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Since 2011 we have been fighting for New Jersey's right to Concealed Carry. Visit our discussion group

The right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, but it has.We formed to fix this!

Tenafly Rifle & Pistol Club

Hi Shooters
This Sunday, Oct 18th, is Knock Down Steel at Tenafly Rifle and Pistol club!
Shooters Choice: Pistol/revolver, Pistol Caliber Carbine, or Shotgun. (If you choose to shoot shotgun, no second gun.)

No Rim-fire. Shot Gun: Bird Shot # 7.5, 8 or 9

Bring 100+ rounds ammo; No major loads. No 45acp factory loads. Light reloads only for 45acp. (Any caliber making USPSA major power factor will not be allowed at all.)
5 mags needed; maximum of 10 rounds in magazine

Registration opens 4:30 PM
Registration closes/First Shot 5:00 PM
$10. to shoot; non-members $5. second gun

New rule: No push button holsters. Any holster that you need to push a button to release the firearm has been banned by USPSA and TRPC.

Beginners should come early to complete a required safety check. Please let us know if it is your first time when you arrive. Your RO,
Dennis Marrocco

Reminder: This is a volunteer sport. Please come early to help set up and/or stay later to help clean up. Thank you. Tenafly Pistol and Rifle Club, Tenafly, New Jersey

Tenafly Rifle & Pistol Club

In the Northeast Jersey area? Near Tenafly in Bergen County? Wanna have fun tonight? Come out to our first ZOMBIE SHOOT!!! You'll need at least 100 rounds (bring more), 3 extra mags and desire to "kill" some zombies!!! Hope to see you there!!! Show up by no later than 4:20!!! 😉 Tenafly Pistol and Rifle Club, Tenafly, New Jersey

[08/23/15]   So, things been kinda dead around here. I apologize. Getting thru the applicants is slow going... Vetting each one can be time consuming. But gotta keep the trolls out, right? :-)
So, what have you been up to in guns in the last week?

June 27 - Recall Sweeney Day of Action!

I have room for 3 in the Hackensack area to go to rally tomorrow... NJ Constitutional law allows a State legislator to be recalled if the citizens of New Jersey are not happy with the way they are representing their constituents. We have the ability to restore NJ by initiating this recall and having Senator Sweeney kicked out of office for acting in his own interest…

[06/01/15]   It's not firearms related, but I have 2 tickets to the Monster Jam monster truck show @ MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford on June 13th, 1 adult and 1 kids ticket... If anyone is interested, it's yours for what I put into it, $90... Thanks!!!

[05/04/15]   Welcome new members! Glad you all could join us. With cases and legislation working their way thru the system for National Constitutional Carry, it gives me hope that one day soon, we may all be able to carry any arms to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from violent crime and acts of violence from any entities.
It is necessary to observe the progress of these bills and what is written in these bills... It is also necessary to review your own ideas and thoughts on what it means to be a concealed carrier. It is not about being a hero, a badass or a vigilante. This is an amazing source of power. Because of how powerful of a tool a firearm is, it must be treated with much respect and only unholstered in times of fear of immediate bodily harm of yourself or another.
Now most of us know this, but it is good from time to time to refresh this in our minds. When you are armed and carry on a daily basis, this must be thought about as you holster your firearm each morning.
I carried concealed for about 10 years and carried daily in the execution of my duties each day. Each time you holster your firearm before leaving your house, you must be prepared to not hesitate to defend yourself. Consciously make a decision that life is worth preserving and that in protection of life, you may need to take another intent on committing harm to you or another. There is no middle ground. You either resolve the situation without force or you exact sufficient force to end the threat. Once you pull that firearm there is no going back. You must be aware of this.
What is your life and our fell man worth?
Start thinking about these things as we near the ability to do so. Be prepared. Know what firearm you are comfortable carrying, what holster you will be carrying it in. Wear them around your house until you feel confident it is a good fit and something that you will not constantly be adjusting, giving away your firearms location and the element of surprise.
Remember, feel free to ask questions, make comments and be respectful to all. We as a world are one and we must protect each other's freedom and lives in unity.
-Jeremy. ;-)

