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Elite Basketball Training
(Individual and small groups)
Coaching /Personal Trainer /skills development specialist
FIBA Licensed Coach,
18 Years pro and National team player,& Coach,
been coaching since 2006
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Such as ,Clinics ,Camps,Personal Skill Devolopment,For basketball players
----Amateur & Professional.

Operating as usual


coach Ve Elite training inc.


The headquarter

The vision of Los Angeles Ignite builds with each passing day. We want to thank everybody who’s engaged and showed us love in our initial launch. We’re working on so many moving pieces, and we are excited for what’s too come.


Form shooting is the first step to being a great shooter.

From the Reggie Millers to the Steph Currys, the game of basketball is now almost unimaginable without the three point line.

And though there was once a style of basketball that didn’t have the three, one rule of thumb generally remains: you must be able to build precision from a closer distance to achieve accuracy from a further distance.

Check out if interested in developing your shooting form and need some training.

Timeline photos 12/12/2023

Our staff are working hard one day at a time to create a bright future for upcoming athletes with a passion for basketball, and for community. Stay tuned.

Photos from Los Angeles Ignite's post 11/21/2023

We’re growing and planning to grow and open in new areas


Today i Officially signed to coach with Los Angeles Ignite in The TBL (The Basketball League) in the upcoming inaugural season.
Praise the Lord all Glory to my Lord and Savior
I will be still running and training in Coach Ve academy.


Coach Emma Running volleyball clinics every Monday and Saturday at the academyusa in Glendale.

🏐 Every Monday evening & Sunday morning, prepares athletes with skills development and best practices in volleyball.

💬 For questions, comments, or concerns about girls volleyball practice training, please text 818-424-3404 directly.


🏀 Become a member at today for as low as $125/mo. and access three NBA-regulation sized basketball courts with a training facility and an on-site elite group of professionals here to help you equip all levels of talent to get to the next level.

👉 Elevate your game and hoop at LA’s hottest court with exclusive shooting-machines to help you achieve the most with your jump shot, with the best rates.

📧 Contact to get started with a monthly membership.

📧 DM or Stop by for a complementary Day Pass.

👍 Follow for more.
📍 1219 Los Angeles St. Glendale, CA

👍 Connect with Coach Emma today to book your next session.


🏐 Every Monday evening & Sunday morning, prepares athletes with skills development and best practices in volleyball.

💬 For questions, comments, or concerns about girls volleyball practice training, please text 818-424-3404 directly.


My player, Gary Chivichyan, is going to keep surprising everyone wherever he goes. There's a lot happening behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

Photos from Coach Ve.'s post 02/04/2023

“When you have a dream, You’ve got to grab it and never let go; and then you live the dream.”
🙏 Grateful to my Lord Jesus, for all the blessings earthly and heavenly.
🔥 I am living the dream, doing what I love and making a difference in the lives of my players, seeing the transformation of each individual that I train/coach/mentor means the world to me.
🫡 A leader has to serve, that’s how I define a leader, a good leader is good servant.
“The servant leader.”
🏀 More than 3 decades of basketball knowledge and experience pouring into my players.
🤩Dreams come through, but it’s up to us to wake up everyday and work our butts off to get closer and closer to that dream.
See you at the Top


With an undefeated run and the AABA Fall 2022 Championship in hand, has been voted the .league Coach Of The Season🏆

Coach Ve and the Armens Basketball Club gave it their all each and every week! Congratulations on the amazing performance and we look forward to seeing you in the 2023 Spring AABA Season🏀


🚨OFFICIAL: Coach Eskidjian (Armens BC) voted Best Coach of the Fall AABA Season!

👉In his first season as head coach of the Armens Basketball Club, Eskidjian faced adversity during the season, but remained triumphant in every single match.

🥇The former gold medalist for Lebanon in has helped shape the relatively young team during the Pro-Am tournament that has helped athletes’ gameplay, statistics, and morale to improve on and off the court.

Eskidjian impressively toppled Hrazdan from its 2x defending champion position, and will look to win another one in the Spring 2023 AABA Season.

👏 Congratulations, — your hard work NEVER goes unnoticed!

📷 by


❌ Workout with pro hooper

⭕️ Q. Came all the way from New Jersey to train with for a week

❌ His passion and dedication for the game is unbelievable

⭕️ You need a pro to train a pro, too many trainers out there never played at high level Basketball nor coached at any decent level,
They’re training …

❌ I mean what are you guys teaching ?

⭕️From where you’re getting your content (training content that is)

❌ Nowadays anyone who watches a YouTube training video is a trainer.

⭕️ If someone ever rebounded ball for a nba player is an nba Trainer. (Funny and sad at the same time )

⭕️ I am talking about the parasites of this game and they are everywhere, “wolves in sheep clothing.”

