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Bio: Traveler, grateful mom, student, writer, and guide toward personal insight

Hospice Care for the Dying Paradigm

Angelina is a traveler, a grateful mom, a devoted life-partner, a writer, and guide toward personal insight for everyone she meets. Her work with individuals and groups catalyzes deep personal inquiry in a down-to-earth way. The learning labs Angelina creates are rich in out-of-the box experimentation and fun. Angelina dedicated her early adulthood to coming to peace with her trauma-filled early years. That quest clarified her life's purpose, and has resulted in her holistic, balanced perspectives and keen insight into your most confounding conundrums.

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Greetings Friends!

Happy Spring!

I've been in the underground for the better part of this Covid adventure, and have learned a lot about myself and the true nature of my coaching practice.

I've spent the past several months recrafting my website and my offerings. I would love to offer you the gift of the latest edition of a book I wrote a few years back called 15 Practical Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend.

It's a blueprint for parents, teachers, activists, healers and leaders on how to avoid burnout--or on how to recover from it effectively, whatever the case may be.

The following link will allow you to add your name to my official mailing list and receive your copy of 15 Practical Ways.

Enjoy, and let me know how you like it!

With love,

Contact 12/31/2020


Here is one really cool tip, but first, the platform:

Perfectionism, controlism, workaholism, alcoholism, any sort of addiction, whether to meth, video games, porn, food, shopping, or relationships themselves are all methods for coping with unaddressed/unexpressed trauma.

Recognizing the impact unhealed trauma has on your relationships empowers you to heal your heart and your relationships at the same time.

Notice that now, you have a choice. At this point, it’s about taking action and bringing about your own healing. Because when you think about it, nobody can ever know you as well as you do, can they?

So the truth is, no one else could possibly heal you as effectively or thoroughly as you could, because only you know what’s actually going on inside you.

If inside you feels anger, anxiousness, broken-heartedness or depression—super common states, if you’re an American, apparently, according to —then going inward doesn’t necessarily sound like the hottest plan.

“Pain and suffering bring you closer to God, if you use your pain as a guidepost on your path of healing. Go inward. The pain is the path, not the hinderance to spiritual growth and mental and emotional healing.”

“Wait. Like inward, inward? I have to go inward to heal?

Oh. Uh. I see... soo, uh yeah.

Um, right.... No.

I’m not around that day/week/month/year/lifetime. I’m all healed.

Anyway, I have to wash my cat that day/week/month/year/lifetime.

Let me know next time it happens.” {Right-hand fingers crossed behind back—while left hand reaches into pocket to find the roach I remember stashing there last night, as I simultaneously sidle slowly sideways and backwards, away from Life}

If you aren’t about the busy-ness of healing your heart and mind, they will keep running the way we learned to run them—not at all—and we’ll keep getting more wound-up and anxious.

If you're watching or rewatching this month’s video and suddenly find yourself out in the ethers thinking about work, or washing your cat, it's a good indicator that one or more of your protection patterns were triggered—usually an unresolved trauma—to spare you the pain of un-safeness or a sense of diminished self-worth or self-love.

If you catch yourself ‘spacing out’, the invitation is to rewind, and listen for the part that caused a sense of uneasiness inside.

The act of healing trauma has much to do with noticing when you are close to a hurt place inside, and then choosing the willingness, curiosity and courage to let yourself feel the uneasiness.

You’ve heard the saying, “To feel is to heal,” right? It’s true.

And now that you’re beyond the traumatic event that caused the uneasiness in the first place, there is a conscious place within you that knows how to be lovingly attentive with the places inside you that are hurting.

I’m not suggesting that this action is easy. I am suggesting that this is what the ongoing activity of healing consists of, and that if I can do it, anyone can. It takes patience, practice, perseverance, and the willingness to trust.

What are you trusting?
First, that there is no “there” when it comes to healing, so this is one area of your life where there is no need to rush.

Next, that every time you choose to meet yourself in your discomfort with presence—rather than distracting or numbing it away—that you are literally eroding the neural network in your brain that resulted from the trauma, in your entire sensory system.

By doing something—anything—different in response to the triggering event.

Your system will naturally release the echos of trauma, when you become willing to sit—with an open heart and patience—with the discomfort that stirs in you when you’re triggered.

