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The following piece was written by a parent to inspire young women to be comfortable with who they are. 👊

We hope you found this as powerful as we did.💪

"I’m a lot.

I am.

I know I am.

I’ve always known I am.

I get over-the-top excited about mundane things. I get overly-emotional too.

I have ten thousand ideas flowing rapidly through my brain at any one point in time.

I think fast. I speak fast. I type even faster.

I sing at the top of my lungs whether I’m in church, or sitting alone in my car. I think the world is falling, and then realize maybe I just haven’t had any sleep the last two nights, and I need a glass of water, and everything appears sunny again.

I send ten text messages in a row. And, oh yes, you’d better believe they are full of exclamation points and emojis. I plan girls’ trips at the drop of a hat. I work really hard to make everything magical.

I apologize all the time.

I talk way too much.

I take up too much space.

I dance anytime music is on—grocery store, car, bank, doesn’t matter.

I build businesses and then new businesses and new businesses.

I see clothes that I absolutely HAVE to have.

I think every movie I’ve ever watched is the “best ever.” I like every song that comes on the radio, and I rave about them, and I research the lyrics and try to figure out the deeper-meaning.

I cry about situations, and then turn around with my next breath and flip the switch and find the ever-elusive silver lining.

I’m a lot.

I’m passionate.

I rarely walk.

If I’m going somewhere, I run. (Metaphorically-speaking, of course. If I’m literally running, something weird is up.)

When I’m chill, I’m chill.

But when I’m not—watch out, sister.

I don’t tiptoe. I jump in without looking back. And I splash water everywhere. I have energy, and I like for energy to be given back to me.

I used to hate this about myself. Everything I just mentioned made me blame myself, and question myself, and want to be by myself, and also somehow, made me want to be with everyone all the time.

I used to think being too much was my worst quality. I thought it was the reason I was misunderstood and lonely. I thought it was my greatest setback.

And so I quieted myself up.

I played small.

I bottled my excitement.

I convinced myself to become less.


I give hard. I forgive hard. I work hard. I laugh hard. I cry hard. I mess up hard, but then I get back up and I keep on moving forward.

I dream hard.

I believe hard.

I live fierce. And I love free.

There is nothing wrong with that.

There is nothing wrong with meeting someone and instantly clicking with them.

There is nothing wrong with telling people how much you love them.

There is nothing wrong with laughing and crying and feeling other people’s pain.

If your’e an “a lot” person like I am. If you bounce around from place to place. If it takes a while for you to settle down, and you lie in bed at night wondering what in the world is wrong with you, and oh-my-gosh why did you say “you too” when the waiter told you to enjoy your meal. That’s such an odd thing to say.

It’s okay.

You’re okay.

It’s going to be okay.

Stop beating yourself up. Stop with the constant worrying that people won’t like you, and start liking yourself.

Cause, yeah, you’re a lot.

You’re a lot of love.

You’re a lot of joy.

You’re a lot of beautiful.

You’re a lot of real.

You’re a lot of passionate.

You’re a lot of empathetic.

You’re a lot of what makes a good friend.

And you’re also a lot of what this world needs. Don’t hide, sister. Don’t shy away. Don’t back down. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t shrug off your gifts.

Don’t change. Ever.

But do breathe, and do at least try to be more on time.

This may be the coolest shirt we've ever seen. 💙
Why you should join us for Spring Break Camp 🥳😂
One of the biggest parts of our roles as professional coaches is actually coaching parents. 😅

Not in actual martial arts.... (although we wish all parents would take the adult class 🤣.... but that's not usually the case.)

It's coaching parents through the obstacles they face during the 10-15 year process that they've started with martial arts when enrolling their children.

We may be a little biased when we say this but we're HIGHLY AGAINST anyone quitting martial arts unless it's for a circumstance completely out of our control.

If we had a crystal ball that would predict the future, it would for sure say that all of our children will experience violence in their lives.
Having seen our fair share of real violence, we want to equip everyone with the proper tools to stay safe when that time comes.........

