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Here’s my new favorite light I picked up at EE this week. In fact, I got 2 of them. These are super versatile and durable. I especially like the magnet which allows you to mount anywhere for field repairs plus the adjustable beam up to 90 degs. John took his light and dropped it several times onto the concrete and not a scratch! Tough, cool, durable and versatile is this new Pelican light!
John-I was impressed by the Pelican 3410 you brought to Mojave so wanted to get one for myself-

Received the 2 Pelican 3410 flashlights today and promptly blinded myself with max 653 lumens. Great flashlight with adjustable flood/spot and intensity. It'll be a great utility camp and work light at a very reasonable cost.

Classic Kit For Pinnacle Vehicles.

Operating as usual


New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/kovea-mini-retro-all-in-one-system-kgg-1805

The Kovea Mini Retro All In One System is a very stylish burner with retro styling and compact dimensions. The cast iron pan and plastic lid store within the Mini during transport, and the unit measures only 11" x 9" x 4". The included clamshell protective case measures 12" x 10" x 5". The very compact dimensions and protective case make the Mini easy to store and transport.


New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/arb-4x4-trackpack-series-ii-arb4305

The ARB 4x4 TrackPack Series II is basically a 70-liter backpack for your vehicle and straps onto your spare wheel. Most will use the TrackPack to haul their trash, but the internal divider and two side pockets enable more uses such as hauling lightweight recovery gear or other equipment.

All ARB 4x4 products at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/categories/arb-4x4

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 11/11/2020

New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/snow-peak-home-camp-burner-gs-600

The Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner is an extremely compact burner that unfolds for both dining table and campsite use. Its clever and fun design comes from Asia, where shabu-shabu, hot pots, stews, and Korean Barbeque are commonly cooked at the dining table and then served family style in small portions at at time so that every bite is piping hot throughout the entire meal. But unlike traditional Asian tabletop burners, the Home & Camp folds into a very small and stylish form that is very easy to store.


This is an advert that Ho put together back when we used to advertise in Overland Journal.

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 09/22/2020

New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/snow-peak-cooler-tote-bag-ug-032

The Snow Peak Cooler Tote Bag is a soft cooler designed for day excursions to the beach, picnic grounds, or concert venues like the Hollywood Bowl. Unlike hard coolers, the Cooler Tote Bag is very convenient to transport because it carries like a purse that can be worn on the shoulder, leaving both of your hands free. And when it is not being used, the Cooler Tote Bag folds flat and takes up much less space than a hard cooler would. Best of all, the Cooler Tote Bag doesn't look or feel trashy like a hard cooler.

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 09/17/2020

Many Snow Peak items that were on backorder are now back in stock again. As you may know, the best time to buy anything Snow Peak is when you see it in stock. This is so even if some items will be part of a greater whole. If you wait until everything you want is back in stock again before you buy anything, you will likely be waiting a very long time.

All Snow Peak items at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/categories/snow-peak

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 09/09/2020

In perhaps the biggest marketing blunder since New Coke, Land Rover has seen fit to discontinue the Defender and replace it with the Pretender. To commemorate the Defender we love, Rock Ware and EE will make and distribute one final run of Rock Ware pieces for the Defender. There are only 10x pieces per item. Once the 10x pieces are gone, there will be no more.

Shown are the Defender Heavy-Duty Offset Tie Rod, Defender Heavy-Duty Drag Link, Front Pinion Guard, and Rear Pinion Guard.

All Rock Ware products at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/categories/rock-ware


New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/kovea-titan-flat-chair-khaki-green-kecu9ca-07

The Kovea Titan Flat Chair is a scaled-up version of the Kermit Chair, and it may be the most solid and comfortable folding camp chair you will ever sit on. The Titan Flat Chair's very rigid aluminum frame with braced legs, legit arm rests made from bamboo, and extremely taut fabric combine to form a very solid chair with nearly zero flex or stretch. Once you get accustomed to the Titan Flat Chair, sit on other chairs and they will all feel rickety and stretchy to you. And your body will never touch the Titan Flat Chair's aluminum frame and contact only the fabric and bamboo, making this chair suitable for the coldest and hottest weather conditions.


There seems to be a trend in the "Overlanding" world to make ever biggerer and more elaborate meals. It's almost become a contest. But biggerer isn't necessarily betterer. Many of the big dishes like steaks get cold instantly in cold weather and turn white before the diner can finish the steak. For cold weather, take a look at smaller items like yakitori and Korean barbeque where the food goes straight from the grill into your mouth and every bite is piping hot no matter how cold the weather. Other dishes like shabu-shabu are equally suitable for the coldest weather. You can eat as much as you like with these meals, but because they are cooked in a piecemeal fashion, every bite is always hot.

In contrast, a giant tomahawk ribye would be wasted in this weather. Simply resting the steak would make it go cold and turn white. Slicing up the tomahawk ribeye to serve to people would increase the surface area even further and cause it to get cold even faster. Save the beautiful tomahawk for warmer weather.


New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/esee-knives-junglas-with-black-blade-kydex-sheath-canvas-micarta-handles-junglas-e

ESEE Knives created the Junglas after spending time with the Colombian Compañía Jungla Antinarcóticos and wanting to design a single blade that that could serve as both bushcraft knife and machete. The Junglas' 16.5" length lets you swing the it with authority and power. The 1095 carbon steel blade and high saber grind will withstand heavy chopping and batoning through the hardest of woods. The 90-degree spine will scrape ferro rods. The micarta handles are removable and replaceable if you should ever damage one or if you want to change to a different style.


