Fall River Falcons

Fall River Falcons


Best of luck to ALL the upcoming shows this upcoming weekend!!! We wish you all GREAT Success at you show!

Funny4Funds ~ Laugh Your Tail Off Comedy Night
CLCF Soccer Club
Chesapeake Lightning
Easterseals Rhode Island
Young Marines DC Trip Fundraiser
Nam Knights Of America MC, Boston - Annual Comedy Fundraiser
Falcons Comedy Night! (18+ event) Fall River Falcons
1/25 Marine Association Scholarship Fund
West Bridgewater Athletics Boosters Comedy Night
So true 💪
"Youth sports isn't just about the sport. It's about keeping the fun in the game and teaching your athletes lessons they can take with them for life."

The Fall River Falcons put together a small flag season since Covid had crushed their ability to play a regular tackle season. Giving their last year players an opportunity to come together one last time, because the Falcons are not just a team, they are family. Here was their award ceremony from Saturday, where you really see the love these kids and coaches all have for each other. Great job done by all the volunteers!!!
13U Flag Football and 14U Cheer
13U Flag Football and 14U Cheer
13U Flag Football and 14U Cheer
13U Flag Football and 14U Cheer
Flag Football 11U
Flag Football 11U
Flag Football 11U
Flag Football and Cheer 9U r
Flag Football and Cheer 9U

The Fall River Falcon's is an AYF Football and Cheer Organization that has been supporting athletes from
Fall River and the surrounding area, including Somerset, Swansea, Westport, and Tiverton, RI, since 1989.

Email: [email protected]

Operating as usual

Fall River Falcons 2022 Elections 02/24/2022

Fall River Falcons 2022 Elections

Reminder that all BOD letters of intent must be in by 3/1/2022.

All letters must be sent to: [email protected]

Fall River Falcons 2022 Elections Fall River Falcons Appointed Positions and Duties Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. - Board of Directors, Fall River Falcons In addition to all individual duties, each Board Member will be required to attend all Fall River Falcons monthly board meetings. Be res...


Huge shout out to Soto Entertainment for DJ’ing our upcoming Award’s Ceremony for the second awards ceremony!

Don’t forget to RSVP before 3/1!!


Fall River Falcons 2022 Elections 01/29/2022

Fall River Falcons 2022 Elections

We hope everyone is staying warm, safe, and dry!

Information about our 2021 award's ceremony has been sent out to parents via the Sports Engine app - we will post more information here too.

In the meantime, in the link attached are our open Board positions for 2022. All information needed for the open positions is located in the google doc link posted below.

Anyone interested must email their letters of intent by 3/1/2022 to [email protected]. Any letters received after this date will not be eligible for the awards ceremony elections. In the event we still have open positions, any delayed letters might be considered.

In addition to the positions listed in the google doc, we are also seeking an experienced Treasurer. This is an appointed position and requires a resume with relevant experience.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Board Member for more information.



Fall River Falcons 2022 Elections Fall River Falcons Appointed Positions and Duties Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. - Board of Directors, Fall River Falcons In addition to all individual duties, each Board Member will be required to attend all Fall River Falcons monthly board meetings. Be res...


We all know how much we here at the Falcons love to support small businesses. With that, we’re excited to announce that our apparel vendor for our 2022 season, and the foreseeable future, will be Stinger Printing!

Stinger Printing is a locally owned, and operated apparel shop and we can’t wait to see all the 🔥 ideas they come up with for us!

We’ll have some mock-ups being displayed at our 2021 awards ceremony and 2022 registration events (more info to follow on both the awards ceremony and registration)!!

Be sure to give them a “like” and follow!

Small Business Sale


Wishing you all a very happy, and safe, Thanksgiving!


Here’s a quick story about how one of our Falcons was almost a Wildcat for the day…

Yesterday, while in Bridgeport, CT, one of our 14u athletes had a little uniform snafu and left her shell all the way back in Fall River - YIKES!! As soon as we found out we started figuring out how we could remedy this in as little time as possible.

We happened to see Norwich Wildcats on the warm-up mats, with a very similar top (not the one shown) and rushed over to ask if there was any way possible we could borrow a shell after they were done with their day.

Rhonda, their cheer director, agreed within seconds! Didn’t even think twice. After being shown our actual uniform she mentioned how she had one that was even closer than the one her team was wearing.