Today's parent coaching obstacle tip comes from "I feel like my child isn't taking this SERIOUS enough"

Throughout the years we've seen very common threads between all the students.

And ALL students go through this particular phase.

Here's a few things to help you not "if" but "when" this phase happens:

1. Always remember kids aren't really expected to take this seriously because children learn through fun.

If it becomes too serious a task they will start to tune out.... kinda like doing too much homework.

2. Physically tell them to have fun every day. Even if they're having fun already. 😅

3. Your child needs to test the boundaries of all the environments they come in contact with to develop their perception of how the real world works. This includes the martial art mat and the coaching of the staff members.

When a child underperforms in an activity it's a form of attention-seeking behavior.

"If I play around at this activity my parents are taking extremely seriously.... my parents will DEFINITELY pay attention to me." (Remember, young children don't differentiate between good or bad attention... it's all attention to them.)

4. Your child has their own unique path and personality, trust the process.

That's worth saying twice.

Trust. The. Process.

Our team actually meets nightly after training to discuss everything that happens on the mat.

We discuss the path of all the students and how we need to adjust or pivot when we notice new phases in the developmental process of the kiddos.

5. Your child is doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing at that moment whether it be good or bad.

They need experience in life to become a functional member of society. Let them make mistakes. Let them learn. Let them grow. Let them play. Let them train........

Best Regards,
Coach Sharon
As a head coach, my team knows it's very difficult to earn my praise. 😅

They have to improve so much all the time.📈

As martial artists, that's what we do.

That being said.

I'm truly grateful for this team and everything they do in our community.

It may be hard to earn my praise however I'm ALWAYS grateful.
I'm so proud of my team!!! We really love what we do... there's still some spots left for spring break camp.. talk to the front desk.
Early on when my parents put me into martial arts, I had NO idea how much I'd be getting in return as an adult. 🙏

I've far from mastered the art of self-awareness.

That being said the small investment of time and money that my parents made have taught me:

How to work like a business owner.
How to lead.
How to motivate and inspire.
How to be the director of my own life.
How to be healthy.
How to be a better partner.
How to contribute to my community.
How to provide opportunities for my team members.
How to make a positive impact on the lives around me.
How to master a craft.
How to never give up.
How to harness discipline when motivation failed.
How to learn from every mistake.
How to have my own voice.

The things I've received I can never repay... because they're priceless.

Instead, I'll just say this.

Thank. You.

Coach Liana
Don't be this guy 😬

Instead be THE COOLEST parent and register your kids for Spring Break Camp with us March 14th-18th 😎🥳😂
Who else is guilty of putting the milk back at the very BOTTOM of the fill line?😁
Have you ever had to deal with tantrums.... especially in public? 😤

Just to let you know, your child most likely didn't start their day with the intention of throwing a wrench into your target trip with a good ol' fashioned meltdown.

We recently read a great article with the following tips to help you out:

Be consistent. Establish a daily routine so that your child knows what to expect. Stick to the routine as much as possible, including nap time and bedtime. A child's temper can become short if he or she doesn't have enough rest or quiet time.

Plan ahead. Run errands when your child isn't likely to be hungry or tired. If you're expecting to wait in line, pack a small toy or snack to occupy your child.

Let your child make appropriate choices. Avoid saying no to everything. To give your toddler a sense of control, let him or her make choices. "Would you like to wear your red shirt or your blue shirt?" "Would you like to eat strawberries or bananas?" "Would you like to read a book or build a tower with your blocks?"

Praise good behavior. Offer extra attention when your child behaves well. Give your child a hug or tell your child how proud you are when he or she shares or follows directions.

Avoid situations likely to trigger tantrums. Don't give your child toys that are far too advanced for him or her. If your child begs for toys or treats when you shop, steer clear of areas with these temptations. If your toddler acts up in restaurants, choose places that offer quick service.

We may be biased to this next statement. 😅

As a professional martial arts Academy, we focus very highly on emotional intelligence.

If you haven't tried a class, come on down!

Let. Us. Help.

