Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos


The New Music I’m Listening To on October 29, 2021:

Though the breeze is a little chilly around these parts, I was able to spend most of the morning outside, listening to all that’s on offer this week. I’m pleased to report that I’ve found five titles to add to my life, and perhaps to yours as well.

I’ll start with a couple of singles released this week. New Zealand’s BENEE made one of the best Pop albums of last year, and “Doesn’t Matter” is the first new music she’s released since. It’s an honest account of struggling with mental illness, with a winning title hook.


Another album I quite enjoyed from last year is, “What Wands Won’t Break”, by Daedelus. The Electronic producer has also released a single this week, called, “Haunted”. It’s part of an upcoming project, in collaboration with poet/songwriter Joshua Idehen. This track features Idehen prominently, with woozy backing.


I have an ep for you next, from the Netherlands. Posij (pronounced “pose-eye”) is Frank Post, an Electronic composer and producer. His new four-song ep, “YGT YGT YGT” catches my ear with his smart use of space on the track. Bangers, to be sure, but with purpose.


My next recommendation has its own use of space to point out, and will become obvious as we continue. Bitchin Bajas is a band from Chicago, and is a side-project for all the members. Their tenth album is a project that reimagines the work of Sun Ra. “Switched On Ra”’s title is a nod to the great “Switched On” records that Wendy Carlos made in the late 60’s and early 70’s. This new album will be my introduction to the work of Sun Ra (I’m ashamed to admit), but outside of that, it’s a wildly exploratory journey. Keyboards and percussion are the main canvas, and it is a thing of beauty.


To finish the week, and indeed, the month, I will leave you with UK-based musician and songwriter Isabelle “Izzy” Thorn. Recording as Dear Laika, Thorn has released her second full-length, “Pluperfect Mind”, this week. Thorn’s introspective lyrics are joined with her piano, violin, and synth. Prepared piano makes for an original aural experience. Intricate and intimate.


Please let me know if any of this touches you in any way. Moreover, I just need to know you’re okay.

Entre Suspiria con Thom Yorke y Goblin; 'Christine' de John Carpenter; 'The Shining' por Wendy Carlos; 'The Thing' de Maestro Ennio Morricone y 'Midsommar' con The Haxan Cloak, les traemos los 40 soundtracks esenciales del cine de terror.
Liber Limbia Vol. 602 Chapter 2: Bad seagulls dance trembling.
An archive of a live broadcast on Radio Alchemy - Big Island Internet Radio and KONA LPFM 1005 Community Radio
Strut and soar with Seagulls Fu***ng Seagulls on NOG Records, { AN } Eel ( Neal D. Retke ), Gekkering, KINK GONG, James Chance & The Contortions,Death Grips, The Fall, Wendy Carlos, Four Tet, and more!
LISTEN TO IT HERE: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/liberlimbia/episodes/2021-06-23T18_58_53-07_00
DOWNLOAD IT HERE: https://liberlimbia.podomatic.com/enclosure/2021-06-23T18_58_53-07_00.mp3

Artist - Title

Frenemies - Step One
Contortions - I Don't Want To Be Happy
Contortions - Throw Me Away
Miminokoto - For Edith (Live)
Miminokoto - For Garbanzo
Miminokoto - Trembling Tongue (Live)
Tex Svengali - Bad Pete
Tex Svengali - Happiness Is A Warm Sarcasm
Death Grips - The Cage
{ AN } EeL - Everything But, The…
The Fall - Protein Protection.
Seagulls Fu***ng Seagulls - my mind flies through the universe
Seagulls Fu***ng Seagulls - it's like nothing is there
Seagulls Fu***ng Seagulls - shooting stars
Seagulls Fu***ng Seagulls - 06-05-2013
Seagulls Fu***ng Seagulls - 06-08-2013
Kink Gong - Tibetan Buddhism Trip, Part 1
Four Tet - Angel Echoes
Four Tet - Love Cry
Wendy Carlos - Suite #2 In B Minor (Badinerie)
The Beatnigs - Television (On-U Sound Dance Mix)
Gekkering - Kawaii Five-O

