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GROUND DOWN LIKE EARTH. Come feel the grass beneath your mat and breathe the fresh air at YOGA IN THE YARD THIS SATURDAY 10-11:15AM CST. This is an ALL LEVELS class. Grab your mat and some water and join us!

Sign up now by clicking the "Book Now" button on our page or at baptisteyogafayetteville.com.


YOGA IN THE YARD, SATURDAY 10-11:15AM CST! There are few things in this world as sweet as practicing yoga on a beautiful spring morning in the out of doors. Sign up now by clicking the "Book Now" button or by going to baptisteyogafayetteville.com. Didn't get to register?? Drop in and we will sign you up! Plenty of yard space for all! This is an ALL LEVELS CLASS--drop your need to do it right, to be flexible, or anything else that is in your way and be a YES for showing up for yourself! Just bring a mat and some water! Namaste


Shift your vision from selfISH to selfFIRST--take some time for yourself this Saturday and come flow with us in the great outdoors. 75 minutes of YOU time, to fill up your cup so that you are recharged and ready to take on the weekend! Grab your mat, block and a water bottle. Bring a friend. Or just bring yourself! Click the Book Now button on our page to sign up! This class is also available Live via Zoom--two great ways to be a YES for YOU!


YOGA IN THE YARD is back! Starting this Saturday, May 1st we will be flowing in the yard from 10:00-11:15AM CST. Reserve your spot now at baptisteyogafayetteville.com. Bring your mat, water bottle and a block if you have one and come root to rise in the fresh green grass! Questions--Message us!!

Want to join us but can't make it to the yard? We are still streaming via Zoom! Sign up for Live VIA Zoom option and you will get the link 30 minutes before class.

See you Saturday!


Stop the temporary fixes and spark a personal revolution. Join us for Digital 40 Days beginning April 19 - registration is open now! Use code 40daysfayetteville at checkout for a special discount and to be automatically enrolled in our community breakout sessions, Tuesdays at 6:30pm CST.

Drop the excuses and register today: https://www.baptisteyoga.com/40days/


Are you ready to change your life for the better? Join us and for Digital 40 Days to Personal Revolution, which we are co-leading beginning April 19!

Sign up today: https://www.baptisteyoga.com/40days/ and get $15 by using our unique registration code: 40daysfayetteville.

What is 40 Days?

40 Days to Personal Revolution is a Baptiste Yoga program that includes yoga, meditation and self discovery. Each week we will read on chapter of Baron's book 40 Days to Personal Revolution and focus on the theme of that chapter for the week. These themes include Presence, Vitality,

In weekly Zoom calls with Baron, we will explore the week's themes and talk about what we are discovering, where we are stuck, and be inspired by the global community of 40 Days participants.

We will also have small group Zoom calls weekly where we can dig deeper and support one another along the way.

This program leads to radical self transformation! Be a YES for yourself and sign up today. YOU ARE WORTH IT! I have done this program three times now and each time I am in awe of the self discovery and transformation that is possible in 40 Days.

Have questions? Message me! And then sign up at https://www.baptisteyoga.com/40days/ Don't forget to use the registration code 40daysfayetteville so that you receive the $15 discount and are put in our BPYF small group.


This is just the invitation you have been waiting for! Unleash your potential and experience lasting transformation - together! 🔥 I am co-leading Digital 40 Days to Personal Revolution with Baron Baptiste and beginning April 19th. Register now with code 40daysfayetteville to receive a special discount AND automatically be enrolled in our community breakout session Tuesdays at 6:30pm! Find out more about the program at https://www.baptisteyoga.com/40days/ Go sign up today!

Curious but have questions? Shoot me a message!


THIS SATURDAY is the Shine Your Light Yoga Festival! All proceeds from Saturday's 10am class go 100% to the Take Back the Night Foundation, supporting victims of sexual assault.

Please sign up for this special 75 min class using the Book Now button, or find Baptiste Yoga Fayetteville on Mindbody.com.

You can also donate directly to Take Back the Night.

If you have never practiced or haven't practiced in a while, let this be the motivation to get on your mat as a show of strength for all those who have been victims of sexual assault. Class is also safe for survivors--Zoom based, so no "hands on" assists, and a trauma informed teacher (Did you know I am a social worker??).

Sign up now! Look forward to practicing together on Saturday as a part of the Shine Your Light Yoga Festival.



Gratitude is the attitude of the season. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to come by these days. Some days it’s easier than others. But every day that I get on my yoga mat, I build my gratitude muscle. Gradual gratitude strengthening. Just one of the many gifts of yoga. Come practice your attitude of gratitude tomorrow at 10am CST Live via Zoom. Sign up through link in bio or DM me.


