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Hanging with 2 Dodger lengends and at my old little league field(Ted Watkins a.k.a. Will Rogers.


“You should know I bleed Blue, but I ain’t no crip though. But I got a gang of n****** walking with my clique though.”


Two of my favorite people together and sharing a moment of competitive concentration.

Photos from Body Art by Shaun's post 04/14/2022

TBT to when I had a Hammer personality and everything around me was a nail. I think back to those times and how unhappy I was and no one knew it. I was still that angry kid fighting his old demons. I’m thankful for the grace I’ve I received in the piece that comes along with knowing that no matter what you’ve done you have another chance to start fresh.


“See Chris, Shaun has a great group rate where you can learn the basics of boxing.”


I pray everyone is doing well. If you haven’t already I’m asking that you go over to our nonprofit organization page and start following please. We are set up as a family resource center beginning here in Los Angeles. We are designed to give kids access to mental health resources, healthy meal prepping, sports and athletics, tutoring and mentorship. Those of you who have already reached out we thank you for all your support.


I’m excited to announce that today we are officially became a public charity. We obtained our 501 C3 status two weeks ago but the letter informing us just arrived today. I want to thank everyone who has supported us in our journey thus far. We have several fundraisers coming up that are going to bring our communities together. Again, thank you for supporting us.


I hope your Sunday is going to smoothly. My oldest king .ac.not.ak doing what he does on skates effortlessly.


My little brother took this picture a little while ago. He’s an artist as you can tell by the design of the dumbbells.


Good morning from Los Angeles.


This is a repost from April last year. The one disease that everyone has carried at least one time in their life is fear. I hope this story inspires someone to analyze a fearful moment and realize that the outcome is never as bad as we would make it be.


Wait for it! You can never have a bad day around him. He’s always happy to see you no matter what.


I cannot begin to tell you guys how excited we are about this venture. is a nonprofit organization designed to impact and empower disadvantaged and unrepresented youth in our neighborhoods. If you would like to volunteer please visit our website


The hope is that this post reliefs the heavy burden that some of us carry around daily. Your past is meant to just that…YOUR PAST! If allowed a fresh start most of us would have a better outlook on life. Those of us who have a past filled with hurt and regret need a safe place to unload that weight that we carry around daily. You can’t expect anyone who’s never walked in your shoes to be empathetic to your situation. But if can find one person that truly believes in your potential that is all you need. I’ve been blessed with people that never gave up on me no matter how many times I strayed. You have greatness inside you and are meant to do great things. I believe in you.


Proud to be an ambassador for tattoo products.


I had to post something in regards to all the miss information out there on social media regarding what works and what does not. There are a ton of post right now telling you that you can have a smaller waist, bigger butt, bigger breast, bigger thighs, etc. if you use this cream or pill or powder or exercise. Real results come from real work…more importantly they come from consistent work.


I had to post some thing regarding all the miss information that’s out there. There’s a lot of social post out there promising Bigger butts, smaller waist, bigger breast and so on. Those things just mentioned are all the results of genetics and hard work. There are no quick fixes and nothing takes the place of real work.


On behalf of my family and myself I wanted to thank everyone who participated yesterday in Giving Tuesday. As some of you may know we have a nonprofit organization that is geared toward helping underrepresented and underprivileged inner-city youth. The goal of our organization is to rid every community of the world that has under-represented and under-privileged children. So to those who came through and donated toys, money, time and well wishes…from the bottom of our hearts we say thank you.


Every year for the past 20+ years as a family we get back to the community that helped raise us. This year is no different. If you or someone you know has the desire to help underrepresented youth please help us by donating a new and unwrapped toy. Every donation no matter the size goes a long way and helping to Brighton a child’s Christmas.


It’s that special time of year again. Every year for the past 20+ years as a family we give back to the community that helped raise us. If you have any your heart to help this year please do. All of your donations go along way toward helping needy families.


I didn’t know this was being filmed. The guy you see in the video was cursing at a woman. At that time I did not know it was his mother. After being challenged with several n-words and boy we had an animated conversation at which time his punk ass backtracked. This coward culture that we have around us where it’s OK for males(not men) to threaten women has to stop. ***ss


Turning our focus to the holiday season. We are doing a toy drive for underprivileged kids. For the last 20+ years we have served the city of WATTS and other under-represented neighborhoods in Los Angeles. This year our nonprofit will be headlining the toy drive. So if you have it on your heart and you are in a position to help please do. Every little bit goes a long way.


As we turn to the season of giving we ask that you join us and helping us to help children have a better Christmas this year.


For all my Latinx Friends and followers please be encouraged as we end this month Strong.




Day 30 of us celebrating breast cancer awareness month. If what we’ve done this month has encouraged one person to start living their life differently then we’ve done what we were called to do. As we turn the page on this month and going to the holiday season I hope you guys are better prepared for the health decisions that awaits you with all the holiday eating planned.


We should focus on getting stronger one day at a time. Don’t worry about failing once you start. Everyone fails at some point. Failure is actually a part of the process for success.


Appreciate you my bruh .grossbart for helping me spread the word on the harmful effects of cancer. #


Sometimes I’m stronger than I look. I applaud anyone putting in the work to get stronger daily. Also please do not wait for a New Year’s resolution to inspire you to get healthy. *thard


My youngest king doing what we do as a family every October.


I truly am blessed to have friends in every part of the world. This one right here is special also in the sense that we share the same first and last name(spelling included). Thank you Shaun!!! 🙏🏽 He’s truly a friend abroad.


Join us in helping underprivileged children have an amazing Christmas. With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming to an end it’s time for us to start preparing for the holiday season. Help us by donating an unwrapped toy. Your gift will go along way in making some child’s Christmas special.

Photos from Body Art by Shaun's post 10/23/2021

Everything PINK! I hope your Saturday is all you want it to be. **kcancer

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