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[11/22/19]   So, the week is almost over and I wanted to report my progress. My plan was "to do 45 min of cardio at least five days a week, lift at least three, and attend the yoga/pilates classes four times a week". Since Monday, I attended three classes, an average of 30 minutes of cardio three times, and lifted twice. It was the most active week I have had in the last eight weeks.

I started at the gym on 27Sep19 with an InBody assessment. It was better than I remembered with a body fat of about 29.5%. Today, it was reassessed at 26.4%; a reduction of 3.9%, with a fat loss of 5 pounds, a muscle mass increase of 2.9 pounds, an increase in interstitial fluid all resulting in a total weight loss of a whopping 1/2 pound (134 to 133.5). Despite the lack of overall weight loss, my body composition improved pretty significantly. I was pleased to see that I lost five pounds of fat pretty evenly throughout my body with an increase in lean mass in legs, arms, and trunk. I still have at least twenty pounds to lose before I am close to where I would like to be, but I am very heartened and motivated by the composition changes with just the little bit of effort I have been able to commit thus far.

I am hopeful that as I continue and am able to be more consistent that my progress will maintain this steady rate of change.

[11/19/19]   One of the reasons that I became a Dietitian was because of the reaction people have to finally seeing their path to better health. It was so rewarding for me to see the recognition in their eyes that, yes in fact, they can make progress and have the power to change their lives. Until having my son I was lucky enough to never truly face the challenge of losing weight or changing my eating lifestyle. I appreciated and understood the concepts and challenges of improving dietary habits and perceptions but never truly faced them myself, at least not to this extent. During my pregnancy, I took full advantage of being advanced maternal age, aka old, and didn't walk as much as I should have and ate things I probably didn't need, like poptarts (but when else am I going to get to eat them). So at the end of the journey I was up just shy of 45 pounds, hovering in the 170-175 range. Dear lord, I had no idea how little of that was baby. :P Luckily, about twenty pounds was all baby and I was down in the 150's after a week or two, but that last twenty pounds to get back to my, albeit overweight, pre-pregnancy weight of 135, took almost nine months. The hardest part, was that even though I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight, I was not in my pre-pregnancy shape. My clothes still did not really fit and who knew going from a AA to a D cup would make all your tops not fit anymore. Needless to say, there should have been some motivation to get back to the gym. Well, there wasn't, initially. I started with walking, getting the little guy outside while it was nice. After seven months we got up to doing four or five miles at a time several times a week. Then it go too hot and oh darn we had to stay inside. My eating was getting better and I was able to drop a few more pounds despite being cooped up inside. Now I can at least fit into some of my pants and have some nursing tops that fit.

At this point I am feeling pretty good. Thinking maybe I could start lifting again. So I join a gym and get the initial body fat assessment (sound affect...dun, dun, dun). It was less than desirable, somewhere in the mid thirties. So, I put my best foot forward and made the best of the situation. Started working with a trainer to help with form and flexibility, never knew what standing up straight was like until now. Amazing. Threw my head phones on and hit the weights. Getting there was tough the first few times but after a week or so I wanted to be there. I look forward to it and am so pleased to have that sensation again. It also helps that there is fantastic childcare at the gym and upon the suggestion of my sister I found the sauna today. It was amazing.

So....right now the plan going forward is to do 45 min of cardio at least five days a week, lift at least three, and attend the yoga/pilates classes four times a week. Best laid plans, right? We shall see how it all actually plays out.

What has your journey been and how are your plans working out?