Other episodes available for download for a very limited time here: http://liberlimbia.podomatic.com/
A larger stash of episodes is available for listening only here: http://www.mixcloud.com/LiberLimbia/
Não é novidade que a galera LGBT+ faz muita música boa e que também são pessoas que enfrentam um p**a preconceito. Não é novidade que nós do Groundcast apoiamos todo e qualquer artista underground e marginalizado, sendo nosso enfoque em metal e música experimental.
Confiram artistas e bandas maravilhosos como Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Coil, David Bowie, John Cage, Wendy Carlos, Rob Halford, Darren Hayes, Klaus Nomi, Amanda Palmer, Freddie Mercury, Paul Masvidal, Sean Reinert, Föxx Salema, Drake Chrisdensen.
En "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors" Thom utilizo un vocoder pero, ¿Qué es un vocoder?

Un vocoder (nombre derivado de voice coder, «codificador de voz») es un analizador y sintetizador de voz. Fue desarrollado en la década de 1930 como un codificador de voz para telecomunicaciones. Su primer uso fue la seguridad en radiocomunicaciones, donde la voz tiene que ser digitalizada, cifrada y transmitida por un canal de ancho de banda estrecho.

El vocoder se ha usado también como instrumento musical. Como instrumento, es usado con guitarras y sintetizadores y produce un sonido de «guitarra parlante» o «teclado parlante», según el instrumento. Los vocoders son usados con frecuencia para crear el sonido de un robot hablando, como en la canción "Mr. Roboto" de Styx. También ha sido utilizado con frecuencia en música electrónica y hip hop, por ejemplo, Beastie Boys rescataron este efecto a finales de los noventa en su popular "Intergalactic".

Anteriormente fue ampliamente empleado por el grupo alemán Kraftwerk durante los años 70s por lo que son considerados los padres de la música electrónica experimental y todas sus variantes, siendo algunas de sus más conocidas interpretaciones "Die Roboter" y "Autobahn".

El vocoder está relacionado con el algoritmo denominado phase vocoder, aunque esencialmente es diferente de este.

En 1970, los pioneros de la música electrónica Wendy Carlos y Robert Moog desarrollaron uno de los primeros vocoders verdaderamente musicales. Un dispositivo de diez bandas inspirado por los diseños de vocoder de Homer Dudley, que recibió el nombre de codificador-decodificador de espectro, y más tarde nominado simplemente como vocoder. La señal portadora es un sintetizador modular de Moog, y se modulaba a partir de la entrada de un micrófono.

📸 Vocoder hecho especialmente para Kraftwerk a principios de los 70.
The music of synthesizer pioneer Wendy Carlos, performed on machine concepts created by fellow trailblazer Daphne Oram is only one aspect of these two beautiful films by Tom Richards and Frances Scott. Watch these beautiful works and a discussion about the film here: https://youtu.be/mpUIJ2BEzRM
St. Paul's Boutique gisteren gemist via Studio TivoliVredenburg? Geen probleem, want de radioshow/podcast en muzikale uitvlucht van DJ St. Paul met deze week o.a. Portishead, Four Tet, Prince, The Lounge Society & Wendy Carlos is nu terug te luisteren via de bekende streamingsdiensten en via: bit.ly/StPaulsBoutique 🎧

→ DJ St. Paul koppelt wekelijks driftig nieuwe releases aan relevante keuzes uit het verleden, dwars door alle genres heen. Twee uur lang plaatjes, wat praatjes, een hele hoop goede zin en een subjectieve kijk op popcultuur met extra oog voor onderbelichte zaken!
And of course the 'Max's Kansas City 1976' LP brings us to the subject and vinyl debut of New York punks most rejected band, Su***de (band).

Su***de were formed in New York by ALAN VEGA and Martin Rev. Their history stretches as far back as 1970 when they bill themselves as 'Punk Music'; a term that had little reference at the time. Musically, they were at the front end of the introduction of electronic music; right up there with Pete Townshend and Wendy Carlos. Allegedly, their stage show was something that literally did bring the house down; resulting in very few second appearances. That changed with the reopening at Max's as they regularly featured at Max's.

