CSW Training Headquarters

CSW Training Headquarters


Erik Paulson! 👊🏻
Side Control & Mount transition Shin Lock attacks with the best!

CSW Training Headquarters
Fullerton, CA.

This Saturday we are hosting Erik Paulson all the way from CSW Training Headquarters in Fullerton, CA!

Seminar kicks off at 10 AM!

Get signed up at the link below and we’ll see you on Saturday!
Best place in the world to train. If you want to know how to win quick, train here
I use to train at 650ft above sea level, now I am at 6,700ft above sea level. Any suggestions on how to adapt without feeling like I'm going to die?
What a great time with great people teaching at CSW Training Headquarters this week. Huge thanks to Erik Paulson for having me!
Thanks Ben " Badger " Jones for s great seminar. CSW Pro Fight Team Head Coach. Thank You CSW for making it happen.
Don’t miss Ben " Badger " Jones coming to NJ February 2 & 3.

CSW Pro Fight Team Head Coach and representing CSW

☎️(908) 333-2717
📧[email protected]
📍Branchburg, NJ
Coach Erik Paulson guiding the affiliate team at a recent Coach Camp.

[email protected]

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Coach Tony with the “ko soto gake” !
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CSW Training Headquarters / Rigan Machado
Join me Combat Fitness Martial Arts in Doylestown PA this Saturday 5/19 for a primer on the Guard. Open to all levels, and and all styles. I’ll be giving , and applications of this system and the approach to killing it! CSW Training Headquarters Erik Paulson Fan Page http://delarivaguardallenchambers.eventzilla.net
Sensei Erik Paulson at Trident MMA filming for the new CSW Training Headquarters/ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum.
Special thanks to Coach Mikey. Mikey Custodio/Khun Kru Mikey Custodio
Custom Logo & Apparel Design for Philly Self Defense on a BJJ Kimono and Designed CSW Association Patch CSW Training Headquarters. DM for Inquiries and prices!

CSW Training Cebter is one of the premier MMA gym in the world. Founded and created my legendary fig

Operating as usual


Are you booked in limited spaces available ,


Endurance is not about lasting..it’s about how much further you can go when you’ve got nothing left to go with..in those moments the only thing that matters is WHY you do it!


Repost from

“It was an awesome time working with .d.minoru .connors look forward to the future????? “



When you’re winning - take your time: In Jiu jitsu it pays to get out of bad situations as quickly as possible. The longer you stay there, the worse things typically get. Good situations on the other hand, allow you to take your time. In most cases good position creates enervating pressure, so the longer you dwell there, the better things get. So as a general rule - when things are bad, move quickly to rectify them; when things are good - slow things down and let time and pressure work in your favor so that you can turn a good situation into a great one


"I do what i hate to do but i do it like i love it and that's discipline. Without discipline your nothing cause without discipline the slightest struggle and you give in." - Mike Tyson


Jiu-Jitsu does not depend on the sun or the rain outside or how we feel inside.
If you do it, when you do it, despite all the circumstances inside and out, you will feel better and you will be better!
Jiu Jitsu não depende do sol ou da chuva afora, ou de como se sinta. Se vier a praticá-lo, a despeito de qualquer circunstância interna ou externa, você se sentirá melhor, além de tornar-se melhor!

For the Love of Catch - Official Trailer 09/08/2022

For the Love of Catch - Official Trailer

Coming out soon

For the Love of Catch - Official Trailer Pro Wrestling Fans. MMA Fans. Grappling Fans. Boxing Fans.This Documentary showcases how wrestling has been integrated into the background of society, stemmi...

STF Attack Series by Erik Paulson 08/23/2022

STF Attack Series by Erik Paulson

Half price today

STF Attack Series by Erik Paulson Make the submissions that you see in pro wrestling actually effective in real grappling competition Learn how to effectively integrate leg locks and other holds into your game that your opponent’s and training partners won’t see coming. Learn how to transition from each of these locks to another...


Trapping freestyle.

MMA means mixing the best with the best. Here is some slo mo free flow trapping on the Mook Jang with Sifu Kevin Lee.


Csw fight practice. Mornings 5 days a week.


SUZANNE Speaks: The Gut-Brain Connection

Timeline photos 09/29/2020

At times like these we could use some extra help.

Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, protect and pray for us!


This is a preview of some of the video footage from the past on my phone.



Mobile uploads 02/20/2020

Trent is fighting tomorrow night.


Back in the day at the Inosanto Academy in 1990 MMA was being trained shooto style.


Attacks from top half gaurd

James Evans Nicole showing some great far arm attacks to rage and the machine csw style.


Fight practice Thursday.


Not good!

How trees could save the climate 10/01/2019

How trees could save the climate

How trees could save the climate Around 0.9 billion hectares of land worldwide would be suitable for reforestation, which could ultimately capture two thirds of human-made carbon emissions. The Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich has published a study in the journal Science that shows this would be the most effective method to combat climat...


Awesome intensity


I Love my G**o! He gave me everything...aside from God.


Aspire to inspire. Stay your path.


Just did this.

The book is close to complete but awesome to sneak in an interview today with Erik Paulson. We talked about Satoru Sayama, Shooto and Vale Tudo Japan. Such an awesome source of knowledge and one of the real pioneers in MMA. Thanks Erik!


Summer training is off the hook. Loads of guys training hard and competing soon. Amazing energy, technically, mentally, strategically, and heart felt. "Hard sweat is the lubricant of success".


Our fight team is plugging along and working hard. We have four fighters fighting on TV on the LFA and the UFC Moscow on June 2nd. Dedication and hard work get these guys there. Ben Jones our team captain is really pushing these guys when I'm not there. Booking fights and cornering. I am proud, humble and happy to see all of these guys challenged to put it on the line. Getting on these cards allows these guys to really test their hard work, dicipline, and a chance to shine.


Classes have been great. Guys have been working hard. Bjj classes have been packed loads of guys competing. Muay Thai classes have been full with great spirited students. The No Gi advanced submission wrestling group have been pushing each other hard and showing up regularily. Summer is here and everybody is getting in great shape. For all of this...I am blessed with great like minded happy, healthy and Holy people. Changing lives daily.

Photos from CSW Training Headquarters's post 05/04/2017

Photos from CSW Training Headquarters's post

Timeline photos 03/10/2017

Timeline photos

All Levels Welcome!
Combat Submission Wrestling 2017 Annual Conference Registration!
This is our annual event at the CSW Training Center, Fullerton CA.
Early Bird Registration Deals

Register by March 31, 2017: Free Download of the camp, Free Camp T-Shirt |
Register after March 31, 2017: Free Camp T-Shirt |

Follow this link to save your spot on the mat:

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Trapping freestyle.
Wrestling for mma
Long range sparring
Hand fighting
Hand fighting
1.2.1 circle drill outta the clinch




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