[11/12/19]   Well...nothing like taking a ten-month hiatus on blogging. 😕 Being lazy is so much easier than being motivated and so much easier to rationalize with moving, getting settled, hubby being out of town, the weather not being good, and so on. As you might be able to guess, not much progress has been made since February. I am down to my prepregnancy weight of 135 pounds but need to lose much more fat and regain a lot of muscle that I lost over the last year. I started working out again and could not even do twenty pushups, barely made it to ten. So, back on the wagon or more appropriately walking behind the wagon to get more exercise. 😉

One other reason I am slow to get back to my previously competitive self is my slow progress with rehabbing my back. In the fall of 2015, I started a physical therapy journey to correct posture and lower back/hip issues that had been limiting my posterior chain development. Four PTs and a massage therapist later I think I have figured out how to get it all sorted. Now in addition to starting up daily cardio and light weight lifting, since that is all I can do as a mear weakling, I am getting stretched out and "beaten up" by my friendly neighborhood PTA. Hopefully, over the next two weeks, I can be my most diligent self and do my daily stretches, cardio, weight lifting, and therapy. Wish me luck.

On a professional note, I would like to reinforce that my struggle described above is not unique to me. We all have roadblocks real or imagined. The most important thing is how we respond to them. The daily goal should always be to move forward, because, no matter how small the step forward might be, it still puts you closer to your goal than you were. So, although I have slowed down I am still moving forward and every day learning more and more about myself and how I can be successful.

What can you do better today than you did yesterday?

[02/13/19]   Need help getting started with your health improvement journey? Try cleaning up your food environment. Take a good look at your pantry and fridge and evaluate if you truly need that item and if it will support you in reaching your nutrition and fitness goals. Once complete, whether it is a last minute snack or a planned meal, you will only have healthy foods to choose from.

My go to snacks are protein bars or carrots with hummus. What's yours?

[02/11/19]   Happy Monday!! Another week starts and another opportunity for succes begins. This week's focus is on staying busy and doing the activities lined out on my checklist.

The use of checklists creates not only organization but a sense of fullfillment when crossing off what you have accomplished. It also aides in tracking how you spend your time. Many days pass and only God knows what was accomplished as I do not remember. The checklists and journalling help me to remember and acknowledge both what I have done all day and that which I failed to accomplish.

Time management is a constant struggle whether it is at work in the clinic or at home. Especially now with the baby at home, it is easy to just sit and hold the baby, watch TV, and take a nap, but that leaves much to be desired when it comes to reaching goals. It also fuels a cycle of depression. Being stagnet allows for the possibility of increased snacking, lower caloric utilization, and overwhelming build up of household tasks. This all causes stress and negative self talk. Both holding us back from reaching our goals and living a healthy happy life.

So, this week, my goal, in additionto the usual eating well and working out, is to use my checklists to keep me on task and organized while supporting me in avoiding my in herent trait of laziness.

What keeps you from being successful and meeting your goals?

[02/07/19]   As the days pass, the effort required to implement a healthier lifestyle seems to become easier and easier. It is interesting how our perspective of ourselves and the world around us can and may have to change to achieve success. One of the habits that I have found helpful is daily jounalling and making task lists. In amongst this, I have put inspirational and motivational sayings and self talk. At first, I did not think it would make a difference but upon seeing it each day it helps me to achieve my goals.

Confidence in who I am is the greatest limiting factor. When I doubt myself that is when my capability faulters. I often see people on YouTube or Facebook that have such large personalities and great confidence but might have a physical stature the I personally would be uncomfortable with maintaining. Recently, now facing this fitness journey, realize that no matter my shape or size that I must be confident in who I am and always hold myself to that standard without question.

I am an intelligent, beautiful, sexy, compassionate, and motivated mother, wife, and lover. This I will maintain no matter my physical being. I will hold my head high and walk strongly into anything I face.

What is your positive self talk?

[02/03/19]   It amazes me at times how much time little humans can take. Even when they sleep it is difficult to get things done. With every sound uttered I am running over to make sure all is well. This is slowly beginning to change but still at times I will find myself trying not to move a muscle after the "beast" has finally taken to sleeping after long attempts to settle.

