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Feeling overwhelmed? I get it. Join me in a 5 week journey to simplify and make space for what matters. 03/07/2021

Navigating Change

In the guest speaker for

Yoga-Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life
Click the link below to sign up for free live show Sunday March 21 at 3 pm! Listen to and participate in thought-provoking conversations with inspiring women who have successfully navigated change in their own lives. 03/07/2021

Navigating Change

I'm going to be on TV! with Prime Time for Women. Click on link/picture to sign up for March 21 (and all the other dates!) for Yoga - Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. It's free! Listen to and participate in thought-provoking conversations with inspiring women who have successfully navigated change in their own lives.


Read for good changes in 2021? I wrote this book to help you.


I took most of the summer off social media. I cleared my head and I cleared my heart. I’m back to invite you to join me in ChangePoint – choose joy, peace, and health, even when life feels hard. This won’t put more on your plate. It’s about letting go of the junk you need to let go of anyway, and making room for the good things in life like good food, moving your body, sleep, and fulfilling your purpose. Starts October 1. Ask me for more info.


I took a break from screens and media. I needed to clear my head and heart. But now I’m back because I have something to give you.

NOW we need to strengthen the practices that bring us health, peace, and joy. We need to go within to listen to our spirits, and then take positive, practical actions for peace and unity in our homes, communities, and planet.

And we have to do it NOW, even though (especially because) life is hard, life is uncertain, and we are in the midst of COVID, racial unjustice, and politics.

It’s still OK to lie on the floor and cry when you need to. But I’m inviting you to take action to align your life with what really matters, and serve your highest purpose.

I invite you to two complementary offerings right now-
1) Sept 19 seminar at 10 am eastern - Change Point- how to choose joy, peace, and health in uncertain times and
2) weekly morning meditation Wednesdays 6:30 am eastern.
PM me for the details. #yoga #meditation #peaceful #peaceofmind #choosejoyfulhealth


Last call...intro online Yoga for Scoliosis workshop this Saturday Aug 15, 11-1 eastern. $35 registration fee at This workshop is for people who want to use yoga to address their scoliosis curves. Beginners are welcome, as are people who have been practicing yoga for a while, but do not know how to modify the poses for their specific scoliosis curves. #yoga #yogaforscoliosis #scoliosis #scoliosisyoga #scoliosisexercise #scoliosisstrong #yogatherapy


Getting the sequence ready for Yoga for Scoliosis online workshop Saturday August 15, 11 am -1 pm Eastern. This is for people who have scoliosis and are new to yoga, and for people already practicing yoga, but do not know how to modify the poses to benefit their curves. Registration is $35 at Let me know if you have any questions!


Certified Health & Wellness Coach on top in crispy white shirt, Video Yoga Therapist on the bottom in fluorescent leggings. My ideal work and ideal wardrobe!


Intro workshop online Saturday, August 15, 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern time. $35 registration fee. Register by August 10 and I will review your postural photos before the class to help you modify the poses. This is ideal for people who want to try yoga to address their scoliosis, and for people who are already practicing yoga, but do not know how to modify the poses for their curves. I will post a link to register in the comments. Send me a message if you have any questions. #scoliosis #yogaforscoliosis #scoliosisyoga #yoga #yogatherapy #scoliosisexercise #scoliosisstrong


I'm sharing an event from an amazing colleague Anita Kaiser. Anita helps empaths set better boundaries. Not sure if you are an empath? Talk to Anita and she will help you determine that too.