[03/18/15]   Welcome new members, sorry it took so long to approve many of you! We partially screen new members to keep out trolls and anti's.... That and I've been busy as hell! So, what have you all been up to in firearms lately?
Any interesting stories? New toys? Lessons learned? Please share ;-)

[11/27/14]   Welcome new members!!!! ;)

[11/20/14]   Hello all!!! I know things have kinda been quiet here lately... Joe and I apologize, but we shall be starting to get back into posting here a bit more often as things start to kick off on the national level. From a fellow 2A group, I am told they are working on getting some stuff lined up to help try and get us another step closer to finally being able to conceal carry here in this occupied territory. As I learn more and things start to take shape, I'll let you all know what is happening and how to get involved. I'd hope that we would all be willing to help in anyway we can to help them along....
So, what has everyone been doing with firearms lately? :D

[11/18/14]   Welcome Jermaine! :)

[07/14/14]   Welcome mr. Miner

Dianne Feinstein First Amendment Is A Special Privilege

VERY INTERESTING... I feel as though i have lost ALL my brain cells after watching this... Dianne Feinstein's Senior Senator Moment See, --------------------------------------------------------------- Cf. First Am...



At 1:00 pm on Monday, March 3, the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hear A2006, which would ban all magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds.

The Committee is also scheduled to hear A2777 (not yet introduced), supposedly addressing reasonable deviations in firearms transportation.

Please immediately start contacting members of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee and tell them to oppose A2006 and all new gun control. If you are able, please plan on attending the hearing in person.

The hearing will be in the State House Annex on West State Street in Trenton, and is currently scheduled for committee room 12 on the 4th floor (which may change by Monday)

ANJRPC will be issuing another alert tomorrow with detailed analysis of A2006.



Charles Mainor (Chair) (D31)

[email protected]

Phone: 201-536-7851

Fax: 201-536-7854

Gilbert L. Wilson (Vice Chair) (D5)

[email protected]

Phone: 856-547-4800

Fax: 856-547-5496

Joseph Cryan (D20)

[email protected]

Phone: 908-624-0880

Fax: 908-624-0587

Gregory P. McGuckin (R10)

[email protected]

Phone: 732-840-9028

Fax: 732-840-9757

Erik Peterson (R23)

[email protected]

Phone: 908-238-0251

Fax: 908-238-0256

Nancy J. Pinkin (D18)

[email protected]

Phone: 732-548-1406

Fax: 732-548-1623

David P. Rible (R30)

[email protected]

Phone: 732-974-0400

Fax: 732-974-2564

Shavonda E. Sumter (D35)

[email protected]

Phone: 973-925-7061

Fax: 973-925-7067

If California (Some could say even stricter than NJ) can make a ruling like this... Then its only a matter of time for us!


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[11/27/13]   Hi guys! We have a nice time span (341 days) until the next Nj elections. Obviously the goal is to vote out the politicians who want to hurt the nj gun owners, and vote in our guys who represent the same values we do.

We need to devise a plan to carry out during this time early, so we're not doing everything last minute. Letters & Community outreach, myself and our group have been doing every day for the last 2 years...But lets all think outside the box this round, and come up with a new plan together.

Thanks Everyone !

[10/30/13]   NJ Elections coming up very soon! Are you ready Guys & Gals? This is our chance to unify and CUT OUT THE DEADWOOD

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[08/30/13]   *****(A E-Mail i received today from the white house)

Note: You are receiving this email because you've previously signed a We the People petition on reducing gun violence.

Taking Steps to Reduce Gun Violence

Even though Congress fails to act on common-sense proposals to reduce gun violence, like expanding criminal background checks and making gun trafficking a federal crime, President Obama and Vice President Biden remain committed to using all the tools in their power to make our communities safer.

