Just Dance

Owned/Operated by Michelle Neville All of the ballet instructors are certified to teach in Cecchetti ballet up to Grade VI, and offer tap classes up to level 5/6.

We have a beautiful establishment that any dancer will love dancing at! We have 2 studio rooms, a large waiting room with a one way mirror so you can observe your dancer! The girls dressing room has a large vanity with mirrors and we also offer Wi-Fi!!!

Operating as usual

[06/12/21]   Great job to all the dancers last night!!! Everyone was amazing!💕💕
Our last show (at the E-Free Church) is at 4:00 today!!! There are plenty of tickets still available at the door so come out and support these dancers!!! They have worked so hard this year!!

[06/09/21]   Last day for “early ticket sales”!! We are at the studio from 2-6 pm!!
FYI…Friday night tickets are going fast!!!

Photos from Just Dance's post 06/08/2021

Had so much fun during our “beach theme” at the studio! What a great way to celebrate our last week of dance and the kickoff to our summer vacation! Recital this weekend!!

[06/07/21]   Just Dance Families,
Ticket sales start today at the studio!
Monday-Wednesday 2-6pm!!

[05/16/21]   Our competition team did a wonderful job on Saturday!! So proud of them! We just watched the awards ceremony and they all should be very proud of themselves! Check out these results!! Congrats to our competition team! 💕

Star junior small group:
Supermarket Flowers-High Gold
Fabulous-High Gold

Power teen small group:
Ashes-1st Place, platinum & choreography award ❤️
Jazz Hot-9th & Platinum
Let’s Go Crazy-High Gold

Power teen solo:
Addison Letourneau-9th place & High Gold

Power senior solo:
Lydia Kirk-2nd & Platinum
Grace Neville-5th & Platinum
Danica Pierce-7th & Platinum

Power senior duet:
Grace & Danica-4th & High Gold

Energy teen solo:
Madi Sears-4th & Platinum

Energy senior solo:
Libby Davis- 5th & Platinum


Our competition team is in Toledo, Ohio and FINALLY gets to be back on the stage competing tomorrow!! 😁😁 Attached is the schedule, entry numbers and times as well as the link to the LIVE STREAM if you’d like to watch! We start right at 8:00am and they usually run right on time!! Good luck to our competition team!


Our competition team is in Toledo, Ohio and FINALLY gets to be back on the stage competing tomorrow!! 😁😁 Attached is the schedule, entry numbers and times as well as the link to the LIVE STREAM if you’d like to watch! We start right at 8:00am and they usually run right on time!! Good luck to our competition team!


Photos from Just Dance's post 05/03/2021

Love these pics Miranda Marie Photography took of my teachers and I!!! So thankful for these beautiful ladies!!

[04/25/21]   Just Dance Families, please check your e-mail regarding classes this week!! 💕💕

[09/30/20]   Hello Just Dance families!!

First, I want to give you all a HUGE "thank you" for an amazing start to our dance season!! The dancers have been so excited get back to dance and see their friends!! I am so surprised and proud on how well they have adapted with all the new changes!! PLEASE remember to send your dancer with a water bottle!! They get thirsty during class and unfortunately, we had to turn our drinking fountains off.

As we all know, it's back to school time, season changes, and flu season. All we ask is that you use common sense and be aware of our bodies. Allergies are horrible right now!! Yes, your dancer can still come to dance if they are experiencing allergy symptoms!! We have TONS of tissues and hand sanitizer (No one will judge you for blowing your nose or having itchy eyes)!! Parents, please continue to check your dancer daily for symptoms that indicate an illness that might put others at risk and do not send them to dance if they have:
**temp 100.4 or higher
**sore throat
**new uncontrolled cough

Lastly, October tuition is due by the 10th!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Thank you!!! Michelle

[08/17/20]   Hi everyone!!