Yoga for Scoliosis can help improve posture, reduce pain, and in some cases, actually reduce the curve. This student has a right thoracolumbar curve with compensating left upper thoracic curve. Over 4 months, she visibly improved posture and found she could walk further without pain. I’m having an Intro Yoga for Scoliosis workshop online Sat Aug 15, 11 am-1 pm Eastern time, for $35. This is an opportunity To experience Yoga For Scoliosis and see if it is right for you. It’s ideal for people who are new to yoga and want to try it for their scoliosis, and for people who have already been practicing yoga a while, but do not know how to modify the poses to help with their curves. To register or ask questions simply send me a message or ask me in the comments. #scoliosis #yoga #yogaforscoliosis #yogatherapy #scoliosisexercise #scoliosisyoga #yogascoliosis


Amazing job E! My student E. practiced yoga for scoliosis about 30 minutes almost every day for 11 weeks. He had less pain, more muscle, and he visibly changed his back. I’m offering a Yoga for Scoliosis Intro Workshop online Sat Aug 15, 11 am -1 pm EDT. The fee is $35 and includes live class, recording, and if you register by August 10, I will assess your spine via email so that I know how to guide you to modify poses during the class. This workshop is ideal if you: 1) are new to yoga and want to try it to help with your scoliosis, 2) are already practicing yoga but isn’t know how to modify the poses for your specific curves. Register at and/or message me or comment if you have Qs. #yogaforscoliosis #scoliosis #scoliosisexercise #yoga #yogatherapy #yogascoliosis


Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks. I finally beat the bugs to a few organic strawberries!! My intention is to choose wholesome foods with life-giving energy. So happy when I can get them outside my door!


Yoga for Scoliosis Intro Workshop (online) Saturday, August 15, 11 am - 1 pm EDT. Register by August 10, and I will assess your curves before the workshop, so that you know how to modify the poses for your specific needs. This workshop is ideal for people who are not practicing yoga and want to try it, and for people who are already practicing but do not know how to modify yoga poses for their scoliosis curves.Register at my website or send me a message if you have any questions. #scoliosis #yogaforscoliosis #yoga #yogatherapy #scoliosisexercise


This week’s adventure...soba noodle bowl w baked broccoli and sriracha-peanut sauce. Super easy and fast recipe from book “But my family would never eat vegan” by Kristy Turner. Recipe called for tahini but I used peanut butter instead, and I subbed tofu and snow peas because I didn’t have edamame. Then threw in some grilled eggplant to clean out the fridge. What are you cooking?


I Love this book! Here is the key takeaway, in the author’s words, “True self love isn’t about obtaining perfection. It’s about accepting oneself WHOLE heartedly, flaws, mistakes, setbacks, lessons, and all.” Amy Starkey did an amazing job of simplifying self-love into easy-to-remember tips. For example, she advises us to stay away from BEARS (blamers, excuse-givers, accusers, and runners). My two personal favorite action items from this book are:
“ I will get back to you,” when I don’t know if I really want to commit to something yet, and 2) Amy gave me permission to change my plans if I feel exhausted. What a relief!
Hope you will check it out, contact Amy on Facebook to order a copy direct from the author-so she gets more money. Or you can buy it on Amazon! Enjoy!


I am not one of those people who posts food pictures, BUT I am quite proud of this one. Monty and I had really gotten into a rut… We were eating rice and beans, stirfry, eggs, and salad. EVERY WEEK. The virus magnified this for us because we weren’t eating out at all, and our monotony really hit us in the face. We agreed to try at least one new thing per week. And last night was coconut encrusted Tempeh with orange ginger sauce, new lemon tahini salad dressing. So it’s still rice, beans, and salad, but better tasting and nicer presentation. Thanks for the book The Vegan Table as wedding gift 11 years ago Kristen Jansen and Jill Bergstresser. And no, we are not vegan. I eat plants, eggs, and occasional fish. Monty eats vegetarian – plants, eggs, and some dairy, although he’s cutting back on the dairy. We both take an omega-3 pill which is made from squid. Just sharing bc it was yummy and maybe it will inspire you to make something new!


The Heberger Hunch is the REAL reason I am passionate about posture. Heberger is my maiden name. Grandpa Louis lived to 93, but due to osteoporosis, compression fractures, and posture, he had back pain. My uncle had a similar path. I see it in many of my family members, but try not to give unsolicited advice. My dad was headed that direction, but recently committed to working with me. I'm hopeful about that.
In our family we have this terrible joke about The Heberger Hunch. I decided to be proactive.