Amanda Sewell's new book on Wendy Carlos will be published by Oxford University Press in April 2020.
Kame House invite DJ Blasy de Florence et Twoonky pour se partager deux heures de synth-pop, deviant synth et plus via Franco Battiato, patrick cowley, Wendy Carlos...
Take a 5-minute break today to enjoy this wonderful interview with Wendy Carlos that appeared on the BBC exactly 30 years ago.

Yoga Meditation Energy provides services and products that assist in, Becoming A Better You! Services include custom tailored Yoga and Meditation, Energy services include Reiki in-person and long distance, aromatherapy and crystal healing.


Operating as usual

Photos from Wendy Carlos's post 12/25/2021

Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Natal

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Wendy Carlos updated their address. 05/29/2021

Wendy Carlos updated their address.

Wendy Carlos updated their address.


Happy February 2021!

Satin Spar Heart rest on 🌹 🌹🌹🌹

Happy February 2021!

Satin Spar Heart rest on 🌹 🌹🌹🌹


Get ready! New inventory will be available in the fall.



Please comment below for self-care Sunday reiki. You are welcome to message me with specifics on what you would like your intention to be. Otherwise, leave a comment below. No cost for this, I will be conducting reiki throughout the day.



Focus on peace, love and joy. The rest works itself out. Namaste


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285Hz 》ENHANCES IMMUNE SYSTEM 》Tissue Healing Frequency 》Solfeggio Frequency 》9 Hrs Black Screen Ver

Aside from grounding with crystals I have been listening to this sound healing video.


》285Hz 》Helps in Tissue Healing and Regeneration 》Solfeggio Frequency Music 285Hz Benefits ✔ Heals and Regenerates Tissues. ✔ Restructures damaged organs by ...


Now offering special blends of dry herbs for clearing spaces of negative energy, prepping for alternative healing practices, and sense of spell for you meditation experience.

All custom blends for your needs. Featured below is Devine Sweetness; this blend has both feminine and masculine energy. High vibrational; protection, grounding, spirituality, prosperity, aids in easing tension and angry and moves stagnant energy.

Energy exchange $5.00
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Yoga Meditation Energy also offers custom orders. This includes Malas based on your chakras needs, bracelets and earrings.

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Crystal Vibration

Does this grid belong to you?

I was called do a giveaway. Below is a picture of a grid; the center stone is a garnet and the quartz are singing quartz.

If this grid resonates with you comment below with an emoji.
Feel free to share.

No purchase necessary to enter. I pay shipping.

Garnets (Red) are consider the “stone of health” and the “stone of commitment”. It stimulates kundalini energy from the base to crown chakra.

Singing quartz has a sweet tone, it is considered to make the OM sound (the earths vibration). Singing quartz aids in the bodies healing process.

This combination based on its properties appears to be very healing.

Along with this grid you will receive a combined one hour crystal consultation and reiki session.

Enjoy! Drawing will be January 8th
Entries must be by January 7th, 11:59pm.


Full moon three card draw

Card 1 heart of the issue or question
Card 2 is the challenge
Card 3 is the solution

Comment below and I will pull your cards throughout the day and send you the messages.

Tag a friend!


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Finally, when hiking shoes meet the mat.

Namaste. Embrace grounding mediate and simply breathe.

Creosote bush and nest in cactus.

Enjoy your Selfcare Sunday!


Another way to distress from life’s triggers is to simply get out of the house.

Take a walk, go to a park, hold space for yourself. Connect with your breath. If your mind is still racing count to 108, then start over. This will keep your focus on the numbers instead of “life’s worries”.

Why 108? It will train your mind for mantras down the road.


Learn the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique

Have you ever lost your breath due to unforeseen circumstances? I have! It used to make me feel sick to my stomach. Especially stress related triggers.

I was reintroduced to diaphragm breathing, not that I didn’t know what it was. It was the act of internationally practicing to help me regulate my breath.

In my experience, it has helped me control my breathing under pressure. It was bazaar at first because, my mind would race but my body was calm. I later learned how to quite my mind (will share that in another post).

