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Different Breed Performance is a elite training facility located in Frederick Colorado. Our goal is

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Little evening plunge action…nothing better than a good ice bath!! No doubt.. cold water therapy is hard at first.. but once you learn proper breath work and routine your body adapts quickly and the benefits are UNREAL!! Do the hard things!!


585 for a 5 count off the blocks!! Moving weight at Different Breed Performance!! Be DIFFERENT baby! Come get some!


Speed and strength expert at age 15… impressive!!! Good luck!! Some just learn the hard way! The heavyweights and advance movements will come.. but if technique isn’t correct in the basics.. we will just be digging a deep hole that gets harder and harder to climb out of in the end!! Like anything.. takes time and work. Do it right.. do it light!! Do it wrong do it long!


Different Breed Performance athlete big John Pastore doing big things!! This guy is a perfect example of where hard work and determination will take ya!! Follow his lead!! Dude is a beast!


Looking for sports specific training?! Do your research on the programs you are interested in! What’s the coaches background what have they done.. what do they have to offer? A lot of places poppin up..Google is amazing! To be elite you have to work with the elite!!


Big lift before a big feast tomorrow!! 455 for a 8 count!! Happy Thanksgiving from Different Breed Performance!!


Boom!!! Football players in northern colorado!!!! Off season training is full go!! Come get strong, fast and explosive!! Taking on serious athletes only. Ones who want to be DIFFERENT! All others head to Redline or Golds! Ha kinda kidding! Get Some!


Congrats to Different Breed Performance athlete Morgan Tribbett!! Well deserved! This guy earns it every single day!! He is where he is because of good old fashioned WORK!! just got themselves one hell of a baller!

Who’s next??????


Sheep Week!!!

“Border War” No. 114 Will Kick Off Saturday Between Wyoming and Colorado State 🤠🏈 📰 | bit.ly/3zY4ZJi


Sunday funday!! Stackin it up.. 515 for a ride! CLANK CLANK!!


Enjoy the moment.. for those young ones with a few more years… if you truly want to play at the next level.. what are you doin to help?! How hard are you working? How bad do you want it?!

Must read.


In football being strong is important…. Being explosive is more important. How fast can you move weight!! To be explosive you must train explosive. Speed squats (go to a depth that transfers over to an athletic position on the playing field) pair squats with explosive jumps!!

Come train at Different Breed Performance separate yourself from the competition! Get Some!!


Thanks to the awesome coaching staff of for having Different Breed Performance out today!! Put on a mini Different Breed camp. Got some hard work in and most importantly some COMPETITION! The kids killed it! Big things for this team. Good job men!


Go pokes!!! Who is next to put on the brown n gold?!


Get locked in for offseason training ASAP!! Gonna be blasting music, throwing around weights and crushing PRs!!! A few spots left! Be DIFFERENT!!


Looking for athletes who have GRIT!! Those who don’t… won’t make it!! All good it’s not for everyone!! This group of young men signed up for offseason training…. Have GRIT!! So pumped to get rolling!! Get some!


It starts and ends with WORK!! What are you doing to reach your goals?!


Out work EVERYONE!!


Come in to Different Breed Performance and get that work! Improve speed and power… get STRONG baby! Work football technique drills and get exposure to college programs! You work for me and ill work for you! Spots filling up quick!


DAMN!!!!! Different Breed Performance OFF SEASON ASYLUM training is almost full!! Speed..Strength..Power.. and Positional drilling cranked up to the max! Sign up while their is room!!

About last night: Week 5 in prep football 09/25/2022

About last night: Week 5 in prep football

A lot of Different Breed Different Breed Performance athletes out there doin BIG work!! Either with us or against!

About last night: Week 5 in prep football A rundown of football results and highlights from the past two nights.


Different Breed Performance is already filling up sessions for after football season. If you are in northern Colorado and interested In a training package or recruiting please let me know ASAP. Dm me and I’ll give you my contact info!! HURRY!

Three stars of the game: Pokes vs. Falcons 09/19/2022

Three stars of the game: Pokes vs. Falcons

Different Breed athlete Cole Godbout getting after it against Air Force!! Starts upfront baby!

Three stars of the game: Pokes vs. Falcons The entire roster deserves a game ball after Wyoming's 17-14 victory over Air Force, but we narrowed it down to just three -- kind of


Team Different Breed has been dominating so far this season! No surprise.. we knew it would be like that. When you put in the time and work like we do that’s what happens baby! Proud of everyone of you! Just getting started!! There are gonna be some big signings coming up. Stay tuned!


Super pumped to head up to Laramie this weekend to watch some !! Every single time I go back to that stadium I get FIRED up!!!! Ready to watch the get after it and talk with coaches about some Different Breed Performance athletes! Would love to send some of my boys up to WYO! Who’s next!!?

Photos from Different Breed Performance's post 08/26/2022

College ball kicks off tomorrow!! Good luck to all former Different Breed athletes in the coming season!! Ballers from all over…Get some!!! Who’s next?


