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Both customized for you We are two businesses at the same location! Premier Physical Therapy is open Monday through Friday from 7 to 7.

Our goal is to help you feel better fast and with the best therapists in this area. Your health and comfort are our priority. Premier Personal Training give you fantastic one-on-one personal trainers to manage your specific exercise and nutrition regimen. Training hours are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Please visit our website at

Operating as usual

[07/21/21]   One-on-One Personal Trainer in Studio Setting

Are you able to engage with clients on a personal level and communicate the value of personal training and healthy wellness?

Do you look for new ways to continue to improve yourself and your clients?

Are you passionate about your work and go the extra mile to create lasting relationships with your clients?

If that’s you, we want to hear from you. Premier Personal Training is a small locally-owned facility in Greenville, SC. We are in the process of growing and we need to add another A player to our personal training team. We started as a small, physical therapy and personal training studio by focusing on the quality of our staff and creating lasting relationships with our patrons. The results have been beyond what we dreamed and we are looking to continue this new tradition on a greater level.

We believe in continuing education and teamwork. All of our therapists and trainers work closely together to create the best atmosphere for clients, patients and employees.

If you feel this is the right place for you and you have the skills and ability to meet our expectations, we would invite you to apply for this position. High performers like to be held accountable and know what is expected to succeed. Your position will have objectives and goals that will create new opportunities and advantages to your personal training career. In your cover letter, please put TEAM2021 and describe one of our core values that resonates with you the most.

Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate updated their phone number. 06/14/2021

Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate updated their phone number.

Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate updated their phone number.

Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate updated their address. 05/22/2021

Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate updated their address.

Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate updated their address. 11/19/2020

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Thank you to all who have served 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Meet Maureen Parris
Front Desk Administrator

I have been at Premier since April 2019. I was born in Virginia but moved to South Carolina in middle school and graduated from Clemson University with a Political Science Degree in May of 1990. Not only did I get a good education at Clemson, but I met my husband Robert there and we have been married since 1992.
We have three grown daughters, two sons in law and are gaining a third son in law when our youngest daughter get married December 5. 😊

After living and working in the Carolinas for several years, our family moved to China in 2000 and worked there are missionaries until 2009, when we returned to the Upstate. I homeschooled our daughters for over 13 years and then spent the next 5 years working in public schools, first as a teaching assistant in a special ed class and then as a high school English teacher for one semester.

I enjoy working at Premier with a great team of therapists and trainers who are truly passionate about helping people. During my free time, I enjoy bible study and am active in my church where Robert is the pastor. My Christian faith and my family are important to me. We enjoy spending time with our adult children. Some of my hobbies include running, cooking, and watching Clemson football.

Maureen is participating in the Spinx Half Marathon next Saturday, October 31st. Wish her luck if you see her this week!


Physical Therapy Success Story!

In December of 2018 I was facing serious back surgery. At that time, I was experiencing 10+ levels of pain, especially when moving from one position to another. My mobility was severely limited. The surgeon recommended pre-surgery physical training to strengthen certain muscles and get my body ready for post-surgery recovery. That was how I discovered Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate.

After 2 ½ hours of microsurgery, the surgery was successful, but I had an unexpected torn nerve that had to be repaired and sutured. Torn nerves can take up to two years to heal and the process to pain-free recovery can be extremely slow, if at all. The pain was both in my back and right leg. I could not do anything (sleep, sit, walk, bend, reach, get up, lay down, etc.) without paralyzing lightning bolts shooting down my right leg, emanating from my back. I was in severe pain. The surgeon once again recommended Premier Physical Therapy.

I began to work with Mark in late February 2019. My recovery and improvement were not instant, but a steady progress measured by goals that my therapist and I developed together. I cannot say enough good things about the entire staff at Premier PT…they are ALL fantastic. They are well trained, professional, compassionate, and friendly.

I gradually improved in terms of both mobility and lessening of pain. Mark provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to manage my pain with less and less reliance on medications.
Now, 18 months later, I have graduated from physical therapy into Premier Personal Training. I am long off prescription medications and maximum doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

The bottom line is I feel really blessed to have found Premier Physical Therapy. My pain has gradually decreased, and I can now do just about anything I want. I got my life back!

[10/13/20]   Another Success Story from a long-time training client! Thanks Elizabeth!

I will be honest – I am a BIG fan of Mark Murphy and the Premier staff. I should be – Mark is my son-in-law, and I have been a client for over 10 years. So yes, I love Mark; but I promise this is a totally objective review of the resources available at Premier Physical Therapy and Personal Training. Honestly!