New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/snow-peak-titanium-foon-sct-125

The Snow Peak Titanium Foon is like the Snow Peak Titanium Spork, but the Titanium Foon's design is biased toward the fork end of the spectrum with longer tines and smaller bowl. In contrast, the Titanium Spork is biased toward the spoon end of the spectrum with larger bowl and smaller tines. The Titanium Foon works better with things like meats, vegetables, and noodles while the Titanium Spork works better with soups and stews.


What the EE home page used to look like before the switch to GoDaddy hosting.


If you use your winch to recover your stuck vehicle and the conditions are such that you anticipate having to use your winch again very soon, it is permissible to "battle wrap" your synthetic winch line around your brushguard and keep it ready for the next recovery.

Just to be clear, this applies to conditions such as dunes, dry lake beds, or very difficult trails where you are getting stuck over and over and it doesn't make sense to spool up your winchline repeatedly. If you drive battle wrapped wherever you go because you think it looks cool, you certainly look like a tool and you probably are tool.

Photo by Sinuhe Xavier.

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 06/20/2020

New products at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/categories/snow-peak

The Snow Peak Fire Tool Set Pro contains tongs, shovel, and poker in a heavy-duty canvas bag. These are not mini camp tools but rather heavy-duty tools designed for handling charcoal and campfire woods.

The Snow Peak Fire Tongs are grilling tongs designed for handling foods.


New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/edge-pro-apex-slide-guide-asg

The Edge Pro Slide Guide is an adjustable guide plate that contacts the back of your blades at two points rather than one and prevents the blades from tilting during sharpening. If you sharpen a lot of EDC folders with weird blade shapes (like the Spyderco folders with their thumb holes and hu**ed spines), the Slide Guide will make a tremendous difference. Also combine the Slide Guide with the Apex Retractable Magnet and you will barely have to hold the knife stationary.


If you enjoy wine in camp, take a look at box wines. A typical box contains three liters of wine (the same as four bottles) yet packs very small. You will also tend to have much more wine in camp because very few people will go to the trouble of packing four bottles of wine. There are no bottles to break and your trash will be much more compact.


The Defender didn't come with a curry hook, but the hood release works just as well or even better. A great deal of pulling force straight backward is required to release the hood, so there is really no chance of your food causing the hood to unlatch.

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 05/26/2020

If you want to add USB plugs to your Defender without drilling, here is one way. John pulled the stereo head unit from his Defender to install his ham radio, so the stereo wires were going unused. John tapped into the stereo wires to power two USB plugs that emanate from the side of the center console through one of the vent holes. When they are not being used, the USB plugs are hardly noticeable and do not affect the interior cosmetics.

USB will likely be superseded and replaced with something else in the near future, so these USB plugs are easily removed whenever the time comes.

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 05/20/2020

New Product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/snow-peak-gear-tote-m-bg-016

The Snow Peak Gear Tote M is basically a giant purse for the Iron Grill Table pieces, and it may be the best way to organize and transport them that we have seen up to now. There are interior pockets for the S and W bamboo inserts, and there is enough width to hold the IGT frame, several bamboo inserts, and Red Folding Chairs. All of the various IGT legs fit into the bottom and side compartments.


We should all have fire extinguishers in our vehicles, but probably the main reasons we don't are cosmetics and maintenance. Fire extinguishers are ugly (unless you're a ricer and want one mounted to your A-pillar). Fire extinguishers also require maintenance.

The Element Fire Extinguishers are so small that they will fit in a glovebox, so now you have no excuse for not having an extinguisher in your vehicle at all times. Element extinguishers also require zero maintenance and have an infinite shelf life, as well as leaving no corrosive or toxic residue like standard extinguishers.

Element Fire Extinguishers: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/categories/element-extinguishers


Steering is critical on your vehicle. In fact, steering is more important than drive. A vehicle that won't start or run can still be towed, but a vehicle without steering can't be driven or even towed anywhere. If you want the most reliable trail vehicle possible, reinforce your vehicle's steering components.

Photos from Expedition Exchange's post 05/08/2020

New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/hi-lift-jack-running-gear-jack-cover-rgjc

The Hi-Lift Jack Running Gear Jack Cover envelopes the working components of your Hi-Lift Jack and protects them against being fouled by mud, dirt, dust, and grime. The Hi-Lift Jack's running gear must be lubricated to work properly, and are therefore vulnerable to fouling in dirty conditions. The Running Gear Jack Cover enables you to keep your Hi-Lift Jack lubricated and in top working condition, but protected against the elements and dirty conditions.


This is another advert that Ho put together for Overland Journal back in the day.


The glass can matter more than the booze. Many people spend big bucks on high-dollar booze and then drink it out of a Dixie cup. If you do this, you have it backwards (and you also look as if you ran out of money after you bought the high-dollar booze). Good glassware will greatly enhance whatever you drink. Toasts with your friends will look better and sound better and thus taste better. The alcohol will look nicer and smell better and thus taste better. Good glassware for the field does not need to be expensive either. For example, a glass like this Duralex costs only a few dollars. It might even cost less than a single pour of good liquor. But it has a big effect on the drink and its enjoyment.


New product at EE: https://expeditionexchange.com/shop-all-products/ols/products/kovea-slim-twin-stove-lite-kgb-1312a

The Kovea Slim Twin Stove Lite is a standalone double burner that will accommodate the largest of camp skillets, pots and cast-iron grill pans, but has extremely small proportions when folded for storage and transport (only 21.3" x 13.4" x 2.4".) The Slim Twin Stove Lite is a true multi-fuel stove compatible with iso-butane, butane, and propane canisters, and it even comes standard with the required adapters.

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