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👏🏼A HUGE THANK YOU to Noell Yanik for a wonderful postpartum event! 🙌🏼
We had a great turnout for this super informative event. Postpartum health is something that isn’t talked about very often but is so important‼️ Here’s a clip of Noell talking about #kapalabhati breathing.
If you missed this great event, Noell is always available to answer questions! Check out her website 👈🏼
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Noell Yanik, author of Unbreakable Core, is hosting a postpartum session and Q&A at our office on Saturday, November 16th, 9:00 am-10:00 am!
This event is 🆓!! You will learn movements and exercises to help strengthen and heal your core. Whether you’re 2 months or 10 years postpartum, this event is for YOU! 👩‍👦👩‍👧
Bring your yoga mat (not required) and get some questions answered while learning great techniques! A light breakfast will be served as well.
Questions? 📞Call the office (803) 323-5500! RSVP to secure your spot by commenting below 👇🏼
#cchp #cchpcarolinas #healthandperformance #staybalanced #yorkcountysc #postpartum #pelvicfloor #corehealth #postpartumhealth #unbreakablecore
🛑 Is stress affecting YOUR life? 🛑

Kids are back in school, schedules are on track, but life is still crazy and the holidays are right around the corner!! 🤪 Dr. Clay and Noell Yanik talk about ways to DE-STRESS.

Through small changes in diet, exercise, stretching, and breathing techniques, you can decrease your stress levels SIGNIFICANTLY! Try out these techniques to get your stress levels 👇🏼

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Here are my tips on good health! I hope you learn from this site and that my passion inspires and encourages you to care for yourself in the best way!

Operating as usual

Photos from Noell Yanik's post 05/09/2022

I am a zoo keeping mom who loves her wild animals deeply!! And I am grateful to see my momma today too. To this day she teaches me (just through her example) & I am still soaking up all the rich lessons in love, motherhood, homemaking, friendship, work… all of it… that she has to offer.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone who nurtures & pours energy into the people, animals & world we live in. And to those who long to be a mom or miss their mom, I wish you warmth & comfort through whatever struggle you’re facing 💛

Photos from Noell Yanik's post 05/08/2022

Only the best fuel for these awesome ladies ❤️🔥

recipe modified from @halfbakedharvest

Photos from Noell Yanik's post 05/04/2022

This title was a long time coming & something she’s been working toward for a while now. I am so proud of my client & friend @brandijan6 !!!! The mental/emotional & body transformation she’s undergone over the past several years will always inspire me. ⭐️ Shine on 🍓 Queen!

Photos from Noell Yanik's post 02/13/2022

Happy Sunday everyone! ☀️

🍎Here are some UBCPLUS meal ideas for you to pull from as you’re prepping for the upcoming week.

💪🏻All of them are macro & calorically appropriate for our weight loss & muscle gain program.

👀There are more meal ideas from all our members in the UBC-Eats highlight reel too so if you’re in need of more inspiration be sure to take a look!


Almost all colors present & accounted for 🌈 Bright plates like this one make me so happy 😍🌟

Almond & cornmeal faux fried chicken + cinnamon sweet potatoes + kale, cabbage, 🥓, 🥑, 🫐 & 🍋 🍯 chia seed dressing.

And that’s a wrap on Wednesday. Almost anyway, post Covid laundry & the Matrix Resurrections await me! So stoked about this movie. And far less stoked about my least favorite chore… 🧺 🤨

Have a great night everyone!


Let’s keep it real.

And by that I mean,

Real fat. 🧈🥥🥛
Real sugar.🍯🍓🍌
Real flavoring & fresh flour.🎂

Our body recognizes these ingredients and knows how to break them down to be used as fuel which means that as long as your treats are made from REAL FOOD, they are a GO. 🙌🏻

On the other hand,
❌Artificial flavorings come from petroleum & other inedible substances which can cause, asthmatic symptoms, abdominal pain & other allergic reactions.

❌Low fat foods often hike up the sugar or sodium content to make up for the lacking taste. This makes the overall marcos (grams in fat, carbs & protein) way out of balance here so in most cases the best move is to stick with the full fat version.

❌Artificial sugars like sugar alcohols, aspartame, sucralose, saccharin & xylitol are also no go’s 🙅🏼‍♀️ and are found in many health food options so be sure to check out your food labels before buying.
Ive found through my self & my clients that they mainly cause bloat 😖 and slow the digestive process however there are many studies siting extreme consequences (from regular use) like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, mood disorders headaches & migraines.

✅Real fats & sugars should absolutely be used in moderation but they are practically guilt free when compared to their processed equals.

So cut the foods that come in packages and find simple recipes that allow you to make homemade goods in your own kitchen. Or do what I do… support your all natural, small town baker and buy out her goods @pmberry79 .😉🌟👏🏻


Photos from Noell Yanik's post 12/07/2021

Fun night with the greatest anchors in my life ❤️Mom & Dad❤️ and @instasam_635 who edits & helps produce my work 🤓 AND works out 🥵with me which means there’s a lot of love there 😉 (hubs is traveling btw!)

Congratulations to @_lliw for the win and to all the nominees @nagurskitrophy !

Special congrats to my Dad & his crew who produced of the banquet! It all went off without a hitch🎥⭐️👏🏻


Dia de Los Muertos ☠️


Wagyu beef meatballs + sweet potato wedges + asparagus for the win tonight as we rush from karate to soccer then to Boy Scouts. Today is flying by as is time in general. How is it the end of October? I can’t believe Halloween is this weekend! I THINK we’re ready with costumes and all but I need to check on that 🙄 Cue the last minute Halloween store dash🏃‍♀️😅

Back to dinner…
I prep meals around 2pm each day so that the evening runs smoothly. No I do not get this done 💯 of the time because, LIFE! This dinner make look fancy but it’s not. The meatballs & 🍠 wedges were air fried at 400deg for 20min while the asparagus cooked in the oven for the same amount of time. Total prep time was 30min (again, done earlier in the day).