With my students, I call it the Double Hunch. In the Double Hunch, the upper back, shoulders, and head round forward. The "double" is that the pelvis is also in a posterior tilt. The tail tucks forward, and back rim of pelvis is pushed back. The person starts to lose their lumbar curve. With this type of posture, it is very difficult to lift the chest and undo the hunch at the top because the pelvis and lower back are not in position to support it.

I often see the double-hunch in:

Mature endurance athletes who run, hike, play tennis, etc but don't stretch enough.
People who sat at a desk for years.
People who exercise the front body (biceps, chest, abs) without enough strength for the BACK of the body (Gary Player for example)

What's needed? The corrective exercise has to start at the base - feet, legs, and hips. Double hunchers have to stretch hip flexors, hamstrings, and abs, mobilize spine, and strengthen their backs.

Do you have the double-hunch? Does your spouse or loved one? I'm enrolling students for Posture School this week, and I do make FAMILY PLANS.

The other issues Posture School helps are:
1) Rounded upper back and shoulders (palms face backwards)
2) Hips slung forward over the toes, swayback, or other slouch/slunch deviation at hips
3) Forward head from looking down, losing the cervical curve
4) Feel stiff and hunched from sitting too much & working too much and need some "chair recess" moves. Send me a message!! #posturecorrection #posture #postureschool #yoga #yogatherapy


“The Slunch” - Helping slunchers Is one of my favorite things because I used to be a sluncher. Slunchers (men and women) stand with their hips pushed forward over the toes. Often one leg is turned out to the side and the weight is on the other leg. They often have pronated/flat feet and sometimes hyperextended knees. Because the hips are pushed forward, the upper back rounds backwards, and then the shoulders and head tipped forward again. It’s like a zigzag from the side. When slunchers try to sit up or stand up straight, it doesn’t work unless they are trained to correct it it from the bottom with the feet, legs and hips. Posture School is a six week exercise and mindfulness program for slunchers, hunchers and Turkey-neckers. To enroll by July 15 please send me a message. I will send you more info and we can have a 15 min video call so that I can SEE your posture and tell you if I can help you. #posture #postureschool #posturecorrection #postureexercises #posturematters #choosejoyfulhealth #yoga #yogatherapy


“The Tilt” - My Posture School student-client who enrolled last week has a significant tilt. She pulled a muscle about four years ago and over that time, started walking bent over from the hips. Last week we started with some gentle exercises to release her hip flexors and groin muscles which had been really locked down. We met online again today, and she’s already improved. She has a long way to go, but it’s encouraging to see her able to move a little bit better already. The Tilt is one of the issues we improve in Posture School.

The other issues are:
1) rounded upper back and shoulders
2) pelvis tucked under in a posterior tilt and losing the lumbar curve
3) hips shifted forward over toes, often with one leg turned out to the side. The back can have a sway back in this position
4) forward head and losing the cervical curve #textneck

Posture School is a six week program that blends one on one assessment and planning with group practice sessions. I’m enrolling people for the next week until July 15.

If you have a mild scoliosis, group Posture School may be a good fit but you may benefit more from just working with me one on one.

If you have some posture question or issue, please comment or direct message me with your questions. I’ll send you more info about Posture School to see if it’s a good fit for you.#posture #posturecorrection #postureschool #postureexercises #scoliosis #choosejoyfulhealth


Get out your earbuds! I was a guest on Growing Older with Gusto podcast! #podcastguest #posturecorrection #postureschool #wellness #wellnesscoach #choosejoyfulhealth


Have you got the “Turkey Neck”? Ask me about Posture School July 13-August 21
#postureschool #posturecorrection #postureexercise #posturematters #textneck


Posture School Online July 13-August 21

Online Posture School is for the proactive man or woman looking for a solution to one or more of the following problems:

1. Hunched upper back and rounded shoulders
2. Hips pushed forward, swayback, or other similar deviation
3. Your pelvis is tucked under so that you’re losing your lumbar curve
4. You’re bending forward too much from the hips and walking like an old lady/old man
5. Forward head
6. Feeling stiff from sitting too much/computer and device use
7. Or you don’t have those problems,and you are a proactive person who wants to avoid posture problems now and in the future.