So many excuses, so little time on this planet. I can be as bad as anyone when it comes to finding reasons not to get on my yoga mat. Or for putting junk food in my mouth. Or for not getting myself to bed at a decent hour. So. Many. Excuses.

Baptiste Yoga has taught me to give up the excuses. It is a daily practice that I have to commit to again and again. And by giving up the excuses and being a YES for getting on my mat, I have found a quiet strength and sense of determination. A brand new way of being a stand for who I am and what I am about in my life.

Discover this simple practice for yourself. Weekdays and Saturdays at 10am CST. Sign up at through the Mindbody app at Baptiste Yoga Fayetteville. All classes are live via Zoom.

Not available at 10am? Private sessions are available at other times. DM for information.


6 days a week at 10am CST (11am for you on the East Coast, 9am for my Mountain peeps!) Baptiste Yoga’s Journey Into Power sequence each and every day! Sign up in the Mindbody app.

Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville is now 💯 percent DONATION BASED. All proceeds through November are going to Africa Yoga Project which is doing amazing work!

Grab your mat, get over your Zoom complaints and join me in building community around this amazing yoga practice. See you on the mat!


Where are you stuck in your comfort zone? Where is your comfort zone stifling you? Yoga is an access to learning how to step out of your comfort zone and into what is possible. Stepping out of your comfort zone may be as simple as stepping on your mat. Or maybe it’s finally trying wheel pose after years of staying in the “safety” of bridge pose. Whatever it is for you, come practice stepping to the edge with us. 75 minute Power Flow via Zoom. Saturday 9-10:15am. Sign up thru link in bio or DM us with questions.

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Come generate light and happiness with me today (Saturday) at Yoga in the Yard @ 4:00pm! Bring your mat, a friend, a towel and some water. Sign up at Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville in the Mindbody app.


LAST CALL for Yoga in the Yard!! This is our final week of regularly scheduled Saturday yoga in the yard—You don’t want to miss it! It’s going to be GoRgeOuS weather tomorrow so come on out and fLoW 🌊 🌊 🌊 4:00-5:15pm CDT. sign up on Mindbody or just come on over! We will sign you up right here in the yard! Not in the area? That’s ok! You can still Zoom on in! You sign up for that on Mindbody too! Can’t wait to see you Saturday!


The warm afternoon sun will help us to build some fire during our NEW TIME for Yoga in the Yard! Grab your mat, some water and a friend and join us for our 75 minute Power Flow class at 4:00pm CDT on Saturdays.

Book now through Mindbody @ www.mindbody.io/locations/1010-power-yoga


YOGA IN THE YARD—Special Edition 🍊 Join is Saturday @ 9:00am for a 75 minute power flow in the grass followed by mimosas and coffee. Donations based class. Bring your mat, water and a friend! Sign up and see@our full schedule @ Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville thru the Mindbody app. DM me with questions!


It’s Friday! That means TOMORROW we will be flowing in the yard! 🧘🏻‍♀️ Practicing yoga outside is one of the best ways I know to come to my senses. Come feel the earth beneath your feel, feel the sun on your skin, smell the green of the grass. Come and be moved. Bring a mat, some water, a block and a towel. 9-10:15am CDT. Donation based. All proceeds go to September-November. Livestream on if you can’t make it to the yard! Links to sign up in bio.


ANOTHER CHANCE to join us for YOGA IN THE YARD! Tomorrow (Saturday) 9:00-10:15am CDT. Admit it, you were a bit jealous when you saw the pics last week after our first amazing yard flow. Don't sit by this week while we have all the fun--grab your mat, some water and come on out! Yoga is for every BODY--be a yes for getting on your mat and seeing what you can do! Click the Book Now button (above) or sign up at baptisteyogafayetteville.com.

Still not getting out much? We have you covered. This class will be LIVE on Zoom! Sign up now.


Come root down and rise up! Tomorrow is the PERFECT day to get your yoga on! If not now, then when?? 9:00-10:15 CDT. Journey Into Power Flow. All levels welcome.

Sign up with the Book Now button on our page or at baptisteyogafayetteville.com.


Grab your mat, some water and your bad ass self and join me for Yoga in the Yard this Saturday morning! (And every Saturday while the weather holds.) Give up any excuses that may be coming up and be a YES for THIS SATURDAY! Sign up through link in bio.


VIRTUAL Teaching schedule this week:

45 min Power Flow
Tuesday morning 7am CDT
Thursday morning 7am CDT

60 min Power Flow
Wednesday afternoon 4pm CDT

75 min Power Flow (i.e. More of the Good Stuff)
Saturday morning 9am CDT

Look forward to teaching you no matter where you are in the world---or in your practice!

