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Different Breed Performance is a elite training facility located in Frederick Colorado.

Our goal is to provide sport specific speed and strength training as well as sports specific positional training for all ages of athletes in all sports

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Some say they want it… their only dream is to play at the next level.. it’s just a bunch of meaningless talk!! If you are not consistently doin work in the weight room, classroom, and practice field.. don’t be surprised when teams don’t call!! It’s simple!! You have to go above and beyond! It all comes down to WORK!! Get your priorities straight! 9.3% of high school football players will play at the next level…What are you doing to separate yourself from the other 90.7%???


9.4% of high school football players in the US play college ball.. are u doin EVERYTHING possible to be apart of that 9.4!! No one cares if you’re tired.. no one cares if you need rest!! While you make excuses someone is putting in work to be apart of that 9.4!! What are u doin to separate yourself???

When I was playing.. I loved to train on days like Christmas… New Years.. Easter.. WHY?? Because I knew a lot of my competition was gonna take a day off.. they deserved to rest on a holiday!! Not me!! This was a chance to get ahead.. to get a little edge on em!! So I cranked it up!!

Wanna be apart of that 9.4?? Be obsessed!! It’s SIMPLE but HARD!! Simple because all you gotta do is work harder than everyone else.. Hard because not many people wanna do the work


The Different Breed Performance standard!! Tough, aggressive, hardworking athletes!! All of em are next level material!! LETS GO!!


Some BIG Different Breed Performance camps coming up next month!! Stay tuned on more info!! Multiple camps for all ages and all positions! We will kick the camps off with a youth camp…intro to tackle football..Come learn from former and current professional players with REAL experience! WORK BABY!! You’re not gonna want to miss these!!



For those in the back who don't understand the current college football portal issues but act like it is uniquely a Coach Prime problem, check this out 🤔

//Georgia Bulldogs Kirby Smart sheds light on major challenge facing college football programs

"An opportunity to leave twice within a year [is an issue]. I think we're going to look back on that 10 years from now and say the people that had multiple transfers are probably not going to be successful academically," Smart said. "I think that's going to be looked back on, and people are going to say, 'Was it a good thing I left twice?' Most of the kids we check in with that leave our place, they say they regretted it. Well, if you leave a place twice, what did you actually accomplish? That's probably the toughest thing for me."

"We also want them, and everybody, to understand it's OK to grind it out where you are, to fight through tough times," Smart said. "We have example after example at our place of people who didn't start. They were frustrated. Their third year they started, and their fourth year they were a top-three round draft pick. That's a pretty good career. I think that's good. Players can make money while they do that off of their name, image, and likeness. That's a good thing."



One of my athlete’s mom posted this today!! This is exactly what it’s about! I tell my guys that in order to be great you gotta be a good person.. respect your parents, coaches, teachers, do the right things off the field and be a good role model. Just do the RIGHT THINGS this is what makes you a man! When you do these things everything comes full circle and your performance will follow!! These are the athletes I want!! If you don’t fit that mold.. fix it or find a new place!


BE INTENSE… attack everything you do with 100% effort!! Others don’t like it..stay out the way! It will intimidate some, they will talk s**t or avoid you… not your problem!! This is what it takes to be a different breed!! GET AFTER IT!!


Pretty simple!! Have to DO THE WORK!!


Camp is on today!!!! Same time same place!! Football can be played in the rain haha….has been for many years! If that is a concern probably not the sport to peruse! Come to compete baby!! No plays are ever made from the couch haha.

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Last day of camp this Saturday at Erie High School!! Still time to get a solid day of work in!! The competition last Saturday was through the roof!! If you are about it…come show what you got!! Bigs are 3-4pm (oline, dline, pass rushers) and skill 4-5pm (DBs, WRs, QBs, RBs, and LBs)!!! Come get coached by some ballers with REAL experience at high levels!


Registration for summer training and recruiting programs are open. Everything you need to take your game to the next level under 1 roof.. speed, strength, power, footwork, positional training and recruiting!! Coached by former and current professional football players! Guys with REAL experience… and unmatched passion for the game! NOCOs finest baby! Get started today! You’re either with us or against us!

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A little football at Empower field at Mile High this am!! Jags with the big WIN!! Then hurry back to Erie High School for Different Breed Performance football camp!! A lot of football today… can’t beat it!! Go Jaguars!!


Camp is still on!!! Let’s ride baby!! 3-4pm Oline Dline and pass rushers… 4-5pm skills, LBs and QBs!! Erie High School! LETS GO!!


Too many out there with big dreams of playing college ball..with a sleep in and relax work ethic!! Only program you will be signing with is the shoulda.. woulda..coulda.. DIDNT program!! FAFO!! Don’t have to take my word.. you’ll see!! Next man up!! No one cares… it’s on you to invest in yourself. It’s all about how bad you really want it! How hard you work is a reflection of how serious you are about your goals!

