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Train with Justin Bowers at 4Life Fitness, a semi-private studio located in the affluent Thornblade community. 864-631-3498 1. Call me for your free consultation! 864-631-3498

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I'd love your support & vote for "best if the upstate" this year it only takes a second! πŸ‘‰https://bit.ly/3fiyNp5

I'd love your support & vote for "best if the upstate" this year it only takes a second! πŸ‘‰https://bit.ly/3fiyNp5


It's live! Use code Justin for half off! https://www.4lifefitnessstudio.com/shop

It's live! Use code Justin for half off! https://www.4lifefitnessstudio.com/shop


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Your new home. 4Life Fitness Studio.


Justin Bowers, Personal Trainer's cover photo


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Still going strong @ 4Life Fitness Studio πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ



Staying motivated throughout these tough times. Here's my latest channel 7 segment...

On this appearance on WSPA, I discuss staying positive and "tricking" your brain into working out. http://www.4lifefitnessstudio.com http://www.instagram.com...


Virtual personal training is live! Still 1 on 1. Still effective. Still holding you accountable. 864-631-3498

us04web.zoom.us 03/18/2020

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

FREE tonight at 6. VIRTUAL GROUP WORKOUT! You just need dumbells! Use this link to the app!

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Carolina's Family At 4 - With Personal Trainer Justin Bowers - Getting Fit For Love

Justin's most recent TV segment. Getting in shape for love.

Justin Bowers joined the WSPA Channel 7 team to discuss getting in shape for your love life, what not to do, and the traps that most fall into. http://www.4l...


Group classes return to 4Life Fitness Studio January 2nd! Book at www.4lifefitnessstudio.com


If you take one thing from this post, make it this: Game of Thrones was overrated. Presidents shouldn't have access to Twitter. And finally: doctors hope you get sick, lawyers hope you get sued, and mechanics hope your car is f#&*d up. Only thieves wish prosperity for you.

Now onto the meat and potatoes of my point. Weight doesn't equal fat. Listen, you beautiful stay at home pageant queen unicorn Christmas elf.

Even if the scale goes up after a day of perfect nutrition, IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU GAINED FAT.

Your weight will continually go up and down and east and west based on the things you put into your body.. And those same things you squeeze out πŸ’©.

Funny thing is losing weight is easy. You can suffer in a sauna for 20 minutes and weigh yourself after. Guess what? Yep. You lost weight.

You can cut salt and carbs completely and lose weight. Why? Because your body holds less water retention. You lose weight when you puke. Don't get any ideas, Karen.

Stop worrying about weight. Goal weight? Screw that. You want to put your happiness on a number on a scale? Naw dawg. The scale sucks.

But don't stop using it. It should function as a tool. Why? Because how you feel and how that @$$ looks in the mirror is really all you're here for, aren't you, you Instagram influencer you!

Short term fixes (sweating) are aren't the solution to long term development and results. Want to actually lose fat? Focus on eating at a caloric deficit. Lift weights 3 or more times per week. Do cardio if you like it and have time. Understand it's a lifelong commitment. Not a 3 day eat stupid $#!t like celery and diet pills challenge.

Also, please don't contact me about training in January.

JK. I'll try to get you in. But I have an amazing staff of trainers. Even though I'm funnier.


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This year I'm not going to ask for your money for cystic Fibrosis research. Instead I want you to get tickets to the most fun event. All proceeds will benefit CF 100%. Stay tuned.


Not going to lie, it was a very special night at Best of the Upstate 2018, having my best friend by my side. I was stoked to be nominated, and even more excited to have won the Best Personal Trainer award for the second consecutive year.

[10/24/18]   Take yourself to the limit with Justin, the winner of the Best Personal Trainer award in the Best of the Upstate awards the last two years. Here's an exclusive view...

[10/22/18]   Just a sneak peek of what we do here at 4 Life Fitness Studio, featuring one of my favorite pageant competitors ;)


Justin's favorite leg exercises, vol 2

Barbell lunges are amazing not just for muscle POP, but for stabilizer muscles as well as BALANCE-- an often neglected aspect of training.


Legs for dayzzzz

For the rest of this week, I'll be highlighting my favorite leg exercises for overall muscle growth, toning, and amazing LEGS!! Today, introducing dumbell step-ups. Do 4 sets of 15 per leg with moderate weight. Really great for quad and booty stimulation!


Justin Bowers, Personal Trainer's cover photo


Justin has won the Best of the Upstate's BEST PERSONAL TRAINER award for 2018, becoming the first to EVER win the award in consecutive years! back2back


Accepting new clientele in limited time slots next week!


Here's a bunch of before and afters from my clients that I would love to share with you!! All have trained right here at 4Life Fitness Studio!


Thank you for voting me best personal trainer in the Upstate two years in a row ❀️❀️❀️


Congrats to my client, Davia Bunch. She is your new Miss SC! Looking forward to working with her as she goes on to compete for Miss America in September!


We doubled last year's fundraising amount! Two years ago we lost my sister to CF. This cause is near to our heart here at 4Life Fitness Studio. Our team showed up in solidarity and in larger numbers than last year!

Thank you all for supporting me from my early years as a trainer. Without you, I wouldn't be whee I am and wouldn't be in a position to make an impact like we have. We love you! 😘


Taylor is headed to nationals ready to rock and roll while her brother wants to be a YouTube influencer! 😁


Pageant central today at 4Life Fitness Studio! Thanks for nominating me best pageant fitness trainer!


Changing lives, one body at a time right here at 4Life Fitness Studio!


Justin Bowers, Personal Trainer


Torture your trainer! The highest single donation to the Great Strides walk will put me through a session! Also, please click the link below to join our team or donate!

See you April 21st!


fightcf.cff.org 04/04/2018

Greenville 2018: 4 Life Fitness - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Join us April 21st to walk to raise funds for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis! You can donate below and join our team too!


fightcf.cff.org 2018 Great Strides Greenville


Put in work and the work pays off. Those who get results have only one thing in common even if their programs are different-- consistency.

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Still going strong @ 4Life Fitness Studio πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
Justin's favorite leg exercises, vol 2
Legs for dayzzzz
Changing lives, one body at a time right here at 4Life Fitness Studio!
Kettle bell swings when done correctly, make a great core workout too!
Monday motivation: Bodybuilder with cerebral palsy rocks out o...
Andrea talks about her experience
Wait for it.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lots of happenings during our first year at 4Life!





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