Just a reminder that your dancers registration needs to be turned in by this Thursday (August 20th) to ensure your dancers spot in their desired class. You can still register your dancer after that date; however, you will need to contact me first to see if the class you want is still open, as am opening up registration to new students on Friday (August 21st). If you have a credit from last season you can use that toward September/Registration!!

We are starting classes on Tuesday, September 8th (same day that Ga***rd public schools are starting). I meant to put that on the schedule I sent to everyone.....completely forgot.....Sorry!

If you are new and would like information regarding our dance studio please e-mail me at [email protected]

We are looking forward to getting back into the studio!!!

Michelle Neville

[07/23/20]   Hi just dance families!

While so many things are still "up in the air" at this time, I DO know that we are so excited and definitely looking forward to starting up our classes in September!!

Our schedule and registration information will be sent out over the next few weeks via e-mail/mail to our existing students. As always, our returning dancers will get priority booking before opening up any available spaces to new dancers wanting to join us. Therefore, preregistration is required as space is limited. The deadline for registering your dancer will be on the schedule/registration info that we are sending out in the next few weeks. We are not able to do an "in person registration day" at the studio, so mailing it back or dropping it into our new outside drop box (by the front door) will be the only way to register at this time.

As far as sizing for shoes/leotards, etc., we will not be able to do that at this time so you will need to order your dancers attire and shoes online. I like to use https://www.discountdance.com and https://www.dancewearsolutions.com. Please check the "sizing info" on both of these sites when ordering.

Keeping our dancers safe is our absolute priority as well as getting them back doing what they love. With that said, there will be new rules & regulations for our studio and will need your help to ensure everyone is safe!

*There is no waiting during classes as our lobby will be CLOSED for parents, siblings, friends, etc. If your dancer is in a 25-minute class & under the age of 5, ONE parent may bring their dancer in and wait in the lobby. However, we highly prefer to have parents wait in the car until class is over. It is a MUST that all other family members/siblings not come inside since we are limited on how many people are allowed in our facility.
* Please do NOT drop off your dancer any earlier then 5-10 min before their class starts. We staggered class times so both studios weren't starting/ending at the same time. This allows us to make sure everything is sanitized between classes with less people in the lobby.
*Dancers should arrive dressed/ready for class except for shoes.
*We are removing all chairs from the lobby and replacing them with crates. Dancers will be able to use these for their shoes/jackets/bags & will eliminate all the dancers in the dressing room at once.
*We will be disinfecting rooms, bathrooms & ballet barres before & after each class.
*Students should wash hands & use hand sanitizer (located throughout the studio) frequently and avoid touching their face and other students.
*Drinking fountains will be shut off so we are allowing/recommending dancers to bring a NON-Spill water bottle (i.e. Hydro-flask) into class.
*Just like any other place, if you are feeling any COVID symptoms please stay home. Any dancer who appears ill will not be allowed to take class.

We apologize for the long list of new rules, but this is what is required to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Michelle :)

[04/28/20]   Hi everyone,

Please check your e-mail regarding updates on this years recital. It will explain more than what I have posted on here.

This was a very hard decision to make but due to the extension on the stay at home order we are not able to return to dance this season or have our recital. Being that we are one of the last places to open up it would be late June/early July that we could return (Possibly...). This unforeseen crisis is unfortunate for everyone. We are so sad that we will not be able to finish the year....especially for my seniors. This was going to be their last recital..

From all of us at Just Dance we hope everyone stays safe, keep practicing and stretching through the summer and we will see everyone in August for registration. Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time. Let me know if you have any questions.

Michelle, Harmony, Carey, Brett, Stephanie, Hope, Darbi, Paige, Libby, Grace and Chloe

[04/02/20]   Hello Just Dance families,

Like everyone else, we are following guidelines for social distancing until April 30th. We have a responsibility to do our part in minimizing the impact of the Coronavirus throughout our community and the safety of our dance families are our number one priority.

