Rick's Outboard Marine Inc

Rick's Outboard Marine Inc


I just had a good slug of routine and not so routine maintenance done at Rick's. Being somewhat of a do-it-yourself-er, who also knows his limits, it was hard to let someone else turn the wrenches. Partially because I'm frugal (my wife says cheap...), partially because I like doing the work. I've used Rick's services for about 15 years. I follow his Facebook posts and have been to his seminars where he entertains Q&As from boat owners. Rick knows boats. He also knows that not all of us can hand him a blank check. He also drives home the idea that a buck spent doing routine maintenance can save thousands down the road. When I gave Rick the boat I included a full list of all maintenance that had been performed on the engine since I bought it. He did the repower for me so that list represented everything that has been done. I knew that when I left the boat in his care the work we discussed, at length would be done. Some things were simply to be replaced if needed, some tasks just done. All tasks were completed, the price was fair, and I know from experience it was done right. At some point and time in all of our lives it's good to have a pro assess your stuff. I trust Rick and his mechanics to be those professionals.
Can't say enough good things about service with Rick's.......I get treated like a good friend every time.....Thanks guys, Joey.
Rick and the guys keep me moving!
Great Bad Daddy Tournament....followed by the National Anthem sang by these two lovely ladies 🎵🎼🎶 thank you #meltrue #baddaddy #ricksoutboardmarina

A contact point for questions regarding boat and engine repairs and seasonal service.

Operating as usual


Mercury Dockline | Cape Harbor Marine Service Repowers: Connected By The Water | Mercury Marine

mercurymarine.com This New Jersey outfit knows how to breathe new life into boats | Stay-in tune with boating how-to's, gear and tech and other great information at Mercury Dockline today!


The Difference Between the Traditional Mercury Verado and the New V8 Verado


youtube.com Keith Kavajecz explains what makes the new Mercury V8 Verados different from the traditional Verado.

[12/01/20]   The repower season is here now.
If you or anybody you know is considering a repower for your boat, now is the time.
We're offering special pricing and incentives such as interest free floor planning till May on Mercury and Yamaha engines.
Call today for a quote and resale quote on your current engines.

[11/18/20]   Now its been awhile since I've posted, been one wide open summer and still going.
First I'd like to thank all of our customers who supported us and went boating this year.
We worked with half of our crew this spring while Mike logged in each day from home and me taking pics of packing slips for parts and work orders to complete and drop boxing parts for customer curbside pick up in an effort to isolate ourselves and still satisfy our customer's needs.
I'd also like to publicly thank my main man Ruben for standing by my side again as we endured the load of commissioning and launching boats as fast as we could.
Words can't express my gratitude and the same goes for 2007-2010 when we almost lost it all, he was right there with me.
We gained lots of new customers this year.
Lastly I'd like to thank the rest of the crew, who now with our backs against the wall, and time again against us, for turning and putting a shoulder into it to get things squared away before ice and snowfall sets it.
Along with the recreational customers we also have the City of New Bedford Police, Fire and Port Authority, Cashman Dredging, Sevenson Environmental, Foth Marine Engineering, Fairhaven Shipyard, commercial fishermen, UMASS and others who rely on us for support regularly all while the DIY people and transient boaters need attention also all while parts and engine availability became a major challenge for us and still is.
So with that said I just want to say thank you all for being patient while we struggle to keep up.

Again thank you all very much, I know so many businesses that have closed or struggle to remain open.
We are fortunate to be one of those allowed to remain open, and as a seasonal business even harder if forced to close at the wrong time.
I am sure I speak for all by saying I hope 2021 brings some relief from the struggle we are all dealing with currently.
I hope you all have a good and safe Thanksgiving.
If you or your loved ones haven't been struck by C-19, you certainly have much to be thankful for.


Great place for a fuse block.


14 Expensive Accidents and Fails That Might Make You Cringe

stories.wimp.com I feel for these people...I really do... It's never easy to see someone fail in a major way, especially when you know it's gonna cost them or their

New life for an older boat

Repower season is almost here.
Free freight on engines ordered in our fall program.
Order your engine now and pay for it in April when your warranty is registered.

Looks like a packed house and full winter of repowering and wiring ahead.
Plan now for spring, there is a time and a place and the season is short.

All of our dashboards are made with rugged UV resistant ABS and precision machined to fit your boat perfectly.

[08/17/20]   We may have a Suzuki 300 30" coming in with full controls, cables, harnesses and instruments.
Boat is under powered and owner seeking options for twins.


