National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter

National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter


Recently Ben O'Brien of The Hunt Collective Podcast (Meat Eater Umbrella) has created State Chapters similar to BHA. I am running the The Hunting Collective: California Chapter and think that most people here would also be interested in joining THC ( The Hunting Collective) I'm sure some of you listen to the show already. Our goal is align new or novice hunters with experienced mentors around the state, as well as, discuss in depth topics about hunting in the great state of California. We will discuss everything from Scouting to Ethics to Cooking. Hope to see some of you in the Chat!
Looking to do some turkey hunting near Sam Diego. Any outfitters out there. Please pm me
Do hunters in San Diego have success on public land? Everywhere I go in the Cleveland National Forest, there are other hunters and no birds. I have no problem finding birds on private land but I don't have access?

Next Tuesday, is there going to be a Zoom meeting for the monthly meeting?

We are Dedicated to the Conservation of the Wild Turkey and the Preservation of our Hunting Tradition We meet on the Fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM @

Operating as usual


With the signing of AB 2571...This page will no longer allow pictures of anyone under 18 with guns, advertisements that specify guns, or events that have gun related participation will be allowed on this page...CRPA, NRA, and others are challenging this absurd law...Please help support the organizations that are fighting it...Thank you

Photos from National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter's post 06/26/2022

Great day with close to a 100 kids at today's JAKES event...Thank you to all volunteers that make this possible...A special shout out to Escondido Fish & Game Association, Alabama Street Athletic Club, Maren Miller, Janice Mendenhall, and San Diego chapter of NWTF...Till next year...😄


JAKES Day at the Ranch event is June 25th at Escondido Fish & Game Assoc. shooting range...Sign ups start June 1st at 6:00 am...Here's the flyer with details...You can text or call.


Upland Game Wild Bird Hunts 01/20/2022

Upland Game Wild Bird Hunts

DFW turkey draws are now available for application...Here is the link...Lots of turkeys in NoCal

Upland Game Wild Bird Hunts The Department of Fish and Wildlife manages California's diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public.


Next NWTF San Diego chapter meeting is Jan 25th at The Hamburger Factory in Poway...Start time is 6:30 pm...Real important meeting with the Spring Turkey Tune-Up only a little over a month away (Feb 26th, 2022)...Spread the word.


This months meeting is, Oct 26th at the Hamburger Factory in Poway at 6:30 pm...See you there.



NWTF San Diego chapter meeting next Tuesday evening...Sept. 28th, 2021 at the Hamburger Factory at 6:30 pm...Hope to see you there...Lots to talk about with most seasons right around the corner...Steve.


Our next monthly meeting Sept 28 at Hamburger Factory in Poway...Meeting starts at 6:30 pm...Bachelor group of gobblers from a couple of days ago.


Today starts the Fall Hunting Classic at Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga...NWTF will be represented...Come by and say hi...I'll be giving turkey hunting seminars both Saturday (3:00 pm) and Sunday (1:00 pm)


Hi all,

Anyone that had planned on attending the Kill it & Grill BBQ on Saturday (8-14-21)....The event has been canceled....If you have any questions....Call or PM me....760-803-4868....Bummer


The next NWTF monthly meeting is July 27th at the Hamburger Factory in Poway...Start time is 6:00 pm...Hunting season is right around the corner.

Photos from National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter's post 07/21/2021

.Hi all,

Lake Henshaw Resort, NWTF'ers, and just a bunch of hunting forum guys are going to have a BBQ and campout the week-end of August 13th-15th...The BBQ will be Saturday evening starting at about 4:30 pm...The location will be at the clubhouse near where the Spring Turkey Tune-up was in the campground...Should be plenty of chairs and tables, but I do recommend bringing a chair.

Utensils, plates, paper goods, some side dishes and deserts will be provided...Bring your own special wild game dish or just come enjoy the wild game others are bringing...I will be bringing frog legs, venison, rabbit, wild turkey, doves, and whatever else I can find in the dishes and deserts are always welcome.

I'm bringing my trailer up Friday and am hoping Janice opens the lake for night fishing for catfish...This should be a great time with like minded folks...Tell your friends and family...Lots of hunting stories around the campfire.

Best regards,


Photos from National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter's post 06/30/2021

What a great J.A.K.E.S Day at the Range!...Just under a 100 kids and close to 175 folks overall...Thank you to all the volunteers, Lake Henshaw Resort (Janice Mendenhall), Alabama St. Athletic Club, Escondido Fish & Game Assoc...And of course, the NWTF San Diego chapter.

Till next year ladies & gents...Remember, the youth are our future.

ps...Even baby Hunter made it out...Start 'em young....👍



Don't forget...Tomorrow is the 1st day for sign-ups for the JAKES event June 26th...Call or text Steve...760-803-4868...1st 105 kids.



NWTF San Diego chapter meeting next Tuesday (5-25-21) at Hamburger Factory in Poway at 6:00 pm...Come by early for dinner...Hope to see you there...PS...Don't forget that the sign-ups for the JAKES Day at the Range event is June 1st.


The 2021 NWTF J.A.K.E.S event is on...June 26th at Escondido Fish & Assoc. complex near to Lake Wohlford...I'll start taking calls or texts at 6:00 am June 1st...The 1st 105 kids (6-15) are in...The event registration starts at 8:00 am and the event and safety orientation starts at 9:00 am sharp.
There are 7 stations...Turkey biology, tomahawk throw, archery, black powder, .22 rifle, shotgun, and BB gun shoot.
Lunch will be provided by the Alabama St Boys at approx. 11:30 am.
All kids are free and adults are $10.00...That includes t-shirts for all kids and hats for all volunteers...Great event for the introduction to the shooting sports and the ways of wild turkeys.