I know it sounds simple, but if it were easy, nobody would be walking around with unresolved trauma—nor ever get triggered—because we’d all be doing this instead of wondering whether or not we are addicted to our prescription meds, or whether or not our spouse actually loves us, or why I can’t just climb off his or her back and love them they way they are, or, or, or, or. ….

The list goes on, doesn’t it?

The fact is, being triggered is so intolerable that most people I know default to one or more of the coping methods (partial list, above) to keep the hurt of the world at bay.

The self-preserving activities with which we are accustomed—albeit self-preservation is natural and necessary—erodes away at your sense of connectedness. Not because of the impulse to preserve yourself, or spare yourself pain, but because the methods we utilize to preserve ourselves are themselves destructive.

The resulting sense of disconnectedness that comes from relying on non-healing actions to self-preserve shows up in our relationships as “breakdown”.

If there isn’t relationship-ing variety happening—varying depths of connection, quality and frequency—breakdowns are also inevitable.

We show our kids that to be human is to cope, and thus is born the next anxious generation.

And. This is exactly why we are here. How do we do it differently? PM me for info on our next round of Relationship-ing where we discover a bunch of cool stuff--which we cannot predict, because the stuff we are discovering is YOU--break it all down and have a lot of fun.

You will walk away with a whole bag of ways to utilize the most potent tool you always possess, and reestablish when breakdowns happens ❤

to get a copy of your free handbook, 14 Practical Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend.

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Contact Thank You for Visiting! To contact me, please call or text me at 415.858.5858 As my gift to you, please enjoy this copy of “14 Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend”. Simply click the button …

Top 10 Ways to Live Joy-Free Life 08/18/2020

Top 10 Ways to Live Joy-Free Life

for your enjoyment!

Top 10 Ways to Live Joy-Free Life In the Letterman tradition, this is a countdown to number 1.

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

As you probably know, I am proud to be a part of a collective of healing artists called The Eleventh House.

In an effort to keep our beautiful brick & mortar through this, The Eleventh House is offering this, donation-based Virtual Healing Summit.

Scholarships are available for the entire summit, and for individual workshops.

Please click on the link below for details and to check this smashing lineup of offerings!

Melusina Gomez is offering the next one at 7pm PDT TOMORROW night: Greeting The Dawn of The Sixth Sun
- clear ancestral trauma and karma -…

Mine is at 7pm PDT on Tuesday night:
14 Practical Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend -…

Please bring your shine, your heart and your voice to amplify the seeds of healing we are here to sow.

✨Is your Soul hungry for community?✨

✨Then you are invited to our Virtual Healing Summit!✨

Are you yearning to discover new tools and practices that support you in staying connected, centered and grounded within your Greatest Essence and Power?

Are you ready to connect with like minds and expand consciousness - individually and collectively?

In times of transformation the human spirit needs community, and it requires the tools and techniques needed to process deep levels of change and transformation happening both individually and collectively.

The Eleventh House Summit is an online summit focused on providing tools, techniques and practices that support one in staying centered and grounded within one’s sense of self- especially in transformative times.
Featuring New Thought Teachers, Psychics, Channels, Healers and Spiritual Guides, The Eleventh House Summit will create a virtual community where we can gather online and receive powerful teachings, tools, techniques and practices that can support us in remaining grounded, centered and empowered during turbulent and transformative times.

The Summit will include topics, teachings and experiences from the fields of:
- Modern Day Mysticism
- Energetic Healing Practices
- Yoga
- Breathwork
- Psychic Downloads and Channeling
- Magical Wisdom Teachings
- Tarot
- Astrology
And So much more

Tickets are donation based to help the physical space of The Eleventh House, and we are offering free scholarship tickets as well for those in need. Let us support eachother!

Segments within this Summit will be offered every Monday and Tuesday evening from 7:00pm-8:30pm PST as well as some Sundays from 11am – 12:30pm PST.
Each segment will be offered online over Zoom and the Zoom Access Codes will be provided upon registration.

For more info, a list of workshops and to register here:

photo by Amy Thompson Photography Thank you! 💛


Here’s a love punch for your soul. Enjoy ❤️


Take a look at what we are facing now as a species from a perspective of being
-see comments for article-

28-Days of Nourish to Flourish - with Angelina Frost 06/26/2019

28-Days of Nourish to Flourish - with Angelina Frost


I hope you are able to join us for our next round of Nourish to Flourish. (We called it 'Wellness Reset, last month, but this name suits it better.)