I seasoned the meatballs with loads of ginger & garlic, a shaved 🍎, green onions, soy sauce then added 1 egg & panko bread crumbs to make it all stick together. The sweet potatoes were cooked with a bit of ghee & seasoned with cinnamon afterward.

Oh and the topping! Its a family favorite of ours… pickled cucumbers & red onions. I make it (the kids help chop the veggies 🔪 ) on Sundays & it lasts throughout the week. It’s so versatile! We use it on tacos, nachos, eggs, salads and on any Asian dish too. I typically combine red wine vinegar with white vinegar then add honey, salt & whole peppercorns. Sometimes I add fresh herbs if I have them on hand too. You can’t mess up pickling veggies so get funky with it & experiment with different ingredients to see what you like best.

I hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! Ciao for now!


Looks like the end of summer on my plate tonight.

Roasted okra, brussels & 🥕, Heirloom 🍅, bibb lettuce, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, almond/turmeric dressing, hummus & seed chips & 🍷🖤

Photos from Noell Yanik's post 08/19/2021

Cotton candy as big as your head & a girly day date to celebrate before her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow!


Can I get a hallelujah?! The kids are in a full day camp this week and for the first time in over 2 years… I’m off mom duty from 7:30-3pm. Love my little rascals - deeply - but this year has been the longest school year to date and I am so looking forward to having the time it takes to carefully consider & reevaluate where I’m at in my spirituality, my relationships, fulfilling my purpose & my work and making an intentional plan for the future. 🤍

And I do hear you guys! I am considering reopening an online group challenge in the fall. I love the comrade & I love using what I know to help you all feel better in your skin. So stay tuned for more news there! 💚

For now the online program is still being used by one on one clients & by some nutrition clients too. Click the link in my bio to get more info & sign up!

Here’s my Mid-day ⛽️
2 🥚with turmeric & black pepper + Ezekiel muffin + 🥑 + kimchi + spinach + walnuts + figs + pumpkin seeds + cooked 🥕

Photos from Noell Yanik's post 05/06/2021

What kind of dinners do you guys circulate throughout the week?

I used to experiment in the kitchen and take time to explore all kinds of cuisines & recipes but now that the kids are older and we spend more time outside of the house, we’ve got a short list of dinner recipes that we use each week.

Here are our top dishes...

1. Tacos (salmon, shrimp, ground beef, chickpea or pulled chicken- we like it all)
2. Spaghetti & meatballs
3. Cobb style salad (like the one in this post)
4. Cheeseburgers
5. Teriyaki salmon, greens & roasted potatoes
6. One sheet dinners like chicken thigh & a variety of veggies with homemade aoli.
7. Breakfast for dinner 🙌🏻 my favorite.

Let me know your dinner go-to’s in the comments below! to’s?


It’s pho real so good 🤤 And yes I know it’s pronounced Fuh. Not Foe. Still I think the play on words works here😜

And to think we’re indulging in this goodness for charity tonight... I’d say this weekend is off to a good start.

Pho is one of my top 3 favorite meals! Its fresh and always gives me comfort. It settles my belly and the nutritional quality is quite impressive. Here’s what is boasts:

💚bone broth for essential fatty acids
💚amino acids
💚many vitamins & minerals, meat for protein,
💚cilantro for phytonutrients
💚vermecilli noodles for... deliciousness. Ha these aren’t nutrient dense but the carbs break down into immediately available energy. They’re perfect for having a little umph for a post dinner walk. Or for laying on the couch. Lol You guys know your goals... you make the call here.

💜Lastly, If pediatric cancer and funding for research is close to your heart then you can join in and donate by going to

Thanks Theresa for the meal. The broth is outta bounds!!! It ain’t easy to feed a village. You get the community crown tonight 👑.

Much love to everyone and Happy Friday. 💓



All hail Nutella 🙏🏻🙌🏻😍

Here’s a good one that satisfies my chocolate cravings and has skin glowing benefits too🌟 I don’t eat much dairy at all bc I’m lactose sensitive but this recipe is worth every bite.

It’s all the cacao powder and scoop of collagen powder that gives the skin (and entire body) a boost. 💁🏼‍♀️ It also makes that time of the month feel oh so much easier to work through 🍫 🤤💃 And I’ll take alllll the help I can get right there!!

🌰Hazelnut Greek Yogurt🌰
1cup Greek Yogurt
1scoop collagen powder
1/4cup cacao
2tbsp monk fruit sugar
1/2tsp hazelnut extract
2-3tbsp almond milk
Top with Nutella & chopped dark chocolate.


Breaking my fast this morning with a savory gut healthy combo right here...

💚Ezekiel English muffin= fiber, minerals, nutrients & fast fueling carbs.

💚Korean kimchi= probiotics & spice because I love the fire baby! 🔥

💚Broccoli = EVERYTHING. Water, Fiber, many minerals & nutrients that promote cell recovery & help balance my hormones too.

💚Egg = protein, B vitamins & Omega 3’s

💚Black pepper = antioxidant rich vitamins that reduce inflammation & increase white cell count.

Mmmm it is mighty delicious for the win! 😋
How can you super charge your meals today?!⚡️

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