There's been a change of venue for tomorrow nights NWTF monthly meeting...The meeting in now at Hamburger Factor Restaurant...NOT AT FILIPPI'S PIZZA...The address is 14122 Midland Rd. Poway...Hope to see you tomorrow night.

Photos from National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter's post 03/22/2021

After all the Covid mess and negotiating this event with the county...The hunt was on.

Saturday was cold, wet, and windy...Tough conditions for seasoned hunters much less kids from 9-15...My little girl Chloe (11) was a trooper and lasted till 9:30 am...We never had a gobbler come in, but we heard a lot of gobbles and did have 3 hens investigate the decoys.

Sunday was the opposite, clear, calm, and but still cold (24)...My boy Grant (15) had hunted before and wanted nothing but a longbeard...The 1st place we set-up was where the turkeys were yesterday...Today, they all flew down to where I was the day move was in order...Set-up in Saturday blind location...In short order, we had gobbles...Then we experienced something I have never seen or heard before while hunting (very common pre-season)...Jakes chasing a longboard with full blown fighting purrs...All of a sudden, 3 jakes come flying around the corner of an oak thicket...In the confusion, the longbeard joins them...He comes in and blasts the DSD jake decoy at 20 yds...Jacob tells Grant, "let him clear the jakes"...He does and Grant let's loose...Clean miss...Tries to take a 2nd shot and gets a blooper...No 3rd shot available (thank God)...We had a single hen come in a little later, but that was it.

Back to the blooper and a lesson for everyone...If you get a blooper, DON'T TRY TO SHOOT AGAIN WITHOUT CHECKING THE BARREL...As we're sitting there, trying to figure out what happened...We realized he tried to shoot a 2nd time, but because the action was fast, I didn't hear the 2nd attempt...Jacob actually attempted to put in a 3rd shell and have him shoot...Fortunately, the bird was too far for a 3rd shot...Only after Jacob saw 2 hulls laying on the ground did we know a 2nd shot was attempted...I instantly wanted see the gun and look down the barrel...Sure enough, the wad was stuck in the tight turkey choke...:eek:...If he would've shot a 3rd shot, it would've blown the gun up...Scary!

The week-end overall was darn good for the kids...6 gobblers were taken (3 longs, 3 jakes)...And there were also 5 misses (somehow we need to practice more)…A few pix from the hunts.

ps...Thank you all that put in the time to mentor these kids and folks behind the scene that contributed...Mark Griffin from NWTF and Janice Mendenhall from Lake Henshaw Resort.


Photos from National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter's post 03/15/2021

Good work party for the guys from the NWTF San Diego chapter at Lake Sutherland...Put up signs, cleared brush, and moved boulders from the road back to the Corral, Brown's Cove, Camp Hope...Saw lots of gobblers too...So happy that the hunt here is happening.



Next NWTF meeting is March 23rd at Kaminsky's Bar & Grill in Poway...Meeting starts at 6:00 pm



The Lake Sutherland hunt is on...We will be reaching out to all of last years winners...Same corresponding day and partner.



The next chapter meeting is Tuesday, Feb 23rd at Kaminski's Bar & Grill in Poway...Starts at 6:00 pm...Hope to see you there...Let's talk turkey.

ps...Dispersal is starting to get into full swing.




The SoCal Spring Turkey Tune-up is just around the corner...March 6th...Lake Henshaw Resort...Hunts, guns, turkey hunting equipment, calling seminars, and more...See you there...👍



Took this picture a few days ago...This area will be one of the hunt sites for the 2021 SoCal Spring Turkey Tune-Up.



Happy Thanksgiving to all my turkey huntin' friends....Gobble Gobble



Hi everyone...Sorry for the late notice...I'm in Montana and have very little cell service...There is a monthly meeting tonight at Fillippi's Pizza in Poway...Start time is 6:00 pm...Have fun...Lots of seasons right around the corner.



NWTF monthly meeting tonight (8-25-20) at Fillippi's Pizza in Poway...Meeting starts at 6:00 pm....Hope to see you there.

Photos from National Wild Turkey Federation San Diego Chapter's post 08/15/2020

This springs recruitment seems to be outstanding...Poults almost as big as their moms are being seen in many locations...I think we're well on our way to recovering from the drought years.



For all the guys and gals that got drawn for Lake Sutherland hunts...The refund checks have been sent out...We at NWTF apologize again for late refund...Looking forward to next spring and the Spring Turkey Tune-Up.


Ready for some new gear? Come on over and check out the Sportsman’s Box.


Hi all....Our next monthly meeting will again be at Kaminski's Sports Bar next Tuesday (6-23-2020) at 6:00 pm...Look forward to seeing you all again in person...Only need a mask to get in.


Hi all...For anyone that drew a hunt date at the Spring Turkey Tune-Up and paid the fee to hunt...Here's the address for refund...mailto :[email protected]...So sorry for the closure, but should be great next year


Hi all,

With great regret, the 2020 JAKES event has been canceled. As always, a huge thank you to Escondido Fish & Game Assoc. for offering another date, but we (BOD) felt logistically it would be impossible to accommodate over a 150 people in the heat of August. Stay safe everyone and we’ll have the event again in 2021....Steve

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now 05/27/2020

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

Our monthly meeting will be this Thursday (5-28-20) via Zoom...Starts at 6:00 pm...We'll be talking about this past season, what production we've seen so far, upcoming big game draws, the situation at Lake Sutherland, next years STTU, and why our city lakes are still closed.

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

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