Snap Fitness

Staffed Hours are:
Mon 9am-1pm AND 3pm-6pm
Tue 9am-1pm AND 3pm-6pm
Wed 9am-1pm AND 3pm-6pm
Thu 9am-1pm AND 3pm-6pm
Fri 9am-1pm
Sat 9am-1pm

Operating as usual


We are taking a family vacation, so there will be NO Staff:

Friday February 18th
Saturday February 19th

Thank You
The Rosser’s


We will be fixing the damaged wall in the 2 shower rooms, one at a time, so the other two will still be useable.
We will be starting on Saturday 1/8/22.


Power is back on.

The gym is currently without power. I will update when it comes back on.


There will be no staff this weekend. We are all celebrating Thanksgiving with our families. We will be back in the club at 9am Monday.
Happy Thanksgiving


As with everything in the world right now, nothing happens at the best time. With the first snow of the year, comes a dead furnace. We have been advised to take it out back and put it out of our misery as it is no longer safe or financially smart to repair it. Luckily the new one is not siting on a cargo ship in the pacific, so it should be here and installed with in a couple weeks. With that being said, the big room has no heat. The other 2 furnaces are working so the showers and bathrooms have heat. We added a bunch of insulation a couple weeks ago, so right now the big room is maintaining a temp of 66-68. We have brought in supplemental heat until the new furnace is up and running, but due to safety reasons, it can only be used while Chris and Libby are here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get this fixed ASAP.

Chris and Libby



Beginning Monday 8/30/21 we will be cleaning the carpets. Our goal is to keep the equipment usable, by coming in after dinner to move the equipment and clean that section, and putting it back in the morning, however, it may be cramped during the overnight hours. We will add a special note when we schedule the treadmills, as those may be out of service for the night due to the power requirements.


In observance of Good Friday, there will be
no staff
Friday 4/2/21


We will not be staffed Friday 1/1/21.
Have a safe and Happy New Year!


We are staffed 9-1 today for your last minute Christmas needs. Gift certificates and Snap merchandise available!


Changes to Staffed hours for Christmas:

9-1 only on Christmas Eve
No Staff Christmas Day or Saturday the 26th

We wish you all a Merry Christmas


Looking for that last minute Christmas gift? We have a small supply of branded items available during staffed hours. Sales are cash or check only-NO CARDS, andAll items are limited to sizes and quantity on hand.


Due to unexpected schedule conflicts, Monday 12/14 staff hours will be 9-1 ONLY


So that we may enjoy Thanksgiving with our families, there will be NO STAFF Thursday 11/26/2020


Congratulations Miriam!

You are a true inspiration and example of what hard work and determination can accomplish. We are proud of you.


Huge shout out to Miriam Murrell for making States in Cross Country! Good Luck tomorrow from Snap Fitness


Snap Fitness

It takes a team to keep the gym clean! 😀


Yes we are remaining OPEN!
We are in Region 6. The newest EO regarding gym closures excludes regions 6 & 8, so we are still good.


We are OPEN!
The recent Michigan gym closure was for the Regions that weren't allowed to open yet. We are still open.


Members still needing to sign Covid Waivers to have 24-hour access staff hours will be:

Saturday 6/27 Appointment only
Monday 6/29 9-1 and 3-6
Tuesday 6/30 9-1 and 3-6
Wednesday 7/1 9-3 and 3-6
Thursday 7/2 9-1 and 3-6
Friday 7/3 9-1
Saturday 7/4 No Staff. Happy 4th of July


Reminder: there will be no staff tomorrow, Saturday 6/20/2020. It is our son's Open House.


If everyone on your membership has signed the COVID Waiver you now have 24-hour access.

If one or more still need to sign the COVID waiver staff hours are:
Friday 6/19 9-3
Monday 6/22 9-1, 3-6
Tuesday 6/23 9-1, 3-6
Wednesday 6/24 9-1, 3-6
Thursday 6/25 10-1, 3-6
Friday 6/26 9-1
Saturday 6/27 9-1


If ****EVERYONE**** on your membership has signed the COVID Waiver you now have 24-hour access.