Sign up now baptisteyogafayetteville.com

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NEW SCHEDULE STARTS TUESDAY! Some morning classes are in the mix, still one afternoon and of course, our Saturday morning classic. All classes are now donation based. See the schedule and sign up on our website or through Mindbody.

Timeline photos 06/09/2020

On the go this week! Heading up to my native state of Massachusetts for a few! Will be Zooming from there starting 6/15! Stay tuned for a new summer schedule! If you need a yoga fix before the 15th, check out my YouTube channel for pre-recorded videos of all lengths! Search Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville on YouTube. Much love, my yogis! See you so soon! 🙏🧘🏽🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏

Timeline photos 06/03/2020

Praying for justice and peace across the country 🇺🇸 and around the world 🗺 I am grateful to be able to get on my mat in times of great sadness and stress and be able to take care of myself. Come join me this week. 60 min JIP Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday @4:30pm CST and 75 min JIP Saturday @9:00am CST. Come take care of your person. You are worth it!


IT IS OUR CHOICE: We can spend our lives nurturing resentments and hungers, or we can venture forward as warriors of light and seekers of truth, cultivating an open heart and real health. --Baron Baptiste

Today I choose to be a warrior of light! COME SHINE WITH ME today, tomorrow or Saturday!

60 min Power Flow
4:30pm CST/ 5:30pm EST

75 min Power Flow
9:00am CST/ 10:00am EST

Sign up on Facebody, our website or through Mindbody.

See you on the mat!

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REMINDER: BPYF will NOT hold our 9am CST class this Saturday. I encourage everyone to sign up for this FREE class with Luca Richards! Luca is an incredible Baptiste yoga teacher and this is an exciting opportunity to be ledby him! He is funny, smart, and fabulous! SIGN UP NOW!!!! You will LOVE it! See you there! This pic is of me with and after my Level 2 training with them in 2018. Love this practice, this methodology and this community!


REMINDER: BPYF will NOT hold our 9am CST class this Saturday. I encourage everyone to sign up for this FREE class with Luca Richards! Luca is an incredible Baptiste yoga teacher and this is an exciting opportunity to be by him! He is funny, smart, and fabulous! SIGN UP NOW!!!! You will LOVE it! See you there!

The reviews are in and they all agree... That you will not want to miss this complimentary online yoga class Saturday, May 23, 2020 11am-12pm (EDT). All levels are welcome no prior yoga experience is necessary. register here https://forms.gle/oF9io9DPhALz83wG6 and visit www.lucarichardsyoga.com

Timeline photos 05/19/2020

Half moon pose. Standing foot facing the front of your mat. Lifted heel toward the back of your room. Crown of the head toward the front of your room. Stack your hips. Set your drishti (gaze) to the side wall or up to the ceiling. Breathe. Be. Shine open. 💫. I love the cues of being in a pose—the different things I can put my attention on in order to find my fullest expression of a pose. And then to just BE in my body in the moment. It is one of the many gifts of yoga. Come practice with us this week! Classes Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoons from 4:30-5:30pm CST. DM me for the link or sign up on Mindbody. Or through our website—link in bio.

Timeline photos 05/12/2020

Feeling stuck in a rut?🐢 Come practice and find a new groove!💃🏻 Complimentary ZOOM class times this week are: Tu/Wed/Thurs afternoons 4:30-5:30pm and Saturday morning 9:00-10:15am. Sign up via website or Mindbody! See you on the mat!

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

This Baptiste Yoga Law of Transformation is one of my favorites. How many times have I tried to rush through something to “get it over with” only to realize that there is no way to truly get where I am going without going THROUGH the process. BPYF will not rush to reopen at this time. We are a small space and cannot safely accommodate even private sessions at this time (as defined by AR Dept of Health). But we DO have 4 amazing Zoom classes scheduled this week (T/W/Th Afternoons at 4:30pm and Saturday morning at 9:00am). And private sessions via Zoom can be arranged by request! See the schedule and sign up through our website (link in bio). Let’s OM from hOMe 🏠 together this week!

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Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville

Welcome to Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville! Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville exists to be of service to the community of Fayetteville-- inspiring possibility, hope and connection through Baptiste Power Yoga. Come join us on your mat and experience the freedom and vitality that this energetic practice offers. We will move together, sweat together, and laugh together!

Currently, Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville is a small studio, with room for only 10 mats. This means that classes are intimate and instruction can be personalized. The healing infrared heat in the studio will warm your muscles and allow you to deepen your poses and your practice.

Classes are only $12 for drop in, and unlimited monthly memberships are available for $75. Individual and small group sessions are also available.

Opening Baptiste Power Yoga Fayetteville is a dream come true for me and we are just getting started. Check in here as we add more classes and special events to the schedule in the weeks and months to come.

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