Different Breed currently has 10 seniors in the training program. Out of that 10, 7 of them already have offers to play football at the next level with more coming!! Coincidence… hell no!! We find a way!! Get some or get out the way!


Pushed my body and the mind to the limit!! I always find great satisfaction seeing just how far I can push myself. The mind when strong will take your body places you never believe! Strengthen the mind and your body will follow!!
BE DIFFERENT!! Don’t tread on me!

'These dudes are good': former All-Pro receiver Chad Johnson believes CFL players are NFL-calibre - 3DownNation 08/12/2022

'These dudes are good': former All-Pro receiver Chad Johnson believes CFL players are NFL-calibre - 3DownNation

Played with Chad for a season in Montreal. Great dude and solid teammate. There are a lot of ballers in the cfl and other leagues. Same for all levels of college football. If you don’t think you have to grind and put in work, you will find yourself as a spectator real soon. Gotta WORK!!!


'These dudes are good': former All-Pro receiver Chad Johnson believes CFL players are NFL-calibre - 3DownNation Don’t underestimate the talent in the Canadian Football League. That was the message shared by legendary Cincinnati Bengals’ receiver Chad Johnson during a recent appearance on the Stacking the Box podcast. Asked by host Mark Carman about his brief foray north of the border with the Montreal Alo...


Let’s get to work!!! Calling all DAWGS out there in Colorado!


Day 1 of Different Breed camp with Wellington Eagles football in the books!! The competition was on point! Love seeing these kids put in work! Love cranking up the intensity and letting these young men loose to compete with one another! This is a great group of kids and a hell of a coaching staff! Excited to watch them put it on the field this upcoming season!


Paint and sip is a thing of the past!! Come join Different Breed Performance for weekly LIFT and SIP sessions!! Bring your significant other or come solo! Get a nice workout in then enjoy a nice glass of wine after your workout! Gotta put in the work and earn it 🍇🍷!! Message for details and stayed tuned for more info! Get some!


Football season is right around the corner! Everything should be firing on all cylinders at this point of offseason. Are you ready?? Come get some work at Different Breed Performance.. put the final touches on before camp starts. Speed, strength, and positional work! Get the edge on your competition and hit the ground running! Hit me up!


5 out of 9 Different Breed Performance soon to be seniors all have offers… with more coming in!! No surprise! If you want it bad enough and are willing to put in the time and work! Be CONSISTENT.. we will find you a home! It’s not for everyone!!



Big Laith of Wiggins high school working fast violent hands!! This young man is gonna be a BIG problem for opposing offensive lineman! Put in the work now… let it loose on the field! Your either with us or against us! DIFFERENT BREED!!


High school football players!!! If your goal is to play college ball, Different Breed Performance WILL help!! We provide sport specific speed/strength training, positional drilling and speed work! We also will get you the exposure you need!! If you got what it takes I will personally contact coaches on your behalf! Contact me if interested in more details on packages and pricing…Get some!


I know what it’s like to be a young athlete trying to play college ball…the next level!!! doing everything and anything possible to get there. OBSESSED!!! Clawing with my fu**in fingernails every day.. every game to play another year! I want to help those guys! The Grinders! It’s a long ride baby! SADDLE UP!


Middle school camp is a few days away!! Camp will be held Saturday and Sunday at Centennial park in Frederick. Start time is 9am and will be wrapping up around 10:30 am. Please arrive 15 mins early to fill out athlete waiver and payment (cash, check, Venmo). Bring athletic clothing, cleats and a water bottle. We will accept walk ups at camp but would appreciate an email to [email protected] so I can get a rough headcount!! See ya Saturday… let’s get that WORK baby!!

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Day 1 of Different Breed camp with Wellington Eagles football in the books!! The competition was on point! Love seeing t...
Big Laith of Wiggins high school working fast violent hands!! This young man is gonna be a BIG problem for opposing offe...
Moving big weight today 495lbs 5 sets of 3!! Immediately after each set pair with resisted jumps and rotational movement...
Almost that time of year again!  Different Breed Performance team and individual camps.  Speed, Agility, Strength, and T...
Had the ceiling of the gym designed for the purpose of having a rope climb! Finally got it put together!! Makes pull ups...
Heavy weight day!! Finished the routine with 405 as many reps as possible. Hit 3 after a ton of volume! Goal is 5 by may...
Different Breed athlete and Roosevelt Roughrider football player Carter Harmon working pass rush technique this evening!...
Gettin that work in on Monday evening!! These young men are doin WORK!! Multiple PRs today!!  Proud of this group! Keep ...
Always finish off with a burner set! 315 x 13 with a few more in the tank! #differentbreed
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Different Breed Performance athlete Alex Austin bringin the wood off the edge!! Kid can do it all!! #WeAreDifferent #dif...
Different Breed Performance athlete working reaction speed and technique for baseball between sets! Train to perform at ...





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