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I give catching, hitting, fielding, and pitching lessons to kids who are hard working and coach-able

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If you’re looking to get some lessons in before the spring season, check out this holiday bundle I am offering. Make sure you message me to book a spot. Limited Space Available.

CATCHER BLOCKING DRILLS: How to block the right way to prevent injury 07/02/2020

CATCHER BLOCKING DRILLS: How to block the right way to prevent injury

Hey everyone, I am going to start posting YouTube videos for common mistakes that are seen in youth players! The goal is to reach as many athletes, parents, and coaches as possible! If you’re someone who would like to learn some at home drills for your kids be sure to head over and subscribe to the channel so you will be notified when there is new content available. We are beginning with catching, but will work in hitting and fielding in the following weeks. Posts will go up every Wednesday and Sunday. Thank you so much!

CATCHER BLOCKING DRILLS: How to block the right way to prevent injury Do your knees hurt from blocking? Do you want to learn how to block the right way? Then check out this video for some in depth blocking techniques and drills...



Hayden is 9 years old and starting his first year of kid pitch! He has been putting a lot of work in on his mechanics and it is really coming together. He is very athletic with a naturally strong arm. I can’t wait to see how this kid develops! This week we will be focusing on getting his leg kick up and following through his throw!


doing a great job staying balanced throughout his swing and focusing on keeping a strong frame.

Anyone else love this sound?

Timeline photos 03/03/2020

Timeline photos

Confidence comes from putting in the time...Period. Quality time with quality reps.

Timeline photos 02/10/2020

Timeline photos


I remember all of my coaches throughout my numerous years of playing baseball. They have a lot to do with the kind of person i am to this day. I am feeling very blessed to be able to give back and be a part of each of these athletes journey. Our job is not just to develop good baseball players. We have the opportunity to develop kids to become good young men. We are able to teach discipline, confidence, perseverance and respect through the game of baseball. Coaches can play a big part in a kids life wether that be a good thing or bad thing. Lead by example.

Photos from Baseball Lessons with Gunnar Hollier's post 08/11/2019

Ready for Day Two! ⚾️


Camp Day!
Please show up around 4:45 to get signed in!

Timeline photos 07/27/2019

Timeline photos

Real growth won’t happen until we become fully accountable.


Come join us for fall tryouts!


All players should be following this page. They post great shoulder strengthening exercises as well as proper resistance band training for the rotator cuff! We need to do better about strengthening our youth arms the proper way to prevent injuries! Take care of your arms!


Thank you to everyone who signed up for camp! The camp is now completely filled(WOW) and we are really looking forward to August 10th! If you were not able to sign up this time, there will be plenty more events in the future!


Still a few spots open!

***Baseball Camp***
AGES: 7-14
When: August 10th and 11th 5 PM - 8 PM
Where: 1404 Hollier Rd. Friendswood Tx, 77546
Price: $120 ($20 off if you refer another athlete)
Coaches – Gunnar Hollier and Bam Hollier
What you will receive:
Each athlete will receive 6 hours of quality instruction over 2 days. They will be given position specific drills as well as one on one hitting and fielding instruction. The days will be filled with fun competitions including throwing for accuracy, speed races, line drive contest, and fielding competitions. This is a great opportunity for developing players to have fun and improve their knowledge and skills. There will be a slip and slide to work on sliding mechanics at the end of each day so please bring swim trucks/shorts and a towel.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me
Phone Number: 281-520-1805
Email: [email protected]
Reserve a spot today by sending me a message including
• Your name
• Athletes name
• Phone Number/ Email Address
• Age of Athlete

Gunnar Hollier 07/01/2019

Gunnar Hollier

Hey everyone, this is the easiest way to see what day and time i am available! If you would like to schedule a lesson, just follow the link and you can select an hour or 30 minute session and it will go straight into my calendar.

Gunnar Hollier Welcome to my scheduling page. Please follow the instructions to add an event to my calendar.


Sánchez laser pickoff

Far too often I see players giving "soft" tags at the younger level. The tag will make or break a play. Lets get rid of lazy and soft tags!

Timeline photos 05/16/2019

Timeline photos

I’ve had more coaches in my life than I can recall. Some were huge pieces in my athletic growth while others showed me ways to not lead some day. May sound harsh but that’s the reality of it.

To this day I’m still in contact with a few of them and I guarantee they wouldn’t be bitter knowing I ask others for advice.

As we get older, life experience keeps telling us we don’t know everything and if we stop looking for information and guidance, we will stop growing. Once that happens we will start treading water while being able to help less and less.

Coaches, we should be encouraging players/young people to learn as much as they can, ask as many questions as they can, read books and articles that we believe will help them and to find people with experience they can trust and pick their brains.

They may hear the same message from someone else but in different terms and it clicks. The goal is to help THEM get better and we can NEVER let our pride and ego get in the way of that.


Summer Baseball is just around the corner!

Bam Baseball cages are looking great on this beautiful day! Come check us out for the summer season. Tryout dates and times will be posted soon !


Maddux B-day Nastiness

Greg Maddux is a legend


I am creating this page to be able to reach more people who are interested in getting baseball lessons for their kids. It will also be a place where I post photos and videos of the athletes hard work and improvement.

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