Full service professional Martial Arts School. We offer a variety of programs and classes for everyone, ages 3 and up!

Programs include ATA Taekwondo, Warrior Xfit, Krav Maga, Kickboxing and Hyper Martial Arts!

Operating as usual


Zombie Nerf night Coming soon!


Inspiration Kidz proudly hosts our FREE 8th Annual Trunk or Treat Event Thats right!!! FREE EVENT! OCTOBER 21st, 2023
FUN! SAFE! CANDY! GAMES! PRIZES! Your entire family is welcome! Come Party with all of your neighbors and friends! 4pm-6:30pm 5170 W Phelps Rd Glendale AZ 85306
Free Community Event for Families!
RSVP required -
follow the link to register!
For more info call or text 623-533-9968 Or scan the QR codes!


Join our Teens and Adults class NOW as we head into a NEW Season!! DM us for more information or give us a call 623-533-9968 📞


Sharing parenting thoughts/slash/life thoughts!! I always feel a little self-conscious because parenting is so personal and emotional. But I truly believe that for someone, these thoughts can change their day-to-day, and can change their lives. Therefore, I cannot NOT share them.

These thoughts have been lingering on my mind as we near the end of week 2 of summer camp! (The coaches are doing even better than last year 🙂 )

On the topic of emotions:

There is an important teaching that, if I had a magic wand, I would want every child, parent, and adult to receive it. It's not a guilt-inducing concept or a "do better!" concept...I absolutely believe it is a freeing concept.

The teaching is this:
Always RESPECT the reality of emotions.
Always REJECT the "lordship" of emotions.

Teaching self-control doesn't mean we say "stop being mad" or "stop being grumpy" or anything like that. We want kids, adults, parents, everybody to COMPLETELY FACE the emotions head on (and not avoid them), but to know that emotions are never a cause to escape accountability for actions.

It's okay to be mad.
It's okay to be sad.
It's okay to want something.
It's okay to not want something.

If any of these "objections" come up, there is zero need to address these objections...because they aren't really objections! They are literally just a separate topic.

"Go ahead and put your clothes in the hamper."

"But I want..." / "I don't want..." / "I'm so tired..."


Just a reminder we are open Monday 7/3 and closed Tuesday 7/4 -open again on the 5th. Have a safe and blessed holiday!!!


In one of the most notable moments in sports history, Kenyan runner Abel Mutai was just a few feet from the finish line, but became confused with the signage and stopped thinking he had completed the race.

A Spanish athlete, Ivan Fernandez, was right behind him, and after realizing what was happening, he started shouting at the Kenyan for him to continue running; but Mutai didn't understand his Spanish.

Fernandez eventually caught up to him and instead of passing him, he pushed him to victory.

A journalist asked Ivan, "Why did you do that?"

Ivan replied, “My dream is that someday we can have a kind of community life where we push and help each other to win.”

The journalist insisted “But why did you let the Kenyan win?" Ivan replied, "I didn't let him win, he was going to win.”

The journalist insisted again, “But you could have won!”

Ivan looked at him and replied, “But what would be the merit of my victory? What would be the honor of that medal? What would my Mom think of that?”

Photos from Inspiration Martial Arts Glendale's post 04/08/2023

Welcome AnaBelle!


Welcome to Inspiration Zavier


Welcome to Inspiration Fernando!


Welcome to Inspiration Audrey!


Welcome to Inspiration Carie!


Welcome to Inspiration Arnusha!


Welcome to Inspiration Arda!


Happy Valentine's day from everyone on our team. 💞

No matter where we met.

If you're a past student.
Present student.
Future student.

We wish you the absolute best in all areas of life. 💜


All over the world, over 50 million roses 🌹 are given for Valentine's Day each year!

Sure, roses are nice. But I bet most parents like you would much rather have a nice, romantic dinner with their significant other.