In the meantime, recital dates remain unchanged and picture day will be rescheduled for the first week in May (not exactly sure when/how we are going to do it but we will figure that out later). We will continue to monitor the situation, and IF we have to remain closed in May, THEN we will discuss recital options. However, I am optimistic that we won’t have worry about that.

Thanks to technology we have an abundance of online dance resources for your dancer to keep them moving, learning, and having fun during this time. Here are some WONDERFUL links below for your dancer to practice at home with. I hope the dance recital videos are helping!

*At home stretch--https://youtu.be/HQXVSxv8cWo?list=PL6oHD3AAywaX-g2N3pyu6N2bhUSSnQBTe

*Beginner Ballet--https://youtu.be/1-c0g9q9Hj4

*Younger dancers exercises --https://youtu.be/Gt6d5c4F8zM

*Spring Showers Dance Party for 3-6 year olds--https://www.dancestudioowner.com/public/TSD-Spring-Showers-Bring-Many-Flowers-Dance-Party.cfm

*CLI Studios: FREE classes during this time with your favorite choreographers. Visit the website for a complete schedule and get moving! Website: http://www.clistudios.com/keepdancing

*Emily Bufferd-to help keep our dancers doing their pliés no matter where they may be dancing right now, a free Warmup Video from Emily's YouTubeChannel: https://vimeo.com/397943019

*Another FUN idea--Have your dancer teach YOU, the parent, 30 seconds of their dance!! (Don’t forget to record it for me!! Haha)

Thank you all so much for your support during this time.

[03/23/20]   Hello Just Dance Families!!

I e-mailed everyone a private link to the recital videos and other information so please check your e-mail. If you did not get anything check your spam/junk folder.

There are many sites that have DAILY ONLINE classes such as www.clistudios.com/keepdancing.com. Have your dancer check these daily for some great classes. Other ideas....Have your dancer keep a daily chart recording all/some of these...

*Stretching for 30 min a day
*Practicing their splits
*Standing tall and holding one leg in the air for 30 seconds (BASE LEG MUST BE STRAIGHT/NO BENT KNEES), then switch to other leg.
*Practice turns! (Stand tall, right leg out/prep/turn w/knee up/stop, repeat on left leg)
*Make up a dance!!!
*3-5 year olds....Practice walking on toes with arms over head in a straight line! Practice your gallops down the hallway, play leap frog, show off your skips, go on a bear hunt, practice the "Throw your teddy bear" song! Color me a pretty picture that I can hang at the studio!! (You can mail it to me too)

Parents, feel free to send me pictures of them stretching/dancing so I can post on our instagram/facebook! My personal phone number is in the e-mail as well!! I don't mind face timing with my dancers either (just give me some notice haha)

As far as picture day.....we will have to reschedule this as well. I am planning on coming back to dance the week of April 13th. Even if we have to spread out the classes to make sure we don't have so many people in the studio at once. I will let everyone know once it gets closer. For now all we can do is pray that everyone stays healthy and we can get back to normal!! We are missing our dancers so much!!

Please please please keep my dancers home and safe!!! Michelle

getcoloringpages.com 03/21/2020

Get Coloring Pages - Free Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Hey Just Dance families!!!

getcoloringpages.com has some cute ballet coloring pages that you can print out for your dancer!! I would LOVE to hang some artwork in the studio when we get back!! 💕😁

getcoloringpages.com GetColoringPages.com - The place for printables coloring pages! Big collection with thousands coloring pages for kids and adults.

[03/18/20]   Hi Just Dance Families!!

We miss you!!!! We know how difficult this is for everyone. The time, effort and money you have put in for this dance season (and the upcoming dance recital.....fingers crossed this is still going to happen) hasn't left my mind since all this started. Like most of you, we just want things back to normal!!

The teachers and I are meeting today to start making videos of each classes dance recital dances so that they can practice at home. There are some dances however that we just won't be able to do.....like TEEN/ADV classes. Those dances have a lot of different group things, lifts, on and off stage so much it would be pretty tricky to video that with only one person doing it...but we will do our best and see what we come up with! :)

I will be posting/sharing links for online dance tutorials on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM as much as I can. These are great resources that your dancer can take advantage of during this time off. So be sure to check that out online!

