Springside Racquet & Fitness Club, Akron, OH Video August 12, 2016, 12:15pm

Videos by Springside Racquet & Fitness Club in Akron. Springside Racquet & Fitness Club is Akron’s most complete multi-athletic, fitness and recreational facility.

Charles Thruster

Check out Charles demonstrate the Thruster! Try it next time you're here and let us know how it goes!

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Yoga/Pilates with Pam Saturday morning at 8:00 via ripl.com

Tennis agility work with Sean Robbins. Call us to book your session.

Don’t forget tonight at 4:30. Pickle ball open house!!! #pickleball #pickleballjunkie #pickleballislife #herepicklepickle #pickleballrocks #pickleballaddict

New parking lot!!!!

More bootcamp fun!

Bootcamp with Charles. Check out @codingus

Ultimate frisbee with Charles

Come out Friday mornings for some Ultimate Frisbee with Charles!!

Bootcamp with Charles
How much fun is Bootcamp with Charles?!?

Charles Thruster
Check out Charles demonstrate the Thruster! Try it next time you're here and let us know how it goes!

Charles Push Up and Body Row
TWO FOR ONE on this Monday morning! Watch Charles show you how to do a push up and a body row!

Charles Towel Drag
Looking for a new exercise to do on our track with just a few towels? Watch Charles show you how! A great core and upper body workout!

Charles Side Plank
Learn a side plank and a few modifications from Charles!! He's a certified personal trainer and ready to help with your fitness goals!

Sean "High-Pull Pullback"
Work your shoulders with a "high-pull pullback". Sean shows you how!

Sean Reverse Lunge
Happy Friday!! Check out Sean showing the proper technique for the reverse lunge.

Sean Shows the Double-Leg Deadlift
A "Double-Leg Deadlift" sounds tough...let Sean show you the way to do it!

Charles Squat
A squat is very basic exercise but easy to get wrong. Let Charles show you how to do it the correct way!!

Sean Lunge Exchange
If you've seen Sean around the gym, you know one of his favorite workouts is the lunge exchange. What other exercise do you want to see Sean demonstrate?

Charles Battle Ropes
Looking to get your heart rate up and work upper body? Check out Charles demonstrating the Battle Ropes!

Charles Plate Push
If you work out with Charles, you know this is his favorite exercise. If you don't work out with Charles, you should...

Crunches with Sean
Are you doing proper crunches on a ball? Find out from Sean, one of our certified personal trainers!!

Like Charles says, do things that you don't realize are a workout. He plays wallyball for his class!

Charles advice on working out
Charles gives advice on making working out fun!!

Diet Tip from Sean
Looking for some simple diet advice in the New Year? Look no further and let Sean, a certified personal trainer, help reach your long-term diet goals.

Charles Showing a Burpee
The burpee is a full body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise. Learn how-to from Charles...our certified personal trainer!!

Sean running technique
Learn proper running technique from the best there is! Sean, our certified personal trainer has trained over 20 All-Americans in track teaches you proper form.

Meet one of our members who has seen huge results from our trainers!! Congratulations Suzanne! Keep up the great work! Like if one of our trainers has helped you!

Meet Charles!
Need a little extra motivation? Meet Charles!! One of our certified personal trainers who would love to help you reach your fitness goals!!

Everyone has fun in Kathy's Jazzercise class! Tuesdays at 10:30 am and Friday at 9 am!

Meet Sean
Meet Sean!! He's a certified personal trainer at Springside and has been for 15 years!! He wants to train you!

Join our workout classes!
Bring out some friends and join our classes!!!

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