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I love my body for bringing me my baby, and I also want to change it to feel my happiest and healthiest. And if you do too, THAT’S OKAY.

I’m tired of the narrative that moms should just “accept” their body after a baby because “that’s just how it is”. If you’re confident and happy the way you are- yes mama!! And if you don’t feel comfortable and attractive in a body that’s been through hell and back- that’s 10000% NORMAL.

I’m here to be real with you- carrying 20-30 pounds of extra fat, having a mommy pouch, being tired 24/7 and being insecure naked- that’s not just “how it is” for moms of littles. Or at least, it doesn’t have to be.

For awhile I was hesitant to share this method because I wanted to be sure it would work for others.

But since then we have helped 50+ women lose 20-30 pounds and fit back into their pre-baby clothes, while never missing bedtime or dinner with their families.

Now, I’m looking for 15 women who are ready and qualified to use this method that does not involve unrealistic restrictive methods- but instead BUILDS your post-baby body into a lean, feminine, energetic machine.

DM me “MOM BOD” for all the details.

Ps- I already have a huge demand for this program and I do have limited spots available. Reach out ONLY if you’re 1000% ready for a serious change in your life and never want to feel insecure naked again.

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can we bring back the “photo” gram for a sec? 🥲

We’re already in month 10 of the year.

Mikah Bryce is already 8 months old.

And I just keep thinking how fast it all goes. How is my newborn now crawling and standing?

And it’s crazy to think how I didn’t want this life before. I wanted to work on myself, build my career & my body… and I thought that I couldn’t do that anymore.

Funny how now I still do all the same things- with him by my side.

I think for a lot of people it’s the opposite.

Your babies take away your time, energy, attention. Your whole life is devoted to THEM.

You forgot about yourself. You forgot to take care of YOU.

You’ve made your babies into your excuse as to why you can’t pursue yourself- not your reason.

Mikah is my reason. My family is my reason. And they deserve the happiest, healthiest version of me they can get.

Not the run down, tired version. Not the overweight and insecure version.

They deserve the mom who will get in the water at the pool. And the mom who can take them on walks and play at the park. And the wife who can get dressed for date night without melting down in tears.

So no, my baby isn’t my excuse. He’s my reason.

“Mom Bod Method” is dropping tomorrow for my mommas who are tired and want to find themselves again. Details coming tomorrow @ 12. If you’re ready to stop putting yourself LAST- you need to be there. Drop a 🫶🏻 if you’re ready and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss it.




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