Miss you all so much!! Hope everyone is staying healthy!!

Michelle, Harmony, Carey, Brett, Paige, Hope, Darbi, Stephanie, Libby, Grace & Chloe

[03/13/20]   Well, I can't avoid this post anymore......😢

In order to keep our dancers, their families and our community healthy, we are following orders and will be closed until April 6th.

I am speaking for all of us here at Just Dance when I say that we are completely saddened by this...

Regarding picture day (Saturday April 4th), we have not decided if we are going to keep that date or move it to the following weekend

We will keep everyone posted if there are any changes.

Just Dance Staff,

Michelle, Harmony, Carey, Brett, Paige, Hope, Darbi, Stephanie, Grace, Libby & Chloe

[03/10/20]   Hi everyone!! Even though Ga***rd Schools are closed we would like to have dance today. Roads are good and we have had 2 snow days on Tuesdays already!!

Thank you!!!

[03/02/20]   Hi everyone!! Just a quick "HAPPY" note.....

Costumes (most) went home last week and I have to say this is the FIRST year that we have ZERO costumes that need to be sent back for another size!!! Thank you parents for trying on the sample costumes and ordering the correct size!! It really makes things so much easier!!!

Also, If your dancer came home without a hairpiece (most costumes had them)......MANY were left at the studio after they tried everything on!! So be sure to check that!! :)

That is all!! Have a great day!! Michelle

[02/18/20]   Hi everyone!

Due to Ga***rd Community Schools being closed (and the slippery road conditions😩), we have decided to cancel all classes for today, February 18th.

Stay warm and safe!!

[02/17/20]   YES!! We are having dance today😁😁😁

[01/06/20]   Hi Just Dance Families!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Just a few reminders....

Now that we are (finally) back to dance this week please make sure your dancer has everything they need for class (proper dance attire, hair ties, dance shoes, etc.). Also, if your dancer is missing dance shoes (or anything else) please come in and check the lost and found & extra shoe bin. There are jackets, sweatshirts, dance wear, and dance shoes (without names inside) in there since October/November.

Also, I know some of our students missed a couple classes in December due to school, weather, vacation, etc., and as a reminder they are welcome to make up any missed classes in a comparable or lower level class. Please see your instructor for days/times that would work!

Just a reminder.....our policy is that when Ga***rd Public Schools close due to weather, we also close. However, if there have been multiple snow days on the same day(s) or if we feel like the weather is better in the afternoon, then we may decide to have class. Please make sure to check your e-mail/facebook on those days.

****Dates To Remember****

March 23rd-29th --No Dance--Spring break (Classes resume on Monday, March 30th)

April 4th--Picture Day at the studio (info to come later on this)

May 25th (Monday)--No Dance--Memorial Day

June 12th & 13th--Annual Dance Recital

Michelle :)

[10/30/19]   Hello Just Dance Families!!!

Happy Halloween (tomorrow)!! Just a reminder that all classes on Thursday, October 31st are cancelled so that our dancers can enjoy the "Halloween Festivities"!! (Looks like they will want to bundle up....burrrrrrr!) Reminder....missed classes due to absence, inclement weather or Holidays can be made up at any time in a similar class as the one they missed. Please see their instructor for days/times that would work best for your dancer.

COSTUME INFO!!! We have been very busy picking out costumes for this year’s dance recital and will be sending home the "costume information sheet", along with the invoice NEXT WEEK.

October 31st-No Dance-Halloween
November 28th-No Dance-Thanksgiving
December 23rd-January 5th-No Dance-Christmas Break ​
March 23rd-29th-No Dance Spring Break
May 25th-No Dance-Memorial Day
June 12th & 13th-DANCE RECITAL!!!

I think that is it for now!! Have a safe (and warm) Halloween!!!






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