Or even a much-needed date night doing something fun totally kid-free.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 👍

We’d like nothing more than to help you do that which is why we’re having another one of our much-loved PNOs (Parents Night Out). 😍

The theme is Valentine’s related and we’re calling it “Shot Through the Heart.” 💘

Your child will be able to bring their favorite nerf gun and we’ll play super-fun nerf games (with safety goggles, of course)…

Get active with friends…

Eat yummy PIZZA… 🍕

And more!

Just like all our other PNOs, it’s going to be a TON of FUN! It’s a great way to let your child play with other kids in a safe, supervised environment while you go out and have a good time doing something fun yourself. 🤗
Sign up here:


All over the world, over 50 million roses 🌹 are given for Valentine's Day each year!
Sure, roses are nice. But I bet most parents like you would much rather have a nice, romantic dinner with their significant other.
Or even a much-needed date night doing something fun totally kid-free.
Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 👍
We’d like nothing more than to help you do that which is why we’re having another one of our much-loved PNOs (Parents Night Out). 😍
The theme is Valentine’s related and we’re calling it “Shot Through the Heart.” 💘
Your child will be able to bring their favorite nerf gun and we’ll play super-fun nerf games (with safety goggles, of course)…
Get active with friends…
Eat yummy PIZZA… 🍕
And more!
Just like all our other PNOs, it’s going to be a TON of FUN! It’s a great way to let your child play with other kids in a safe, supervised environment while you go out and have a good time doing something fun yourself. 🤗
SIGN UP here:

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Last night SM Rueckert was teaching a judging seminar for the region and today he did a mid term


Glendale and Peoria, Women!! We Run the World!!!
It's time to change your world with some self-defense training!!
Get crazy confident and super focused with our Easy to learn Women’s Self-Defense Clinic! 💃🏼 Every time we host this Clinic we hear amazing things from our students…
Our Women’s Self-defense Clinic teaches life-saving self-defense skills in a FUN environment of like-minded women... who are all here to kick some serious butt.
We believe that self-defense can change the world. And we’ve got 2 hours to prove it to you (AND a friend)!!
⏰ CLINIC: Saturday, Feb 18th, 2023 10am-12pm
📍 WHERE: 5170 W. Phelps. Rd., Glendale, AZ 85306
Here’s what you get with each class:
🥊 2 hours of FUN, EDUCATIONAL Empowerment training.
🥊 You will get to hit stuff!! (that melts your stress) as you learn this important skill!
🥊 Full support from our friendly, experienced Coaches.
🥊 Remember its always more fun when you sign up with a friend!
WARNING: Taking the program may result in serious badassery 👍


Martial arts can be a great way to help children build confidence. Here are a few ways that martial arts training can contribute to building confidence in kids:

Physical accomplishment: As children progress through the ranks and learn new techniques, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their physical abilities.

Discipline: Martial arts training requires discipline and self-control, which can help children develop self-confidence and self-respect.

Focus: Martial arts training requires focus and concentration, which can help children develop mental discipline and focus, which can translate into improved performance in other areas of their lives.

Self-defense: Learning self-defense techniques can give children the confidence to stand up for themselves and feel more secure in potentially dangerous situations.

Positive reinforcement: Many martial arts programs use positive reinforcement to encourage and motivate children, which can help build their confidence.

Goal setting: Many martial arts programs have a belt system that allows children to set and work towards specific goals, which can help build self-confidence as they achieve each goal.

Overall, martial arts training can be a great way to help children build self-confidence, discipline, focus, and a sense of accomplishment. It's important to find a reputable and supportive martial arts program that is tailored to children's needs and abilities.


Setting goals is a valuable skill for children to learn because it helps them develop self-discipline, motivation, and a sense of accomplishment. To help your child set goals:

1. Make them specific and achievable.
2. Involve your child in the process.
3. Set both short-term and long-term goals.
4. Use positive reinforcement when they reach a goal.
5. Set an example by setting and working towards your own goals.

By following these tips, you can help your child learn the importance of goal setting and develop the skills they need to succeed.


We want to wish everyone a fun safe New Years' eve!

If your children are celebrating the holiday with friends, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

Set a reasonable curfew. If your kids want to stay at a friend’s house past midnight, it may be best to see if they can stay with their friend.