That is my excuse for not writing daily, but on task we are staying. Still making it two the gym formy four days of weight lifting and making it outside for walking. My portion controll continues to be good but still working on improving the quality of my choices. Had pizza this week but only once slice and paired it with a salad. Otherwise, snacking on carrots or broccoli with hummus and having high fiber dinners with beans and rice with lots of veggies.

Getting to where I am feeling more confident in my food choices and getting over that "fear of missing out" on all the good foods. I find that coffee is really the only thing I love having and truly miss when it is absent. So that stays 😉... Luckily I like it without sugar or cream.

So, for this coming week the goal is to clean up my diet a bit and reduce the grain based carbs and increase the vegetable based source of carbohydrates.

With regard to the workouts, massage therapy is slowly getting my hips to losen up and align more appropriately allowing for improved mobility. We are also focusing on posture and getting my ribs and organs to realign from the pregnancy. So far so good.

Has anyone had issues with thoracic outlet syndrome causing hands and arms to go numb? I have been dealing with numb hands since the baby was born and hopefull that the massage therapy will improve this along with daily icing. Let me know your experiences.

We are all doing it together. Go mommies!

My baby is my REASON, not my EXCUSE.
This postpartum journey has been full up beautiful ups and speed bumps for sure. I am 12 weeks postpartum and I am down 17lbs from after Shae’s birth. I still have quite a bit to go but I’m so grateful and proud to have accomplished this first milestone during the holiday season (which is no easy feat in my family).
I have learned two things in my journey so far:
1. Drop the expectations right now. ☝🏼 I remember training when I was pregnant, everyone was in admiration and very impressed. But it’s like after the baby is born people just sorta expect you to look and feel back to normal. It’s like I want to wear a sign that reads, “I just had a baby, please don’t judge”. Ridiculous I know, but I know I’m not the only new mommy that has experienced this feeling.
The expectations that new mommies need to bounce back just like the celebrities is ridiculous and unrealistic. Rather shower your body with grace and self-appreciation because making and delivering a baby is no easy feat. However, don’t let it become an excuse for not getting your body back.
Although every woman’s timing is different, it’s important to get back into moving that body. Right now I’m weight lifting 3 days a week and jogging/walking 2 days a week. A far cry from my pre baby trainings but I’ll get there. The important fact is I’m moving - and it feels so good!
2. Nutrition and wellness matters. ☝🏼 Now more than ever it matters. Up on the shelf are the long training sessions which allow me to burn lots of calories. Time is scarce and good decisions must be abundant. I’m so grateful for a wholistic wellness system that has supported my 17lb weight loss (during holidays), provided energy and beautiful business opportunities. If any of these three things interest you, let’s talk. Caring is sharing...Let’s do this and let me help you! 🙌🏼

#postpartum #journey #believe #walkthewalk #believeandreceive #bossmom #newmommy #fitmom #angleliving

[01/29/19]   Good morning! Hopefully we are staying warm despite the cold weather. Yesterday was a great rest day. Needed it as I was very sore and worn down from the last two days. Doing a good job of controlling my portions and making sure the get a variety of food groups. On to the next day and the next workout.

[01/28/19]   Good morning! Keeping up with accountability is already proving to be a challenge. Yesterday was a good day! Just not a lot of time to sit down to the computer...

Breakfast included 1/3 cup dry oatmeal, 2 tbls cashew butter, 1 scoop bone protein and collagen peptide and 8 oz coffee. Lunch was six unbreaded chicken wings and 1 cup salad. Afternoon snack included two hard boiled eggs, 3 oz baby carrots, and 1 cup fruit. Dinner was one chicken sausage, 1/3c black beans, 1/3c brown rice, and a serving of black bean chips (11). I did indulge in a tasting (5oz) of saison beer I brewed. Not too bad😁.

The workout went very well. Still some form issues to work on but overall it felt great to be back in the gym. I did back squat and sumo deadlift. Squats are my greatest challenge due to my back rehab and poor hip flexibility combined with my fear of injury. Still finding that I am dropping my right shoulder forward and lifting my right hip. A bit contorted but slowly with visual confirmation through video I am starting to make gradual improvements and have a better understanding of my own body mechanics.