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Camp is right around the corner!! Saturday the 20th and 27th!! Get signed up!! Location is Erie High School! Start time for TRENCH DAWGS (Oline, Dline, pass rushers) is 3-4 pm!! QBs, WRs, DB, and LBs start right after 4-5pm! Come to COMPETE! Reps will be filmed for recruiting purposes! BRING IT! Contact me to reserve your spot!

Different Breed Performance

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Get a spot while you can!! Back to back camps!! Guest Coach’s from professional and collegiate levels…guys with REAL experience at high levels! Take your game to the next level!!

Trench camp (DLINE, OLINE and pass rushers) 3-4pm!

Skill camp (QB, WR, RB, DB, WR) 4-5pm!

April 20th and 27th
Location Ames park Mead Colorado

Contact me to sign up!!


If you are signed up for all these college camps and combine style camps… you need to be doin the proper training to run and put up good times and numbers!! Don’t expect to just show up! Train it and work it! Proper preparation is 🗝️! Gotta SHOW OUT!! Let’s work!

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Ahhh yeah!! Come learn skills and technique from professional and collegiate football players!! The best around….. NOCOs finest baby!! There will be a Oline and DLINE camp PASS RUSH!!… as well as a Wide Receiver, DB and LB camp. Call or text number on flyer for more info! GET SOME!!


Different Breed Performance coach Ayden Eberhardt gearing up to have a lights out season with the BC Lions!! Featured by the CFL as a top receiver projected to have a break out season. The dude is ABOUT it! Great player and coach! Different Breed family will be cheering you on coach! Get some!!


Being a tough coach is a good thing!! If I’m no longer coaching you hard.. not a good sign! I’m hard on my athletes because I care and see their potential!!


In the new college football world..if you find yourself hitting the transfer portal everytime things aren’t going your way..

Know that sometimes adversity is the best thing to happen to an athlete..brings out work ethic and drive.. if ya run every time you experience it, nothing will change.. it WILL catch up to you!! YOU CANT HIDE!! If you find yourself losing playing time or on the bench. FIND A WAY to get on the field! Trust in your abilities and make it happen! If everywhere you go the story is the same.. chances are the issue is YOU!

Adversity squeezes the true potential out of a real competitor!!!


With the new transfer portal..You’re not only competing against other high school football players.. you’re competing against players already at the college level. A lot of damn good.. hungry athletes looking for new opportunities.. So high schoolers.. if you think you have a chance with half ass lazy work.. complaining..whining.. save yourself the disappointment and hang em up. It’s not for you! I’ll always be real with all athletes!! If you have trouble with discipline now… there isn’t a chance. Figure it out!! If you can’t.. NEXT GUY UP! SIMPLE!! No one is waiting for you!


If you want to get good at boxing.. Would you let someone who has never been In a boxing ring teach you? Same goes for football.. if someone is training you to be better at given position.. may be a good choice that it’s someone who has experience!! Common sense… you would think! A lot of imposters out there haha don’t throw your money away. Do your research!!


Let’s go!!! Come get that work!! NOCOs finest!! Get your edge early!!!


Don’t lay off the gas just because you are signed and committed to a program. You need to be cranking it up…training the hardest and smartest you ever have.. relentlessly preparing for the next step!! If you don’t show up on campus in the best shape of your life…… you are doing your recruiting coach and the team a disservice!! NEXT ONE UP is a term you will become familiar with!!


NEVER lower your standards for those that wont raise theirs!! SIMPLE!!! This new idea of lowering the bar so everyone has a chance is BS!!! Im all for helping others improve and get better to REACH the bar…but it’s set high and it will stay HIGH for a reason!! High standards breed champions!! Expose the weak and w**d them out!! If they cant hang…they fall behind.. see ya!!


Pretty dang simple… are you doing EVERYTHING you can?! Gotta do the work.. gotta seperate yourself!!! Or…. Just become another shoulda.. woulda.. coulda!!


Coming in March!! Stay tuned for more information on start day and location! Introduction to combine events, tips and pointers to shave your times! Every athlete will get timed and measured in each event. Agility/footwork and positional drills to follow testing!! Come get a baseline idea of where your strengths and weaknesses are in a true combine like scenario!!


Pretty simple. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT!! World travels fast in the football world. Two big attributes that will make or break you are COMMITMENT and WORK ETHIC!! If you lack in those… it will be noticed and passed on… quickly!! DO THE WORK!!


Super pumped to have former Wyoming Cowboy Football and current BC Lions WR Ayden Eberhardt coaching at Different Breed Performance!! The dude gets it!! BIG TIME!! Only the best for athletes!! NOCOs finest baby!! We ain’t playin!

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