. will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY ✨because if you continue to aways do what you’ve always done then you will get what you have always got..life is all about change, its all around us, sometimes it more painful and sometimes it beautiful... but when you look at it deeper its actually always both ✨and as we worth within ourselves making change we can slowly but surely change the world 🌏 NAMASTE FRIENDS ❤️

Timeline photos 08/11/2018

May have gotten a couple new tattoos as my graduation present to myself for becoming a 400hr Registered Yoga Teacher ✨ what an amazing journey these last two weeks have been though 🙏🏻 iv met some amazing women who will now be apart of my yoga tribe and journey of becoming a teacher, student, mom, woman and just becoming a more knowledgeable and powerful human being on this beautiful earth 🌏 thank you for a incredible opportunity and experience... till we meet again San Diego, NAMASTE 🧘‍♀️

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