The weight lifted was very lite but I am still very sore. what an ego check it has been starting over in my fitness. I am doing a four day program, so today will be filled with walking and lots of stretching. The bench press from saturday was great but my thoracic outlet syndrome is again in full swing making my hands and arms fall asleep most of the day.

[01/28/19]   Good Morning!!
Another day to be successful!
Best of luck!

[01/26/19]   My friend Nicole makes a good point. Accountability... I am going to make this, not only the story of my journey, but an accounting of my actions. So far today I have consumed a serving of oatmeal, 1 scoop bone protein and collagen peptides, a vine ripened tomato, and half an avocado for breakfast. Lunch included two hard boiled eggs, half an avocado, a serving of tortilla chips (11), 12 oz goat milk, and 4.5 oz baby carrots. Tonight I will be having low fat chicken sausage (2), 1/3 cup black beans, 1/4 chopped bell pepper, 1.5 cups green beans, a serving of tortilla chips, and 1/2 cup brown rice.

Right now I am not tracking the caloric or macronutrient content but monitoring my weight and how I feel and look. If these are all improving than I am doing what I need to do. As part of my experience with completion prep, tracking and focusing on the numbers caused me to become obsessive and compulsive; creating an unhealthy relationship with the food and habits I created.

So, this time around I am focused on choosing healthy items with minimal processing and listening to my body for when I am hungry and when I am satisfied. So far so good. Down 24 pounds in eight weeks.

Bikini Competition June 2012

Bikini Competition June 2012

Figure Competition August 2015

Placed 8th.

Placed 8th.

Life has a way of speeding up as we get older and we don't see how fast it is going by. In the last two years we have moved twice across the country started new jobs and school; as well as had a baby. After my last show in August of 2015 I struggled with the mental tugawar of pre-contest prep versus post-contest binge. Managing how I cut for a show is now much clearer to me. I am not one that can continue to remove carbohydrates from my diet as this makes me lethargic and emotionally unstable and prone to depression and binge eating.

After my last show in 2015, depsite limited success with my cutting, I felt great. However, I wanted to eat everything in site and did not have a post show plan for my diet and workouts. I instead gained 15 pounds in two months and ended up with a bought of bronchitis for four months followed by a deep depression until I sought treatment in August of 2016. Come to find out, I have Major Depressive Disorder which is a cyclic form of depression with no rhyme of reason to when it comes on.

Since getting treatment, I have felt very even and stable. Between then and now was filled with life events that did not support my ability to be diligent in my fitness goals and with the rehab of my back compounded by my negative feels towards the process of pre-contest prep, I rebelled. I went from 115-120 pounds at my show in Aug15 to 135 pounds prior to my pregnancy in Mar18.

During my pregnancy, like during our relocations and new jobs, I rationalized less than supportive activity and eating habits. This brought me up to 170 pounds when I delivered. Now at eight weeks post partum I am 145 pounds and in dire need of massage therapy. Finally cleared to be more active I attempted to run with misserable results. My hips, softened for the pregnancy, are misaligned and not up to the task of holding the extra weight.

After two weeks of walking, focused on good posture and posterior engagement, with limited improvement in my hip stability I scheduled an appointment for massage therapy. A definite shout out to Carla at Hands on Healing as she has made all the difference. After two sessions I was able to jump and jog a short distance. Hopefully, after a few more sessions I will be good as new.

This week we will also start weight lifting. Establishing the routine of waking up early for the gym has been difficult. Despite being awake for baby care, getting out the door has proven challenging, but feeling frustrated with not fitting into clothes and disliking my appearance is becoming a strong motivator.

Pictures: Left to right - Six months pregnant; Three months post Aug15 show; Aug15 Show.

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