Summer Semester Posture School is a hybrid program that combines one-on-one guidance and group classes to identify your priorities and do the work! It runs July 13 - August 21, and you can start with your 1:1 assessment as you soon as you enroll.

If you have scoliosis, sciatica, sacro-iliac imbalance, or another posture or pain issue, you will likely benefit more from 1-on-1 Posture Coach than the group program. You may be able to do the group program AND 1:1 so let’s talk about it. We can book a 15-20 minute call to discuss your specific issues.

Want to join or want more info? Send me a direct message and tell me your biggest concern or goal. I'll send you the program details and we can have a short chat to see if it's a good fit for you.


Posture School (online) starts July 13! I’m putting on final touches. Stay tuned... send me a message for more info in the meantime.


Do you feel like a “hunch-a-saurus” working on your computer? Leave me a gif, comment or pic below!


I checked in on a family who graduated from BOOST Coaching Program six months ago.

This amazing family invested in their health with a family BOOST contract for Oct-Nov-Dec 2019. I worked with Mom and Dad (mid 50s) and 20 yr old son living at home.

Mom has a leg length difference. It presented in that one hip was rotated forward and she had chronic pain in her sacroiliac joints. It moved from left side to right then to left and when it was flared up, it felt like a knife. (I’ve had it too, and if you’ve had SI joint pain you know that knife/icepick feeling.)

Dad had one of those backs that “went out” every few months when doing normal household things, leaving him immobile for several days when it happened. He loved his rowing machine, but wasn’t using it because he didn’t want to have an incident with his back.

Son has a right thoracic-left lumbar scoliosis and had tried Pilates in the past, but last fall he wasn’t doing anything for his curves.

During our time together, we focused on posture and alignment routines that decreased pain, aligned joints, and allowed them to increase their activity.

Fast forward six months… Mom is doing great! She knows how to keep her sacrum aligned and hips stable. She's walking more and started meditating too. Son has started doing weightlifting in addition to his scoliosis routine and has added a lot of muscle mass! Dad has gotten back to his rowing machine with no back incidents since last September.

What were the secrets to their success?

1) They put health and physical activity a top priority for their family.
2) They did their homework! They completed their 20-30 minute alignment routines 3-5 days per week.
3) They had guidance, accountability and support to make positive changes and stick with them.

This is what I love! I love when my clients improve their alignment so that they can do more. I want to set you on the right path so that you can start or get back to what you love. My specialty is helping you with posture and alignment first so that you can increase your activity.

I have two more spots open for BOOST this month June 2020. It’s all virtual, so I can work with you anywhere in the world. Just send me a private message if you want to know more about it.

Tell me your #1 top priority and the #1 obstacle in your way.


PS: BOOST is for you if your primary goal is to improve your flexibility, posture, alignment, balance, and strength with mindful movement and health habits. If you have underlying health conditions that could be coming from GI/gut health issues, ask about Healing Foods & Healing Moves, my partnership with an experienced RD. You'll get some movement help too in that program, and it happens concurrent with nutrition guidance. For more info on either one, just tell me what's going on for you!

I help adults age 55+ stay strong, balanced and energized through yoga therapy, safe exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Stretch your hips, spine and shoulders.
Take care of your joints long-term.
Age well and focus on balance.
Have energy for what’s important to you, like family, friends, travel, and gardening.
Keep your body in shape for walking, hiking, golf, tennis, and hobbies.

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