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Join us next Saturday the 13th at Indigo Flow and Art from 7-8:30 for a Kirtan! It is a form of Bhakti Yoga which incorporates call and response singing of Mantras. For more information check out Indigo’s website.

Join us next Saturday the 13th at Indigo Flow and Art from 7-8:30 for a Kirtan! It is a form of Bhakti Yoga which incorporates call and response singing of Mantras. For more information check out Indigo’s website.


Join us next Saturday on the 13th at Indigo Flow and Art from 7-8:30 for a Kirtan! A form of Bhakti Yoga which incorporates call and response mantra music. For more information check out Indigo’s website.

Join us next Saturday on the 13th at Indigo Flow and Art from 7-8:30 for a Kirtan! A form of Bhakti Yoga which incorporates call and response mantra music. For more information check out Indigo’s website.


Kirtan at Greenville Yoga Studio

We wanted to share some Bhakti Love in the form of Kirtan with everyone. We postponed last nights Kirtan at Greenville Yoga so we wanted to send out a video of the Winter Kirtan we did at Greenville Yoga in January. This way we can sing together whenever you like. I know this is a time of uncertainty and that can create intense fear and anxiety. I feel it in my own life. A feeling of constriction in my body and a pull towards some old negative patterns in my life. I have to remind myself to stop and breathe and to use the tools that I have learned to bring me back to center. To trust myself and to live from my heart. This practice of Kirtan is one of the ways we can bring ourselves back to the miracle of our life. To the peace that dwells within us. Big thanks to Jeff for recording and editing the video!

Wishing you all Peace and Love!


Erick Herlong has been organizing Kirtan groups in Greenville for a few years. We typically do a session every season at Greenville Yoga, although due to the...


Join us this Wednesday at Indigo Flow and Art!


No Problem Yoga

You know, the problem isn’t every man and his dog trying to sell us cheap stuff today. I’d be ok with that if we were all living in our natural state of freedom to discern what we (and by extension the living systems we are part of) actually need or not.

The problem is we have already been been “groomed” from birth to feel incomplete & not good enough, & are therefore utterly unable to make good or clear decisions. This is no coincidence as we are then easy prey to scams of all kinds from consuming religion to consuming endless possessions or experiences.

Consumerism is not just the fault of the sellers, & not just the fault of individual consumers just trying to feel good the best they can with what’s being served up.

We may get angry at sellers but we need to make our anger smarter & more accurate. Be angry at the entire cultural apparatus that soaked you in a marinade of lack.

William Blake wrote “More, more is the cry of a mistaken soul, less than All can not satisfy.”

I.e., because our natural sense of intimacy with the infinite beauty of life expanding forever in all directions has been covered over with DOING, THINKING, STRESSING & TENSING (no fault of our own, it’s the soup we spawned in), we make the “mistake” of feeling chronically unsatisfied.

I know this feeling! My weak spots are:
- knowledge
- clothes
- mini things
- books
- unusual health foods

Nothing wrong with any of these, they’re all blessings. But for me these specifics can activate the virus of inadequacy. Everyone has their own.

Yoga practice is my healthcare practice to keep the virus in remission. I don’t know if we’re ever really cured but we can feel better, maybe even symptom free.

Yoga is what we do to rewrite the inadequacy software & be a participant in life not just a consumer of it.

It’s the thing we share that addresses consumerism at the root of the problem. Instead of saying “stop manipulating us” we ask “how did we become so manipulable and what can we do about it.”

I have faith in the natural goodness of everyone prior to inculturation & the cult of More. We’ve been robbed of our freedom to make good choices. Let’s take it back.


Beautiful weekend workshop in Asheville with Saul David Raye.


What a gift to have these amazing souls in Greenville to share a beautiful Kirtan with us. Huge thanks and Love to Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band!


Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning

We kicked off the Clemson C-Suite well-being session with yoga led by Erick Herlong. Nothing like a little mindful meditation to start a terrific program.

Special thanks to the program sponsors United Community Bank and Span-America

Discover more programs:

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Join us this Thursday evening at Indigo Flow for Kirtan. Starting at 7:15.


Sending out Love and Gratitude to all of the Beautiful Souls that joined us for Kirtan at Greenville Yoga. 🙏❤️ 01/11/2019

The Man Behind Modern Yoga Is it time we paid homage to the man that started it all?


New Years Resolution...

Perhaps this year we could consider the possibility that we have already exceeded what was expected.

Are you or are you not the power of this cosmos presently arising as pure intelligence, nurturing, and the utter beauty of life?

Already perfectly imperfect as you.

No need for a list or the idea that you must change or achieve something more to be acceptable.

It is entirely possible that living grounded in that truth will bring a level of understanding and connection to your relationship with yourself that will change everything.

How would your life feel differently if you were able to participate in your own natural wonder?


Happy Thanksgiving! Let us give thanks and blessings to the little boy or little girl inside of each one of us. Honor the wisdom which they bring to your life!


Heart of Yoga teacher training with Mark Whitwell in Ojai, CA.


Shiva Shambo, Spring Kirtan.


I wanted to thank all of the Beautiful Souls who joined us for the Spring Kirtan at Greenville Yoga! 03/23/2018

Neuroscience and the 'Sanskrit Effect'

Kirtan Saturday evening at Greenville Yoga 7-9:00. Science shows that chanting improves our brains in unimaginable ways.