I will also be honest about my age – I am 65 and proud of it. I have survived some tough times, including breast cancer surgery, chemo, radiation, and drug therapy. As a result, I have babied by right arm and overused my left arm for 20 years. I have worked my entire adult life and spent too much time at a desk. I have issues; but honestly, don’t we all?

Several years ago, Mark saved me from myself by helping me with my neck and shoulder. I had little use of my left hand and was in a good bit of pain. Mark asked me why I waited so long to ask for help; but honestly, I am not very good at that. Over the course of a few months, Mark got me moving better. He attended a continuing education seminar that he thought would help me, and I improved almost immediately! He also coordinated my workouts with my trainer, and vice versa. Honestly, couldn’t we all use that kind of support?

When the pandemic hit last spring and I began teaching from home, my office setting at the dining room table did not help my neck, back, or shoulders. It is too high for a computer desk, and I spend too many hours at it. Even exercising two days each week with Kaleb was not enough to offset the strain. I made an appointment with Mark. Honestly, don’t we all need extra help sometimes?

When Mark started working with me this time, he did not work on my neck; he worked on the structures leading to my neck. I think he took anatomy (!), and he knew the best means to the end was the indirect path. He gave me very simple stretches and exercises to do at home and after exercising. I saw him two days each week, graduated to one day, then every other week, and now he is setting me lose on the world! Again, he worked with Kaleb to be sure I was helping myself during exercise, and Kaleb added and subtracted activities to complement my progress. The dual approach made a huge difference for me, and I am back to feeling good. Just as importantly, I have new tools to use to avoid my symptoms in the future. Honestly, isn’t that the best we can expect?

If you are honest with yourself, couldn’t you use a well-supervised exercise program? Maybe even some physical therapy for those special problems? You will not find any better help than Mark Murphy, Kaleb LaRoche, and rest of the PTs and trainers at Premier Physical Therapy and Personal Training. Honestly!

Elizabeth Mann


Keith is the manager of Premier Personal Training as well as one of the personal trainers. Keith was born and raised right here in Greenville, SC. He now resides in Greer with his wife Casey and their two children Ansley (13) and Brayden (11).

From the time I could walk, I enjoyed participating in sports. I attended Eastside High school where I played soccer and baseball. After graduating, I had a short stint at Greenville Tech (one semester) before deciding to try my hand in the workforce. One of my jobs over the next couple of years led me to a local gym--Holiday Health and Fitness. That’s where I got a taste of helping people better their lives and I loved it. I decided, then, to enroll at The University of South Carolina Upstate where 3 short years later I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. While in college, I worked at Sports Club. Once I had graduated, I had a choice to make. I had an amazing opportunity to go to work for BMW--but not in the exercise field I had just spent the last 3 years becoming educated in. I took a leap of faith and turned that job down. I accepted a personal trainer position at a small training studio in Greer. That is where I was introduced to many of the clients I still work with to this day. I also met Mark Murphy and that started a friendship and eventually led me to opening Premier with him in May of 2003. This was the step that led me down a path for the next 25 years in this industry. I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful people. I have made it my life’s passion to help people get in better shape.

In my spare time, I enjoy an active lifestyle that includes golf, travel, and Clemson football. I am a member of Grace Church Pelham. 09/24/2020

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Terrie was first referred to our clinic in January of this year. She suffered from a fall and fracture of her right femur that required surgery. Just 2 short days after the initial surgery, it was discovered that she had a stress fracture in her left femur as well, also resulting in surgery.

After her two surgeries she underwent Physical Therapy in rehab and home health before ultimately coming to Premier. Having gone from a wheelchair to a walker then a walker to a cane, she was moving a little better when arriving to us. Though moving better, Terrie was still very limited in range of motion of both hips and still in a lot of pain. She was unable to negotiate stairs (3 just to get into her house), using a cane to get around due to poor balance, and having a great deal of weakness in both legs. To some extent, she thought this was as good as she was going to get.

Now, Terrie is getting around without any assistive device! She is taking her dog for walks around her neighborhood, climbing stairs without any difficulty due to increased strength in her legs, and her balance has improved tremendously. In fact, she is doing so much better and getting around so well, she is nearing the end of our 6 week Bridge Program that bridges the gap between rehabilitation of injuries/deficits and getting into a normal training/fitness routine.

We’re so very proud of the hard work that she has put in and impressed with her determination to keep getting better.