It’s easy for teen drivers to get distracted if they’re tired, and you also want to protect them from drunk drivers they may share the road with.

Encourage your kids to stay in one place rather than party-hopping.
If your kids will be at a friend’s house, make sure that friend will have a responsible parent at home during the entire party.


We once asked an 80 year old martial artist.... "How do you keep doing this at your age?"

His answer....

"Never stop moving!" 😎


Fun fact. 😜

If you did martial arts, you'd have more to talk about than just being tired. 😄


Did you know.....

Most people's version of feeling "normal" isn't even close to how you're supposed to feel.

As humans, we're meant to feel AMAZING!

Over time we get accustomed to not sleeping well, not moving, not eating right, and not having fun because we're too "tired".

You're not "tired".

You're out of balance.

If you feel that way, start small.

Move around.
Eat one meal a day a bit healthier.
Have some fun.
Sleep for 8 hours.

Simple shifts can change your world!


We can honestly say that the teens that graduate from our program don't do this. 😜

We create respectful and coachable young humans. 😎


This month, your child will be studying the character word: PATIENCE. It is difficult to categorize at what age children will learn patience. In order to learn patience, one must learn how to deal with disappointment. If people give in to every demand of a child, than that child will never learn how to wait for what they want. This can be a difficult cycle to break, but it is possible if you understand this fact; as well as some ways to better teach patience.
The following information includes a few facts and tips regarding patience in children and ideas on ways to help them improve upon this character trait:
• With children ages 3 and 4; they are very impatient and will want to be first during every activity. It is your role to help them understand the importance of waiting their turn.
• With children ages 5 and 6; they are impulsive and will blurt out an answer to a question without raising their hand and waiting for the teacher to call on them. It's your role to teach them how to wait for proper directions.
• With children ages 7 to 9; they are at the age where you must teach them patience during difficult times, such as dealing with bullies.
• With children ages 10 and up; now is a great time to teach them how to have patience as it relates to perseverance and endurance required to accomplish large goals.
Remember, some children will demonstrate great patience at an early age. This is the nature of the individual child and does not mean that every other child will be the exact same without some direction. Do not compare the patience of one child to that of the others, because it may frustrate the children that are naturally impulsive. Be patient with your children as you teach them this characteristic and you will see progress.
Thank you for your support!

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Welcome to our FAMILY!


From our academy, to your home we just want to say happy Halloween!

We hope everyone stays safe. 🎃

In case anyone was wondering... the coaches favorite candy is Reses peanutbutter cups. 😄

Feel free to donate as much as you want. 😉


The secret hack for setting age-appropriate chores.

We've found that understanding the ages and what you can do to set them up for success is the best approach.

Try these tactics and see what happens. 💪

2 - 5: Keep it simple and do the chores with them.

6 - 8: Can manage simple chores with clear directions under supervision.

9 - 11: Can handle simple chores on their own with accountability.

So, maybe now you can have a house that actually looks like it's been cleaned. 😎


Shhhhhhh...... Don't tell the kids.... 🤐

The key to great technique is becoming great at the basics.

Yep. 😅

That's right, nothing fancy.

Just fundamental basics.

Over and over... and over... and over.😎

The key is how our team disguises it during training so the kiddos NEVER get bored of them. 😉


Welcome to Inspiration!


In our academy, we're very big advocates for having conversations with kids about the dangers of the world.

We prepare our students for tough situations through our system of mat chats, parent talks, and physical training.


After encouraging our families to have talks at home or around the dinner table, we've had many students encounter dangerous situations and make it home to their parents safely.

Why does this happen?

It's simple.

These conversations create awareness.

Awareness creates competence.

Competence Creates confidence.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Glendale?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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A word from Coach Dodson
We are .... The BEST!We NEVER ....Give Up!HARD WORK ....Pays off!If you are or know someone who is looking for Martial A...
2nd testing at Inspiration Martial Arts!   **Distancing**




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Opening Hours

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