Kill Switch – New Laws and Common Sense - PartsVu Blog

partsvu.com The dedicated usage of a kill switch helps to avoid the number one cause of boating injuries and fatalities. Learn about new laws and good practices.

We do have some pretty bad ass boat owners for customers.
This one in particular, a 32FS was repowered 3 years ago and gives Mr Steve S lots of pleasure.
It also is one of those "stop and stare" moments when its being moved to or from the ramp.
New engines blow new life into an older boat.
Its a great option over spending big $ on a new one.

Wishing our fans, dealers, friends and family in Isaias’s path calm in the face of the storm 🙏

Built To Last

Those Yamaha engines have plenty of power. Thanks Rick’s Outboard for this great setup. #towboatusnewbedford #ricksoutboard #sterntow #yamahaoutboards

[07/28/20]   Well this was just too funny not to share from a close friend in Georgia on Lake Lanier, and if you don't leave my shop laughing we have failed miserably lol.
"Stephen Lynch
Oh! Then It's obviously time to break out the Sea Foam. It seems to be a big favorite of the Facebook Boater's group on My lake...It's their answer for everything... That, and Flex Tape! Ruptured fuel rail??... Flex Tape... Ran over a rock, and punctured the hull of your PWC?... Flex tape!....If they weren't being serious, I'd be inclined to believe it was a running gag. "What's that Earl? You got Your connecting rod doohickey poking out the side of your engine block? The shop says "put a fork in it?" .... whatever! Listen here..TRUST ME!.. Whatcha gotta do is put a piece of that there Flex Tape over it, and add a can of Sea Foam!".... Man! Don't get ripped off by one of them professional Marine mechanics!"..... I'm not a mechanic, and I see no harm in DIY repairs, but abusing the mechanics, on the group, who often help out just to be nice, then turning around, and blasting them again, because you show up on July 2nd, hand them your Verado in 12 ziplock bags, because you don't know what goes where, and bitch that it won't be ready for July 4th, makes me want to torpedo them next time I see them doing 30 Knots with a tube full of kids in tow, in the "No Wake Zone", of the main channel. Be Thankful you don't service only rec boaters."

TowBoatUS New Bedford

Capt. TJ bound for the ramp in Padanaram. Call to join 508-997-3997#towboatusnb #sterntow #redboats #towboatusnewbedford #freetowingformembers #ricksoutboard

New Wire Marine

Facelifts for your boat available this winter.
Yes you can shop at West and we'll install because we'll order and sell at their same price to you.

Ready to customize your boat with a dash or switch panel? Top-notch quality, completely customizable, and shipped nationwide.

Swipe 👉 to see the transformation of this boat!

Message us to get a quote for your boat!

Yup, that will shut down a motor above 3000 in a hurry.

[04/14/20]   A special thank you goes out to all of our customers who have been so patient and cooperative with the current situation of drop off, phone communications and payments for work we've been able to complete.
Especially grateful to those who have been able to help us get through some pretty financially rough times and help us make ends meet here staying current with winter work payments they've made on completed work.
Its hard to express the gratitude knowing how many others are suffering and out of work currently, but thank you sincerely.
Any balances generating service charges will be credited the next few months while people recover from this set back.
We WILL get through this and hang on tight for a comeback that rivals the Patriots/Falcons Superbowl.


[03/29/20]   Ok, so how about an update...
Although we are exempt as an essential marine service shop, we are currently closed to outside traffic in an effort to reduce exposure to ourselves along with those who might come in with time on their hands.
Ruben and I are doing our best to keep things moving including NBPD and commercial marine engineering boats service along with 3 Cuttyhunk residents who needed to get home and away from the spread.
3 of our full time people home and Mike our service writer is doing a tremendous job remotely connected to the front counter doing work orders, ordering and emailing customers.
I am maintaining the phones and customers who wish to drop off their boats outside the gates are encouraged to do so. This way we can try and stem the spring rush as much as possible as I expect things to get crazy like they do after 3 weeks of rain this time of year.
We are hoping to continue getting our storage customers summerized, pained, cleaned and ready for launch as soon as this settles down.
I hope you are all keeping distance so we can put an end to this madness asap.

Swoop Motorsports

Team Black Diamond’s incredible 59 Tirranna “Six Carat” with six 450R outboards! Sweet Setup? 👍🏻 OR 👎🏻

📸: @alexander.egan1
Owner: @team__blackdiamond

New Wire Marine

Can't wait to see the before and after on this Pathfinder, what an improvement! Give your boat a well deserved facelift this spring.
#newwiremarine #pathfinderboats #upgrade #pushbutton #switchpanels

Custom made switch panels made to exact size with your choice of panel material from wood grain to carbon fiber and back lit with custom logos done for your boat.