In February 2016, Linda Christian came to us with the goal of losing weight and increasing her muscle strength. Since then, she is a 2-time weightloss challenge winner with more than 40 pounds of weight lost. She is one of our most dedicated clients and works very hard with all the trainers to achieve her goals. Linda has be a part of our nutrition coaching and is an avid Saturday bootcamp attendee. Great work Linda!

"There are not enough good things I can say about Premier Physical Therapy and Premier Personal Training!! The entire staff, from the second you walk in the door, makes you feel like family and that they care--because they do. They have helped me tremendously with my fitness, my nutrition and have addressed on the PT side any issues I have run into as far as strains or just age-related aches and pains. I feel and look better than I have in several years and that is due to the knowledge and dedication of every person there--Maureen, Mark, Keith, Kaleb, Mary Vaughn, Ryan and Dan--the best crew I could ask for to help me on my journey to good health and fitness!!! Thank you PREMIER--you guys are the best......" -Linda



Meet Mark Murphy. Mark is the owner of Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate as well as one of the physical therapists. For years, he has offered the concise, abridged version of his bio, which you can find below. However, if you would like the unabridged (and slightly more colorful) version, it will be continued at the end.

Mark grew up in a small town in central Illinois, surrounded by cornfields. He played soccer and baseball in high school (not very well). During the summers, he detassled corn, worked at Wendy’s, and was a bag boy at the local country club. Once he figured out he needed to go to school for something more, he was accepted to Saint Louis University and graduated in 1997 Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. He received his Master’s shortly after, in 1999.

After graduating, he and his best friend/college roommate moved to Greenville, SC. Mark started out in a variety of settings, including inpatient hospital, nursing homes and outpatient clinics. In 2003, he took all the knowledge he acquired and opened Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate and Personal Training.

He now lives in Greer with his wife, Mary Allen, daughter, Isabel and son, Sam. In his spare time, he helps with youth church basketball, watches the Clemson Tigers and plays outside with his kids.

Now for the unabridged version:

I grew up in central Illinois and saw cornfields from my window. For summer jobs before we could legally work, we detassled corn. This involves picking the top tassel out of the corn stalk for hours at a time, covering miles of cornfield. I quickly decided I would like something different for a career.

My sophomore year of high school helped me figure out what path I wanted to take. Each year in gym class, the football coach would line us up and weigh us. Then, in front of the entire class, he would test how many pull ups we could do. The guy in front of me was a sophomore linebacker. He weighed over 200 pounds and did at least 30 pull ups. Then, at 94 pounds, it was my turn. I struggled to complete ½ of a pull up. The laughter of the coach AND students stung. I promised myself then that I would never experience that kind of pain again. And I would do my best to not let it happen to anyone else. I started to learn all I could about the human body, began lifting weights and exercising, and made sure I could do more than ½ of a pull up. Shadowing careers in the health field at the local hospital led me to Physical Therapy.

I attended Saint Louis University and graduated with a Master’s in Physical Therapy. My first job was in Gaffney, South Carolina, and I loved it (after all, I was a Yankee learning how to talk). A very memorable patient named Zach changed my life. One day after not a great session, he asked me if I wanted to have a family someday and how I would support them. I told him I would support them by being a physical therapist. He said, “well you’re not very good at this job and if you want to support a family one day, you need to get better fast.” Wow! While that hurt more than a little, I’m grateful for those words. From that day on, I had 2 jobs. My day job was a physical therapist and my night job was getting better at my day job. I studied and traveled all over the country learning from all the experts and masters. Each time I returned from a trip, I treated people in ways I never knew how to before. The best part about it was it worked! I was learning how to help people feel better and stay out of pain.

In 2003, I opened Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate and Personal Training with the goal to help people in a way that I believed they deserved to be helped. I kept taking classes and learning how to treat people in the best way possible. I became an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (less than 5.7% of Physical Therapists in the country) and then a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy. Part of being a fellow is teaching other therapists. Over the past 6 years, I have traveled all over the US teaching continuing education courses to 4900+ health care professionals (so they can help more people too).

Premier has grown dramatically over the past 10 years and we have an awesome team that is passionate about helping you move, live, look, and feel better. We are thankful to have the opportunity to offer both Physical Therapy and Personal Training and we look forward you helping you!

If you made it this far in the unabridged version, thank you and here are a few lesser known items about me:
1. Mary Allen and I met on a blind date (and she paid).
2. We are a house divided. Sam and I cheer for Clemson, Mary Allen and Isabel cheer for the Gamecocks.
3. I can do more than ½ of a pull up now. Isabel can do one almost by herself.

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