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"Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain."
-Jack Kerouac


🗣Dr. Erin Gattuso will be taking us on a breathwork journey🗣

Dr. Erin Gattuso, ND is an experienced breathwork facilitator that believes in the power of the practice. Her feedback from these classes have been amazing. Everyone seems to have a vastly different experience and we love that! You can't truly understand unless it is experienced. So, this is a call to both those that have developed breathwork practices and those who have never tried such a thing.

Come get comfy and allow us to hold space for whatever experience you need.

We only have 10 spots so it would be wise to sign up now if interested. Click the link below to sign up now.


Be Here Now is hiring.

Below I will list our Values and Mission Statement.

We value people, passion and presence.
We value people and consider our coaches, clients, community, and family in every decision. We value passion and that is reflected in 5% of each coach's income being put away for courses they are interested in taking and matched by the business. We value presence. Be Here Now was founded a week after a Vipassana meditation retreat and we wish to carry this energy forward by holding safe space for one another and clients to be accepted and seen. We also practice this in our bi-weekly meetings in which we discuss the progress of our clients and all the exciting things on the horizon.

Mission Statement:
To guide others to the door of their holistic strength and wellness potential.

If you are a coach in the Harrisburg area and the above information resonates with you, feel free to message me directly.

Be well.


I will be a guest speaker at this Community Celebration & Ecstatic Dance on Sunday, August 21st at Amethyst Retreat Center.
The event will take place from 5:30-10:30PM and will include a live interview, cacao ceremony with sound meditation, yogic movement, ecstatic dance, drum circle, and more. I will be speaking during the live Q&A-style interview as a part of their panel of guest speakers. The theme for our conversation will be on mindfulness in business practices and as a business owner. The talk will go from 6-7PM. This event is pay-what-you-can (suggested donation is $15 with a $5 payment for optional cacao). Address: 44 Buffalo Creek Road, Duncannon PA. To learn more about the event, please visit this link:


Spartan Race coming up in 2 weeks

I've just been hitting little conditioning blocks between clients. It all adds up!


People pleasing

You may not get the life that you want because you aim to please others so they get the life that they want.

Try asking for what you truly want in low stakes situations. You may find that what really happens is people don't really think anything of it! The biggest hurdle is the mindset and stories you tell yourself!


Stress is very real. But, largely a matter of perception.

Once we arrive back in the present moment we remember. We remember the power the mind has to create illusion. We remember that there will always be things to do, but how we address the to do list of life is altered based on our current state.

I always know I'm not being present when I begin to get clumsy with my language and even with my physical body; stumbling over my words or knocking things over.

Try radiating blessings outwards to all the beautiful souls in your life and don't forget yourself, you deserve it. This activates the left frontal lobe of the brain that is a corollary to joy. Imagine diving in to your day in a state of joy...yeah...that's nice.


If you're sick of the damn gym...go play some Frisbee. It may be important to helping you reach your goals.
I know this because of the potential barriers to your goals that are identified by behavioral scientist, Michelle Segar in her book ‘The Joy Choice'.:


1.) Temptation- Temptation occurs when food that’s not aligned with your goals seems to beckon you.  It seems to have a hold on you until you do what it demands.  

2.)  Rebellion- If you or others are too strict, or your reason for your goals are not rich enough, often we rebel because the demands feel unfair.  It may feel like we’re not allowing ourselves to enjoy life.

3.) Accommodation- Accommodation occurs when someone seems to be pressuring us to enjoy something that they made or brought to share.  

4.) Perfection- Perfection occurs when we believe we need to count our macros exactly every day and if we don’t then all is lost and we might as well just order foods that are not aligned with our goals, potentially falling away from our goals for weeks or months at a time.  
So, what do we do?  Michelle calls it POP.  Pause, Open your options and Play.  If you find yourself in one of the above predicaments, take a moment to consider what is happening and interrupt the pattern, open up your options as to alternatives and negotiate with yourself.  Then, pick an option used to negotiate with yourself and play.  This even applies to exercise.  Okay, you refuse to go to the gym because you are rebelling.  But, what if you just went and played Frisbee instead?  Not too bad right?  The logic behind this is that consistency is the most important thing and also having compassion for yourself.


Why do we stretch?

We stretch to improve upon the length tension relationship of one muscle as it relates to it's antagonist(usually the muscle on the opposing side). That way, as we move into a workout, everything is balanced and no single muscle is trying to dominate a movement.