New Wire Marine

Top shelf upgrades to your current electrical panels done in time for the boating season.
Custom builds to match your exact panel available.
Carbon fiber panels built to replace those cracked plastic OEM originals that will last a lifetime.
Call us today for a quote and check out this website for options we can make happen.

We design and produce value added electrical products for the marine industry

As there will be questions regarding the tournament, in fairness to those who wish to know why, here it is.

As our business has grown in the past 5 years it has become increasingly difficult to manage this at the peak of our spring crush to get people's boats ready and launched.

It was taking a full week to prepare for this involving the movement of boats from the building and cleaning of the property, building and set up and we did this alone taking employees off jobs to do so.

It involved a stoppage of the normal flow which also caused a couple of problems which we can't have happen.

Then post event was the removal of trash, tables, chairs, grill and putting them away and getting re-situated to our normal work flow.
So it was for this reason that we had to opt out after 5 years.
While I didn't expect this event to end, I figured their would be another location found as this wasn't a short notice thing.
It was immediately after the tournament last year.

I'd like to thank all of those who came and the volunteers and sponsors who gave selflessly to make it the success it was.
I hope to see it continue in the future as well.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Bad Daddy Fishing Tournament over the last 5 years! I am extremely disappointed to announce that due to matters out of my control there will not be a tournament this year.

We have had a lot of support over the last 5 years and I am very grateful to all the very generous sponsors that helped make the tournament such a fun event. Lots of great memories and friends were made and that's driven me to work so hard each year to put on the best tournament I possibly could.

I am sure this will not be that last tournament I run. Until then please follow me at Fishnet Charters - Capt. Mel True.

Great custom options to go along with any upgrade for your boat.

Now a dealer for custom panels for your boat.

Next up we have a twin engine re-power going on.
It was a small oversight when quoting on this as the engines on this bracketed boat are too long for the bracket and the engines are 20 Long shaft engines.
As you can see they are mounted as high as possible on the bracket because they are too long.
Normally engines used on brackets are 25" or in some cases 30" shaft length.
So what we discovered after pulling a straight line off the running surface is that the brackets were installed incorrectly and only a 15" shaft length would work correctly on this boat.
Using engines this short results in power heads getting swamped when coming off plane as well as eventual corrosion issues because the power heads are at or in some cases under water.
The other serious factor is due to the leverage of the higher mounted engine on the low bracket has caused a crack to appear in the transom.
So the boat has been stripped and either a new bracket or relocated placement of the original will be done once the transom has been repaired with additional knees in the inside transom area.
It has become quite a pattern over the years with mis-matched engines to hulls or incorrect bracket installations.

Here is another rigging mess we discovered while changing out shift and throttle cables on a 30' GW.
Went to pull through new cables and found then locked because of 3M 5200 spooged into the rigging tube.
The good of the bad here was in de rigging the engine we discovered a fuel hose completely swollen shut from ethanol.

So we had this rather well built boat for seasonal service and storage and this year it became apparent that the rigging tube was folding when the engines are tilted up full.
This was bending the shift and throttle cables as a result making them stiff.
So in the course of replacement we had to remove the control box and what did we find mounted below the console completely out of view and access without removing the control box?
Sometimes boat builders really have us scratching out heads.
Fuses sometimes blow and you shouldn't have to take apart a boat exploring every obscure place for a fuse panel.

Why Knot Sailing

In case you need to re-wire your boat

Metan Marine and The Classic Collection

Pretty amazing restoration.

Metan Marine is the national go to fiberglass repair shop for all the major insurance carriers. When it has to be fixed to better then new with the confidence of a full 10 year warranty Metan is the only choice! #metanmarine #fiberglassrepair #marineinsurance #chubbinsurance #travelersinsurance #boatrepair #bostonwhaler #420outrage

Why Knot Sailing

Why Knot Sailing

Panel upgrade getting rid of the toggle switches and circuit breakers for one of our customers.
Very clean push button unit with combo breaker/switches.

Black hull restoration on a Donzi-Proline we are repowering.
Gonna look as good as it runs.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Fairhaven?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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New life for an older boat
Ethanol Blues
Lucky Save
Friday Afternoon Antics
Just To Make The Fuel Gauge Work
One Clean Tank
Problem child makes a comeback




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