For those with one or more still needing to sign the COVID waiver staff hours are:
Saturday 6/13 8-2
Monday 6/15 9-1, 3-6
Tuesday 6/16 9-1, 3-6
Wednesday 6/17 9-9:45, 11ish-6 *Forgot about dentist appointment at 10*
Thursday 6/18 9-6
Friday 6/19 9-3
Saturday 6/20 No Staff

Thank you


Thank you to everyone that has stopped in to sign the COVID waiver. If I haven't called you it's because I have been busy and still trying to get through the list. Feel free to stop in during staffed hours to sign it, or send me an email and I will send you a copy to sign so we can go back to 24 hours.

I will be here Today until 8
Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-2pm

Thanks everyone, your support and encouragement amazes me.


Hip Hip Horray!


Wow this is hard! I think I have most of the requirements in place, but I have over 350 memberships with over 500 members, and one of me with one phone. This is taking longer than I thought.

The good news-I am opening the club on Wednesday June 10th at 8am. Billing will resume July 1st with your regular payment.

The bad news- It has to be staffed hours until EVERY SINGLE MEMBER that wants to come back has signed the Covid Waiver. Also at this time I can only have member in the club. No guests or visitors. NO card-No access. NO EXCEPTIONS.
I will be here:
Wed 8am-8pm, Thurs 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-6pm, and Sat we will see. Hopefully I can get all the waivers signed by then so we can go back to 24 hours.

I am still calling members, but obviously I am not going to get to everyone before Wednesday. I didn't want to do it this way, I wanted to talk to each of you personally, I MISS YOU, but I am overwhelmed so I am asking for help.

If you are reading this please send me a message through Facebook (blue button on the top) or email at [email protected], telling me if you want to cancel, come back, or stay frozen for now. Calling into the isn't working as their is only me. I can't call and answer the phone at the same time. If you leave me a message, not comment, on Facebook or send me an email I can go through them and update accounts at home tonight and tomorrow night.

I look forward to seeing you all soon


I know we are all excited about the Gym reopening. I am BEGGING you to please be patient. I am doing everything I can to get us open ASAP. I have 40 pages of “requirements to reopen” from Corporate in addition to all of the “protocols and procedures” from the Governor, Health Department and CDC.

I am also planning and preparing for my son’s Graduation on June 21st, and party June 20th. Sarah is planning her Wedding on June 28th. So, in addition to the gym we have some MAJOR personal events going on this month.

Not to sound rude or inconsiderate I am BEGGING you to please be patient. Starting tomorrow (Sunday), I am going to start reaching out to you individually to go over rules, requirements, and billing, so PLEASE do not call in asking when we are opening. I CANNOT legally open this club until I have met all the requirements. Once I get an idea of when I will have this done, I will post the opening date and time.

Thank you for help and support.



We are still closed per the Governor’s orders. At this time, we have no idea when she will allow us to reopen. We are not given any addition information, so we continue to watch the news daily for public updates.

All billing is suspended until further notice and we have frozen all prepaid memberships. Once we get an open date from the Governor, we can submit that to Corporate so they can authorize us to reopen as well. At that time, my goal is to reach out to all 358 primary members to discuss billing options.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as this is all out of my control. I hope to be able to open soon.


Unfortunately the Governor has extended the Stay at Home order again, stating all gyms must remain closed until at least June 12th. Nothing has changed in regards to billing. It is still suspended until further notice and pre paid memberships are frozen.

We miss you all! 05/02/2020

Coronavirus - Coronavirus

What I would like to say:
We are still in time out. We have cleaned our rooms and followed most of the rules, but we are still not allowed to have friends over.

But what I will say as a professional business owner:
Per the governors Executive Order 2020-69 section 1 subsection (f), we are mandated to remain closed until May 28th. We have taken this time to do a deep cleaning and finish some of the final cosmetic touches. We will continue to keep prepaid memberships frozen and billing suspended. Governor Whitmer’s updates can be found at There are currently a few lawsuits and legislative measures being filed which may affect this order, but for now this is her order. Stay safe and healthy everyone. We miss you!


Sorry guys, I thought this already posted. Turns out it didn’t.

Since this mandatory closure has been extended all membership dues have been suspended until we can reopen. We will prorate dues accordingly at that time. Thank you for support. Stay safe.




1140 Gornick Ave
Ga***rd, MI

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