While we ended up getting her Falcons’s shell right as we were taking the mats, it was a huge relief that she had something to wear!

This is what this sport is about! Teams coming together to support one another.

So huge thanks out to Rhonda, and the entire Norwich Wildcats organization! Also, congratulations on placing for Nationals, we’ll be cheering for you!



On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we would like to welcome and congratulate two of our newest board members: Coach Greg Massey and Coach Bridgewater!!

With four kids in the league, between football and cheer, Coach Greg has been a Falcon for many years, and was an assistant coach for the team that placed second in the nation! Coach Greg joins us as our Assistant Football Coordinator.

Another long time Falcon, Coach Bridgewater also has four kids in the league, between football and cheer, and brings a wealth of football knowledge and dedication to our league. Coach Bridgewater joins us as our Assistant Equipment Manager.

Welcome and congratulations!!



Today marked our official last day for our Falcons cheer athletes. Both our 10u and 14u teams hit the mat at Regionals, but didn’t place.

Huge congratulations to all of our athletes and coaches for a great season, and all the time, effort, and hard work they put in to making it a success!

We’re excited to share that while our 14u team did not place in the top three, we did place the highest within our conference!!

We can’t wait to see everyone back for our 2022 season. We miss you already!



AYC Regionals 11.20.2021

Oh we’re sorry, we couldn’t hear you over our amazing cheering section!!

14u parents showing out for our girls!






10u 🔥🔥🔥


10u is about to take the mats!

Let’s do this!!






Get ready for the black and red today as your lady Falcons hit the mats at the AYC Regionals!!

Let’s do this ladies!!




Photos from Fall River Falcons's post 11/18/2021

Let’s wish these two teams good luck as they round off their last few practices before Regionals this weekend! ♥️🖤


Good luck to our Blackstone Valley teams, Chiefs Football & Cheer, Lincoln Lions, and Fairlawn Cardinals Youth Football and Cheer as they hit the field today for the first round of Regionals!


“ True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” - Arthur Ash

Today, as we do everyday, we honor all the brave women and men that have served in our armed forces. We thank you for your service, and dedication to Country.

❤️🤍💙 ⭐️ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Photos from Fall River Falcons's post 11/06/2021

What a great night of Friday night football!

Huge thanks to Coach Luke Bahry and all the staff at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School for hosting our athletes tonight!



Let’s go Diman!


…and just like that, our regular season is done! Thank you to all of our athletes, parents, volunteers, and staff for a great regular season.

We’re so excited that we’re now onto the playoffs where we have four out of five teams moving on.

Flag and 10u played their last game of the 2021 season today.

Flag had a great season with tons of growth and learning, and we can’t wait to see what they come back with for 2022!

10u had a hard fought season. Those athletes have so much talent, and we know they’ll be back on 2022 with all the fire for a winning season.

Huge congratulations to 8u, 11u, 12u and 13u for making it into the playoffs!! More info to come.


Photos from Fall River Falcons's post 10/23/2021

And your 14u placed 2nd after hitting ZERO!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations ladies!!!!



14u awards ceremony coming up!



14u is on deck!



And moving onto regionals, with a 2nd place win, your 10u Falcons!


Congratulations ladies!!!


Time for 10u Awards!!



10u is on deck!



Coming in with the ‘Best Jumps’ award your Fall River Falcons 8u!



8u is getting ready to take the mats!!



Today’s the day!

Good luck lady Falcons!



‘Twas the night before state cheer competition
And all through the house
Not an athlete was stirring
Not even a coach

All of the Cheerleaders were snug in their beds
With 8 counts and motions dancing in their heads

Uniforms were hung in their rooms with care
In hopes that there would soon be a trophy in there!

The fear had them nervous about making a mistake.
But they knew they had this, for heavens sake!

They worked together as Falcons
And did this for the crown
For tomorrow in North Smithfield



Good luck to all of our cheer teams!



Ooo your Falcons were on 🔥 today! Clean sweep 🧹!!

8u -vs- Providence 20-7
10u -vs- Central Falls 13-0
11u -vs- Fairlawn 18-0
12u -vs- Upper Cape 6-0
13u -vs- Central Falls 20-0


Great work, Falcons!! ♥️🖤


Great opportunity to keep active during the off season!


Your Falcons were on the road this weekend, and what a day of games! All teams except flag played East Providence Jr Townies

10u kicked off the day with a 9-6 win.