I have been sharing the Heart of Yoga practice with my fellow coworkers for the last 7 weeks. We practice in the back of our shipping warehouse in the midst of the forklifts and trucks being loaded. We currently have 4 class offerings with 35-40 participants. Over half of the students do not speak English so I am teaching through an interpreter. What an amazing experience this has been for me to offer Yoga to the people that I work with every day, some of them I have known for 20 years. To see them doing this practice and developing an intimacy with their breath and to see the absolute joy it brings is beyond my ability to describe.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude 🙏 to Mark Whitwell for sharing this practice with us. Last November in Ojai Mark told me that I must go back to South Carolina and share this practice with the people that work for me. When I returned home it felt like I was on a mission. I stopped teaching my public classes and began the process at work to get approval to be able to share the Heart of Yoga practice with the people that work there. This had never occurred to me before Mark said it. In the training Mark stressed the importance of sharing Yoga with everyone. He showed us through the practice how that is possible. I realize now that it hadn’t occurred to me to teach at work because most of the people I work with do not look like the yoga students I had been teaching in yoga studios for the last five years. I didn’t understand how to offer Yoga in a way that was accessible to them. This experience has also lead me to look deeply at what my motivation is for teaching yoga. I see that some of it has been ego driven and wanting to be seen in a certain light. This last 5 months since completing the training in Ojai has brought me clarity and renewed purpose. My intention has always been to share the practices that have helped me to heal and find peace in my life with others in a way that is helpful to them, while at the same time honoring the ancient teachings from which they came. I feel this Heart of Yoga practice offers that to all.


I wanted to send some Love and Gratitude to all of the Beautiful souls that came out last Saturday to join us for Kirtan at Greenville Yoga. It was an amazing evening of sharing and community. Check out my new song which I created with a little help from my friends from a poem I wrote 4 years ago.


I was blessed to spend 8 days in Ojai with this amazing group
of beautiful souls for the Heart of Yoga teacher training with Mark Whitwell. I miss them all dearly and feel a tremendous amount of Love and Gratitude for having had the opportunity to share this experience and to receive this teaching with them. I look forward to sharing the Heart of Yoga in my community and to hearing about this tribes experience of sharing this teaching in their communities! Wishing you all Peace, Love and Light!


Innermost Meditative Yoga

Join us for this Beautiful opportunity to come together in community!

Winter is the perfect time to go inward and dwell on what you really want from your life. Facilitators Paul Heumiller and Erick Herlong will offer meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you truly clarify your dreams.

We will balance our dreaming with looking deeply at what yoga teaches us about contentment. Everything we need to be happy is already here now, “so what you’re really doing is awakening the seeds that are already in you. They are just dormant because we buried them too deep below the soil.” - Paul Heumiller

The day will end with an optional short hike up to big bald. This time we will walk a short section of the Appalachian trail.


Join me Monday evenings for Yoga, Meditation and Kirtan at The Flow Depot. 6-7:30.


I’m feeling Grateful and Inspired by all of the amazing souls that joined us for the retreat this past Saturday!


Erick Herlong Yoga's cover photo


Erick Herlong Yoga

Join me on Monday evenings from 6-7:30 at the Flow Depot for Bhaktiflow Yoga.


Join me on Monday evenings from 6-7:30 at the Flow Depot for Bhaktiflow Yoga.


I am excited to be offering a weekly Yoga class at the Flow Depot on Monday evenings from 6-7:30 starting on September 11th! This class will be inspired by a Heart centered practice which will explore the breath through asana and mindful movement. We will incorporate the Bhakti practices of Kirtan and cultivating devotion for a deeper sense of the present moment. We will work with mindfulness, meditation and visualization to create a sense of calm and understanding. If you are interested in delving in to the deeper philosophical teachings of Yoga and creating a community of supportive friends I encourage you to join us.


Erick Herlong Yoga's cover photo


Erick Herlong Yoga's cover photo


Innermost Meditative Yoga

Paul Heumiller and guest instructor Erick Herlong will be your hosts. This retreat will focus on 'hands on' experience of several forms of meditation. Those new to meditation will have a true sense of what it is and is not, those with a strong practice may find new ways to meditate and go deeper. The Innermost Yoga approach is to incorporate nature, music and wisdom through experience, for a deeper learning and spiritual growth.

The Day:
We’ll take a short half mile walk** up to Big Bald at 5500′ on the Appalachian Trail where we will take in the 360° view and just ‘be’ to start the day. We’ll just take in nature and reconnect in a real way with the help of music from Paul and Erick. We will also have access to a large open-air pavillion to offer us shelter and shade for our practice.

We will dive deep into 4 practices.

1. The Path of your Thinking: we will develop the ability to pull back and see our thoughts. To do this we must first become the 'seer', only then can we begin to learn to focus the mind and ready it for meditation.

2. Walking Qi Meditation: moving meditation is a wonderful approach for many who prefer not to sit still or just like to involve their body in mindfulness practice. From the ancient practice of Qigong, this practice is simple, powerful and deep.

3. Mantra and Mental Japa: these two practices are part of Bahkti Yoga. We will discuss the differences and how these might fit into your practice.

4. Guided and Silent Meditation: we will share a wonderful guided meditation and let that flow into a final silent meditation to end the retreat. In the end no technique is required, simply trust that you are already your highest, truest self.

Our intention is always that you’ll leave the mountain in peace and some very real tools to make it sustainable.

To register visit or call 828 484-2420.


Timeline Photos


We had an amazing afternoon in Wolf Laurel, NC at the Deeper Side of Yoga Retreat. Special thanks to Paul Huemiller and Innermost Meditative Yoga!

A few more pics of the retreat. Thanks to Erica for these!

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I often find myself wondering what this life is all about.....  the great mystery and what our place is in it.  I come t...
Kirtan in Wilmington, NC.
A short video clip from our Kirtan at Vibrant Life Yoga.
A Beautiful night of Bhakti at West Asheville Yoga!
"rockin da Buddha"





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