I posted the link below for reference:

In this video, Whitney Zweeres, PTA teaches the diaphragmatic breathing technique. This technique can be used for pain management, relaxation, and the relief...


Come and say Hi Phoenix Metropolitan Peeps! 🌺💎🙏🏻

Location: 1420 E. Southern at Southwest Insitute of Healing Arts


Eu amo pugs

Yoga anyone?! 😂🐶💜🧘🏻‍♀️

😂😂😂 Muito bonitinho
Vídeo: IG @huebucket


Mantra Removedor Energias Negativas - Ajuda a Obter Força, Energia Vital-Cura e Ascensão

Another way to remove negative energy and raise your vibration is through sound healing and mantras.

A mantra is a phrase repeated over and over to concentrate on meditation. The one in this video is “Prana Apana Sushumna Hari”. Mantras are also used when meditating with Malas or the chant itself.

You can chant a total of 108 times if you are a beginner with a mala as you go over every bead. Hence, that’s why there is 108 of them.
I would encourage you to try something similar to this post with 108 chants.

There is no judgement here. Remember we were all evolving and one step at a time. Feel free to message me if you have further questions.


Este Mantra é utilizado para removedor as energias negativas. Reverte todo negativo em positivo, obtendo força e energia vital, cura e ascensão. Se gostou do...


DIY Florida Water

This mixture of herbs has been calling to me. I can’t help but remember the people in my life who influence me. Dedicated to my mother.

Agua de florida

Esta mezcla de hierbas me ha estado llamando. No puedo evitar recordar a la gente de mi vida que estoy influenciado.Dedicado a mi Madre

#bay leaves

@ymewc #yoga #meditation #energy #diyflorida #floridadiy #aguadeflorida #paramimadre #mimadre #formom



Live tomorrow October 1st at 3:30pm MST Arizona.

Namaste 🌺


Smoky Quartz with Gun Metal Charms


Tigers Eye
Black Tourmaline


A lower chakra vibrational bracelet.

Payment via PayPal
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Chakra Bracelet

Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Calcite, Green Aventurine, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst for the chakras.

Matte Onyx and two accents


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Leopard Jasper with Hematite


Strawberry Quartz with Hamsa Hand


Banded Jasper with Ivory


Lava Beads ☯️

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Smoky quartz
Swarovski Crystal Charm


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Preview of what is coming....

No better way than to start with Rose Quartz (stone of self-love) and Pink Onyx Lamp illuminating it’s soothing, energetic, healing vibes.


The Messenger

Many times throughout the spiritual path we will experience synchronizations happening. Now is one of those times. ;)
I went to a consignment shop the other day and look what I found! lol


Crystal Vibration coming soon!

YME Yoga Meditation Energy

Long before I understood “stillness” I had a long term relationship with worry, control and despair. Through the practice of yoga my body has become strong again. Meditation has soothed my spirit and soul aligning with my body. My energy has shifted from negativity to a positive outlook with the support of Reiki and crystals/stones. I AM FREE and will always be a student of YME, life will happen. However, I am equipped to ride the emotional waves that come at me.

I have created YME for those seeking to quite the mind and enjoy life “AS IS”. Often times we need a diversion so we can become still and prosper. Embrace that diversion and allow WHAT IS TO BE, its a runway not a pathway. The runway leads to launching and exploring you inner being. I am here to support and facilitate calmness of the mind through the practice of yoga, meditation and energy.

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#sage #sagging #clearingnegativeenergy #sacredspace #healing #herbs #meditation #yoga #energy #energyhealing
Another way to distress from life’s triggers is to simply get out of the house.  Take a walk, go to a park, hold space f...
Greetings!  Live tomorrow October 1st at 3:30pm MST Arizona. Namaste 🌺
09/05/19Welcome to my show! Stop by and say HelloReconnecting with earth’s beautiful creations. Please friend me after t...
09/04/19Welcome to my show! Stop by and say HelloReconnecting with earth’s beautiful creations. Please friend me after t...
9/2/19Welcome to my show! Stop by and say HelloReconnecting with earth’s beautiful creations. Please friend me after the...
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