8u suffered their first loss, 6-26, of the season in a great, but hard fought game.

11u won in a nail biting double OT, 7-0!

13u came in hot today, playing under the lights, with a 30-0 victory!

Our littlest Falcons, Flag, played against New Bedford Whalers YouthFootball-Cheer.

Our 12u team was in a bye this week.

Congratulations to all of our athletes!!


Photos from Fall River Falcons's post 10/04/2021

On Sunday, October 3, we honored Coach Bear by dedicating the #1 jersey to him.

Throughout the years, youth football and Coach Bear were synonymous. A leader on and off the field, the impact that this great man, and coach, has had on all of us is unmatched.

From every Falcon, past and present, Thank you Coach Bear!






Tomorrow kicks off the last month of regular season games for our 2021 tackle season!

Wow, has the time flown by!

Tomorrow, and all through October, our athletes will be wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Games kick off at 9am tomorrow! We can’t wait for another beautiful day of Falcons Football and Cheer!






What a beautiful Sunday for games!

Your Falcons were on the road today, visiting Woonsocket for all of our games.

10u (1-1) kicked off our day with a 14-0 win!

Our flag team stretched their wings a little more today and scored two tds to their three!

8u (2-0) is still on fire 🔥 with a 41-6 win! These athletes are firing on all cylinders.

11u (1-1) showed amazing week over week growth with a 7-6 win!

12u (2-1) Woo, 12u! Those boys left it all on the field with a hard fought battle falling one short to Woonsocket, 6-12.

13u (1-1) also fell short today with a 12-38 loss.

The Falcons are back home this upcoming weekend!

Congratulations to all of our athletes, both football and cheer, for another amazing weekend of Falcons’s Football!


Photos from Fall River Falcons's post 09/11/2021

“On one of the worst days in America’s history saw some of the bravest acts in America’s history. We’ll always honor the heroes of 9/11. And here at this hallowed place, we pledge that we will never forget their sacrifice.” - George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America.



This past spring, one of our long time Falcon families experienced a significant loss, with the loss of their baby boy.

Throughout this season, our athletes will wear “JLB 22.8” on their helmets to honor Ja’Ahvani Butler, and the entire Butler family.

Always a Falcon.

*video posted with permission from family*


Fall River Falcons updated their website address. 09/06/2021

Fall River Falcons updated their website address.

Fall River Falcons updated their website address.

Photos from Fall River Falcons's post 09/06/2021

Can we take a sec and check out our new uniforms?! 🔥🔥

We know it’s a huge change moving from our traditional red and/or black for our home jerseys, but the grey just hits differently.

Our new, white away jerseys will be on display this upcoming Sunday as we’re on the road against the Woonsocket Warriors.

Huge thanks to Matt from Stoller Sportswear, Inc for working with us through countless design requests and changes, and a very short window to get these in on time!


Photos from Fall River Falcons's post 09/06/2021

Woo! What a day for games! Congratulations to all of our athletes on their first games (second for flag and 12u) tackle game in 2 years!

How’d it feel to shake the rust and dust off and get back to tackle?!

Flag - our littlest warriors came out and played with heart today only giving up one touchdown and scoring two!

8U 🔥 not giving up a single TD, with the win over the Braves, 30-0

10U (vs Braves) and 11U (vs CLCF) both play hard games, but fell short today, losing 0-6 and 0-26 respectively.

12U another 🔥 game. Neck and neck for most of the game took their second win over the season 35-24 over the Braves

13U closed out the day with another win for the Falcons, 16-0 over New Bedford.

Thank you to all of our families, and volunteers, for an amazing game day. Tackle football is back!

Don’t forget to drop those game days photos!


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AYC Regionals 11.20.2021
Let’s go Diman!
This past spring, one of our long time Falcon families experienced a significant loss, with the loss of their baby boy. ...
Just in case you were wondering how amped our flag football and 8u cheer teams were today! Rolled out the red and black ...
Day 1 Conditioning Drills
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First week of practice is in the books. Huge thanks to all of our families for your patience and understanding as we wor...
Masks are in!! We will be reaching out to everyone that has ordered to scheduled delivery/pickup.  Worth the wait, these...
Don’t forget! Today is the last day for the pass-it videos.  If you want in, make sure to send to to any board member, o...



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