Today, as part of that commitment, Vice President Biden swore in B. Todd Jones as the first permanent Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in seven years. As the Vice President said, “ATF is the key agency enforcing our gun laws, and they need a permanent director in order to do that and to do the job to the best of their ability.”

The Vice President also announced two new executive actions that build on the comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence that he and President Obama laid out at the beginning of this year:

Closing a Loophole to Keep Some of the Most Dangerous Guns Out of the Wrong Hands

First, ATF is closing a loophole that has allowed machine guns and other particularly dangerous weapons to get into the wrong hands. This loophole allows prospective buyers to license weapons to shell corporations and bypass a required background check. ATF is proposing a rule change that would require anyone associated with those corporations to go through the background checks as individual buyers.

Closing this loophole will make a difference—last year alone, there were more than 39,000 requests for transfers of these restricted firearms to trusts or corporations.

Keeping Surplus Military Weapons Off Our Streets

Second, the Administration is taking action to keep military-grade guns off the streets. Since 2005, the U.S. government has authorized foreign governments to import more than 250,000 military-surplus firearms back into the United States. Today, the Vice President announced a new policy of denying requests to reimport such weapons with few exceptions.
Today’s executive actions are simple, sensible ways to make our communities safer. But they are no replacement for common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence, which we need Congress to pass. And as Vice President Biden said today, “If Congress won't act, we'll fight for a new Congress.”

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[04/21/13]   Happy Sunday Everyone! Who went to the range today???

[03/11/13]   We're looking for something in .308, semi auto , longer than 16" barrel,under $1000... anything in mind???

Which camo job would you prefer? Full or just the furniture ??

[02/27/13]   Does anyone have gen4 G19's in stock?

New Jersey State Legislature Live Media


THIS IS OUR HOUSE ME CHAIRMAN!!! Our LegislatureLegislative ProcessLegislative InitiativesHistorical InfoPublic Info AssistanceKids' PageCapitol Complex Parking

[02/04/13]   Today we lost a great member, a patriot, and a Marine. RIP to Arthur J. Barton. You fought hard till the end. Our flag will fly at half staff for you brother.



[01/01/13]   Powder & Primers!!! Where are you?????

[12/16/12]   In a few minutes on CBS, Face the nation is going to tell us why we need stricter gun laws. --> Im sure this segment will be filled with rational thoughts, Statistics, and facts... Cough Cough

[11/07/12]   Letter to our state and local officials:


What are we going to do to restore the 2nd amendment back to New Jersey? I have been writing letters and making calls and have gotten no where in the last year.... Please help

The only people hurting are the law-abiding citizens. The criminals will find a way, and they dont care about breaking the law due to the fact that they are A CRIMINAL.

pinning a 30 rd magazine and pinning an adjustable rifle stocks. I have a ruined firearm barrel because i have to pin and weld a rifle barrel and cant access a cleaning rod stuck inside.

It does nothing but cost me MORE MONEY, because i have to pay for the mistakes of others actions.

30 rd magazines! they cost $14, because i live in NJ i have to spend $35 to have it pinned at 15 rounds.

-Joe Cerillo

[10/24/12]   Does anyone here do web design? I want do build a E-commerce site that is one of a kind. One that looks professional, similar to Midwayusa's web page

[10/22/12]   If we can put men on the moon...We together can figure out how to achieve our common goal of CCW in NJ... Ideas anyone?

[09/11/12]   This is the 1 year anniversary for our association. We made it this far, lets not drop the ball on the 99 yard line.. More importantly, Never forget the people, friends,family we lost on this day and after fighting to make right of the events that occurred on this day. Thank you to all of the Strong Families of the victims, and to the troops keeping everyone of us safe. I love you all, and so does everyone else

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General information

Becoming a member has become crucial at this point in time. The more of us there are, the louder our voice can be heard. From writing letters to senators & Congressman to submitting bills. We are active with the NRA in helping New Jersey's citizens achieve of goal of concealed carry, and that we shall!

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