For Matt we are using a Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretch(PNF). This is a fancy pants term meaning that we are pressing into an immovable force to create enough tension within the muscle that a fiber called the golgi tendon organ sends a message to the brain that there is too much pressure and it needs to release. This is important because if we don't do that, the spindle fiber within the muscle will tell the brain there is too much stretch and it needs to contract. That's why sometimes jumping straight into a deep stretch actually makes you feel worse.

So, press into a block for 5 seconds and deepens the stretch for 10 seconds. Do that 3 rounds before a workout and no more! You don't want to exceed 30 seconds of stretching one muscle group before a workout because it can then alter it's ability to create force effectively.

It's important to note that in my experience hamstrings are often tight due to altered pelvic positions and weak glutes but for the sake of keeping this description a reasonable length, I'll share that in a different video.

If you guys have any questions feel free to message me. Much love!



Some of ya'll go for pre-workout drinks with upwards of 400mg of caffeine.

I go for what nature provides and keep it simple. Cold.

In my personal experience, the pre- workout drinks cause a major crash after the workout, jitters and after enough use, a reliance on it as the potent adrenal disrupting drug that it is. Caffeine has the capacity to get a hold on you as much, if not more, than all the illegal drugs we've been taught to stay away from. Yet, caffeine abuse, being so widely socially acceptable, has become the norm. I find it of value to at least monitor yourself and your habits. If caffeine has a leash on you, then maybe just take a moment to consider your relationship with it. That never hurts.

If you find that it is more of a false friend and a detriment to your long term wellness and gains, consider just using it a few times a week and stepping out of your comfort zone and trying things like cold therapy, nature's medicine.


🍒One month whole foods challange.🥩 Simple.

If you watched this video and a simple, whole foods approach to healing excites you, hit me up. I'm creating this group chat for any existing clients to feel held in their transition and also to help myself with accountability, but also for even a perfect stranger that watched this video and wants to be apart of a community that wants to make a change and needs support and desires to:
Regulate Hormones✅
Clear Brain Fog✅
Clear up fungal and parasite infections easily and naturally✅
Have a sense of community✅
Have some fun too, dammit!✅

I'm not charging anything for this. I just ask that if you'd like to join to consciously make the commitment to give it your all!


Happy Juneteenth ya'll.

This coach will be coming back very well rested from the Poconos tomorrow. A big thanks to to all my clients, Be Here Now coaches, my personal coaches, family, friends, my partner, the mother and the father for making my life so endlessly beautiful. This beauty would not be, without you.


Help me welcome Coach Justin to the Be Here Now Fam. He will be your Guide on this wellness journey.

I knew shortly after meeting Justin that his holistic and spiritual approach was perfectly aligned with the culture of Be Here Now. This man not only cares deeply about helping others heal, but has an extremely developed skill set to do so. I am ecstatic to see all the lives he touches. Here is a brief bio:

Justin Michael Rindner is a Vitalistic Lifestyle Coach who helps people find growth through a diverse array of trainings and experiences as a Level 2 Chek Practitioner, Shamanic Healing Arts Facilitator, Reiki Master, running coach, and yoga teacher. Justin utilizes his combined skillset to guide people on their journeys home to the seat of compassion, understanding, and vitality within their hearts.

Justin lives his life in alignment with the ancient wisdom of yogic philosophy, and the life-promoting truth inherent in sound ecological principles. He believes what is best for the Earth is best for humankind and vice versa. He also believes that health is an Innate, natural condition that comes from within, which operates to sustain us in its full capacity at all times. He strives to express himself in ways that align with his values and tries his best to lead by example. Justin takes pride in helping his brothers and sisters of Earth identify their values so they can do the same.


Sometimes when you're feeling down...
It's good to look back at an achievement.

David Goggins calls it the cookie jar. When you are looking at a new task or goal on the horizon and it seems to feel intimidating, reach into that cookie jar and grab yourself a nice warm chocolatey reminder of a major goal achieved in the past. This will help you recall your capability as a warrior!

Once upon a time I was a binge drinker, a boy who live habitually with little to no purpose. I did not take care of my body and had no idea how. No idea how to build muscle, get out of the severe pain I experienced, how to kick addiction and bad habits, how to heal from trauma, how to set and achieve goals, how to learn according to my strengths and preferences, how to see past instant gratification, how to treat a woman, how to speak truth and have values, etc... This is the opidomy of effeminate and my physique was a reflection of that. Although the journey was painful and frustrating I came out as a man I can honestly say I'm proud of that has at least a few cookies to grab if necessary.

This cookie I chose to share is a body transformation. The mind transformation you can't visually see🙂

What is one of your cookies?

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🍒One month whole foods challange.🥩 Simple.•If you watched this video and a simple, whole foods approach to healing excit...
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