❌ No one is teaching the game the right way anymore,
most coaches don’t wants or don’t have time to work on development of their players, most of the coaches are recruiting even at high school level.
(Are you kidding me?)

⭕️ At high school level it should be about developing kids and work on their skills, teach them to play as a team, teach them discipline, the fundamentals, reading the game , basketball IQ, Moving without the ball, looking and passing to the open man, building character…

❌ Selfish basketball becoming norm, faking the grind and entertainment is being chased by most players…

⭕️ Train the right way to play the right way. Coach Ve


⭕️ “Opportunities disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them”

⭕️ Pro Workout with
Pro athlete getting ready to go overseas

⭕️ Just a glimpse of a workout (trimmed it to 1 min)

⭕️ Dm your f you wanna take your game to the next level.


⭕️Work on your “game” day in day out.

⭕️No secret in this game, you get out what you put in.

⭕️Consistency is your currency.

⭕️Here Warren warming up and working on his craft.

⭕️Workout before the workout.

⭕️If Basketball doesn’t run through your vain, maybe it’s not for you.

⭕️Stay ready so you don’t need to get ready, off season is the season to get better and sharper…

⭕️ To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” – Chinese proverb

18 years pro
14 years FIBA Coach

Dm Coach Ve.
For elite training program


Elite training program for all levels


⭕️ warm up drill before our workout.
⭕️ Multi purposeful drill in one.
⭕️For all the players and coaches asking for drills, you guys can use this with different variations and sides (Left / Right/ Top of the key)
⭕️ Basic fundamentals nothing too crazy,
Stick to the basics and the fundamentals.
⭕️ It doesn’t have to look cool for IG, that’s not the purpose, we’re here to get better and improve.( That’s the goal)
⭕️ Basketball a simple game, keep it simple no need to complicate the drills no need to throw tennis balls 🎾 and crazy things to look cool.
⭕️ If you ever played the game, or coaches on a decent level you know what I am talking about.


🎥:John Eskidjian
Music credits:
Sam Tinnesz
“Legend are made”

DM for Serious players.


⭕️ Changing the culture one player at a time.
⭕️ I can’t emphasize more on teaching the young kids, the proper way as early as possible.
⭕️ Too many baby sitters, too many entertainers only few teachers out there.
⭕️ Let your kid learn the fundamentals the proper techniques and have the right foundation to build on it their skills and develop.
⭕️ Kids won’t learn from just playing,
⭕️ Prepare and equip them before sending them to the ‘battle’ game.
⭕️ Parents have to make the right choice in selecting the right trainer the right coach.
⭕️ Having a coaching position doesn’t make them coaches …
⭕️We take pride in teaching our players the right way of training so they can play the right way.
⭕️DM us for any questions you might have.


⭕️ “Don’t underestimate yourself, you are more capable than you think”
Sue Bird

⭕️ Women’s basketball need more attention, we need more girls to ball… I believe in you.

⭕️ Coach more many years professional women basketball overseas, coach the Lebanese women National team (won the gold medal in the Pan Arab Olympic Games)

⭕️ “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to success is strong enough.”
Candace Parker

⭕️ We will resume Woman’s and Girls programs


⚫️ Training and Competing is the only way to get better.(They Go hand in Hand)
You can’t be just Training not competing nor Competing without training)

⚫️The Game of Basketball is so simple, do not complicate it.

⚫️What ever you’re working on should be transferred to your game.

⚫️Playing at FIBA highest level for 18 years and the coaching for 14 years, and studying and working in my craft daily … give me the expertise to know what works and what don’t in the game.

⚫️Coach_ve Elite Training is about player development not just skills development, it’s beyond the drills and moves… its teaching the right mindset + mentorship + How to read the defense how to react to it, move without the ball, make the right play, court vision and understanding of your role, expanding your role, how to execute, how to be prepared and ready for your tryouts… and much more.

⚫️Too many trainers out there, only few are qualified teachers.

⚫️ If this post sounds like me bragging or flexing or praising myself, it means that you don’t know me or never trained with me.
I paid hugest price to be where I am and to do what I do the way I do it.

⚫️ Here in this footage, ending the training with 3 v 3 .

Players :

Trainer/ Coach :

Video: John Eakidjian

Gym :


⚫️ Short footage of todays evening workout.

⚫️ I am looking for progress not perfection.

⚫️ Finishing the session with 2v2 (Ball screen every possession)

⚫️Creating space from ball screen, reading the defense and taking advantage of the gaps

⚫️Miss match or not playing through

⚫️Defense needs a tonnes minute f work.

⚫️We’re not yet there… working on it.

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1219 Los Angeles Street
Glendale, CA

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