Read to the bottom of this post to learn about how to get your free copy of Nourish to Flourish.

28-Days of Nourish to Flourish - with Angelina Frost You Look Like You Love a Good Reset 28-Days of Nourish to Flourish... for you if 'good' is no longer good enough. You're ready to thrive, but aren't sure how to make that leap from fine to thriving. You want the benefits of the hard work you do, but something is amiss. You know what it's about...


We Did It!

The latest from one of my favorite mentors.

What 's research has uncovered about the nature of shame--how it's at the root of all that stops us from realizing and acting on our own unique genius--affirms so much of what I've uncovered in my own work with groups and with one-on-one clients.

The way Brené breaks it down, articulates it and offers practical solutions to busting and eradicating the monstrous psychic disease that is shame with humor, compassion and grace sets her apart from all the rest.

Absolutely worth your while if you're ready to realize the wholehearted version of the ever-becoming miracle that you are


Simple, yet powerfully true.


bless you, Mary Oliver. bless you, Brené Brown.

But so often we run and avoid stillness and standing because we are afraid that if we slow down the truth might catch us.

The bad news is that we can’t outrun hurt and struggle. The good news is that we can’t outrun grace either.

Blessings to you today and thank you Mary Oliver - your poetry is grace in action.



Her work is not only profoundly healing in a super practical way, her research confirms the observations of this curious reality hacker, who knows that the culture changes as the quality of our conversations change.

I spent yesterday at one of my favorite places on the planet - Pixar Animation Studios. We talked about and the vulnerability inherent in innovation, creativity, and leaning into hard conversations.

We talked about the power of representation and the power of feeling seen when our stories, our experiences, and our cultures are honored - on the screen and in the words and actions of the people around us.

There is no creativity without vulnerability.
There is no innovation without failure.
And daring leaders are never silent about hard things.

Thank you Pixar for bringing so much joy into our lives.
Thank you Britta Wilson for an amazing fireside chat.
Thank you to everyone who made yesterday feel like coming home.
And, thank you Ed Catmull for being such a brilliant teacher and mentor to me.

And, as far as this picture and the ones in my Insta story - sometimes it's weird to show up to an organizaiton to talk about leadership and serious things, and at the same time be like, "OMG! There's Buzz and Woody! Can I hug them?" But that's life. We're human. We contain multitudes.


who would you be in the world if you were living your full potential?


Why You Should Stop Giving This "Compliment"

Here's some pretty interesting stuff to think about.

Socially endorsed attitudes that go un-noticed, and consequently unexamined. Yet, these attitudes are so damaging.

I wonder what that kind of attitudinal toxicity costs us, as a society. What is the cost in mental healthcare? The costs in the relationships of those touched by those kinds of attitudes?

What are your experiences with this kind of thing?


Before You Overthink, Watch This

Have you ever checked out prince EA?
If you haven't, don't wait. He delivers some wholehearted truth with every video he's release, at least that i've seen, for years now.

Angelina Frost updated their business hours. 11/11/2018

Angelina Frost updated their business hours.

Angelina Frost updated their business hours.


free workshop
The Hub | Fairfax | 4-6
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two free workshops
The Hub | Fairfax | 4-6
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You Know What They Say About Opinions... 05/07/2018

You Know What They Say About Opinions...

You Know What They Say About Opinions... We've all got 'em--good, bad and ugly. But do our opinions really serve us? There is a Chinese Proverb that goes something like this… A farmer and his

Scientists Just Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations 12/14/2017

Scientists Just Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations

This is why doing our healing work is of such paramount importance.

When we heal our lives, we heal our heritage as it expresses through us. That means those that follow us get the benefit of all the goodness of our forebears, and less of the crap we are tasked with clearing up.

Let it be that your mantra is, "The buck stops here."

Healing your life isn't selfish. It's the most radically proactive thing you can do to save our species.

Even the tiniest adjustments in the reclamation of your heart and mind is a HUGE win for everyone that follows you.

Scientists Just Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations Scientists have made some incredible new discoveries on how our minds can literally affect our biology, especially through the study of epigenetics, the branch of science that looks at how inherited changes of phenotype (appearance) or gene expression are caused by mechanisms other than changes in t...




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